Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm Easy

Actor Keith Carradine hit the pop charts as a singer back in 1976 when his song I'm Easy was released as a single from the hit Robert Altman film "Nashville".

In fact, Carradine wrote and performed three songs for the film's soundtrack ... and I'm Easy actually made The Top Ten in Cash Box Magazine that year. (It peaked at #17 in Billboard but topped their Adult Contemporary Chart. Here in Chicago, I'm Easy went all the way to #4!)
DIDJAKNOW? - Actor Gary Busey also auditioned for the role of Tom Frank, the part that ultimately went to Carradine ... although he didn't get the part, one of the songs Busey wrote for the film, "Since You're Gone", was used in the film's soundtrack!

Keith's family tree includes some pretty impressive acting roots ... and limbs!!! His father John (The Grapes Of Wrath, The Ten Commandments, Captain Kidd and literally HUNDREDS of television guest spots) and his half-brother David (the Kung Fu television series and the "Kill Bill" films) have certainly made their presence known on both the big and the small screen ... and Frannie and I really enjoyed Keith's appearances as Special Agent Frank Lundy (and Deb Morgan's May / December Romance Interest) on the hit Showtime Television Series "Dexter" a couple of years back.

As we wrap up a rather "Easy" week here in Forgotten Hits, we just couldn't ignore THIS one!!!