Friday, August 13, 2010

KEITH (Part Two)

Keith's biggest hit may have been called "98.6" but you'll find that there was very little "normal" about his recording career.
Keith went from Top Ten '60's Pop Star, touring with the likes of The Beach Boys, The Hollies and Neil Diamond ... to draft dodger (Keith says it was all just a big misunderstanding ... he thought he was supposed to report at 8:30 am when he was REALLY supposed to be there at 8:30 pm ... or some such confusion ... after being arrested while out on tour, he was ultimately enlisted and served at Fort Dicks, where he said he was put to work "making coffee for generals") ... to part of Frank Zappa's touring band ... all within the span of about six years!!! (An oft-repeated Keith story tells of the time that John Lennon patted him on the back, telling him how much he liked his single "98.6" ... while both men were standing at the urinal peeing!!! lol)

His third and final Top 40 Hit was a remake of a song first written and performed by The Hollies.  "Tell Me To My Face" also reached #31 in Cash Box Magazine and, of his three Top 40 Hits, it's actually my favorite. (In fact, I love EVERY version of "Tell Me To My Face" I've ever heard, including The Hollies' original 1966 LP version as well as Dan Fogelberg's later '70's remake ... recorded with his "Twin Sons Of Different Mothers" partner, Tim Weisberg.)  In fact, as a special Forgotten Hits bonus, we'll feature all three of those recordings here today.



I've asked Keith several times over the years to say a few words to our Forgotten Hits Readers and bring us up to date on some of his most recent activities. I think we got exactly one response over the past six or seven years ... truth is, he declined to respond to our most recent request, too. Oh well, that's cool ... we'll still plug his website:
While there are no new upcoming performances posted on his website, Keith says he DOES still perform from time to time in various oldies revues.  (You'll even find a 2008 video of Keith performing his biggest hit, "98.6" on his website.)
You can keep up with all of the latest Keith news right here: