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I know the shooting of that terrorist made time stand still, but I didn't expect it to effect Forgotten Hits News updates!!!
TGIF, or TGIW!!!!?? :)
No, just another crazy work week.  But, as promised the other day, we're shooting for NINE STRAIGHT DAYS OF BRAND NEW POSTINGS ... so now I've got to get my ass in gear and try to deliver!!!  (kk)

Kent ...
Just read this in my newspaper.
A suburban Chicago man was busted for keeping an alligator that he used as a chick magnet.
I was wondering if this was a common practice, in your neighborhood ? LoL !!
All these years I thought it was fast cars.
Frank B.
His name wasn't Sonny Crockett by chance, was it??? (kk)

I had a chance to visit with Dave The Rave this weekend, who tells me that his eclectic oldies radio program is now airing on THREE different stations!  (WTG, Dave!) Here's the scoop:
Relics & Rarities is heard on:
WIBG-FM, 94.3 Atlantic City, NJ Sundays 2 - 4 pm, www.wibg.fmTopshelf Oldies Sat nites 10 pm - 3 am www.topshelfoldies.orgFlaming Oldies, Sat afternoon 4 pm - 5 pm,
All times shown are Eastern time and all three shows listed are different shows.
Dave the Rave
Dave plays a wide assortment of hits and shoulda-been hits on all of these programs.  As an avid record collector (I think he told me he had something like 70,000 singles in his collection ... with another large batch on its way!), you're likely to hear him play just about ANYTHING on his program.  And he REALLY enjoys playing requests ... so do yourself a favor and check out one of these shows.  (kk)
Dave also got a nice write up in Ken Shane's Pop Dose column this past week:

Sure Scott it being cagey. With Cumulus about to buy Citadel,he may wind up on the short end of the merger stick. If you think WLS-FM sucks now, wait until the dust settles on that purchase!
Clark Weber
It'll be interesting to see where all of this fits once the dust settles.  But for right now, I have to admit that WLS-FM is playing the most interesting mix of music that I've heard them play in EONS!!!  Surprise after surprise keeps turning up ... which is EXACTLY what Forgotten Hits has been preaching for the past twelve years ... so it's pretty hard to find fault in what they're doing.  (They're even programming '50's Elvis music again ... last week alone I heard "Jailhouse Rock", "Don't Be Cruel", "Teddy Bear" and "Hound Dog" ... and that's just with "spot" listening.  Plus at LEAST a dozen "Wow!" songs (including some album tracks!!!).  All-in-all, a pretty interesting mix of music ... but definitely NOT "True Oldies".  I still maintain that there's a place for BOTH formats on the dial.  If "oldies music" is 1956-1970 ... or "From Elvis to The Beatles", there is ABSOLUTELY a home for that on the radio dial.  If "The Greatest Hits of All-Time" is the music of 1964 - 1985 (which lately it seems to be), there's a place for THAT on the radio dial as well.  (It'd be nice if that "Greatest Hits" format allowed for some "Vintage Vinyl" to be spotlighted ... and WLS-FM seems to be doing that right now, as is Y103.9.  K-Hits seems FAR more focused on '80's music than '60's music ... but really the only TRULY annoying jocks seem to be Eddie and Jo-Bo in the morning ... everybody else seems to be doing a fairly good job of entertaining their audience, albeit a little bit TOO heavy on the '80's music.)  Like I see, let's see what's still playing once the dust settles!  (kk)

Hi Kent,
About the "Battle of the Bands" on 'CFL or WLS comments, it could be both, depending on what they are thinking of.  I think it was a transitional idea from WLS onto WCFL.  I seem to remember WLS having the battle of bands between English and American groups once in awhile just as you described it.  I remember this happening in 65 / 66 and maybe back to 64.  I know one of my friends also remembers "version" battles where "Good Day Sunshine" by Rockford's Paegans beat the Beatles' version!  Too bad it did not help spring the song in Chicago. 
Anyway, I don't seem to remember these battles on WLS continuing into 68.  At CFL, however, they began to have "Battle Sounds" contests between new songs battling for airplay on the Big 10.  In this "battle" gimmick, CFL would play three new records back to back, then let people vote.  In the time period, they would have little mini-spin snippets of the songs back to back as reminders of what they sounded like and eventually would crown a winner.  Usually, this was a Barney Pip segment. 
I have put in a message to Ron Britain to see if he remembers these different "gimmicks" CFL used to have.  In FH, we have talked about LS having short lived RNB and Country charts on the Silver Dollar Survey in 64, but besides giving away actual silver dollars for news tips weekly, CFL and LS had all kinds of great rpomotions and gimmicks. 
Both stations had British Countdown shows.  Ron Riley ran his Sunday night called the "British Billboard" show complete with an English radio person commenting weekly.  Ron Britain was on "the other side of the pond" at CFL doing his British Countdown show as well.  While Jim Stagg at CFL would do his 5 PM Action line top 5 requested, Art Roberts would have his Top 3 requested show at 10 PM on WLS. 
In late 67, Ron Riley started an 8 PM segment where he played the top 5 best selling records that day in Chicago stores.  That meant it was usually similar to the songs at the top of the "WLS Hit Parade" as it was now called, but sometimes, a new song had enough sales to bust into it.  He also had a "Preview" show on Sunday nights at 7 for an hour before the British Billboard show would come on at 8.  In the "Preview" show, you could almost guarantee he'd play about every song new to the Hit Parade as well as some songs that were new chart hopefuls and exclusives.  I loved listening to these 2 shows Sundays with tape recorder ready. 
There were many other things I am not thinking of right now, but I have included a snippet from my tapes that were recorded back to back in November, 1967.  First, the afore mentioned WCFL "Battle Sounds" featuring 2 of the 3 songs battling on the Barney Pip show in that great month of 67.  You hear "Sound #2" as the beautiful Twin Stacks 45 "How Many Times" by the Sounds of Dawn followed by #3, the Robbs' "Girls, Girls" which of course was just one more great tune they recorded that was NOT a hit. 
After the CFL segment, another oddity from that month this time at WLS.  During Riley's "Preview" show I was excited to hear the new Beatles' song would be premiered.  Wella wella, it almost did not happen.  The tape deck rolling and Ron intros the song only for us to hear the new Buckinghams song "Susan" instead!!  He quickly lays the blame on a girl in the other room getting the wrong "number" cart I assume to play.  The Buckinghams song is aborted and the Beatles new song ensues.  I think there were union paid recoprd turners at WLS in the day, but maybe they were playing carts, since they were going probably by "numbered" 4 track cartridges, as his comments would attest to. 
Oddly, the Buckinghams would soon be "stiffed" again with "Susan."  Their segment to show on the Ed Sullivan show in January got bumped at the last minute and Chicagoans had to wait until the following week to see and hear their faves doing an unusual mix visually and musically.  Visually, you would get to see the band in their usual "snazzy" stage outfits singing the first half of "Susan" but when the sound effect middle began, instead of cutting it, they left it in and went to film of the group in their military outfits you see on the 45's picture cover!  Then, instead of going back to end "Susan", the sound effects segued into a song yet unreleased called "What Is Love"!!!  What a treat!  It would be out shortly on "Portraits" but here, you got the backing track with live vocal and a "cold" ending!  Good stuff for a kid always in search of a new recording by faves. 
Ah, those were the days!! 
Clark in Lincoln

I personally remember WCFL doing the battles on a regular basis ... and going crazy over the fact that they would play the same damn song sometimes four times in the same hour!!!
As for The Buckinghams, their spots on The Ed Sullivan Show and The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour were absolute highlights.  While I couldn't find "Susan", I did find three of their other monster hits (kk):

Carl Giammarese still jokes about the British Flag set put together on The Smothers Brothers' show ... for a band that hailed from Chicago!!!  (lol)  Too Funny!  (kk)

Hey darlings,
I am getting the Veranda ready for our Mother's Day show ...
Does your Mom have a favorite song?
Let me know and I will dedicate it to her on the show.
Sunday night, 7 pm ET on 
DJ Scarlett Hayze
... follow your bliss, follow me ...
Kent ...
WCBS-FM is doing a Win / Place / And Show Weekend ...
Different year every hour.
For example 1966.
Derby Horses - 1 - Kauai King ,2 - Advocator, 3 - Blue Skyer
Music - 1 - Monday, Monday, 2 - Good Lovin', 3 - Sloop John B.
I like it. Something different. What do you think?
Frank B.
I like it, too ... only I think I'd run it non-stop all weekend ... play the Top 3 Songs ... scramble it up a bit and jump from year to year, month to month ... but now you're REALLY talking about "The Greatest Hits Of All-Time".  And the tie-in to The Kentucky Derby is PERFECT!  (kk)

>>>Check out the lost tape at the end of this article.  The late, great Johnny Maestro singing
"The Great Physician".  (Frank B.)
Great lost tape, not! I'm not sure if it's been out in stereo before, but since it was out on a 45 the recording itself would exist forever ... somewhere. They would not be lost forever if someone out there still had a copy (and the people who own master tapes of previously released material obviously don't have a clue as to what record collectors seem to have). Ditto for the rest of the tracks on the album.
Personally (and Jersey John will probably hate me for saying this), I wish they would've put the original mono 45 rpm versions out of these "rare" recordings before screwing with stereo mixes of songs they'd never even personally heard of before buying the master tapes ...the stereo mixes most likely having been done by someone younger than me (and I'm 26).
For example, take the Miller Brothers song, Lawrence Was His Name. A killer song, when heard in the original mono version. The stereo version from the "lost tapes" release absolutely sucks, it has no feel of the original release and the label should've consulted someone with a knowledge of the music (such as myself) before releasing such a travesty ... take a listen ...
Tom Diehl

Ever hear an odd (sounding) song version on radio? It may be one or more of the following:
1.) It may be a remake.
2.) It may be a live version.
3.) It may be a remixed version.
4.) It may be a Quadraphonic version.
5.) It may be a Stereo vs Mono version.
6.) It may be a single vs album version.
7.) It may be a personally altered mix version (some songs have made it to public domain in multi-track form).
8.) It may be a non US released version.
9.) It may be a non edited ((re)mastered) version.
10.) It may be an alternate Take/version.
11.) It may be a demo.
Some examples:
This Orleans song, Dance With Me. Sounds like the US "hit", but this initial version was not released in the US!
Or this Lobo, I'd Love You To Want Me song. This is a (nice) remake!
Or this Lynn Anderson, Rose Garden song. This is a Quadraphonic mix!
Or this Supremes, The Happening song. This is a demo!
Or this Claudine Clark, Party Lights song. This is an alternate version!
Or this Beatles, I Want To Hold Your Hand song. This is a personal mix with more hand clapping!
Or this Standells, Dirty Water song. This is non edited Stereo!
Or this Lloyd Price, Stagger Lee song. This is a remake, exclusively for a TV show appearance!
1.) Alternate versions / takes began to disappear about the '70's.
2.) True Karaoke versions have been released, but mainly 70's+ songs.
3.) The majority of remakes are Stereo.
Hope this helps others!

Jersey John

>>>A comment about The Happy Together Tour that goes along with the agents and promoters running the show(s).  The nearest venue to us has decided to charge VERY high ticket prices for most of the performances they produce, so we have been priced out for this one.  I saw the show last year at the same venue and this year's prices have tripled.  Good news / Bad news.  I love the fact that promoters feel these shows warrant the high prices ... says much positive for my taste.  BUT, I would also like to be able to go!
(Shelley J. Sweet-Tufano)
>>>Again, probably something beyond the artists' control (unless they're sharing in TRIPLE the bounty this time around!)  Somehow, I kinda doubt it.  (kk)
>>>Looking through your archives, it appears Shelley saw last year’s HTT 2010 at the “Toyota Presents the Oakdale Theatre” in Wallingford, CT. From the Toyota ticket / Live Nation site:   This year the price range is: $24.50, $39.25, and $61.60.  So, I'm not sure that her estimate of last year’s prices tripling is accurate as I don’t think their tickets were $8, $13, and $20. Could be wrong.  Also checked the Paramount Theatre at Asbury Park, NJ, and saw ticket prices ranging: $29, $39, $49, $55, $69, $79, and $99; Effingham Performing Arts Center, IL, they were $39, $44, and $55, and the Genesee Theatre (Chicagoland) is $50 and $70.  Considering the opportunity to enjoy five tremendous acts (The Buckinghams, The Turtles, Mark Lindsay, The Association ... they did the first HTT in 1984 with The Turtles and Spanky and Our Gang ... and the Grass Roots ... Mark Dawson and Dusty Hanvey have been great in keeping favorite music alive), these ticket prices are affordable.  In fact, Live Nation events have become very affordable, particularly with $25 lawn seats at my favorite Houston, TX venue — last Friday James Taylor welcomed those of us among the “Lawn Nation” with gusto, as we heard the same fabulous show as those who paid for the “shake his hand and hand him a bottle of water” seats.  Live Nation is one company that has responded to audiences wanting to see and hear everyone on their "favorites" lists. Of course, promoters and artists don’t set the ticket prices; it’s up to the venues, but given the 13,000+ people I saw in Houston last Friday, most of whom were on the lawn, it’s affordable.  
(Dawn Lee Wakefield)
Dawn, you have done your homework.  When the concert ticket info for this concert came out 2-3 months ago, it was listed as $216 - to just under $500 / seat.  I shot off a few emails questioning this and the few who responded said, "Yes, that is correct."  This was not the only concert in question, as others (such as Celtic Woman) were also in this range.  I do not know what happened, but if you had not responded to my comment, I would not have given this concert a second look.  Shooting off texts to friends right now ... so thanks.
Glad we could help ... obviously, the fans want to see these artists ... and ALL of these artists love and appreciate their fans.  (Glad to see the tour is coming out our way this summer!)  Still hoping that we'll have a few "Reports From The Road" to share with our readers again this year!  (kk)

CHARLIE GRACIE: 90-Minute TV Special to Air on WHYY-TV 12-PBS in June. Details Coming!
Charlie is Philly's very first Rock & Roll Star ... and the artist who got the "Philly Sound" going ... as it related to modern Pop / Rock. Charlie turns 75 on May 14th ... with a new CD coming (produced by AL KOOPER) and a book of memoirs coming (written with John A. Jackson, author of Alan Freed's Bio and 'American Bandstand, Dick Clark and the Rise of A Rock & Roll Empire.') We'll keep you posted. 
Don't forget to join Charlie's FACEBOOK and check out his official website: WWW.CHARLIEGRACIE.COM
-- Shawn Swords
Charlie Gracie "Fabulous" Film Cast Listing, Facebook Fan Page, Trailer, Media Interviews and information for WHYY 12 screening:
Facebook Fan Page: Cast Listing:
Film Trailer:
Film Poster:

I you have KC area readers, Tom Sorrells is coming off his Chicago Record Day extravaganza sale and doing one in KC on May 15! 
Please let the record collectors on your list know about it!
Clark Besch

Kent ... More Beatles memorabilia up for auction.  
Frank B.

Kent ...
California Court rejects Phil Spector Appeal.
"I fought the law and the law won"
Frank B.

As for T J Lubinskys latest Doo Wop Show, it is my favorite. It was a good mix of performers and I hope to order it after hearing about the three discs.
Keep up the great work!!!

>>>It was the mid-forties.  There was a dive bar with a live combo. (O.K. I was way too young to be there, but somehow, nobody seemed to get mad when my parents dropped in and brought me in with them.)  If you would "feed the  kitty," they'd play requests.  My dad helped keep the kitty nourished.  The band had no trouble remembering what I wanted to hear.  I would call the leader's name, "Bob Lee," I'd say, and before I said another word, they'd hit "Hey Baba-Rebop!"  (I'm not sure of the spelling) Despite the "rebop" in the name, it wasn't anything as intellectual as bebop.  It was straight jump blues, and I think it was recorded by Louis Jordan.  (Ed Cash)

Hey Ba Ba Ree Bop was by Lionel Hampton.  A great choice for possible first rock and roll record.
Mark The Shark
And actually Lionel Hampton has already earned quite a few votes for this one.  It topped Billboards R&B Chart for SIXTEEN WEEKS back in 1946!!!  (kk)
My prior email about pre-rock and roll era recordings said I thought Hey Ba Ba Rebop was recorded by Louis Jordan.  I did some checking, and I found it was firs recorded in 1946 by Lionel Hampton. Louis Prima later recorded it, and "Da Preem's" version is available on Youtube.
Ed Cash
Hampton's version will most likely make our "finalists" list ... meanwhile, Louis Jordan has several songs destined to make the list:  "Ain't That Just Like A Woman", "Caldonia", "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't" and "Saturday Night Fish Fry" ALL have enough votes at this point to make the final elimination list!  (kk)

re:  THE MOB:
Hi Kent -
Thanks for the news about The Mob! What a great group. I saw them when they first came out dressed in black suits and fedora hats looking like gangsters! They played at the old Lyons club "Gi Gi A Go Go" (owned by Nate Pasero).
They were great singers, musicians and performers all rolled into one!  I have their album featuring their hit "I Dig Everything About You". What great memories.
And, to this day, I cannot help but wonder how much bigger they might have been had Jim Holvay kept some of the songs he gave away to The Buckinghams for his own band!!!  (Holvay wrote four Top Ten Hits for The Bucks ... in fact, the original demo tape he gave the band showcasing some of his original compositions included "Kind Of A Drag", "Don't You Care", "Hey, Baby, They're Playing Our Song" and "Susan" ... ALL Top Ten Records for The Buckinghams in 1967!  (kk)

I noticed in the Sunday comments that The Mob were mentioned. I have an album of theirs that was produced by Bones Howe, but it must have been early 70's. If interested in hearing any of it, don't hesitate to ask.
Bill Scherer

I always liked the Chicago Loop's song which you mentioned.
I believe the song itself was originally recorded some years earlier by the Coasters.
I don't know about that ... it looks like Bob Crewe had a hand in writing and producing this track for his own DynoVoice record label ... so I always figured it to be a "new" song at the time. (kk)

Without question, one of the coolest things about doing Forgotten Hits is when the artists themselves discover our postings!  Here's a note from Judy Novy-Riale ... of The Chicago Loop!  (Little did we know that members of this band regularly shared duties with Mitch Ryder and His Detroit Wheels!!!)  Check it out!

Hey Kent,
I’m so happy to have found your site.
RE: Mystery groups ... I was the female singer in the Chicago Loop, and you’re right, we were a one hit wonder (for the record, we were #1 in Dallas, Tx of all places, at our “height” J).
Our producer, Bob Crewe, had Mitch Ryder signed also, before he had a hit. Crewe “borrowed” our bass player (my late husband, Carmine Riale), our keyboardist, (Barry Goldberg) , our drummer (John Siomos) and I … (percussion and background vocals) and we worked as session musicians on “Devil With a Blue Dress”, and about 5 - 6 other Mitch Ryder hits in his heyday ... Then we went on national tour with Mitch, as the opening act, where our bass player, (Carmine Riale) rhythm guitar player (Bob Slauson) and drummer (John Siomas), did double duty, playing with both acts. Life was wonderful. I was 19. I was in the heart of Chicago / New York rock and roll, 1964 - 66.  We played a “Murray the K” weeklong Easter show at the RKO in NY, appearing with Wilson Pickett, Mitch Ryder, Cream, the Young Rascals and The Who, among others.  Wilson was the man!  Backstage was somewhat crazy, to say the least ...
I must say a word about Michael Bloomfield, our late beloved lead guitarist. He didn’t go “on the road” with us, but participated in all our recordings, including the McCleans toothpaste commercials. He and Barry Goldberg were Chicago south side blues fanatics, while white Jewish teenagers. Their early album is “Two Jews Blues”.  Google either of them, and you get the picture. In any case, our one hit wonder “Chicago Loop” spawned other incarnations ... always, always for the music.  
Carmine Riale and I opened “Goodtime Sound Recording” in New York, where we spent the next 16 years recording / producing wonderful Rock, Gospel and Soul groups. Carmine was a recording engineer ... at a time when there were no classes to even learn the skill. We were
8-track analog, but “Stereo”.  We recorded the Legendary Blues Band, the pickup players behind Muddy Waters.  Jerry Portnoy, the exquisite harmonica player was a friend.  “Pine Top Perkins” was an old man, when he tickled the keyboards for us.   Carmine had a brief stint with James Taylor, in a band called the Flying Circus, before James went solo.  Michael and Barry formed the “Electric Flag”, (Carmine declined) and both brought Bob Dylan “electric” at a Monterey Folk Festival. Boos and cheers. Purists and Progressives. It was all very high energy. Barry wrote songs (including “Got to Use My Imagination” for Gladys Knight and the Pips) and many film soundtracks, and produced R and B artists.  He’s still going strong.  And our drummer, John Siomas, joined Peter Frampton, (Frampton Comes Alive) then Todd Rundgren, Carly Simon, and many others.  Michael Bloomfield will always be the “missing link”, as his life ended far too soon.
I feel like a Historian of music. Carmine, Michael, and John are gone.  But I’m so happy that people still feel the music. 
Judy Novy-Riale
SO cool to hear from you, Judy ... thanks so much for filling in so many of the gaps that most folks don't know out there.  (Who knew about the Mitch Ryder connection!!!)  Also passing your information along to Joel Whitburn so he can update his next edition of Top Pop Singles (and correct some of the name spellings!  lol)
Please stay in touch with us from time to time ... would love to hear more first-hand stories from back in the day.  (kk)

And, how cool that we've got the McLean's Toothpaste Ad to share, too, thanks to FH Reader Bill Scherer!

Glad to hear about Brian Hyland. Saw him perform at Star Plaza in an oldies show and his voice has not changed. I think he is a very under rated performer.
Never had the chance to see him ... but would LOVE to!  Hyland, with eight Top 40 Hits, certainly deserves more oldies airplay than he gets.  (His very first hit, "Itsy Bitys Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini" went to #1 in 1960 ... and it was also the very First 45 that I ever bought with my own money!!!  You can read all about it right here:
Click here: Forgotten Hits - FIRST 45's ... in fact, we're now up to FOUR pages of First 45's Memories!!!)
Other Top 40 Hits include "Let Me Belong To You" (#20, 1961); "Ginny Come Lately" (#21, 1962); "Sealed With A Kiss" (#3, 1962); "Warmed Over Kisses" (#24, 1962); "The Joker Went Wild" (#20, 1966); "Run, Run, Look And See" (#25, 1966) and "Gypsy Woman" (#3, 1970).  kk

Ending a run that started in 1955, Elvis did not make the list of 1,000 most popular baby names compiled by the Social Security Administration. The name never topped the charts, peaking at No. 312 in 1957 and making a slight comeback after Elvis Presley died in 1977. But The King's first name was in the top 1,000 for 55 straight years, something that cannot be said for, say, Barack, which has never cracked the list.
"I was all shook up," Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue said. "It's been a tradition tracking his ups and downs, and to see him drop off the top 1,000, I have to be honest, we took that very hard at Social Security."
-- submitted by Gary Renfield
McQueen biopic gives Sgt. Presley a major promotion
Elvis biographer Marshall Terrill will make his big screen debut with a Steve McQueen biopic and hopes producers will give “The King” the royal treatment for his next screen adaptation.
The Hollywood Reporter announced on April 28 that two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker and The Town) has formed a production company, The Combine, and will play Steve McQueen in an upcoming biopic.
“I'm absolutely thrilled because this has been 20 years in the making,” said Terrill, who has written three books on Presley. “Renner is perfect as McQueen and is probably the hottest star on the planet right now.”
Writer-director James Gray, who wrote and directed We Own the Night and Two Lovers, is attached to write the McQueen screenplay, which will be based on the two books by Marshall Terrill: Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel (1993) and Steve McQueen: The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon (2010). Video director Ivan Zacharias is attached to make his directorial debut on the project.
Renner will produce the McQueen project with Academy Award-winning Hurt Locker producer Greg Shapiro, Cross Creek Pictures’ Brian Oliver (one of the producers of Black Swan), and Zacharias’ producing partner Nick Landon.
Creative Artists Agency, who represents the likes of Steven Spielberg, Sandra Bullock, Will Smith, James Cameron, George Clooney and Meryl Streep, packaged the project.
Terrill says this latest development gives Sgt. Presley, a book he co-authored with Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield about Presley’s stint in the Army, a major boost.
“The movie was optioned by producer Peer Oppenheimer in 2009 and this announcement can only help in our quest to get Sgt. Presley to the silver screen,” Terrill said. “This movie is about about the forces of friendship, duty, passion, deception and love, and is the next Elvis movie that should get made.”
Terrill is the author of 15 books and three of his other works are in development to be made into movies. His next project is an oral biography, photo album and documentary on rock and roll roadies. He hopes to include a section on Presley.
Source: Marshall Terrill

>>>Have you thought of a royal couple salute on the Forgotten Hits website?  I thought of an old obscure 45 called Sweet William by Millie Small.  
(Phil Nee)

Millie Small? She's very easy on the eyes!


... and that other cover photo ... yeeouch!
Oh, sorry, let's get back to talkin' about music! :)

Hi Kent,
I remember that you are a Burton Cummings fan -- just wanted you to know that he has an extensive tour this year -- you can go to his official website and see his scheduled concerts.
He is adding more U.S. dates -- his most recent addition is July 15th at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, IA -- the venue of the last appearance of Buddy Holly, J. P. Richardson the Big Bopper, and Richie Valens -- just thought you would like to know.  Don't know if you read it already, but his blog is always a great read.  If you want to hear how great his voice still is, Google BURTON CUMMINGS MASSEY HALL THESE EYES YOUTUBE.  Have a super day!Peace,Tim Kiley
Just checked out Burton's blog, tour schedule and website:

No Chicago stop listed yet ... and the blog comes off a little bit "angry old man" (but Cummings always came off that way, even in the glory days!)  That's OK ... I love him ... MAJOR fan since day one.  Here's a short sampling:

Hi Kent,
Interesting to read how some DJs speed up or slow down records - and Summertime being remembered at the wrong speed.  Also interesting is the sampling of old recordings by today's recording artist to produce records that become hits.  Just two examples, my guitar work on 'Beat Girl' with John Barry has been sampled by Fatboy Slim and my guitar work on Shirley Bassey's 'Diamonds Are Forever' has been sampled by Kanye West.  I know they are 'rappers' but I now live again on these recordings and after a lot of investigating and paper work, I should be getting some compensation.  I ask all the artists that made recordings in the 60s, 70s and 80s to check Web Sites like to find out if their work is being exploited. All a sampler has to do is notify the record company, pay them a fee, sign a contract and they can use the music. Unfortunately the musicians working on the record very rarely get included in the arrangement so miss out on compensation.  Record companies aren't known for giving away money unless they really have to!  Of course, there's always recording artists who don't enter into any agreement and hope they don't get caught.  With the growing cost of recording and lack of original ideas, the practice of sampling is a growing threat to the incomes of musicians and backing singers.  Go at it, guys!
keep up the good work
Very best wishes,  
Vic Flick 
I'm not sure what the "hard rule" of thought is on this topic.  Typically, the accessory musicians were paid for the session, right?  Did they typically earn royalties on the sales and airplay of this music?  I don't think so ... I think this is where the artists themselves, their managers, the producers and the record companies earned their share.  I think the general rule of thumb has always been that the studio musicians were "hired hands" designed to enhance the sound ... it was their ability to do so that earned them the gig (and the reputation) to get more of this kind of work (and, from what I've been told, they were paid handsomely for these talents.)
But I do understand what you're saying ... if somebody is using that musical passage again, even all these years later, there really ought to be SOME form of set compensation for this. (Typically, it's the music that's most often sampled anyway, isn't it?)
You raise an interesting point ... I'm curious to hear what some of the others on the list may think about this topic.  (kk)

Last weekend we ran a clip promoting an upcoming appearance in Detroit featuring The Monkees and their brand new opening act, The Jimi Hendrix Experience!  This, of course, is one of the infamous mispairings in pop history.  (However, prior to touring with The Monkees, Hendrix also toured with Engelbert Humperdinck ... so go figure THAT one out!!!)  We wanted to thank FH Reader Bill Scherer for sending us that very rare clip!  He tells us ...

The clips I sent you all came from the internet produced Psychedelic Promos and radio spots. I can't remember the name of the group that put it together but I think they did an incredible job of collecting and compiling this stuff.
The only credit I could take is for continuing to pass this stuff around when I see a place for it. <grin>  I try and snap up anything I see since I was one of those kids who was glued to his radio from a very early age.
Bill Scherer

Don't ask me why I was Google image searching "Micky Dolenz dressed as a woman" ...  
The point is, look what was one of the search results ...

OK, now that's pretty cool ... wonder what you get when you Google Search Kent Kotal dressed as a woman?!?!?  (kk)
And this in from Brad Waddell, who runs The Monkees / Flexquarters online Monkees fanzine / newsletter:
Monkees.Net Announces Grand Re-Opening of the #1 Monkees Fan Club on
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First we have added an amazing chat room that you will see at the bottom of your screen when you arrive. Click on General Chat to meet other people surfing the site at the same time and make a new friend!  Plus you can setup private chat rooms with a click, and invite your friends to talk while you check out all the new features of the site.  (You will need to login to the site to chat).
News is a big change with this release, as we have added two news feeds to the site. Monkees-Alert is our continuing e-mail newsletter and is now a part of the web site and is searchable through all issues of this urgent timely newsletter. We also now have the Monkees News Feed where we place ANY news we can find about the band, interviews, articles, announcements, photos, anything Monkees related that hits the web you will get it here.
We have really focused on the idea of meeting people with this design, so every article allows the user to comment and discuss the topic - making the site constantly changing and growing. For example, each Monkees tour date is an article - meaning that you can go to the show you will be attending and post pre-show meet-ups with other fans, reviews and set lists related to that exact show. Plus there are buttons to post favorite articles or shows you will be attending to FaceBook, Twitter and other sites.
Plus we have a new section for Celebrity articles, and our first guest writer is Monkees Historian Eric Lefcowitz, author of "Monkee Business: The Revolutionary Made-For-TV Band" and "The Monkees Tale".  Fans can for the first time interact with Eric and our other experts using the comments feature.
In addition to these great features we have a built-in music player for live Monkees music, a TV set to play Monkees TV clips and videos, a live photo gallery, plus the things you have come to expect from Monkees.Net - a large amount of historical articles, lyrics, album details and a Monkees store.
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The web address as always is: http://www.monkees.netThanks Monkees fans for making us #1 since 1994!
And ...
The Monkees Reunion Tour has added two new dates - see them along with new solo shows for Micky and Davy at Tour Central:

The Friends of Jimi Hendrix Park have selected a design team for the park at 24th Ave S and S Massachusetts St. During the spring and summer, the team will conduct a series of public meetings. The first meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. May 17 at the Northwest African American Museum. 
The park has already secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding, including $500,000 from the Parks and Green Space 2008 Levy Opportunity Fund, $70,000 from a Neighborhood Matching Fund and a $20,000 donation from Janie L. Hendrix. The estimated cost for the project is $2 million, according to their website.
Design Team Will Seek Community Vision For Jimi Hendrix Park
The Seattle Medium

The Friends of Jimi Hendrix Park recently announced the selection of a design team to distill ideas from the community and the legacy of rock legend Jimi Hendrix into a vision for development of the Central District Park that bears his name.
Murase Associates was chosen from among 11 applicants to lead a public engagement process and envision landscape and structural elements that will transform a swath of turf adjacent to the Northwest African American Museum into a living tribute to the musical genius of Seattle native Jimi Hendrix.
“I was most impressed with the passion for this project expressed in Murase’s application and presentation, as well as their commitment to creativity, innovation and community involvement,” said Janie Hendrix, the CEO / President of Experience Hendrix L.L.C., the family owned and operated company and founder of the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation.
The Friends of Jimi Hendrix Park envision a space that will motivate youth and others to achieve in music and art, and strengthen the cultural pulse of the Emerald City as a primary focal point for multi-cultural events, gatherings, and activities for the community.

“The goal is for this park to become an iconic space that recognizes and celebrates the contributions of Jimi Hendrix to the world of music, and to the community and the region,” said Carver Gayton, former director of the Northwest African American Museum. “We are excited to be working with the creative team at Murase. The choice wasn’t easy after our request for qualifications attracted 40 inquiries from landscape architects and 11 strong proposals.”
During the spring and summer, Murase Associates will conduct three public meetings to engage the community and surrounding neighborhood in developing the design. The initial meeting is scheduled for Tues., May 17 at 6:30 p.m. at the Northwest African American Museum.
Funding for the design work and construction of the park development comes from the Seattle Parks Levy Opportunity Fund, which awarded $500,000 to the project last December, as well as a $76,000 Neighborhood Matching Fund grant. Fund-raising activities by the Foundation will also raise funds for the project.
The mission of the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation is to create a community space inspired by the electrifying music and story of Jimi Hendrix – a gathering place for individuals of diverse backgrounds and ages to celebrate cultural heritage, experience community pride, and enjoy innovative educational programming in partnership with the neighboring Northwest African American Museum.
In 2006, the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department renamed the 5.8-acre neighborhood space Jimi Hendrix Park, with the goal of turning it into a community gathering space honoring the Seattle-born artist’s extraordinary life and musical legacy. The park is adjacent to the old Colman School at 2400 S. Massachusetts St., which since 2008 has housed Seattle’s Northwest African American Museum.
More information is available at and on Facebook.
-- submitted by Bob Merlis

And, on a related note ...


Seems they forgot to add a acoustic guitarist for the intro!!!!
Love the imaginary horn section, too!!!
I guess they managed a single Top 40 hit, sort of like The Monkees, others played the instruments and helped sing!!
Nice song though! :-)
Yeah, some of the WORST lip-synching ever ... but still VERY cool to see this clip again.  (From The Hollywood Palace, I believe.)  And I absolutely LOVE the intro with the album cover background ... VERY cool!
Actually Boyce and Hart managed three Top 40 Hits on their own ... "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight" went to #7, right in between their first ("Out And About", #34, 1967) and their last ("Alice Long", #16, 1968 ... and an up-coming "Today's Forgotten Hit" selection.)
Their list of song-writing credits is quite impressive ... check out that link provided above for all the details!  Thanks, John.  (kk)

Kent ...
"Doggin' Around" by Jackie Wilson, 1960.
Frank B.

And here's a REALLY fun video from Jumbo ... definitely worth a look and listen ... guaranteed to put a smile on your face!  (kk)
Other cool video ...
It doesn't get much better then this ... check it out as the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame honor the Who, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Lynyrd Skynyrd (with Kid Rock), The Righteous Brothers, the Byrds (with Don Henley & Jackson Browne), the Mamas & Papas and Cream.
Sit back, relax and take it all in ... there's probably some of these performances you've never seen.
Wild Bill

For: FH subscribers ...
Here is the [unpublished] making of...
The Shangri-Las - Remember (Walkin' In The Sand) - 1964  (Stereo)
Time: 1:34 [excerpts]
Intro: Portion of prerecorded (stereo) instrumental.
Opening: Artie Butler, George (Shadow) Morton and Jeff Barry get to snap and clap.
Body: Waiting on Producer Brooks Arthur, who begs the girls to sing perfectly.
Ending: Where's Betty's boyfriend? 
(I thought Shadow Morton was doing the microphone talking, making a pass at Betty!!!) 
Jersey John
And then ...
Artie Butler, Kent!!!! This is great; I like to credit the people I heard mentioned (names) in the Shangri-Las session tape!!
It was Artie Butler (me) George Morton (Shadow) and Jeff Barry. 
This is what I recall to the best of my memory, as these sessions were a long time ago."
Best regards, 
Artie Butler
By the way, Artie Butler was also instrumental with that Barry Manilow song, Can't Smile Without You, that Ron Dante said he mixed in about 30 minutes. 
Nice to hear another side of the story!!! :-)
John - getting down to the real nitty gritty!
And then this from Jersey John ...
Think this is a bunch of crock ...
From Wikipedia:  "Billy Joel, a then-unknown working as a session musician, played on the demo of "Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)".[7] The demo was nearly seven minutes long, too long for Top 40 radio. Morton had hired the group to perform on the demo, but Red Bird released a re-recorded version. Morton faded the new version out around 2:16."
Others, because this is written, have asked me if I have the seven minute version. Don't think anyone would be so stupid to make such a long version!
In the studio talk I listened to, the song is still being developed, so if there was a seven minute version, I'm guessing it was just music, no singing!
Would like to hear from anyone about this, other than hearsay!!
Unfortunately, TOO much of what is published as "fact" on Wikipedia isn't substantiated (although I find Forgotten Hits listed there more and more often now as a source for helping to set the record straight, which is kinda cool ... especially since I have NEVER made a SINGLE Wikipedia posting in my life!!!)  That's part of the problem ... ANYONE can update ANYTHING without having to back up their statements with a single shred of proof.
But think about it ... that means that Billy Joel, "a then unknown working as a session musician" started his session career at the age of 14?!?!?  Actually earlier, if (as this implies) he had already been working for a while ... 'cause Joel would have been all of fourteen years old when this Shangri-Las track was recorded!  Too often these stories get repeated (and then accepted) as fact.  (We recently addressed the Rod Stewart playing harmonica on Millie Small's "My Boy Lollipop" track, too, as I recall.)
Anyway, suffice to say it never really happened ... (although this isn't the first time I've heard this tall tale repeated) ... and, if Joel had stuck with his plans to write his autobiography, I'm sure could have / would have addressed it.
I mentioned the other day that I met Tony Hatch for drinks over the weekend.  He told me that Wikipedia had some misinformation about him on their website.  Reportedly, they state that Tony wrote "Downtown" for Ben E. King, which Tony says is absolutely untrue.  He figures that it stemmed from a comment he made some 30+ years ago that he thought "Downtown" might have played better if sung by an American soul artist ... somebody like Ben E. King or The Drifters, who were hot at the time thanks to "On Broadway".  In hindsight, it almost makes perfect sense ... "Downtown" would have made the PERFECT follow-up record to "On Broadway" ... similar topic, similar feel ... but the song (still in its earliest stages of being written) was first presented to Petula Clark, who casually asked Tony in the studio one day if he was working on anything new.  (Hatch was inspired to write "Downtown" after his very first visit to New York City ... when he walked through Times Square at night he was immediately taken with the electricity in the air and the bustle of the crowd and the excitement of the area.  Little did he know at the time that Times Square isn't exactly the heart of "downtown" New York ... and, in hindsight, agrees that "downtown" in many major cities isn't always the most desirable area ... but it was THIS particular visit on this particular night that got the creative juices going.)
After Petula recorded the song, Tony wasn't sure she was the right singer for it ... he thought it sounded "a bit too British" ... and questioned whether or not they should release the record.  He left that decision up to the powers that be at Pye Records in England (and Warner Brothers Records here in The States), who were CONVINCED that they had an absolute SMASH on their hands.  Of course they were right ... "Downtown" went straight to #1 all over the world and made Petula Clark an international star overnight.  (The timing of its release at the peak of The British Invasion certainly didn't hurt either ... quite honestly, "sounding British" at that moment in time pretty much guaranteed you radio airplay!!!)
From that point forward, the teaming of Tony Hatch and Petula Clark turned into a hit-making machine!  Fourteen straight Top 40 Hits followed it up the charts!  By the way, Tony also told me that he has been working on some new arrangements for some of Petula's hits in efforts to put together a small five or six piece touring band so she can go back out on the road again.  In this day and age, a 20-30 piece orchestra is an extravagance that this sort of tour won't allow ... but wouldn't it be GREAT to see Petula perform all of her hits in an intimate club setting again after all this time?!?!?  (Book us a table up front, Tony!!!)  kk 

Brilliant stuff!  ... and I'm jealous that you got to hang with Tony Hatch!
Julian Dawson

Verrry cool about your meeting with Tony Hatch!
David Lewis
I was talking to Dave the Rave this afternoon and he, too, was quite impressed by my little rendezvous with Tony.  In fact, Dave would LOVE to have Tony on his radio show ... so Tony, if you're reading this (and you're interested), please drop me a line and I'll see if I can set it up.  Would make for a VERY interesting night of music and conversation! (kk)
Here's a short clip of Petula Clark talking about Tony.

I think Petula was his "muse" ... an arrangement quite similar to the one Burt Bacharach had with Dionne Warwick back in the '60's ... each female vocalist became the perfect vehicle to convey these composers' music.  Hopefully, the similarity stops there ... the last thing I want to see is Petula Clark acting like a psycho-diva-bitch on Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice"!!!  lol  (And seriously ... shouldn't Dionne Wawick's close-knit circle of Psychic Network Friends have seen her firing coming?!?!?  Let's just say that Dionne didn't endear herself to ANYBODY on that program!  Perhaps she ought to give another listen to "That's What Friends Are For"!!!)  kk

Enjoyed reading about your encounter with the incredibly gifted songwriter Tony Hatch.  Here’s a recent addition to his long and impressive resume. He currently has one of his songs featured in the Broadway smash, “Priscilla Queen of the Desert.”  It’s called “Color My World,” and it was written prior to Chicago releasing a  ballad of the same name, although spelled differently, “Colour My World.” 
Tony’s “Color My World” is an uptempo number and is prominently showcased in the Broadway show.  I recently saw Petula Clark in Westchester county, NY doing a rare U.S. show and she includes Tony Hatch anecdotes during her set, as well as most of the hits he wrote for her.
Tom Cuddy
New York, NY
Am hoping Petula finds her way to Chicago once she hits the road again ... would love to see her perform an "all hits" concert!  Tony's also got NINE songs featured in the stage musical "Shout!", one of our favorite shows from the past few years.  It starts a two-month return engagement here in Chicago on June 15th ... and we can't wait to see it again! 
Click here: Marriott Theatre In Lincolnshire

ABKCO Rolling Stones Titles in High Definition 
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The Third Installment of the Classic Stones Albums Remastered as Hi Definition Downloads includes UK versions of Aftermath, Out Of Our Heads, Between The Buttons and Beggars Banquet
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The latest four Stones albums include Out Of Our Heads (UK) which features such classic Stones cuts as “Heart of Stone” and “I’m Free” and covers of songs originally recorded by some of the band’s R&B and rock ‘n’ roll idols: “Good Times” (Sam Cooke), “Hitch Hike” (Marvin Gaye), “Mercy Mercy” (Don Covay & The Goodtimers), “Cry To Me’ (Solomon Burke), “Oh Baby (We’ve Got A Good Thing Goin’)” (Barbara Lynn), “She Said Yeah” (Roddy Jackson), “Talkin’ ‘Bout You” (Chuck Berry), “ and “That’s How Strong My Love Is” (Otis Redding).” The album reached No.2 on the U.K album charts in 1965 and features guest musicians Ian Stewart, Jack Nitzsche and Phil Spector.  The entire album is offered in mono, as originally recorded at RCA Studios in Hollywood and at Chess Studios in Chicago.
Aftermath (UK) is the first Stones’ album to feature all Jagger-Richards compositions (just like its US counterpart) and reached No.1 on the U.K album charts in 1966. The album includes the classic hits “Mother’s Little Helper,” “Under My Thumb,” and “Out Of Time” (found here in its extended version) and is something of a showcase for the versatility of Brian Jones who plays dulcimer, harpsichord, marimba, sitar, bells as well as guitar and harmonica.  Ian Stewart and Jack Nitzsche guest.
Between The Buttons (UK) includes the classic cuts “Connection,” “Miss Amanda Jones,”  “She Smiled Sweetly” and “Yesterday’s Papers.” The album reached No. 3 on the UK album charts in 1967 and was the final Rolling Stones album produced by Andrew Loog Oldham, the band’s manager and producer from inception. Again, Jones is heard on a multiplicity of instruments including accordion, dulcimer, kazoo, marimba, organ, piano, recorder and theremin as well as guitar and harmonica. Guest musicians are Ian Stewart, Jack Nitzsche and Nicky Hopkins.
Beggars Banquet, sourced from the first generation stereo master tape -- at the correct speed -- features the classics “Sympathy For The Devil,” Street Fighting Man,” “No Expectations” and “Stray Cat Blues.” It was the first of the band’s albums to be produced by Jimmy Miller and includes the participation of guest musicians and vocalists including Nicky Hopkins, Rocky Dijon, Ric Grech, Dave Mason and The Watts Street Gospel Choir.  The album hit the top ten on the US album charts and #3 on the UK charts in 1968 and 1969 respectfully.
Forthcoming releases in the ABKCO / HDtracks Rolling Stones series include: Between The Buttons (US version), The Rolling Stones Singles CollectionGet Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!Their Satanic Majesties RequestThe Rolling Stones/ England’s Newest Hit MakersHot Rocks 1964-1971More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies)The Rolling Stones Now!Got Live If You Want It!Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2) (UK version), Metamorphosis,  Flowers and a compilation of three UK EPs: The Rolling Stones, Five by Five and Got Live If You Want It!.
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ABOUT The Rolling Stones: Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts formed the original lineup of the Rolling Stones in London in 1962. Their earliest recordings featured churning renditions of R&B cover songs, pulling material for their repertoire from a host of American blues legends like Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf, and Muddy Waters, whose song “Rollin’ Stone” is the source of the band’s name. The Rolling Stones came together during a period in music history when The Beatles had launched the all-continent-conquering British Invasion, but then quickly showed the world that like the Beatles, they too were to be no flash-in-the-pan pop group. These were the original bad boys of rock and roll, and they presented a rough and tumble, edgier alternative to the squeaky-clean image of mop-tops and bubblegum pop stars even when they first made the scene, leading members of the press and concerned parents everywhere to ask, “Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?” These nascent rockers exposed the darker side of America’s blues underbelly to middle-class teenagers who soon became enamored of the raw energy and sound The Rolling Stones produced in the studio and onstage in their increasingly rowdy concert performances. While ardent admirers of the blues and strongly influenced by them, the Rolling Stones made each cover song their own and were largely responsible in the early days for giving rock & roll its rough image and driving, distorted sound. With nearly five decades of performing behind them, the Rolling Stones remain one of the longest-running musical groups in history and show no signs of letting up anytime soon.
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-- submitted by Bob Merlis
Also out and new by The Stones is the next "Singles" Box Set ... this time, an incredible 45 CD's, each in its own collectors sleeve, featuring ALL of the singles released by The Rolling Stones between 1971 and 2006.  And the whole thing comes in a specially designed box featuring the infamous Rolling Stones tongue logo!  In all, 174 tracks.  According to Collectors' Choice Music:
More than 80 of these tracks are not currently available on official releases.  Taken from the original US, UK and European releases, the singles are lovingly replicated in miniature picture sleeves and joined by a 32-page hardback book with period photos and a new essay.  Rare remixes and live versions accompany collectible B-Sides and dozens of rock's all-time classics.  You'll also find scores of hard-to-find alternate versions and remixes.  Limited, numbered edition.
You can read all about it here:  Click here: Collectors' Choice Music

re:  HOW ABOUT ... :
Never ever heard of this group until today. Have they been discussed in FH?
Not to the best of my recollection.  One very minor chart hit ("It's Not Easy" went to #95 in 1968) ... but kinda cool to see that they did one of my Monkees' favorites, "Shades Of Gray"!  (kk)

While out of work, I heard this song (below) about 8 years ago, in a Wal-Mart and had to stop and listen to it. Luckily, some years later, I found it (the album) in a CD budget bin. Enjoy most of their hits.
As you may know, sound quality means a lot to me. The higher quality the sound, the more I appreciate the song. Anyway, I don't mean to hog your blog, but it's like the last stop to find others who like / love this music of ours.
Like finding others who appreciate Stereo versions, finding others who appreciate high quality sound is just as difficult. I appreciate the comments some of your subscribers made about my snippets. Thank you.
Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to air it all. Not looking for any money or to gain popularity, just would love to put some smiles on listeners faces; that would mean a lot to me. I buy the expensive CDs and I buy the cheapest budget CDs, hoping to find one or more hits that sounds outstanding in sound quality. If I need to, I polish the song myself until I'm happy (not the record company) with the sound. Some songs bring tears to my eyes, they're so beautiful. This one comes close ...
We May Never Never Pass This Way Again (1973) - Seals & Crofts.
A "pretty" song; nice arrangement; well engineered sound; like the acoustic guitars; nice harmony; nice lyrics; love the bridge(?).
Warner did a nice job [re]mastering the album CD (found in the budget bin).   However, as with most CDs, I feel I could squeeze a bit more quality sound out of it (especially the lower frequencies). Like when I begin to hear sounds I never heard before. See what you think. About 1:45.  Encoded at 128 kbps to help preserve fidelity...
Thank you, Kent!!!
Jersey John

Are you familiar with a song called "Margo" by The Browns  (RCA Victor  47-7755). The quite maudlin song is about a dead bride who returns every 9th of May.  Might be worth mentioning in your forgotten hits of that date. 
You might include the recording.    
Chris Astle
Nope, never heard of it ... and, as you'll see, we're already committed next week with another '60's FLASHBACK Series ... so we'll have to run this one today ... which we CAN, thanks to the ever-reliable Tom Diehl!!!

re:  B-SIDES:
You could count on the fingers of one hand, with a few fingers missing, the number of times I turned a record over and played the "B" side. One of those times was the 1960 recording by Johnny and the Hurricanes, BEATNIK FLY on Warwick records. I don't know to this day why I did, but I turned the record over and played the "B" side, an instrumental called SANDSTORM. But I played it at 33 speed, not 45, Your guess is as good as mine as to why I did it. In fact, several weeks ago, I got it out and played it at 33. Still like it that way.
Larry Neal
Then you are TRULY missing some amazing gems!!!  Several years ago, we polled our readers to find out THEIR all-time Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides.  Over 65,000 votes were cast!  In fact, we played back The Top 20 on Dave The Rave's "Relics and Rarities" radio program that year.  The list (and it's really quite amazing) is still posted on our other Forgotten Hits website ... peruse this for a while and you'll be SHOCKED how many GREAT "throw-aways" ended up as part of our musical consciousness!!!  (kk)

On a related note, a WHOLE lot of singles charted as Two-Sided Hits back in the '50's and '60's ... SURELY you must have played some of THESE B-Sides on the air (or within your own collection!!!)  Here's a mathematical ranking of The Biggest Two-Sided Hits Of All-Time, based on the COMBINED chart stats for BOTH sides of the record:
We mentioned a short while back about some of the songs that are in heavy rotation today that were barely hits when they were first released.  Several examples were cited ... now here's one more from Jersey John ...
>>> remembering back when MTV played music (DJ Scarlett Hayze)
I'm sure that is where I heard / saw "Tempted" by Squeeze. I was blown away to find it NEVER made US Top 40!! One of my favorite songs, too! I demand a recount! LOL!

Yep, another fine example.  When "Tempted" was first released, it peaked at #49 ... now you hear it EVERYWHERE!!!  Another one that recently came to mind is "Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra, a #27 Hit back in 1978, but now used in virtually everything!  (kk)

In your Forgotten Hit of the Day ... thanks for" Everyday with you Girl" ... jumped right in and sang along.

I’m so happy to have found you … what a great blog … kudos! 

What are your thoughts on creating a Fan Page for FH on Facebook?  Fan Pages are simply places where people with a common interest in something can click "Like" and see info about the subject.  There would be no content on the Facebook Fan Page -- only a reference directing people to the web page and the blog. Lots of FH readers are now on FB, and the goal would be to have a presence on Facebook with nothing else.  I'm willing to create it, but not without your go-ahead.

I'll leave this one totally up to you ... personally, I am a Facebook boycotter ... the only one in the family to feel this way ... so I personally wouldn't participate in any way ... but if you think it would REALLY bring more readers to the web pages, sure, why not ... go for it!  Anything to help get the word out there ... who knows, maybe this would be a REALLY cool way to link more of the ARTISTS to our website ... heck, they're all on Facebook anyway ... perhaps we could reach more of them en masse and let them know that there is a forum available for them to stay in touch with their fans.  But honestly, it's totally your call on this one ... if connecting more people to Forgotten Hits is for the good of all mankind, then naturally I'm in favor of it!!!
I went ahead and set it up and made it public last night. Take a look (don't need to be a member of FB) and let me know what you think or if you'd like me to modify it in any way.  If enough people "like" that page, the extra connections should attract more artists and fans to the website.
Purely by coincidence, I was on the phone this afternoon with Dave the Rave and he was asking about Facebook and whether or not I participate.  I told him no, but that a FH Reader was setting up a Forgotten Hits Fan Page.  He immediately went to it and clicked on the "Like" button ... which now makes TWO of you that like what we're doing, I guess!  (lol)  Hey, if the majority of the world is on Facebook (and it sure seems like they are!), then they might as well find out about all the cool stuff we're doing here!  Thanks, David! (kk)

Thanks, Mr. K ... you're the grooviest!
Believe it or not, we're going to bring you a revamped version of our "Forgotten Hits' Grooviest Week Ever" next week.  We've dug deep into the archives for this one.  (The series first ran back in 2003!)  We'll be running it again next week with a few extra added features ... so stay tuned!!!  A Totally Groovy Time Is Guaranteed For All!  (kk)