Friday, January 30, 2009

Make It Easy On Yourself

Yesterday we told you about a song (Am I That Easy To Forget) that hit The National Top 20 twice yet never gets played ... today we're featuring a song that made The National Top 25 THREE times ... yet still falls into that oldies radio black hole.

Make It Easy On Yourself first climbed to #20 for Jerry Butler back in 1962. Three years later, The Walker Brothers reached #16 with their remake. Finally, in 1970, Dionne Warwick (who pretty much made a career out of singing Burt Bacharach songs) hit #25 with her rendition ... yet you rarely (if ever) hear ANY of these versions on the radio.

We'll fix that today by featuring all three ... hopefully some of the jocks on the list will give some airtime to THEIR favorite reading.

Jerry Butler

The Walker Brothers

Dionne Warwick