Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tell Me To My Face


Hey Kent,

You've probably heard from other subscribers by now that the three attachments of Tell Me To My Face were all the same Dan Fogelberg version.
Can you re-attach the correct versions on the next posting?
By the way, I never knew that The Hollies had originally written that song.   I thought it was written by Fogelberg and it is one of my favorites of his. I've never heard the Hollies or Keith versions.
Thank You,
Eddie Burke,
Orange, CT

Great!!!  For some reason, we've been having quite a bit of trouble with DivShare lately ... and this morning's posting went up as I was literally running out the door (so there wasn't even time to check it.)  By the way, your email was the first one that I received pointing this out.
It's all been corrected below ... and, if you've never heard these other versions, you're in for a real treat.  (Keith's version was a #28 Hit here in Chicago, so that's the one I grew up on.  I loved Dan Fogelberg's version, too, and always felt it should have been a hit ... but it wasn't released as a single so it never had a chance ... our soft rock stations used to play it quite a bit, though.  Surprisingly, I discovered The Hollies' original LAST, as it was an LP-only track, too.)




(By the way, we fixed this on yesterday's posting, too!  Thanks, Eddie!)  kk