Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Sunday Comments ( 08 - 05 - 18 )

From Tom Cuddy …

Review: Jeff Lynne’s ELO triumphs in tour opener (with photo slideshow, setlist): 
Ten days and counting!!!  We can't wait to see them! (kk)

kk …
The King is back!
Yes, I know … Elvis' Television Comeback Special is being released in theaters for a limited run in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of its original showing in 1968.
We're seeing Jeff Lynne's ELO on August 15th and the Elvis movie (which also includes bonus, behind the scenes footage) on the 16th (ironically, the 41st anniversary of his death.  He's now been gone nearly as long as he was with us.)  And then we've got Happy Together on the 17th!  A VERY busy week ahead for Forgotten Hits!  (kk)

Kent -
Thank you for your piece on Wilmer and the Dukes - this is great!
By the way, when I asked you for a good book for my vacation, my pick was "The Wrecking Crew" … I heard so much about them thru  your web site, I could not resist … what a great read.
By the way, the latest August Goldmine Magazine has a great article on our own Jimmy Peterik.
Mike DeMartino
I'll have to look for that.  (Goldmine Magazine is getting harder and harder to find in the book stores … and I guess they don't have an online edition … but I'd hate to miss the Peterik piece!)  
And, speaking of The Wrecking Crew, I just finished Michel Rubini's book "Life In The Key Of Rubini" ... so watch for a review sometime next week.  (kk)

When I saw and read that the group Wilmer and the Dukes was being discussed in FH, I just knew in the back of my mind that I had a copy of the record here at home. Sure enough, I did. Which means it made our local survey for at least one week. I did not remember how it went and had to get it out to play it again.
Reader Jim mentioned the group BLACK SHEEP with group leader Lou Gramm(atico). They had a record out in the Summer of 1966 called IT'S MY MIND on Columbia which did make our weekly survey here in OKC. The flip was ARTHUR. A record that probably didn't chart more than two or three weeks here in OKC.
I'd love to hear that Black Sheep record … I didn't realize that Lou Gramm's career went back that far.  (I did a YouTube search and everything that came up for Black Sheep revolved around their 1975 album, released a couple of years before Foreigner's debut.)  I found a YouTube clip for "It's My Mind" … but are we sure this is the same band that Lou Gramm was in?  I'm thinking HIS Black Sheep was a '70's band … and not these guys on Columbia from the '60's.   It doesn't sound anything at all like his vocal style.  Anybody know for sure?  (kk)

Well, being a blind guy, I can't appreciate all these stacks and stacks of
albums, but I know you and all the rest of the FH readers can … so take a couple looks for me. I'd sure love to go in to a store loaded with
vinyl like we had back in the day.
Bill Scherer
No doubt about it, a trip into a Tower Records store was always a bit overwhelming … especially with only limited funds to spend on each trip there … you really had to be selective when it came time to pick and choose which records were coming home with you!  (kk)  

After my recent rant about Billboard's 60th Anniversary of The Hot 100 Chart, I couldn't help but wonder what Joel Whitburn thought about this new policy of ignoring everything that happened chartwise before August 4th, 1958.  (And seriously … who knows more about the Billboard Charts … or ALL of the charts … than Joel Whitburn?!?!)

So I asked him:  What's your feeling on this whole Hot 100 thing going on?  It irritates the heck out of me that based on this new "starting date," Elvis' first 32 chart hits (including several #1 Records) are now seeming to be "deleted" from rock and roll history.  PLEASE don't EVER adapt your publications to reflect this!!!  Record Research has always traced the charts back to their original inception ... and the way you've modified things now to include every charted pop hit from 1955 on (as well as spotlight the significant tracks that helped form rock and roll in the years before it caught on with the masses) is the most accurate portrayal of REALITY for this era.  (I don't know if you listened to any of the Sirius XM / Billboard Hot 100 radio special this week but I swear I heard several songs played that weren't even the original versions or mixes of these #1 songs!!!  Between all their "decades channels," I don't even see how this is even possible!!!)  kk

When I began my initial research of Billboard's pop charts, I began with their first Hot 100 chart.  After completing the work, however, I realized that I was missing a host of classic rock songs by Elvis, Jerry Lee, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and on and on.  So, I went back to my Billboard archive and decided that it would have to begin in 1955 when Rock Around The Clock broke into the mainstream pop charts.  Therefore, I spent an additional year or more researching the '55 to '58 charts that included all the classics and just before Elvis came on the pop charts. And, for your information, they will always be included in my book.

I wish Billboard would have included those early years in their latest countdown.  However, I do understand that their Hot 100 chart is celebrating its 60th anniversary - a very significant event - and this chart developed by Paul Ackerman, Tom Noonan and Seymour Stein does deserve special recognition.

I don't know about the non-original songs that are being played in their countdown, however, there is no excuse for that to happen.
Still hoping that you'll get the chance to visit and to tour the vault this year.

All my best,
Joel Whitburn

Fortunately Sirius XM started the program over sometime during the night between Thursday evening and Friday morning on my way to work … so I got to hear a few things I hadn't heard before.

You'll appreciate and be able to relate to this …

I decided to quiz myself on the way in to see how many of the next, sequential #1's I could predict.

I've always associated certain songs with others … for example, "Hanky Panky" and "Wild Thing" … "Daydream Believer," "Hello Goodbye" and "Judy In Disguise" … "The House Of The Rising Sun," "Oh, Pretty Woman" and "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" … "I Can't Help Myself," "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Satisfaction" … so on my first go'round I got 9 out of 12 correct … to where even if I missed, the song might not have been the NEXT #1 but it was quite often the one that FOLLOWED the next one … you get the idea. My second time through I didn't do as well … 7 for 13 … but still I wonder how many people listening could have even done that!

But then I caught them cheating … a couple of times … where they SKIPPED a #1 Record here and there.

So much for Truth In Advertising!!!  This was supposed to be EVERY #1 Record to top Billboard's Hot 100 Chart for the past 60 years … August 4, 1958 thru this week.

But in 1965 they skipped both "Eight Days A Week" and "Ticket To Ride" by The Beatles!!!  How the heck do you do THAT?!?!

The Beatles had more Billboard #1 Hits than ANYBODY … so how do you skip TWO of them during the first half of 1965???  (They skipped two chart-toppers by The Supremes, too, from '65 … they went from "My Girl" right into "I'm Telling You Now," skipping both "Eight Days A Week and "Stop! In The Name Of Love" and again, after jumping over "Ticket To Ride," they played "Help Me Rhonda" right into "I Can't Help Myself," eliminating "Back In My Arms Again."  WTF?!?!

Because I was only able to hear such a small segment of the program (as mentioned before, it wasn't streaming … so I could only listen in the car when driving to and from work) there is no telling how many more official #1's they may have skipped.

It's just that if you're going to take the time to do a special like this, then do it right!!! (kk) has put together a couple of interesting lists related to the big anniversary.

First off, The Top 600 #1 Records of the Past 60 Years …

Now just how they determined this is beyond me … because some of it just doesn't make sense.  (For example, LeAnn Rimes never hit #1 at all with her hit "How Do I Live" … but it spent a then record-setting 32 weeks in Billboard's Top Ten … so it therefore outranks The Beatles' nine week chart-topper "Hey Jude," Olivia Newton-John's ten week chart-topper "Physical" and hundreds and hundreds of other records that actually DID go all the way to #1.

One nice, pleasant surprise: Survivor's "Eye Of The Tiger" ranked #26 of all-time … but you'll find yourself scratching your head when you see the rankings of some of the songs that you just KNOW had a bigger and longer-lasting impact (like Marvin Gaye's version of "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" or Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean.")
Check out the list and draw your own conclusions.

Then, Billboard ranks The Top 60 Songs That Never Reached #1. 

Naturally, LeAnn Rimes tops this list (which is where her hit really belongs … leave the other list to the records that actually DID make it all the way to #1)

Other notable hits include "Donna" by Ritchie Valens, "Waiting For A Girl Like You" by Foreigner and "Bird Dog" by The Everly Brothers.

What?!?!  What about Creedence Clearwater Revival's five #2 hits, none of which ever hit #1 in Billboard but did top the other national trades.  Or Blood, Sweat And Tears, in the same boat with three #2's.  How do neither of these artists make the list???

Oh well, most of these lists are just to spark controversy anyway … so let the comments begin … I'm sure we'll see quite a few of them once you have the chance to peruse these charts!  (kk)

kk ...
Here's a profile of another one of New York's great radio personalities, Herb Oscar Anderson.   He was called "The Morning Mayor" … and he could sing!
And Jay Reynolds is featured in the "DJ Hall-of-Fame" today on Rewound Radio.
I told you you'd love Rewound Radio!!!  It's the best … and these Saturday profiles airing actual programs from back in the day can't be beat.  (kk)

Here's a true rarity you might want to post, Kent.
It's an early '67 demo (never released) for Lenny Waronker titled 'Six O'Clock' by a Southern California group named the Phog.
Any guesses as to who is shaking the tambourine?
It's Freddy Cannon!
Could you possibly ask Freddy if he has any recollections of this?
Mike Dugo

Thanks Freddy -
I’ve run the clip below.  Maybe you’ll recognize it once you hear it.
(Or maybe his info is wrong - it happens to the best of us!) Lol
Thanks.  Take care!  (kk)