Thursday, January 2, 2020

A Long-Overdue Comments Page ...

... and our FIRST Comments Page of 2020! 

Here’s a long-overdue comments catch-up page to bring us somewhat up to date.  (With all our year-end 1969 celebrations, it was virtually impossible to post anything else!)  And, of course, we also wrapped up our TOP 3333 MOST ESSENTIAL CLASSIC ROCK SONGS OF ALL TIME Countdown, too!  So not a bad way to finish off the year! 

Meanwhile (for better or for worse!) here’s some of your latest topics of interest! (kk)

Of course the big music news story on Friday Night was the passing of Radio Legend Don Imus … a fixture of New York Radio for over fifty years.
Controversial (and often referred to as the first Shock Jock, credited with inspiring countless others who took to the airwaves once he had paved the way, all striving to achieve new heights in bad taste), Imus will sadly be remembered more for his “off color” comment in 2007 in which he described the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team as “Nappy-headed Hos” than for all of his pioneering radio ways.  (He’s been a Radio Hall Of Famer since 1989 … and you can often hear tributes to him and airchecks regularly on Rewound Radio who I actually expected to interrupt their own year-end countdown of The Top 77 All-Time Favorites of 2019 to pay tribute to this broadcasting legend.  (Apparently, they didn't.)
Imus officially retired from radio in 2018 … but his memory will live on long beyond his passing.  (kk)

From Imus fan Frank B …

>>>This truly BEAUTIFUL 45 (“Only One Song”) was another "Imagine" with beautiful harmonies worthy of the Beach Boys …

Wow! Sha Na Na!  
I never heard Only One Song until today. What a song, what a performance and what a production. String chart. Wow. More info please. Who wrote it. Who produced it, etc. 
The Ides of March had the pleasure of opening for them at the Arie Crown Theater in 1972. They were as energetic and amazing as always. I felt their act was one of the high points of Woodstock. 
The Ides even did a kind of mashup homage to Sha Na Na and an amazing competing 50s tribute act Ricky & The Rockets. We caught their hilarious set in Printers Alley in Nashville on an off night on tour. 
In 1973 we did a week stand at the Swingers Lounge (No kidding!) in Miami Beach with them. We swiped most of their act in a greaser parody we started doing soon after that. We started with an original four chord rocker then with all of us with hair slicked back and playing our guitars behind our heads (and doing steps) … played the American Bandstand theme song ... brought down the house every time!
But it really all started with the great Sha Na Na.
Thanks for sharing the memories.
Rock on!  
PS ... Clark or anyone - the Ides got unfairly panned for our opening slot at Arie Crown. If anyone can find that review in the Sun Times or Trib, I’d like to personally “thank him!”
I had never heard this song before either … and it’s BEAUTIFUL!  This one absolutely shoulda been a hit.
My guess is they hurt themselves by releasing it as Sha Na Na … it just didn’t fit the image (actually, it couldn’t have gone further cross grain and against type!) … and that’s a shame because it’s a GREAT recording of a GREAT song … performed perfectly.
For all the smiles Sha Na Na brought us over the years, they sort of became a cartoon character … playing up the ‘50’s strictly for laughs despite their very talented musicianship.  (Check out some of their other rare videos on YouTube … these guys were VERY talented.)
“Only One Song” peaked at #94 in Cash Box in May of ’71 … it spent a week at #100 in Record World and “bubbled under” for SEVEN WEEKS in Billboard, only reaching #110 in the process!
To answer Jim’s question above, it was written by Scott Simon, produced by Eddie Kramer, with the strings arranged by Bob Freedman.  The single was released on Kama Sutra 2013-022A in 1971.
GREAT song … GREAT discovery.  Totally love it.  (kk)

Clark Besch adds this info …

Indeed, "Only One Song" is an excellent song, IMO, from 1971.  It reached top 10 on my personal charts then and top 20 in Denver.  It was written by original Sha Na Na member "Screamin'" Scott Simon.  Bob Freedman arranged the strings and Eddie Kramer produced the song.  Kramer engineered on the Beatles' "All You Need Is Love" and was the man that recorded "Woodstock" in a sleepless three day journey. 
You can read about it here: 

While searching for the review in The Chicago Tribune, I came across this cool article / interview with Jim from 1973 …

An interesting take … although I can’t imagine The Ides Of March ever NOT doing “Vehicle” … even without a horn section!  (kk)

Jim chimes in …

Cool article, Kent. Thx for sending!! Lynn VanMatre ... She was boss! 
And you're right ... 
We never dropped it from the set. Lol!  
Did you try the Sun Times for the Ides panning?  He said “… and when Jim Peterik put his Les Paul under his chin and tried to play it like a violin, I thought I’d die laughing!”  
And that was the good part!  

Clark also sent in a few clippings to share from this era …

Looks like Sha Na Na / Ides of March headlined on 
February 18, 1973, at the Arie Crown Theater.


And your Miami week in the summer of ‘73 (June 22nd date below) preceded David Ruffin's stint at the "Swinger"!

And your "50's cat" Ides had good timing as it FOLLOWED the Platters' voice (playing there the week before the Ides)!

And here's a misleading ad from Nashville exactly a year later (6-16-1974) with Jim on his own ... 

Speaking of great vintage Ides newspaper articles, it looks like their 1966 manager, Mike Considine may have spewed out the most "fake news" in 1966 as "Roller Coaster" was released.  He spouts (among other follies in the Berwyn paper) that they were "originally scheduled to accompany the Beatles on their American Tour and also offered to tour with the Rolling Stones."  I'm surprised he did not mention that the Ides were bigger than Jesus (as John had just offered up in Chicago a month earlier).  :)

Wow!  That's some pretty impressive bullshit for 1966!  (lol)
Of course that's why they paid him the big bucks!  
(Which is crazier?  The fact that Considine would say it ... or that The Berwyn Li(f)e would actually print it without any fact-checking at all?!?!   (kk)

I enjoyed the letter and your response about Sha-Na-Na, as I hadn’t thought about them in a very long time.
I saw them in a gym-filling concert in a spring 1970 at Loyola when I was there. Sha-Na-Na was the opening act, and B. J. Thomas was the headliner, a strange mix to be sure.  
Sha-Na-Na blew the rafters off the place and the crowd was wildly enthusiastic. There was an hour-long (!!!) break before B.J. Thomas went on, and the going story was that he wouldn’t follow THAT until things has settled down enough.
Us college radio station people tried to get station IDs from visiting performers, and ATTACHED is one from Sha-Na-Na.
Kevin Killion
(the other KK)

>>>Monday Night we had Music Scene (which I did watch, naturally!), something called New People  (kk)  
Amazing how Music Scene didn't get expanded, even to a half hour! 
The New People, produced by "Mod Squad" makers Danny Thomas and Aaron Spelling, was the saga of a group of college students surviving a plane crash on a South Pacific island with a built-up, though uninhabited, town already there. It amazingly lasted until midwinter despite its mostly unknown cast. There have been several articles about it; the one I read is from Billy Ingram's TVParty site (, and the first episode is on YouTube ( 
Nice of them to write the show to fit a 45-minute time slot, although that likely prevents any reruns nowadays. 
The show's creator, originally known only by a pseudonym, was soon unmasked as Rod Serling, and its cool theme was sung by Kenny Rogers and The First Edition!
Bob Frable

>>>By 1969, the LP was quickly becoming the preferred way to purchase and listen to music. This trend is clearly in evidence as you look at some of the Biggest LPs of 1969 (according to Billboard Magazine)  kk  
Cash Box's ranking of the Top Albums of 1969 was very similar to Billboard's, the main difference being that the cast album for Hair beat out In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida for the top spot, and Romeo & Juliet added another soundtrack to the Top 10, keeping the Association's Greatest Hits below the Top 10 (at No. 11). 
– Randy Price

Since Shel Silverstein got a mention in FH the other day, I thought I'd pass this along ... Shel graduated from my Alma Mater, Roosevelt High, up on the north side, in June  of '48.
Only picture I've ever seen of him with hair!
Have a wonderful new year!

It was fun reminiscing on the year of 1969.  Wow ... is it really 50 years ago. 
I remember the music as I knew most of the top songs from that year, about 90%.  I also remember seeing the most popular movies of that day like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. 
It was fun to know that we shared the same opinions of the shows that were on the three … yes, three tv channels.  Ed Sullivan, Laugh In and Lloyd Thaxton, Shindig and Hullaballoo were always a must see. And let's not forget my favorite dog show, "Lassie."  lol  Seems like yesterday.   
Thanks for reminding me what a simple life it was and easy living time it was. 

Hi Kent,
First thanks for another fabulous year of Forgotten Hits.
It's still my favorite thing to read, even if I have to play catch-up a lot!
Looking at the 1969 tv season, I still think I could find more to like, with less work, than I can now days.  It takes more time to find the good ones than I have to watch them.  And we have to pay more, too. <grin>
There are a bunch of Room 222 shows on Youtube. They can be a little dated, but the story lines seem to hold up -- certainly better than Mod Squad.
Bill Scherer 

You can listen to Sam Tallerico salute the last week of 1969 on his Lost And Found Oldies Show here ...

And I know that Phil Nee (WRCO) is doing (was doing? already did?) a tribute to the Biggest Songs of 1969 as well.  (Dammit, Phil, why aren't you guys streaming yet so I can post a link!!!  Or, at the very least, put up a podcast / rebroadcast link so folks all over the country can tune in and listen to what a GREAT job you're doing there!!!  Maybe 2020 will finally be the year ... you certainly deserve it!)  kk
Hi Kent:
To answer your question, I'm pretty sure I have the TOP 4 figured out - just not the order.
I have now burned 18 CDs with songs from your TOP 3335*, and am sure to do more.
And I have outlined three chat room games (so far) from that list as well.  I will start running them some time in the new year.
Again, thanks for the massive undertaking.  And although we can quibble about acts that I feel were unfairly limited or excluded (Supremes, 4 Tops, 4 Seasons, Del Shannon, Gene Pitney), it's still been a fun ride.
Of course, there are also acts I could do without, like Rush, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and others.
But we all have our personal likes and dislikes.
Keep on rockin' in the free world.
Hey, let us know more about the chat room games … maybe some of us can chime in!
It’s been a hell of a ride … and after all the work that went into compiling this incredible list, I can’t believe it flew by as quickly as it did.
A few jocks on the list have featured bits and pieces from the final Top 3333, which is very cool … and we’re still talking about a home to run the bulk of the list sometime early next year.
In the meantime, thanks to the efforts of Dann Isbell (he of “Ranking The ‘60’s” and “Ranking The ‘70’s” fame), we’ll have the COMPLETE list available shortly after the first of the year as well … so be sure to stay tuned for that!  (kk)

Hey Kent –
Figured out a format for the show tomorrow, I think it should be pretty cool.
I will be referencing the Top 3,333 frequently during my show tomorrow and I think it should be pretty cool.
In the meantime, here are my predictions for Top 5:
5. Gimme Shelter
4. Sweet Home Alabama
3. Hotel California
2. Layla
1. Bohemian Rhapsody
Thanks for another inspiring idea and the plug on your page today.
Well, that was pretty close!  (As all of you have since seen, “Hotel California” finished ahead of “Layla” … and duked it out with “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the duration of the polling period.
These two probably flip-flopped the #1 and #2 positions at least fifty times … and sometimes as many as five times in a single day!  As such, they were the clear top two favorites.)  
“Layla” held the #1 spot for exactly ONE DAY … and it was on the very first day that the polls opened … and then never again.  (Actually “Sweet Home Alabama” overtook it a time or two but finally settled down behind the Eric Clapton classic at #4.)
And, as mentioned in the postings, the top Rolling Stones song fluctuated numerous times along the way before “Gimme Shelter” finally won out to come in at #5.  (Still, five songs in the Top 13 is a pretty incredible feat!)  kk

kk …
I've decided to start my (or should I say YOUR) countdown today. 
Going with the Top 60, every Thursday - till I get it done. 
#5 - "GIMME SHELTER" by the Stones is a good "BAR SONG." 
Dennis (the bartender),  "GIVE ME A BEER AND A SHOT AWAY."

I listened to Sam Tallerico’s salute to our Top 3333 Most Essential Classic Rock Songs Countdown, who took a completely different take by coming up with other songs that HE felt should have made the list, spotlighting the years 1970 – 1979 … and I have to admit that he came up with a couple of GREAT selections.  (I even downloaded a few!!!)
But I need to weigh in on the way he and his co-host Barney evaluated the number of artists who placed songs in The Top 100, because it kind of distorts the picture.
Let’s face it … only a combination of 100 songs can make this Top 100 list … so to evaluate an artist’s overall placement becomes a bit distorted when narrowed down to such a small playing field.  (That being said, The Rolling Stones, who had FIVE of The Top 13 Songs overall, were CLEARLY the leaders any way you cut it …they had NINE Top 100 songs (plus one that just missed … “Miss You” came in at #102 …) and 56 titles overall on the Top 3333 List.
It would have been more accurate to list The Top 20 Artists based on their TOTAL chart placements.  (Example:  Toto had two songs that finished in The Top 100 … but only nine overall … so they wouldn’t have made the Top 20 Biggest Artists list … yet they came in at #18 on Sam’s countdown.)

So, now that all is said and done …

Here are the Top 20 Artists based on overall tracks included in The Top 3333 List:

# 1 – The Beatles (140 tracks)
# 2 – The Rolling Stones (56)
# 3 – Elton John (44)
# 4 – Paul McCartney (40)
# 5 – Chicago (36)
# 6 – Led Zeppelin (34)
# 7 – Fleetwood Mac (33)
# 8 – The Who (32)
# 9 – Creedence Clearwater Revival (31)
#10 – Billy Joel (31)
#11 – Bob Dylan (30)
#12 – Bruce Springsteen (29)
#13 – The Beach Boys (29)
#14 – Rod Stewart (29)
#15 – Bob Seger (28)
#16 – The Eagles (28)
#17 – Steely Dan (27)
#18 – Queen (27)
#19 – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (26)
#20 – Eric Clapton (25)

Also placing 20 songs or more:  Aerosmith, David Bowie, The Doors, Electric Light Orchestra, The Guess Who, John Lennon, Linda Ronstadt, Simon and Garfunkel and Van Halen.

And that doesn't even begin to take into account OTHER Classic Rock Staples who scored well overall like The Byrds (17 tracks), The Cars (16), Alice Cooper (14), Crosby, Stills, Nash and (sometimes) Young (17), The Doobie Brothers (17), Foreigner (14), Genesis (16), Hall and Oates (18), George Harrison (17), Heart (17), Jimi Hendrix (13), Jefferson Airplane/Starship (14), Journey (13), The Kinks (15), John "Cougar" Mellencamp (18), Steve Miller (13), The Moody Blues (18), REO Speedwagon (13), Santana (15) and Styx (14). 

Think about it for a second ... when you consider that an artist had to post Fleetwood Mac-type numbers to even represent 1% of the total list, I feel the overall content offered fair representation to the artists MOST feel are deserving of classic rock airplay. 

And another point that needs to be better examined …

During the course of the program, Sam made it very clear as to his total disdain of The Kinks’ song “Wateroo Sunset,” which placed at #1561 on our countdown … and made The Top 77 (as it ALWAYS does!) on Rewound Radio’s list … while Barney mentioned that he turns off Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock And Roll” EVERY time it comes on the radio … and therein lies the factor of personal taste … which is what makes a countdown like ours so diverse and reflective of what listeners REALLY want to hear.  (For the record, Jett’s tune came in at #60.)
That’s why you really have to absorb the WHOLE list to get a clearer picture.
Counting down The Top 100 gives you a great handle on what the listeners want (which is what a few other stations are doing) … but even at that, you’ll still find 300 MORE songs that YOU think should be on the list … (odds are you’ll experience the same thing if you count down The Top 500!!!)  That's why ANY classic rock radio station limiting itself to a 300 song play list is performing a SEVERE injustice to their listening audience.
And THAT's what makes the WHOLE list such an encompassing feature.  (kk) 

You can listen to the podcast here:

I didn't guess the # 1 song ... but some of the younger guys at Larry's Pub got it right.
By the way, my birthday is coming up in February.
Here's An Idea … In Case You Haven't Figured Out What To Get Me.

P.S.  It’s only Day One and I'm already having withdrawl symptoms …
No numbered song to wake up to. 
Frank B.

That’s actually a pretty good price for this …

Assuming it actually plays, that is! 
Happy Advance Birthday, Frank …
Now don’t bug me again about it this year!!!  (kk)

Greetings Kent! 
The voters have spoken and voted. 
 I finally got to see the last five songs voted for in your "Classic Rock Vote" survey.   Yaay!  
My physical therapist will be happy to know I got the last five. lol   She has been asking me.
After much anticipation, I must admit that my reaction was a bit disappointing for the number 1 song choice, "Bohemian Rhapsody."   I know it's popular, but not one of my favorites. 
Lynyrd Skynyrd didn't surprise me by making it to the top five ... How about that Dixie flag on the video!!! ... How things have changed! 
Love Hotel California ... Good selection.
Layla and Hotel California I knew would be somewhere in the top ten.  And I was pretty sure the Stones would score big, too.
Seems to me that your readers may be a lot younger than me.  But that's ok. It’s because they are keeping the music alive.
Now I wait patiently for the entire list.  70 pages is a lot to print.  I will do my best.  And thanks for all the time and effort you took to do the survey.  What a huge project!  I commend you.    
Best wishes for a healthy and happy new year! 
"The Beat Goes On." 
Stay well.
Sandra Lorenz

Hi Kent!  
Congrats on your epic, world-beating initiative! It’s kind of like your personal Eye of the Tiger moment. I know so many people who appreciate the assets you’ve uncovered. 
That live version of Gimme Shelter makes my day and proves that the Stones are the best rock & roll band in the universe!  (And Stickney)
Rock on!!! 
Good Morning, Kent (and Jack)!
I have so much respect for both of you and I have to give a huge Southern thank you for your knowledge and guidance for helping me through the process.  I look forward to other countdowns although smaller like on your blog and reading about the wonderful world of music.
Now it's all revealed and it WAS an exciting ride through the charts.  Lots of memories, lots of wonderful forgotten songs that need to be heard.  We need to start asking for any of these favorites on the charts that we don't hear anymore.
My question this morning is, Would the #1 have been this high had there not been a movie?  It wasn't my vote at all, but I certainly respect it.  This song is heard on classic rock stations all the time around here along with the other songs that we say are overplayed, especially since the film was released.  
Thanks again for taking the time and efforts along with all the craziness. 
I appreciate you so much … and I wish you the Happiest of New Year's!
With respect,
Nikki Sloane
There’s always going to be some debate as to how much influence the film “Bohemian Rhapsody” had over the SONG “Bohemian Rhapsody” … but please also consider the fact that this song as a single, upon original and re-release, has charted three times in the past 42 years (most recently as a result of the film’s release) and, incredibly charting higher in 1992 after its use in “Wayne’s World” than it did originally when it was released in 1976.  And the deaths of Tom Petty and David Bowie certainly had an impact as well.  (Would Tom Petty REALLY have charted 26 titles otherwise?)
Lots of factors come into play … tracks like “Listen To The Music,” “Long Train Runnin’” and “China Grove” ALL would have charted higher 20-25 years ago than they did … would they have charted higher next year once the full blown Doobie Brothers Reunion Tour kicks off?
Airplay, while a factor, was scrutinized carefully … because, as I’ve mentioned before, all thirty radio stations monitored were essentially playing the exact same songs on a daily basis.  Just because these are the songs that are being played DOESN’T necessarily mean that these are the songs the listeners really want to hear.  If nothing else, our Top 3333 List certainly proved that!
I’m proud of what we’ve done … and I really do believe that over time, as more and more people discover it … and start to bombard their favorite classic rock stations with NEW requests, we just may start to see a change in the way those stations are programmed in the future.  (Heck, even All Request Hours would be a huge improvement!)
Stay tuned … this is far from over!  (kk)

What an awesome job you and your readers did with that countdown! I can't begin to imagine the effort you put into compiling that and made it extra special with the youtube links.
Full disclosure ... I only voted a couple times ... so I've no one to blame but myself if MY choices didn't rank higher.
Part of the fun is commenting on what's NOT there, all in fun. I sure hope that radio programmers take your readers' suggestions to heart and possibly help save the future of Classic Rock radio.
And OMG, those 1969 wrap-ups were must reads!  Really looking forward to what you have in store for us on Forgotten Hits in 2020!
Sam Tallerico

Hi Kent -
Thanks so much for your hard work in all this.  It’s taking some "reading!"
Question please …
ON the number #3 song Layla …
It’s live but who are musicians?
Apart from Eric Clapton, I spotted Steve Winwood, Jeff Beck, Drums = Kenny Jones & Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman on bass, Mr. Cooper on Gong!!! 
But who were the other two guitarists and keyboards?
Any help gratefully received and Happy New Year!
Regards -
Geoff Dorsett
Radio Presenter
The comments also mention Jimmy Page ... which would put all three legendary Yardbirds guitarists on stage together for what very well may be the one and only time!  (Might have been cool to see George Harrison involved ... but since this song was written about his wife ... while he was still married to her ... it just may have hit a little too close to home!)  kk

Please note that THE TOP 3333 MOST ESSENTIAL CLASSIC ROCK SONGS OF ALL TIME List will remain posted for your future viewing pleasure.  To see the COMPLETE List, simply hit (and continue to hit) the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of the page.  Meanwhile, we hope to have a final, printable copy to share in a few weeks.  Thanks again to everyone who voted ... and followed along.  (kk)

We had a Billboard Hot 100 first last week …
For the first time ever in the history of The Billboard Chart, Christmas songs held the #1 and #2 positions …
And not just ANY Christmas songs …
Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (from 1994) spent its second straight week at #1 (it previously peaked at #3 in its initial release … and made The Top 40 ten more times after that) …
And “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee (originally a #9 hit when it was first released in 1960) came in at #2 for the week.  (Who’d have ever thought?!?!!!)
Of course, the way the charts are compiled these days is completely different than in days of old (for many years NO Christmas songs charted on the main Hot 100 List … Billboard ran a special Holiday Chart for this purpose.)  It came back and charted eight more times, peaking at #9 again last year.)
Two other Christmas tracks make The Top Ten this week … “A Holly Jolly Christmas” by Burl Ives sits at #6 and “Jingle Bell Rock” by Bobby Helms comes in at #9.
By the way, the only other Christmas song to ever hit #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart was “The Chipmunk Song” by The Chipmunks in 1958 … and it held the #1 spot for four weeks that year!   
And, this just in ...
Mariah Carey's Christmas Classic will officially be the first #1 Record of 2020 when Billboard's new chart is released later this week.
That makes Mariah the first ever in Billboard Chart History to score a #1 Record in FOUR consecutive decades!!!  (And to think that she did it with a song she recorded in 1994!!!)
This also gives Mariah 19 #1 Records, just one behind The Beatles, who have held the distinction of most #1's ever since 1970.
It'll be VERY interesting to see what she comes up with for later in the year!  (kk)

Happy and Healthy New Year to you and Frannie!
Thank you for all you do!
Mike DeMartino

2019 paled in comparison to the number of significant rock deaths we’ve had to deal with over the past few years … still each loss hurt us deeply and reinforced just how important the musical contributions of these fine artists helped to provide the soundtrack to our lives. 

This past year, we said goodbye to Paul Whaley of Blue Cheer (1/28), Peter Tork of The Monkees (2/21), Stephan Ellis of Survivor (2/28), legendary Wrecking Crew session drummer Hal Blaine (3/11), surf guitarist Dick Dale (3/16), Scott Walker of The Walker Brothers (3/25), Russ Gibb, the Detroit disc jockey who started the Paul Is Dead rumor in 1969 (4/30), Leon Redbone (5/30), Dr. John (6/6), songwriter Dave Bartholomew (6/24), Eddie Money (9/13), Ric Ocasek of The Cars (9/15), Ginger Baker (of Cream and Blind Faith fame, 10/6), George “Pops” Chambers of The Chambers Brothers (10/12), Paul Barrere of Little Feat (10/26) and Neil Innes of The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and The Rutles (12/29).

In addition, we lost music moguls and haymakers Joe Smith, Alan Pearlman, Reggie Young, Jim Dunlop, Sr., Joe Hardy, Gerry Sticklles, Elliot Roberts, Ed Cherney and Robert Freeman.  (kk)
Got this from FH Reader Jack Levin in response to Sam Ward’s comment last week …

Today's music sucks compared to back then.
I hear this a lot.
In fact, I first personally heard it back around 1964, when I really started to pay attention to music.
My mom would ask, “Why are you listening to this crap?”
Now 55 years later, I still hear it, except not from my parents, from my peers.
How soon we forget!
So Sam Ward doesn't like today's music.
He doesn't like the term "Rock" over "Rock And Roll".
One thing at a time here, Sam.
First and foremost, today's top 40 is not meant for you, for me, and I would wager the majority of FH readers. It's a concept our parents didn't understand, and then our older siblings, as the English beat groups took over the charts from Elvis and the rest of the 50's crowd.
I've seen criticisms of the first decade of Rock And Roll as saying you can see why the Beatles had to happen. Well, if it hadn't been for that decade, the Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks, et al, would not have happened.
The period between 1964 – 1972 is not the definitive time period. It just happens to be the time period in which many of us made the transition from snot nosed brats to adults.  Most definitely, it was "Our Time."  So what? Does it make everything that happened before or since, any less significant? There's a lot of music, in that eight year span that sucks, too. More than a few can be found on the Top 3333, but I won't go into specifics.
On the B side of the coin, there's still a lot of great music being recorded as we head into the next decade, both by established acts, as well as newcomers. You gotta get off your ass and look for it.
With the advent of satellite radio, internet radio, and blogs like FH, there's a goldmine of music out there for your listening and dancing pleasure.  Every genre, sub-genre, and sub-sub- genre, etc., is out there. 
You don't like the term "Rock"?
Truth be told, I don't either.
Consider it a corruption of the English language.
I can't believe for a college English class, back in 1968, I wrote a report on that subject.  Obviously, this is long before texting became part of everyday life for all, but me.  (Am I the only person who has never texted anyone?) But I digress.
Consider the shortening of Rock And Roll to Rock an early casualty.
I wish I had a kept that paper. Who knew I could see into the future?
Happy Rock And Roll New Year to all.
Jack (Rock And Roll Never Forgets)
Points well taken … but seriously, for 2020, shouldn’t you change it to ROCK Never Forgets?!?!?  Get with the times, man!  (kk) 

The Beach Boys (my favorites (:>), wrote and recorded a bunch of truly great songs that went unnoticed or under-appreciated in 1969.
Thanks to bootlegs and now copyright expiration, many of those tunes are available. Sonic delights!
Thanks, Kent, for another year of great stories and stats on our favorite music,
Pray For Surf Interviews & Podcasts >>> 
Rare Beach Boys Video Archive >>> 
Our Prayers for The Beach Boys on Facebook >>>  
Surf's Up: A Beach Boys Podcast Safari on Facebook >>>   
You probably already know this but I guess the copyright expiration factor is only allowing for three or four tracks to become available for right now ...
But word is that a combo Sunflower / Surf's Up Box Set may be coming next year ... so that should really be something to look forward to!  (What have YOU heard???)  kk   

Yes, the chatter is that both Bruce Johnston and Alan Jardine have made public comments about an upcoming set with unreleased songs / alternate versions from the Sunflower / Surf's Up era.
Hoping so!!

Can you imagine being out on a sea glass expedition (something Frannie has done numerous times over the years) and finding this???

I am currently watching the bowl game between Oklahoma State University and Texas A & M. They just ran a Taco Bell commercial with the song LET'S GET TOGETHER in the background. And yes, it was Haley Mills singing it. When was the last time you heard that record by her as well as her JOHNNY JINGO? I bet there's not too many people who saw that commercial knew that that was Haley Mills in the background. Have a Happy New Year!
Funny - I just saw the same commercial watching something else - and now I have a craving for nachos!!!
Let’s Get Together went to #1 here in Chicago - and they did resurrect it for the Lindsay Lohan remake so I’m thinking that a whole new generation did, in fact, discover the song.  In fact, when we were downtown a couple of weeks ago and my 23 year old daughter burst out singing it out of the blue! Lol  (kk)
LOL. You know, Kent, what goes around comes around.
And then some thirty seconds later I saw that commercial again which features Clarence "Frogman" Henry's (I DON'T KNOW WHY I LOVE YOU) BUT I DO.
UPDATE:  This evening I saw and heard a commercial for the first time that features Lesley Gore's 1965 hit "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows."  (Actually, they probably could have featured the whole song ... it's just over a minute long!  lol)
There are times when it really sounds like Lesley singing ... but I'm not sure that it is (unless it was in some fashion remixed and enhanced.)  Still, a nice surprise to see and hear this one again!  (Naturally I can't remember the product that was being advertised, which is typically the case for me ... once I hear a great song being used, all of my focus shifts to that!)  kk

I am the one that Mark Lindsay's wife Deb accused of saying that her hubby was using auto tuning. First of all I apologize that she thought this. I was mainly referring to Gary Puckett in the piece. And maybe I am wrong about that. But anyway I reread the review and I did not say for a fact that Mark Lindsay was using auto tuning. I stated that he sure sounded great and then put auto tune? in parentheses. Just wondering. And if she says he's not then that makes his voice sound that much more remarkable. I did say that he was one of my five favorite singers of all time and that the show he put on that the night was exceptional. I also said that I had no problem with any artists using auto tuning because let's face it everybody wants to see their favorite artists looking and sounding as great as they always remember. They make better guitars nowadays, better drum kits and better keyboards, so all musicians can sound better. So why not auto tuning to make the voice sound better. And as I said it is not lip synching. But anyway I apologize again to Deb Lindsay if I made it sound like her husband was using auto tuning.
Rich Turner
Palm Harbor, Florida 

I would agree that your review was worded in such a way as to question the possibility that Mark’s voice was in some way enhanced simply because it sounded SO good … and that the auto-tune comments were more directed toward Gary Puckett’s performance … but I’m also happy to hear Deb set the record straight and let everybody know that even some 50+ years later Mark still takes his role as an entertainer very seriously and goes thru the necessary vocal exercises to keep everything up to par.  (I will say this … I’ve seen Mark Lindsay live about half a dozen times now in the past ten years and he ALWAYS puts on a great show.  It’s SO reassuring to know that he’s still up there doing those high kicks after heart surgery a year ago … but I also agree that a FULL Mark Lindsay concert is the way to go if you want to hear some of the old Raiders tracks a bit off the beaten path.

For the record, here is Rich’s original assessment of Mark Lindsay’s performance …

>>>With Rocky & The Rollers as his backup band, he jumped right into "Steppin' Out," followed by "Just Like Me." He then spoke to the crowd about how proud he was that the Raiders had four songs featured in Quentin Tarantino's 2019 movie "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" and said "I would like to feature two of them now."  Mark then sang "Hungry" followed by "Good Thing." 
"That's enough rock and roll for now … I would like to show you that I can still do a nice ballad." And "Arizona" was the ballad. 
"Back in 1971, the Raiders had a Number One Hit with the song I am about to sing and at that time, it was the biggest selling single in the history of Columbia Records. And it remained Number One for about 12 more years until that twerp Michael Jackson topped it by "Billie Jeaning" us. The song, of course, was "Indian Reservation," and as that song ended, he dived right into the classic "Kicks," which closed out his portion of the show. (No Christmas songs from Mr. Lindsay ... just six classic Raiders hits with his big solo hit.) 
He sounded great (auto-tune?) and he looked great. He is obviously in great shape (especially for 77 years old) and still sported his classic ponytail. He moved really well on stage and even did a few kicks during "Kicks." I'm nit-picking here ('cause I really enjoyed his performance) but I would sure love to hear him do a few Raiders songs from their 1967-1970 period. I have never heard him play "Him Or Me," "I Had A Dream," Too Much Talk," Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon," "Let Me" or anything from that great album “Collage.” I would love to hear "Just Seventeen." Oh well, maybe someday.   (Rich Turner)
Watch for a brand new Rich Turner Guest Concert Review coming up on January 6th!  (kk) 

Having always been a HUGE Jim Croce fan, this news definitely intrigued me …

I probably saw Jim perform five or six times in his all too brief career.
The first time was at The Quiet Knight, a small pub up on the north side of Chicago (as opposed to the south side, where Bad, Bad Leroy Brown typically hung out.)
The night at The Knight (sorry … I just HAD to do that) ranks high in my memory because of the prominence these two artists who performed that evening achieved over the next several months.
Opening the show, solo at the piano, was Jackson Browne, about to hit the charts in a very big way with “Doctor My Eyes.”
Headlining that night was another new act … Jim Croce, performing with his AMAZING guitar-playing sidekick Maury Muehleisen, whose sister has participated with Forgotten Hits from time to time over the years.  (Sadly BOTH these artists were lost in that plane crash in 1973.)  I was won over immediately and bought his “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” album that very same week.  (The hit single would go all the way to #1 on the WCFL Chart in September.)
The last time I saw him was at Ravinia, where I had second row pavilion seats … another amazing show.
The night of his plane crash I was sitting in a restaurant on Ogden Avenue in Berwyn called Mickey’s when I heard the news … one of the waitresses and the guy behind the counter told us … and I was stunned … SO saddened by this loss, knowing that Jim’s career would have gone on for many more successful years had this tragedy not taken place.
Forgotten Hits Reader (the late, great) Bill Hengels had the pleasure of working with Jim’s widow Ingrid in getting a concert he recorded at Harper College released on CD … it features a number of tunes not normally associated with Jim’s catalog.  He, too, had a strong, long-lasting love for Jim’s music.  In fact, it seems that everyone Jim ever touched … even if it was just from a distance while he was on stage … came away with a very special glowing feeling inside.  Hard to believe he’s already been gone almost fifty years.
I still never turn off a Jim Croce song when it comes on the radio (although I will admit to being tired of “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” and “Time In A Bottle,” which was never one of my favorites.  On the other hand, “Operator” can still stir an emotional charge when I hear it … and some of his LP cuts (like “New York’s Not My Home,” “It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way,” “Next Time, This Time” and “I’ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song” (released as a single posthumously) rank among my favorites.  (kk)