Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A Few Of Your Saturday Survey Comments

Hey Kent:
For the sake of accuracy, Clark Besch was wrong about The Hollies tune on the KOOK Saturday Survey.
I was living in London at the time and "Listen To Me" was not a cover of the Buddy Holly tune. An honest assumption, I suppose, but it was penned by UK songwriter Tony Hazzard. It reached #11 in the UK.
Hazzard had six of his songs in the UK top twenty in the late Sixties. "Fox On The Run" was another one he wrote, reaching UK #5, but largely ignored by American radio. I can still remember seeing Manfred Mann performing it on TOP OF THE POPS.
Did you know that The Country Gentlemen recorded it in 1970 and "Fox On The Run" has gone on to become a bluegrass standard in the repertoire of many bands of that genre? Country singer songwriter Tom T. Hall took it into the Billboard Country Charts top ten in 1976. UK rockers The Sweet had a worldwide smash hit in 1975 with a completely different single also titled "Fox On The Run."
Mike Gentry

Hi Kent:
Just an FYI … the Hollies Song "Listen To Me" is not the Buddy Holly Song. It's written by T. Hazzard. I believe it is the last Hollies 45 that Graham Nash is on.   
Ken Freck 
The Hollies single “Listen To Me” bubbled under for exactly one week in Billboard, peaking at #129 … and it’s been gone forever ever since (unless, of course, you’re a Forgotten Hits Reader … where the oldies NEVER die!!!)
You can definitely hear Graham Nash singing on this one … but it really isn’t very good … and certainly not up to par with what the band was capable of.  (And to think that THIS one they liked … but “Marrakesh Express” they didn’t!!!  lol)  kk

It was very refreshing to see one of the "Criminally Forgotten" Blackstones, Jeff Boyan, (Blackstones >  Saturday's Children > H. P. Lovecraft), mentioned in the Saturday Survey article. Don't forget that 50% of The Blackstones alumni played in that band. Gerry McGeorge, (Blackstones > Shadows of Knight > H. P. Lovecraft) also played in the band. The Blackstones were a pretty damn good mid 60s band.  
Robert Campbell

Hi Kent -
Thanks for the piece on me. That brings back a lot of memories ! 

My national radio show is doing good ... it airs every first Tuesday, 8PM NY time, streamed live on youtube ... except for the January show, which will be on the second Tuesday, the 12th. 
Our December show featured my 1976 Maui Album.  I got six orders for the Maui Album on CD after the show aired ... it's still posted at youtube. 
Thanks again for posting the HMS Bounty & Fapardokly info and photos ... and for sending me the KOOK radio chart that I had never seen!
All My Best For The Holidays,

I saw the Clint Eastwood movie The Mule over the weekend.  The Spiral Staircase song More Today Than Yesterday is in the soundtrack and figures in dialogue later in the movie.  There are some other old tunes, but most are classic country songs. 
I have enjoyed the 1968 charts that you have posted on Saturdays.  Is there a chance that 1969 will be featured in 2019?
Phil - WRCO

As a matter of fact ...

The year is winding down ... we've only got two more Saturday Surveys left ... by which time we will have covered all fifty states ... plus Washington D.C. and Canada!  Scroll back to see any that you may have missed as our Fifty Year Salute to 1968 comes to an end.  (Next year, we'll be revisiting 1969 ... with special highlight features running throughout the year ... as well as EVERY WLS Hit Parade Survey released that year ... courtesy of long-time FH Reader Jack Levin.  It all kicks off on January 6th ... which means that next year we'll be running The Sunday Survey!!!)

Meanwhile, we've still got some special features to wrap up 1968 ahead before we call it a day ... as well as our choices for the ten best concerts of 2018 ... so please continue to check the website daily through the end of the year ... and beyond!  (kk)