Friday, July 30, 2010

The Friday Flash

No Weekend Comments again for the next couple of weeks ...
But here's what we could get ready for a special "FRIDAY FLASH" Edition!

Congratulations to Forgotten Hits Reader Don Effenberger ... this weekend, Scott Shannon will air his "First And Foremost" Weekend ... a GREAT oldies idea that puts a whole new spin on the tried-and-true Twin Spin Weekend. (You can listen all weekend long on The True Oldies Channel!)
Click here: True Oldies Channel
Don first pitched the idea over two years ago ... much like our Forgotten Hits "One You Know ... And One You Didn't Even Know You Forgot", it provides a GREAT excuse to play some things that are off the normal oldies play list.
The concept is simple ... play an artist's first chart hit (usually a more obscure track that doesn't typically get a lot of airplay anymore) and follow it up with the biggest hit of their career ... which is something The True Oldies Channel is probably already playing anyway. Thus the "First ... And Foremost" Weekend!
Don tells me that he submitted 110 suggestions in all ... and even listed a few for our readers:
Hi Kent!
I suggested one more variation to Scott Shannon the next time he does a True Oldies Channel Twin Spin Weekend. I call this a FIRST AND FOREMOST Weekend, and it would consist of an artist's first Top 40 hit followed by the singer / group's BIGGEST hit. That means the list would include tons of the biggest hits and also add a few seldom-heard "surprises," such as the nine-year gap between Carole King's first hit, "It Might As Well Rain Until September" and her next -- her biggest, "It's Too Late." (The format leaves out two obvious groups of songs -- one-hit wonders and artists whose first hit was their biggest, such as the Animals and Manfred Mann, but those, of course, could be aired around the twin spins.)
It also produces a few other surprises -- I didn't remember, for example, that Neil Sedaka's "Bad Blood" was bigger than "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do."
At any rate, I've included below a diverse sampler of possibilities.
The Rolling Stones -- Tell Me and Honky Tonk Women (another surprise over Satisfaction)
The Association -- Along Comes Mary and Windy
The Beach Boys -- Surfin' Safari and I Get Around
The Supremes -- When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through HIs Eyes (a fun, forgotten surprise) and Baby Love
Mary Wells -- The One Who Really Loves You and My Guy
Chuck Berry -- Maybelline and My Ding-a-Ling (amazing that a novelty song would be his chart-topper legacy)
The Beatles -- I Want to Hold Your Hand and Hey Jude
Keith -- Ain't Gonna Lie (another great forgotten song) and 98.6
Carole King -- It Might As Well Rain Until September and It's Too Late
Neil Sedaka -- The Diary and Bad Blood
Herb Alpert -- The Lonely Bull and This Guy's In Love With You
Paul Anka -- Diana and Lonely Boy
Frankie Avalon -- Dede Dinah and Venus
Gary U.S. Bonds -- New Orleans and Quarter to Three
Elvis -- Heartbreak Hotel and Don't Be Cruel
The Byrds -- Mr. Tambourine Man and Turn Turn Turn
Glen Campbell -- By the Time I Get to Phoenix and Rhinestone Cowboy
Johnny Cash -- I Walk the Line and A Boy Named Sue
Chubby Checker -- The Class and The Twist
Cher -- All I Really Want to Do and Half-Breed
Lou Christie -- A Gypsy Cried and Lightning Strikes
Patsy Cline -- Walking After Midnight and Crazy
The Coasters -- Searchin' and Yakety Yak
Eddie Cochran -- Sittin' in the Balcony and Summertime Blues
Bobby Darin -- Splish Splash and Mack the Knife
Neil Diamond -- Cherry Cherry and Cracklin' Rosie
Dion -- Lonely Teenager and Runaround Sue
Fats Domino -- Ain't That A Shame and Blueberry Hill
The Drifters -- There Goes My Baby and Save the Last Dance For Me
Bob Dylan -- Subterranean Homesick Blues and Like A Rolling Stone
The Everly Brothers -- Bye Bye Love and All I Have To Do Is Dream (just beating Cathy's Clown with more weeks in the Top 10)
The 4 Seasons -- Sherry and Big Girls Don't Cry (peaking early)
The Four Tops -- Baby I Need Your Loving and Reach Out I'll Be There
Connie Francis -- Who's Sorry Now and Everybody's Somebody's Fool
Aretha -- Rock-a-bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody and Respect
Ben E. King -- Spanish Harlem and Stand By Me
There's no telling how many (or which ones) of these will air this weekend ... Don sent in several other suggestions and you just know that Scott Shannon came up with some great ideas of his own ... but it all should make for some VERY enjoyable listening all weekend long ... another new spin on the Twin Spin Weekend!
(Having partaken in a few of these weekends myself, it really IS exciting to see and hear your concept come to life on the radio ... and, it makes for better radio since, as you already know, we're in favor of ANY excuse to play something off the repetively beaten path! Sounds like this isn't Don's first foray into this arena either!
Scott Shannon has actually followed through on a whole bunch of ideas over what is now at least a three-year span: The Storytellers Weekend, A and B Side Twin Spins, April Fool's songs, American Road Trip, and an Eat, Drink and Be Merry Weekend (food and "happy" songs) that morphed into the Rock 'n' Roll Diner!
Ironically (in the "Great Minds Think Alike" Department), we provided Scott with a number of A and B Side Twin Spin ideas (from our Top 200 Biggest Two-Sided Hits Of All-Time List and Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides Poll ... both lists are available on our website: Click here: Forgotten Hits - Home ) as well as several April Fools titles.
Believe me, Shannon is an oldies fanatic ... he knows and loves this music more than ANYONE ... and he ALSO enjoys any opportunity to "stray" a little from the norm when he can, too ... as long as he can stay a step or two ahead of the Oldies Police that is!!! (lol)
My goal, of course, was that some of those "first hits" will expand the play list a bit. I actually heard Scott promote the weekend on the way home today -- and, surprised, still managed to stay on the road! I hope it works well -- and that he gets a good reaction.
Well, I think it's a GREAT idea, Don ... and readers can "Listen Live" via the True Oldies Channel Link provided above. (Hearing about some of the clever weekend ideas that WCBS-FM / New York has come up with lately helps to keep one on their toes ... and when that happens, EVERYBODY wins ... 'cause we all get to listen to and enjoy better, more creative radio!) And I think it's WONDERFUL that a jock as well-versed as Scott Shannon will listen and respond to his listeners' ideas and suggestions ... in fact, if YOU have an idea that you think might make for a killer True Oldies Channel Weekend, email and let him know about! (kk)

And, speaking of The True Oldies Channel, here in Chicago (where we just honored the 50th Anniversary of Dick Biondi's first Chicagoland radio broadcast), The True Oldies Channel / 94.7 WLS-FM is releasing their very first oldies compilation CD ... and throwing a big launch party this weekend, too!
Borrowing a page from Bob Stroud's / "Rock And Roll Roots" Handbook, the 94.7 Crew will be on hand THIS SATURDAY, July 31st, from 3 - 6 PM at the Oakbrook Borders (1500 16th Street) to sign and sell copies of the brand new CD. And it sounds like the whole crew will be there: Dave Fogel, Greg Brown, Danny Lake and Dick Biondi are all scheduled to appear ... and there is also supposed to be some live entertainment on hand.
Proceeds from the sale of this limited edition CD will go to benefit Children's Home And Aid.
While most of the tracks on this compilation can be found just about anywhere ("My Girl" by The Temptations, "I'm A Believer" by The Monees, "Oh Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison, "Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys) there are a few things on here that scream "Chicago" ... tracks by local heroes The Ides Of March ("Vehicle"), The Buckinghams ("Hey Baby, They're Playing Our Song"), Chicago ("Saturday In The Park") and "Lake Shore Drive" by Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah ... you also get some WLS exclusives like the WLS / Reunion version of "Life Is A Rock" (but WLS rolled me) and Dick Biondi's own "The Pizza Song"!

All in all, it sounds like a fun afternoon of musical entertainment so please come on out if you can. (By the way, WLS-FM is giving away a "Little Red Corvette" ... as in a completely refurbished, 1972 classic convertible model!!! Be sure to visit their website for all the details: Click here: 94.7 WLS-FM )

Here's an email we recently received from another Chicagoland broadcasting legend, Bob Dearborn:
Thank you for test-driving my new online project,
The Olde Disc Jockey’s Almanac
In its first week, there were more than a thousand “hits” from all over the world – from six of the 10 Canadian provinces, 44 of the U.S. states, plus the UK, Brazil, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Finland, Switzerland, India, Algiers and Tasmania!
Many thanks to those radio writers and bloggers who helped publicize the site: Warren Cosford and Tom Taylor were the first to write it up. Joel Denver at All Access, Larry Shannon at Radio Daily News gave it a much appreciated plug. My multi-talented pal
Rick Kaempfer was quick to mention the Almanac at his Web site.
For 40 years, Chicago journalists covering the media beat – from Irv Kupcinet, Bruce Vilanch and Bob Herguth to Norman Mark, Gary Deeb and Robert Feder – have been extremely kind to me and supportive of my radio career. I can never thank them enough.
Now comes “Larz,” as he chooses to be known, the moderator of the excellent
Chicago Radio and Media online site, who last week raised the bar when it comes to kind and generous support: link
If you haven't already, I hope you'll bookmark
The Olde Disc Jockey’s Almanac, visit daily, and tell your friends and colleagues to do the same.
Thanks again.
Bob Dearborn

Hi Gang:
I just found out that there is a Friday this week. Any week that there is a Friday in it, you'll find me on your computer.
The Pop Shoppe is on every Friday night from 7 PM till 3:01 AM (eastern time).
It all happens at
Here's my schedule for this week:
7:00 / 8:45 - Hear some great memories from the 50's and 60's and more.
8:45 / 10:00 - Remembering Frank, Dean and Sammy. Together they were called The Rat Pack. Sadly, you really don't hear enough music by these fantastic artists. Their music never grows old.
10:00 / 11:30 - Time for a Doo Wop party. I'll pull out some numbers you can sing and dance to.
11:30 / 1:30 AM - Special edition of Midnight Country featuring both country and non-country artists singing duplicate songs. Which ones will you like better???? Tonight it will be a two hour run. Some special songs and artists.
1:30 / 3:01 AM - I won't decide till 1:30 what I intend to do here, so join me and see.
I must tell you how much Ed Rambeau has added to my show. He's so talented. I heard his next show. It is terrific. It's scheduled to run a week from this Friday.
As much as I enjoy doing interviews, I am waiting till after the summer to do more. I have plenty of other things for you to hear. I'm pretty sure the next interview that I'm doing is Mike Clifford (So Close to Cathy). A favorite song of many music lovers. So look forward to that one.
If you'd like to check out my past interviews, go to and while there you might check out my mini picture collection and some great links.
Looking forward to seeing you all Friday night. Remember you must be here because I don't want to be alone.
Be here for The Greatest Songs That Ever Lived!
Stu Weiss / DJ STU
P.S. Topshelf runs music 24/7 so there's always something going on. Different Dee jay's every night of the week.

Hi Kent,

All good things have to come to end, or so the expression goes. I will leave it to you and others to decide for yourself is what I am about to describe is a good thing!

My Record Page, which is a part of the website, has been up since April 7 of last year -- a little over 15 and a half months -- and it has 750 samples, including six records of my own. I have made the decision to terminate it. Although the Record Page will remain available for viewing for the foreseeable future, I will not be adding any more samples to it and, as of this coming Sunday (August 1), there will be no more Top 100 popularity chart. I guarantee that the eclectic mix on my Record Page contains something for everyone to love and hate! Here's the link for those here who wish to try it out:

Thanks as always, Kent, for encouraging me to post information for your readers. Your Forgotten Hits pages have brought many new visitors over the past year to Jersey Girls Sing and Denise, Bernadette and I are so very grateful.

Ronnie Allen

A few other recent comments and ideas ...

In that excellent article on "Who Played the Beatles First in America", I have to take exception with the comment:

>>>There has ALWAYS been an implied correlation between the assassination of JOHN F. KENNEDY and the arrival of THE BEATLES ... Americans needed something to cheer them up, and THE BEATLES happened along at just the right time ... I don't think THAT theory will ever go away either! (kk)
It's more than just a theory ... here's the picture I've pieced together, subject, of course, to review and refutation by your Forgotten Hits readers!:
On Friday, November 22, 1963, "With the Beatles" was released at 5 pm by Parlaphone (true?).
By sheer coincidence, CBS aired a 4-minute report on the Beatles that morning, on "CBS Morning News with Mike Wallace" 10 - 10:30 am. It featured footage of the boys playing at Bournemouth on Nov 16, although CBS dubbed over the studio version of "She Loves You." The CBS correspondent was Alexander Kendrick, and he had plenty of snide remarks, such as "God Save the Queen", and all that. (This was on Youtube at one time.) It was planned that the piece would run again in the evening with Walter Cronkite but, of course, that didn't happen, due to the news events of the day. Interesting to think that the only Baby Boomers who saw the original airing of that clip were those who happened to be home sick from school, and whose mothers let them watch TV.

Fast-forward to December 10, 1963, and the re-edited report is finally shown on the evening news. Said Walter: "In the wake of the assassination story, nothing else was happening ... we had an opportunity to use it. I was not entirely thrilled with it myself ... these tawdry-looking guys with their long hair and this crazy singing of theirs." And you can take it from there. Comments / Corrections?
BTW, I'm one of that proud minority (minority??) who was watching the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh on Disney instead of the moptops on Sullivan on B-Day. I was the oldest of five siblings and, as we only had one TV, what we watched tended to skew young. Not that I'm complaining ... I loved Patrick McGoohan as Dr. Syn ... "take this gold, divide it among you!" Given the choice of the two today, I'd watch the Scarecrow in a heartbeat! But I mentioned this back in 2004 on the 40th anniversary, and found out that some people, like my newsman (I was a DJ), watched both! This was in Ogdensburg, NY, upper upstate NY on the St. Lawrence River (I moved here in 1974, grew up in a suburb of Boston.) Channel choices were limited, with just one commercial TV station available over the air (yes, they also had cable way back then, when the CA in CATV stood for "community antenna.") And Canadian TV ran the Disney show earlier on Sundays, 6 or 6:30 pm, I'd have to look it up. Anyway, then from the Watertown NY station, Sullivan came on after that, so folks up here saw both! Anybody else have a similar story to tell?
--- stolf
Interesting perspective (although I can't say that I've ever met ANYONE who would have preferred missing The Beatles' performance on Ed Sullivan to watching some Disney movie!!! lol) In fact, if anything, quite the opposite is true. Meeting SO many younger readers who weren't around like we were when all this cool musical stuff was happening, they are genuinely jealous of having missed what just HAS to be the most innovative time in pop music history ... and they just LOVE hearing about these experiences through our eyes (and memories) or watching the old clips via youTube or DVDs or what have you. (kk)

Speaking of The Beatles, did you get to see Paul McCartney's performance at The White House yet? A GREAT 90 minutes of non-stop music with some EXCELLENT musical guests performing many of Macca's biggest hits. (I hate to admit it but I was blown away by The Jonas Brothers ... they did a KILLER version of "Drive My Car" ... and, after seeing this and their recent live appearance performing with Stevie Wonder at The Grammys, I may finally have to admit that these guys have got talent!!! And Stevie was in fine form that night, too, performing his 1971 Hit Version of "We Can Work It Out" and then dueting later with McCartney on their #1 Hit "Ebony And Ivory" ... maybe not as entertaining as the Joe Piscopo / Eddie Murphy version ... but fun to watch nonetheless! (Stevie was awarded the Gershwin Prize in 2009.) I'm sure it'll air several more times if you missed it ... so be sure to check your local listings. (kk)

Have you ever done a list of maybe the Top 50 Novelty Records of All Time?
I may be in a club of one, but I always liked the Dickie Goodman - Bill Buchanan break-in type of records. Some crazy story with lyrics of a certain song out interjected into it.
One of the biggest novelty records we had here in OKC was Bill Dana's THE ASTRONAUT in the guise of one Jose Jimenez. This peaked at number 2. Another big novelty recordwas in 1967 by Archie Campbell on RCA THE COCKFIGHT. I understand some stations wouldn't play it because of its fowl language.
lol ... I guess in THIS case, it WOULD be considered "fowl" language!!! I'm a HUGE novelty records fan ... have EVERYTHING that Dickie Goodman ever did, both with early partner Bill Buchanan as well as all of his solo stuff ... many of these records reached The Top Ten here in Chicago, where novelty records have always done well. (Here in Chi-Town, Jose Jimenez' "The Astronaut" peaked at #5! We featured it as part of Forgotten Hits' Tribute to NASA a few years back!) While we've never officially compiled a list of Top 50 Favorites, that may be something we'd want to tackle down the road. We'll keep you posted! (kk)


RockCon is going on ALL weekend long at The Sheraton Meadowlands in East Rutherford, New Jersey ... if any of our readers are able to attend, please report back to us with what you thought of this very special musical event! We'd love to hear from you ... fans AND artists! (In fact, I'd like to put together some type of a post-convention report ... and talk with Charles Rosenay about all of this, too ... so please drop us a line if you were able to attend!) kk

Outta time ... so outta here!!! More postings next week as time permits! Have a Great Weekend!