Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Sunday Comments ( 05 - 22 - 11 )


OK, so perhaps I missed the irony of running back-to-back stories that involved Franke Previte's song "Hungry Eyes" ... and Rupert Holmes' song about cannibalism ... but sometimes things just happen as unplanned, funny coincidences!!! 

People familiar with "Timothy" at the time it was first released cannot believe that the record label ever tried to sway the audience into thinking it was about the miners' mule ... certainly a better concept / "save this record" campaign could have been developed.  (But let's not go crazy here ... I'm not sure declaring "Timothy" as "the other white meat" wouldn't have worked either ... besides, despite all of the controversy and the banning, we do have to acknowledge that the record DID have a significant impact on the charts ... and even went to #1 in some markets!)  A version with "modified" lyrics also exists ... but once again WE remember the original ... which is the way Holmes intended for his song to be heard.

While we couldn't think of ANY other pop song about cannibalism ... (paraphrasing Charlie Tuna, that would be the epitome of bad taste vs. tasting bad!!!) ... we DID think of a couple of recording artists who enjoyed major success with at least PART of this concept ...

How about Cannibal and the Headhunters ... who took their version of "Land of 1000 Dances" up to #30 back in 1965?  Or Fine Young Cannibals, who scored back-to-back #1 Hits who two of my late-'80's favorites, "She Drives Me Crazy" and "Good Thing"?  (They did an interesting version of Elvis' "Suspicious Minds", too!)  kk

One other thought on this topic comes from FH Reader Jack Levin ...

I don't know that I can come up with another song about cannibalism either, but there is a Monty Python sketch called Still No Sign Of Land that deals with it.  Apparently the crew members of a boat adrift in the ocean quarrel as to whom they're going to eat. The Captain volunteers, but the rest prefer others and still another crew member objects to the rest of the crew's choice (Johnson), because he's not Kosher. I'm sure someone in FH land has the cut. It's not on my Monty Python compilation.

I actually remember this bit, too ... perhaps somebody out there has an audio copy to share???  (kk)

Well Kent,
With my passion for including music in everything I teach, this book is a NEED, not a want.  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it)
Shelley J. Sweet-Tufano
Good luck, Shelley.  (Of course you can also ORDER a copy of Ron's hot new book from his webite!!!  lol)  kk
For a great interview with Ron (talking about his new book and radio in general), check out the link below:
Enter for YOUR chance to win a copy of Ron Smith's new Rock And Roll Calendar Book, "Eight Days A Week: Births, Deaths And Events Each Day In Oldies History" by sending us an email at ... be sure to include your BIRTHDAY in the email ('cause that's how we're going to pick the winner) ... and we'll be doing that next weekend!  (kk)

Starting Tonight ...
Tune In To The TRUE OLDIES CHANNEL Every Sunday Night
Starting at 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT
Spotlighting The Hits From The First Decade Of Rock & Roll --- 1956 - 1966.
Yeah Baby!!!  (Guess you really WERE paying attention, eh Scott?!?!?  lol)  
Sounds like a GREAT idea ... but us folks in Chicago will have to listen online ... because while you're playing the greatest hits from the early days of rock and roll, Chi-Town's WLS-FM will be running John "Records" Landecker's "Into The '70's" program.  (Guess that gives listeners a choice as to which decade they'd rather listen to ... so, with that thought in mind, here are "Listen Live" links for both!!!)  kk

Hi Kent!
I thought your readers may enjoy listening to a new internet radio station I just launched.  It's called Hits Of Yesteryear Radio. Not just the hits of course ... it draws on my expansive oldies library that we use for the syndicated radio show and the Hits Of Yesteryear Live.
We are adding songs practically everyday and would love suggestions from your readers.
Here is the direct listen link:
Thanks Kent, and keep up the great work with your blog!!
Glenn Sauter
Producer and Host of

Kent ...
Here in New York, WCBS - FM is playing the top 101 Cover Songs.
Last heard #95 ... they played "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" by The Rolling Stones (1974) followed by the original version of the same song by The Temptations (1966).
Here are a few more:
#49 = "Another Saturday Night" by Cat Stevens (1974) / Sam Cooke (1963)
I bought Sam Cooke version.
#46 = "Mocking Bird" by Carly Simon & James Taylor (1974) / Inez Fox (1963)
#43 = "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tiffany (1987) / Tommy James & Shondells (1967)
Frank B.

I checked out the website and a list of the pairings are there.  (Of course for Tommy James remakes and covers, you can also add "Mony Mony" and "Crimson And Clover" ... both were '80's hits all over again for Billy Idol and Joan Jett respectively ... proof AGAIN this Tommy's music is timeless.  (So why isn't HE in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?!?!?!)  kk

If you missed my interview on the Morning Show with Mark and Brian, click on the attachment and you can listen to the 15 minute interview. Let me know what you think.

Makes you wanna run out and pick up a copy of the book, doesn't it?!?!  (Yep ... that's what we were shootin' for!!!  lol)  kk

By the way, next week Phil Nee of WRCO Radio in Richland Center, Wisconsin, will be airing our VERY special "Walk Don't Run Marathon" program.  (And, through the miracle of our Mevio website, we'll have the entire program posted so that FH Readers around the world can tune in and listen, too!)  Stay tuned for more details!  (kk)

What a GREAT surprise seeing the brand new Target ad campaign the other night ... one of my all-time favorite songs (and one of YOUR Top 20 All-Time Favorite Psychedelic Tunes according to a FH Poll we did a few years back) is being used as the background music ... and it was GREAT to hear "Pictures Of Matchstick Men", the 1968 Hit by Status Quo, used in this way ... that is until they played it for the SIXTH time in two hours!!!  (Why do they have to DO that?!?!?  You come up with a great, new campaign ... catchy as hell ... and then you beat it to death to the point that we're now muting the TV or changing the channel every time it comes on ... which it has AT LEAST two dozen times since!!!  Any momentum you could have built has now been trashed.)  What a shame!  (kk)
For the COMPLETE List of Top 20 Psychedelic Favorites (and some GREAT reading ... including our readers' definitions of just what psychedelic music is ... be sure to check out The Forgotten Hits Website!)  kk

>>>Originally, the "Penny Lane" single ended with a trumpet solo which, to this day, is STILL the way I hear it because that's the way I first heard it on the radio. The promo single had the trumpet ending ... but by the time the single was officially pressed and released, The Beatles had substituted more of a psychedelic ending to the tune.  I suppose in hindsight the trumpet ending DOES sound a bit contrived ... but I loved it and, because it WAS the first way I heard the song, will always remember this as the way they had originally intended for the song to sound.  (See, Jersey John ... we really DO remember what we heard way back then!!!)  kk
Want me to remix the tracks with AM radio lightning flashes and in low fidelity mono with a DJ talking over the beginning so it's identical to the way you heard it decades ago!!!?? :-)  LOL!
Jersey John
Touche' ... but many of us really DO remember what we heard ... and can still tell the difference even 40-some years later!  (kk)


Paul McCartney will be playing his only-announced U.S. concert in less than three weeks and Liverpool Productions has just six spaces left to see this very special show at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas as part of our equally special mini-vacation weekend getaway for fans, June 10 - 12, 2011. Join us! 
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CONTACT US IF YOU NEED TICKETS ONLY and not the whole package.
For further info or to book, email LiverpoolTours
LOTS of McCartney news lately ... first of all, he's getting married again.  (Not sure if I totally get that one!!!  lol)  My understanding is that he is adding several more dates to this U.S. Tour ... in fact, I've heard as many as nine or ten more stops will be added.  Next month, the McCartney deluxe reissue series continues with the re-release of BOTH of his truly "solo" albums, McCartney and McCartney II ... both will come in deluxe book editions with ALL kinds of bonus tracks and DVD footage.  Meanwhile, Macca has been working on an album of "standards" ... songs his Dad loved.  (Paul's father was in a big band back in Jolly ol' England ... and is the reason McCartney has such a great appreciation for the music of the '20's, '30's and '40's ... it's also the reason The Beatles recorded early tracks like "Till There Was You" and "A Taste Of Honey" ... and why McCartney was so easily able to knock out a tune like "When I'm 64" or "Your Mother Should Know"!)  But Paul also has ANOTHER album in the works ... word is he's collaborating with David Grohl of The Foo Fighters (who he got to know a little better when he performed at The White House a few months back.)  So LOTS going on in Macca-Land ... which means ALL kinds of stuff to look forward to ... (not to mention some great gift-giving ideas!!!  lol)  kk

Kent ...
That translates to = $237,132.
Frank B.

Thanks for running the item about the ‘It Ain’t Him, Babe, Too’ ... a very special Dylan - birthday edition of my Atomic Cocktail radio show.
And it’s not too late for folks to listen to the show ... archived rebroadcasts can be found here:  Go to and click on “Podcasts.”  Luxuria usually puts each show up as a podcast a day or so after broadcast and our show should be the first listed.
LuxuriaMusic is also accessible through iTunes Radio.
Thanks again, Kent!
Gene Sculatti
For a VERY cool blog spotlighting Robert Zimmerman's Big 7-0, check this out:
Scott Paton             

re:  10cc:

Hi Kent -
One more thing regarding Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman of 10cc - they have joined forces as GG06 and have several tracks available as download only on their website:

Since the Guess Who were only a hundred or so miles from my home town, they even played our area before they were famous. This is the first record that I remember them having with Burton Cummings singing on that was at least a regional hit. I think 1967? Of course their version of Shakin' All Over was before this, but it was also before Burton Cummings. The A side was His Girl, which is sort of a crooner, and the other side was It's my Pride, which is a bit of a rocker. It's one if not the only thing I can think of that Burton Cummings played organ on rather than piano. It even found it's way in one of the Nuggets boxes.  I may still even have my original 45. It wasn't RCA but can't remember who it was.
Being a big Guess Who fan, I've heard these tracks before (although admittedly not in a long, long time!)  Doesn't look like they chart on CHUM either ... but nice early representations of what the band sounded like before they really took off.  (Don't know if you saw it or not, but we also featured their 1971 Hit "Albert Flasher" in our "Today's Forgotten Hit" segment last week.)  Always a big fan, I was fortunate to see them at least half a dozen times.  Amazingly, some of their biggest hits were recorded right here in Chicago!  (kk)

Kent ...
How ya' doin'?
I remember calling Russ Regan’s office at UNI records and telling him I just produced a master that sounds like a hit. He tells me to rush over and when he hears it he says, “You’re right Artie, it sounds like a hit ... I just can’t figure out which hit it sounds like!”
We both laughed and then he played me a new record he was about to put out that REALLY sounded like a hit ... “INCENSE AND PEPPERMINT” by the Strawberry Alarm Clock!”
I found out that this Psychedelic Masterpiece was written by John Carter and dropped by to see my friend Frank Slay, Jr., who produced the record. I wanted to meet this guy who was a unique songwriter destined for success. It wasn’t until a few years later, however, that I was finally introduced to him by my friend Bruce Garfield, who worked with him at Capitol records.
By this time Carter had produced major hits on Tina Turner (“What’s Love Got To Do With It?”, “Private  Dancer”) and I felt honored that he let me hang out. Unfortunately, it was the only time that I was with him."
Here are a few comments from people who really knew him:
Artie Wayne 
Our new FH Buddy Bob Lefsetz has PAGES and PAGES of testimonials about John Carter posted on his website right now:  Click here: Lefsetz Letter
Carter was more of a "behind the scenes" guy in the music industry so we didn't post anything on Forgotten Hits regarding his recent passing ... but your email really drives the point home about just how involved he was in the hit-making process ... convincing me that any readers out there NOT familiar with his contributions to the music we all love would do themselves well to read up on it a little bit.  For a real eye-opening education, please check out both Artie's and Bob's glowing testimonials via the links above.  (kk)

>>>Cornell Dupree, a famed guitarist who played alongside Aretha Franklin, King Curtis, Jimi Hendrix and Joe Cocker, died on May 8 in Fort Worth, Texas. According to Variety, Dupree was 69 years old and suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  (Ken Voss)
Most of the obits are omitting perhaps his most recognizable session work: Rainy Night in Georgia.
David Lewis

I just read about the Chicago Loop's follow-up with a song called RICHARD CORY. It seems to me that I had to memorize a poem in high school English literature called Richard Cory by a poet by the name of Robinson.
Larry Neal
Cory was then later immortalized in song by Paul Simon on Simon and Garfunkel's second LP.  According to the (n)ever-reliable Wikipedia:
"Richard Cory" is a narrative poem written by Edwin Arlington Robinson. It was first published in 1897.  The poem describes a person who is wealthy, well educated, mannerly, and admired by the people in his town. Despite all this, he takes his own life. Through this story, Robinson introduces the classic theme of not judging people by their appearance; rather, there is more to a man than what appears on the surface. The idea that money cannot buy happiness is also suggested. The speakers are townspeople who admire Richard Cory.  The poem was adapted by the folk duo Simon & Garfunkel for its song "Richard Cory", which has also been performed by Them and Van Morrison. The song has been played live by Paul McCartney and Wings, Denny Laine singing "I wish that I could be John Denver." The Simon & Garfunkel version of the song's ending differs from the poem in that the speaker still wishes he "could be Richard Cory", even after Cory has killed himself.
lol ... I actually saw Denny Laine perform it that way when Wings played here in Chicago back in 1976!  Had forgotten all about it until I read this ... and, if I'm not mistaken, he sang it that way for the "live" "Wings Over America" LP, too!  (kk)

This has been a tough year for folks who, through absolutely no fault of their own, have lost everything due to devastating storms and flooding.  FH Reader David Lewis reminds us ...
Paul Davis had a band down in Mississippi in 1966 - 67 called The Endless Chain, and they recorded this track together.
Ilene Berns signed Paul as a solo act for Bang in 1969.
In the spring of 1973 the Mississippi River flooded seriously, similar to what's happening now. Ilene immediately re-released this song and plugged it heavily with the DJs all across the south and midwest, stating that proceeds from the sale of the record would be given to flood relief organizations. Well, the record didn't take off, but it's still remembered by many who gave it a second or third listen.
David Lewis

Kent ...
Once an hour last weekend, WCBS-FM played a Garage Band Song like "Nobody But Me" by the Human Beinz.   DJ says that they say the word "NO" 100 times in this song. I quit counting after 75!
Frank B.
While I've grown tired of this song thanks to saturation airplay over the years (I LOVED it when it first came out ... but this is ANOTHER song that radio has ruined for me due to RIDICULOUS overplay), I really enjoy the music video put together on "The Office" earlier this year!  (kk)

re:  VIDEOS:
Kent ...
Check this one out. Dion, Ben E. King, Frankie Valli + more.
Frank B.
A stellar line-up, actually ... all of the above plus a couple of Temptations thrown in along with a few others.  We've been hearing this song quite a bit around the house here lately.  Our daughter's final concert this school year features the boys doing this tune.  A neat little tribute to Billy Joel (and the YouTube site implies that there's a version of Frankie Valli singing "Uptown Girl" floating around out there somewhere, too ... now THAT I'd like to see!!!)  kk
Trying to recall who performed best live (as in "sounded like the hit") on TV without needing record help. Here's one from the early '70's ... because the group, Chase, was one of the best!

Kent ...
Check out Wild Wayne's clip of the week.  What kind of guitar is he playing?
Never saw one like that before.
Frank B.

Yep ... it's coming around again!

Kent ...
It's that time of the year.  This is my favorite version of this old song.
Frank B.

You recently posted a Bobby Darin medley of sorts on youtube. That reminded me of a record which I will get out later on tonight and play and one which I really like.  I am talking about Bobby Vee's 1968 recording of MEDLEY: MY GIRL / HEY GIRL.
We featured that one WAY back in 2002 I think ... in fact, I remember Bobby Vee commenting on it at the time ... but those comments are LONG gone now.  Still, this medley of two VERY popular '60's songs did pretty well on the charts, ultimately peaking at #17 in Cash Box ... but stalling at #35 in Billboard.  (Let me know what you think after you play it again ... for me, this one hasn't aged well!!!)
I always liked his version of "Beautiful People", too ... another great Forgotten Hit that did chart battle with the Kenny O'Dell Version.  (In fact, we may feature that one as one of our "Today's Forgotten Hit" Two-For-Tuesday Twin Spins!  Stay tuned!!!)  kk

re:  COLLECTORS' 45's:
Hi Kent, 
At one time, I had a collection of thousands of 45's.  The 45 RPM record was one of the most interesting forms of music, and also of odd releases.
Of course we've heard of the Coke and Pepsi commercials, and the recent mention of the Tony Conigliaro records.  I've had 45's of Jimmy Piersall ... something about playing the outfield.  John Wayne also recorded ... and so did Clint Eastwood.  There are too many to mention.  However the absolutely worst record I've ever heard was a 45 by Jack Palance ...
I think it was called Big River.
You might want to hear from some of your readers on other off beat 45's that were released.     
Arnold Kirkbride
More than a fair share of television and movie stars took a shot at expanding their careers in the pop music arena ... some certainly worked better than others.  We recently featured Patty Duke's Top Ten Record "Don't Just Stand There" (kind of a "You Don't  Own Me" clone) in our daily "Today's Forgotten Hit" feature.  Another personal favorite is THIS one by Bonanza star Michael Landon ... it's "Little Joe's" version of "Gimme A Little Kiss".  This record actually charted here in Chicago, ultimately peaking at #34!  (Landon, of course, went to star in a couple of other hit television series ... like "Little House on the Prairie" and "Highway To Heaven"!)  kk

After four years of writing and recording, I'm proud to say my TWO NEW ALBUMS, "Rhymes And Misdemeanors" and "Right As Rain" are now available.  Each CD has 21 new songs, once again recorded with the amazing John MacIane in Ft. Meyers, Florida.  I sincerely hope hearing this music brings you the same joy John and I had making it!
Henry Gross
Hi Kent!
Thanks for all the cool information!
Judi G.

What a great way to start the week ...
Eighteen with a Bullet ... and a contest ... YIPPEE!
I smiled the whole time I was listening to this wonderful song ... thanks!

Hi Kent,
I still love reading your blog on a regular basis.    
Mike Ogilvie
Mississauga, ON

>>>I had forgotten about this hit "The Snake by Al Wilson" and haven't heard it in decades but it was, at the time, a favorite I never bought  (bd poe)
Personally, I never heard it before; found it on a UK compilation, so it must have charted in the UK, too. Cool song!!!!!

Jersey John
GREAT song ... and definitely a list favorite ... seriously, I've received more requests for THIS song than ANY other to date!  So why isn't radio playing it?!?!?  (kk)