Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Few More Quick Concert Notes ...

Save for a September 26th appearance at the Los Angeles County Fair, The Happy Together Again Tour winds down this week with a number of Florida concert dates.
If you're able to attend, please report back to us with some concert details ... we've heard nothing but good things all the way around ... and it sounds like all of the fans AND the artists are having a GREAT time doing these shows.
In fact, we just got this note from Carl Giammarese of The Buckinghams:
Hi Kent,
We started the second leg of the Happy Together Tour on July 20 and it has been great!

Our fans are still coming out in strong numbers. We are so fortunate to have the wonderful support they give us ... our audience has been so receptive. It wouldn't surprise me if there we a Happy Together Tour 2011! Also The Buckinghams, Turtles, Grass Roots, Mark Lindsay and Micky Dolenz want to extend our thanks to Forgotten Hits for all your support.
Best regards,

Thanks, Carl ... so good to hear ... and thanks for the update and YOUR continued support. Time is running out ... but fans can still catch The Happy Together Again Tour here:
Tuesday, July 27th - Florida Theater / Jacksonville, FL
Wednesday, July 28th - Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre / Athens, GA
Thursday, July 29th - Hard Rock Live - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Friday, July 30th - Daytona Beach Peabody Auditorium / Daytona Beach, FL
Saturday, July 31st - Ruth Eckerd Hall / Clearwater, FL
Sunday, September 26th - Los Angeles County Fair / Pomona, CA

>>>The Cryan' Shames will be appearing this Thursday, July 29th, in Deerfield ... Deerfield Square (at the intersection of Deerfield Road and Waukegan Road). We just got this update from Jimy Rogers of The Mauds: (kk)
Great FREE music this Thursday in Deerfield!
July 29, 7:00 p.m.
Jimy Rogers will make a guest appearance with the Cryan' Shames this Thursday in Deerfield Square (between Whole Foods Market & Barnes and Noble), Downtown Deerfield - intersection of Deerfield and Waukegan Rd. Jimy's Blue Road bandmates Gary and Joan Gand will join in on guitar and keyboards for Jimy's set, performing along with the fabulous Cryan' Shames
Jimy rocked the house when he took the stage with these guys back on the Fourth of July ... a top-notch set of rock, blues and soul. He's still got one of the best voices out there on the circuit. Should make for a GREAT show this Thursday Night. (kk)

Hey guys:
Boy, it was one magical night experiencing the sights and sounds of one Roger McGuinn on Saturday in Denver. The night started off with me helping out his lovely wife Camilla selling CD's to the crowd that invaded the nearly sold out show. I think all told, we sold well over 200+ McGuinn autographed CD's. Camilla was as charming and lovable as ever. She spoke to each person that came up, and asked them if this was the first time they ever saw Roger. So many people (like myself) have seen him many times over the years; others were "McGuinn virgins" and couldn't wait to see him!
Many of my friends, including the Boneman, who writes down below attended. And EVERYONE had an incredible time. As the Boneman said, it was almost like Roger was in our living-rooms and just entertaining ME! That's how personable his shows are.
I also got to meet Randy Jay from Cruisin Oldies 950AM Denver who does the afternoon show and is their promotional guru. He and Cruisin Oldies did a remarkable job of promoting the show. He was such a gracious and down to earth guy, you can't help but like him. When he and I talked, it was like old soldiers telling combat stories as we talked about our radio days.
When the show got started, Roger had the attention of EVERYONE ... we were all literally mezmerized ... had he told us to drink the kool-aid, we would have. :-)
His stories were just sensational, and you follow this man from the time he was a little kid listening to his transistor radio in Chicago, to the time he got his first guitar, got some lessons and traded every instrument he had for a slick Rickenbacker 12 string after seeing George Harrison play one in "A Hard Days Night".
We follow along as Roger tells each and every story of how the group the BYRDS got together. It's funny, while he never named David Crosby by name ... just called him that "chubby guy" that could harmonize ... we all knew what he was talking about. Along with his stories, the music flowed flawlessly.
And it's funny, like a 12 year old little girl fan of Roger's, I had emailed Camilla a few days before the show and asked if there would be anyway Roger could play "Old Blue" for my dog Bluey, and the classic "5D" ... well guess what? Roger played them both!!!
After satisfying everyone, (2+ hours) Roger bid us all a fond farewell. I returned to Camilla's "lemonaide stand" and sold the remainder of the CD's. It was then that Camilla and I joined Roger and a few friends backstage, where we all kind of relaxed. I told Roger that the prayers he and Camilla say for me nightly have done wonders for my life (which is sooooo true), Roger proclaimed there was one guy that stood out in the crowd that was soooo loud, and he heard every word distinctly. Of course that loudmouth was me (must be the two uvulas).
Roger and Camilla were so gracious! I asked Roger how his mom Dorothy was, and he said she was getting ready to celebrate her 100th birthday. He then proceeded to write down her phone number on a napkin and wanted me to call her and give her a birthday wish from "Wild Bill"! God Bless her!
Anyway, you MUST listen to the just released "Growing Bolder" interview with Roger and Camilla which is attached.
Thanx for reading my diatribe and God Bless you all!
"Wild" Bill Cody

We spent a few hours listening and watching Roger perform and tell the story of his life and his 50+ years in the music that influenced our lives last night.
Roger and I both celebrated a birthday yesterday, July 24th, and what a fantastic day it was yesterday. It was his 68th and many got to share it with him.
I guess I could have pressed my pal Wild Bill Cody to introduce us to his friend but I was already filled with the magic of what felt like a living room performance with Roger sharing his life and love of the music. I think Wild Bill is his biggest fan and definitely a fountain of information.
Enjoy ... this a great interview just posted yesterday!

It's a very special episode of the Growing Bolder Radio Show.
Rock and roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn and his wife, Camilla, join Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer in the studio for the full hour!

As an added bonus Roger brought a special surprise -- his guitar!
Come spend an hour with the founder of The Byrds as he not only tells you but plays how "Mr. Tambourine Man" underwent major changes before it became the smash hit that you know and love.
It's a rare and intimate look back at Roger's 50 -- yes, 50! -- years in the music business, and the woman who has been his best friend and constant companion on the road explains the secret of their 32-year marriage and why it gets stronger every year.