Monday, May 23, 2011


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Hey Kent
The concert was great last night!
Here is photo of me with Sonny Geraci and Dennis Tufano!  Then one with Barry McGuire and another with Pete Rivera of Rare Earth!
Mickey Cooksey

That was a killer line up!  Man, Dennis looks like George Clooney in this shot!  (lol)  kk

Just wanted to drop a line about a spectacular concert by what by my reckoning is the Best "Six Man Band" of Hits, Forgotten and otherwise in History!
I saw The Association in a benefit concert for The Tyrone Pennsylvania Library. After nine years of Doo Wop fundraising concerts the Tyrone Library fundraising committee acted on an audience members request and brought the Association to Tyrone. Raising 35 thousand dollars with audience members coming from all over the east coast and Canada to see the lads. 
The Association did not disappoint. Playing their biggest hits and in Act II rolled out a super medley of songs they self admittedly said, "they used to warm up to but back in the 60's cuz' it wasn't "cool" to play them in concert." They rattled off a 20 minute set with everything from the Temptations to the 5th Dimension and all in between.
The band is now made up of original members Russ Giguere, Larry Ramos and Jim Yester, with magnificent back up of Bruce Pictor on drums, Larry's brother Del Ramous on bass guitar. and Jordan Cole son of Brian Cole (former Association original member) on keyboards guitar and penny whistle for "Windy."
Even though the sound from the stage in the Tyrone high school auditorium seemed to only be emanating from the monitor speakers, these guys still got the guitar chops and harmonies for voices of these rock and rollers easily entering their 3rd act of life.  If you get a chance and they're near you. Go see them! 
check them out at
Travis Medcalf
WDZN  Romney WV / Cumberland MD 
And there'll be PLENTY of chances to catch The Association this summer ... they've been added to this year's Happy Together Again Tour!  Check the website for concert dates and appearances near you.  (kk)

Saw Tony Orlando in concert last night in Atlantic City for the umpteenth time - still puts on the best show! I was so excited for his encore, he came back out as we all rushed the stage and sang "Bless You" and "Halfway to Paradise" and everyone remembered them! 
By the way, that is Toni Wine who plays keyboards with his band - she of songwriting fame - Groovy Kind of Love, Candida, Black Pearl, Sugar Sugar, etc ...

We saw Tony Orlando a couple of years ago ... and it was an absolutely AMAZING show!  (Toni Wine wasn't with him then but I understand she performs with him quite a bit ... and with Ron Dante, too, with whom she sang many of those original Archies hits!)  If you get the chance to see Tony, do it ... you will not be disappointed.  (And he's got one of the best back-up bands I've EVER seen!!!)  kk

As you know, I am the ULTIMATE Byrds Fan on the face of the earth and have listened to thousands upon thousands of hours of Byrds recordings ... some good ... and some not so good.
Well, guess what?
WolfGangs Vault has come up with the Ultimate Byrds Concert featuring Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark and Chris Hillman Live at the Boarding House (San Francisco) February 9th, 1978, and halfway through the show in pops David Crosby! The sound is incredible, the vocals are incredible, the instrumentation is incredible and this features the BEST version of Mr Tambourine Man I have EVER heard.  By all means, check this out and crank it up ... you'll LOVE it!
Without a doubt, when you think of the band the Byrds, this sums them up totally.  There has never been a better recording of them together ... EVER!
"Wild" Bill Cody
Thanks for the heads-up on Ron Smith's new book. Nice price but, as usual, whenever I go to Amazon I buy much more than just the book that I want -- this time I spent over $240.00!
I hope all is well in Chicago. We were supposed to open for Felix Cavalleri's Rascals this past Sunday but one of our guys' son is the head Lacrosse coach at Cornell (ranked #2 in the nation) and they had to play Sunday in the National Tournament  so we had to bail. Gene Cornish was a special guest for this event and he came in early and we had lunch on Saturday. They plan another reunion for a number of gigs with the original group together beginning in mid-summer. As you may know, Little Steven was responsible for getting them back together. 
I'm on the road a lot playing ball but I still check in each week. Thanks for continuing to send the link to the Sunday comments.
We tried to get Felix Cavaliere to give us a "scoop" regarding any upcoming Rascals reunion shows ... but he wouldn't go for it ... too bad ... an AWFUL lot of Rascals fans out there who would LOVE to see this show!  (Felix is still doing "solo" dates, too, with his own band.)  Would love to see them. 
I think we helped to sell a few copies of Ron Smith's new book this past week ... and we'll soon be giving a copy away, too!  If you haven't registered to win a copy yet, just send us an email with your birthday ... and we'll enter you in our special drawing!  (kk)