Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Sunday Comments ( 04 - 15 - 18 )

Hi Kent –
Thank you for the review of Ann Wilson's Concert.  It would be worth the price of admission just to hear her sing the fantastic song ”You Don't Own Me"!!
Glad she has decided to perform again, but her distain when the fan held up a 'Heart Album" was disappointing to say the least. 
Remember Ann, you wouldn't be on that stage today, if it were not for your career with 'Heart' & your Loyal Fans.
The falling out between The Wilson Sisters was pretty rough.  (You can read all the gory details in this Rolling Stone Magazine article from last year.)
I never had the opportunity to see them perform together, although I always wanted to and have loved virtually everything they’ve ever done. 
For me, I was hoping to recapture some of that magic at The Arcada Show … Ann Wilson’s voice was the heart (no pun intended … but it’s true!) and soul of their sound … so I felt a little bit cheated to hear her pay as much attention to the music of The Who as she did to her own incredible legacy.  (My guess is that moving forward, once some of the wounds heal, she will start to work more Heart music into her show again … but right now she’s trying to establish herself as a solo artist … and within the context of a one hour television special,  this is what she has to concentrate on.)
That being said, it was a GREAT show … Ann Wilson can sing ANYTHING … so the fact that it didn’t live up to my personal desires or expectations takes absolutely NOTHING away from the fact that Ann put on a killer show.
And I’ve been to several television tapings before and I’ve got to say that this was, without a doubt, the most seamless production I’ve ever seen.  Usually they tend to start and stop and fix everything little thing along the way … but Ann performed her entire show brilliantly straight through without a single hiccup … so she and her band have got this down!!!  (I remember being at The Ravinia Show many many moons ago that was filmed for a Barry Manilow television special.  After the show was over, the audience was asked to stick around for another 90 minutes while the camera crew filmed audience shots … and staged wild reactions to what was happening on stage when, in fact, the band had long since left the venue!  Ah, the magic of television!  Lol)  kk

We didn’t receive these awesome photos from our FH buddy Lou Bilotti in time to include them in the review so we’re running them now … Ann Wilson in action at The Arcada Theatre, Wednesday, April 11th, at the live PBS Soundstage Television Special taping.  (kk)

I enjoyed Fred's Doris Day tribute video.  My fave movies of hers were "Pillow Talk" and "Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?" (with the nice Letterman theme song!) and how funny / weird it was to see the promo of "Teacher's Pet."  I guess that wouldn't fly today!  At least it told us "who invented Rock N Roll!"????  Gotta watch the video and see, if you don't know.  
Clark Besch

Here’s the link again in case you missed it …

Hi Kent, 
Absolutely spectacular articles by Fred Vail in your last edition of Forgotten Hits.  The names of Pop, Jazz, and Big Band artists he noted were really a "blast from the past!"  Having caught the tail-end of the Pre-Rock And Roll Pop Era, Fred's naming just some of the artists really brought back some great memories.  I remember watching Your Hit Parade on Saturday nights (Shindig's Grandmother) and the Perry Como Show among others.  Teresa Brewer -- that's going way back -- but then again, I remember doing dishes at the Last Supper! 
And through the Folk Era to Elvis and Buddy Holly to Iron Butterfly and Deep Purple, I am still a huge Doris Day fan and a fan of her son Terry Melcher's work.  As I said before, the info you read in Forgotten Hits by the "people that were there" not only gives you a fuller insight but certainly enhances your appreciation of the "way it happened."  And, it certainly couldn't hurt your grade if you are compiling information for a thesis on Music! 
Thought you would enjoy this cut from Doris Day's latest album by her son, Terry. 
Happy Birthday, Doris Day! 
Have a great day Kent, and thanks for all the infotainment in Forgotten Hits!
Tim Kiley
I have always loved this song … and had not heard the Terry Melcher version before.  (I’m familiar with the version The Beach Boys cut with Little Richard!!!  Talk about an unusual pairing!!!  This was used in the Whoopie Goldberg movie “The Telephone” … but totally tanked on the charts.)  Give a listen if you’ve never heard it before!  (kk)

The Roosters are pretty legendary among garage rock collectors for a handful of songs, particularly 'One of These Days," a personal favorite of mine. It's perfect Los Angeles jangle. Give it a listen: 
The Roosters - One of these days 
This is an A-side single to "You gotta run” and was written by Tim Ward. The 45 was released in 1966 by Progressive Sounds of America.
Break-A-Way Records in Germany released a CD/LP of most of the Roosters recorded legacy, which is HIGHLY recommended. I believe it is sold out but it's well worth searching for. 
Mike Dugo

I see you commenting “what the heck is Love Machine by the Roosters?”  I asked myself the same thing when a number of years ago I saw from looking at music surveys, that it was a hit in Miami and other parts of Florida.  I was able to find a copy of the single.  Pretty good song, actually.  I have no idea who they are.
Tony Waitekus

Another great Eagles concert review …
(OK, honey, we’re gonna have to find a way to go see these guys when they return to Chicago in October!!!)  kk

We’ve got a double dose of Micky Dolenz today, too …

Hello ...
Rick Levy here ... manager / guitarist with the legendary Memphis band
THE BOX TOPS ... proud to be performing at THE ARCADA THEATRE in ST. CHARLES, ILLINOIS on FRIDAY, MAY 4th … co-headlining a show with  Chuck Negron, formerly of Three Dog Night.
It has been an amazing ,reinvigorated comeback ...
Since putting the band back together, we’ve done
The Happy Together Tour, 2017 (48 cities)
SOLD OUT Concerts at Sea, 2018
SOLD OUT the upcoming Flower Power Cruise 2019
and lots of great shows in between.
From the mid-60’s into the 70’s, there was no finer blue-eyed soul group than THE BOX TOPS, from Memphis, Tennessee.
Formed in 1967, The BOX TOPS recorded a string of hits including the worldwide #1 megahit song, THE LETTER (Cashbox Record of the Year 1967, and 4 weeks at NUMBER ONE) and seven additional TOP 40 hits including CRY LIKE A BABY, SOUL DEEP, NEON RAINBOW, CHOO CHOO TRAIN, SWEET CREAM LADIES FORWARD MARCH and TURN ON A DREAM.
In 2015, original bassist / vocalist BILL CUNNINGHAM, and original guitarist / vocalist GARY TALLEY teamed up with veteran music industry bandleader / manager RICK LEVY to bring the BOX TOPS music back to waiting audiences. In short order, they have performed to thousands of fans all over the USA.
THE BOX TOPS show highlights their hit records, and equally importantly, Memphis music of the 60s, especially some of the songs that influenced the members as young teens growing up in such a musical hotbed. The show is complete with horns and promises musical history that is HIP!
TICKETS to The Arcada show are available here:

We’ll be there, Rick … looking forward to seeing all the guys again!  (kk)

At their recent Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Q&A, The Moody Blues remembered sharing the stage with a young, unknown band from Liverpool called The Beatles …

WOW! What a cool video by "Calliope Boy" of Listen to the Music. Definitely makes you feel GOOD!  
Art Walicki
I really enjoyed last Thursday’s This And That issue of Forgotten Hits … especially that Uplifting Conclusion!
Chuck Buell
Thanks, Chuck …
Modesty has always been your strong suit!  (lol)  kk

Scott Shannon just announced that Mark Knopfler isn't showing up at Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony. 
Just my luck ... the only one I like out of the whole group going in this year.
Knopfler announced a couple of weeks ago that he wasn’t planning to attend the ceremony … no reason was given at the time.  Now comes word that another member of the band, Mark’s brother David, won’t be there either … so, as such, Dire Straits won’t perform at the ceremony at all.  Other than this announcement, this year’s inductees seem to all be anxious for their induction.  I’m still looking forward to the ceremony as there are a number of other artists that I voted for who are getting in.  (Dire Straits wasn’t one of them!)    The ceremony begins airing on HBO On May 5th.  (kk)

Speaking of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, The City Winery has announced booking brand new Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee Justin Hayward for a solo show on August 26th.  Tickets are on sale now at the online City Winery Box Office …
(Damn!!!  I think this thing is already sold out!!!)  The City Winery does offer a “Wait List” for sold out shows … so you can sign up for that … or check back to see if a second show will be added (which wouldn’t surprise me at all!)  kk

I just saw that the June, 2018 issue of Vintage Rock Magazine includes some very cool stories on John Lennon’s “Rock And Roll” LP and Paul's “Run Devil Run” album … as well as articles on FH'ers Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon and Charlie Gracie.  This might make it worth seeking  out for FH fans.
Clark Besch
Glancing through it I see that it also quotes those brand “new” statistics about the influence music has on you at the age of 13 … damn, I swear it feels like I’ve been twenty years ahead of my time for the past twenty years and the rest of the world just finally caught up to me!!!
There are also articles on The Everly Brothers and Link Wray … plus much, much more.  Yep … this might be a good one to pick up!  (kk)  

We’ve had a lot of Michael Bolton comments recently … but now comes news of a special documentary that Michael has put together which will have a “one night only” showing in theaters on May 15th.
You can read more about the entire event here … 

We’re off to see the double bill of Lou Christie and Felix Cavaliere (of The Rascals) tonight … been looking forward to this one for a long, long time.
Other big shows on the local scene through the end of the month include:

Dave Davies of The Kinks (with special guests The Smithereens) at The Genesee Theatre on April 19th

Engelbert Humperdinck at The Arcada Theatre on April 22nd

On Saturday, April 28th, The Oak Ridge Boys will do a 5:00 show at The Arcada Theatre  and then Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad takes the stage later that night at 8:00!

The following night, The Cornerstones Of Rock (featuring The Buckinghams, The Ides Of March, The Cryan’ Shames, The New Colony Six and The Shadows Of Knight) appear at The Arcada … and Jim Peterik tells me that “Mr. Unreliable” has been added to The Cryan’ Shames’ set list for this show.  (He also told me that Cornerstones will return to the Arcada in November!!!  People just want to see this show again and again and again!!!)

And, speaking of Jim Peterik and The Ides Of March, congratulations to the winners of our free tickets give-away offer:  Bill Faust, Pamela Pulice and Ken Voss.  They’ll be joining us on Thursday Night, May 3rd, at The City Winery to see The Ides perform two sets … an acoustic opener and then a full metal jack rock and roll finale!  (Thanks again to Jim Peterik for this very special ticket offer)

This should be a GREAT show … so even if you didn’t win tickets, we hope you’ll still join us … you can get tickets (while they last!) here: