Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Sunday Comments ( 10 - 09 - 11 )

Due to an incredibly jam-packed week, we've only been able to put together a Sunday Morning Short Stack this week ... but hopefully some of our time will open up next week for additional postings.  Stay tuned!

>>>Man, wouldn't THAT make for an awesome double bill??? Tommy Roe live in concert with Paul Revere and the Raiders?!?!?  Sounds like an ultra cool show to me!!!  (kk)
That is a great idea now and it was a great idea circa 1966 when the bill also included Dino, Desi & Billy on a Dick Clark bus tour of Florida and the South.  The Raiders were like our older (wilder) brothers and I'll never forget that Tommy was kind enough to show me how to play the guitar intro to the Beatles' song "Michelle" as we drove down the road to one of our gigs - he is one of the good guys.  
I'd be happy to represent DD&B if someone ever put this package together again.
Billy Hinsche / Dino, Desi and Billy
Actually, I've got some feelers out on this right now ... Paul Revere and the Raiders seem to be booked out months in advance ... but I still think this would make for an EXCELLENT show!  (Figured YOU might be tied up with The Beach Boys Reunion if they really pulled this off, too!)  kk
Kent ...
Check out the 2012 Winter Dance Party.
Frank B.
And here's a flashback to the most FAMOUS Winter Dance Party!
(From Ron Smith's Oldies Music Website):

The guitar strap says Big Bopper.
Maybe he won it in a coin flip ?????
lol ... yep, we're a NASTY bunch, aren't we?!?!?  (lol)  kk
And here's a review of a recent Lindsay Buckingham solo show from down in Jacksonville, Florida:

Hey Kent ...
Here's a few photos from our show with Al Jardine and the Endless Summer Band At the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theater in East Meadow NY last week.  It was a packed house and it rocked!(Photo with Al and me onstage ... and a photo of all of us onstage together for the encore).
Next up for us is a show in Sellersville, Pa, with Peter Noone.  (Poster attached)
Talk soon ...
Mitch Schecter / The Rip Chords
Those are a couple of awesome dates, Mitch ... wish we coulda seen them!  Thanks for sharing!  (kk)

I also heard that Micky Dolenz attended the Glen Campbell concert at The Nokia Theater in Los Angeles last Thursday Night.  Micky and Campbell go WAY back to the days when Glen did a number of Monkees recording sessions as a member of the famed Wrecking Crew. Must have made for a GREAT reunion.  (Now if we can only get Micky to send us a review of the show!!!)  kk
Hey, THIS might be kinda fun!!!
Hello music fans!
This quick note is just to let you know that on Friday, October 21st, and Saturday, October 22nd, our good friends at WONDERWALL MUSIC in Oak Park will be holding their second installment of their monthly Beatles celebration.
As part of the Saturday, October 22 festivities, Joyce Heiser and I will be presenting a one-hour concert, "Six Degrees of Beatles," chock-full of harmony pop from the Fabs, those who influenced them, and those who followed ... and maybe an original song or two.
Joyce and I will be singing from 2:30 to 3:30 Saturday afternoon. Come early, stay late -- several entertainers are on the bill and there's an open mike as well! In addition, there are Beatles board game tournaments, vendors, plenty of good food nearby, etc., etc.
Any proceeds that musicians get from tips, etc. go to worthy charities -- this month, the American Red Cross, which is providing relief services related to the Japanese earthquakes and the Pacific Rim tsunami.
We'd love it if you came on out to say hello. This monthly party is a great way to share music, connect with other local fans, and -- oh yes -- check out Wonderwall's great inventory of musical instruments and Beatles memorabilia.
More information is available here:
There is NO COST to attend this fun day. We hope to see you there!
Stu Shea
And finally, how about THIS line-up?!?!  Performing together recently in Westbury, NY, headliners  included Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals and Tommy James of the Shondells!
FH Reader Tom Cuddy was there ... and although he didn't have time this week to file a complete review, he DID send us some VERY cool pictures from the stage ... in order:
Mark, Felix and Tommy!  (kk)

I'm sorry that time doesn't allow this week to give you a review, but I wanted to pass on to you some photos, exclusive to Forgotten Hits, that I took last weekend at Westbury (NY) Music Fair from a 60s concert starring Tommy James & the Shondells, Felix Cavaliere's Rascals and Mark Farner, original lead singer of Grand Funk Railroad.
What are the odds that all three singers, in their 60s, still have the ability to sing their hits near or in the original key?  Simply amazing!
Felix is 68, Tommy is 64 and Mark is 63.
-- Tom Cuddy
New York, NY
Believe me, I know ALL about shortage of time this week ... put in close to a 70 hour work week and am every bit of eight days behind on FH email ... so I'm VERY happy to have these ultra-cool shots to share with our readers.  Thanks, Tom!  (And, if you feel like doing a review later, we'll be very happy to run it!)  kk

Kent ...
Check out the 10/13/11 street naming ceremony honoring Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper.
Frank B.

Yep ... we had THIS story for you last week, too!!! (I'm tellin' you guys ... you need to check Forgotten Hits EVERY day!!!  lol) In fact, WE got it from Ron Smith's website ('cause Ron is ALWAYS first with the oldies news!!!)  You should check THAT site every day, too!  (kk):
Kent ... 
Week 4 of Bobby Darin:
The  Music  =  Don't Rain On My Parade / Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep / I Think It's Gonna Rain Today / I Am / Where Are The Words / Blowin' In The Wind / 'm Gonna Love You // Long Time Moving / You're Nobody Till
Somebody Loves You / Change / Mr. & Mrs. Horner / Distractions / Smple
Song Of Freedom / Smething In Her Love / Who Turned The World
Around? / Happy / Bobby Darin & BobbieGentry Medley / All I Have To Do Is
Dream with Petula Clark / Caravan / This Could Be The Start Of Something Big / Mack The Knife / The End.
Bobby Rosario's favorite = Happy.
Bobby Kennedy would ask Bobby to sing his favorite song = Blowin' In The Wind.
Jimmy Scalia's favorites = Simple Song Of Freedom , Change, You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You. Jimmy said he was introduced to Bobby's music by
listening to his father's LP, The Bobby Darin Story.  I also bought that one.
They made an announcement - You can host your own hour of Bobby Darin
music . Contact: for details.
I think you and Jamie should do it.
For the last 4 Mondays I've been getting a two-hour dose of Bobby Darin. Now that it's over, I don't know what I'm going to do. I'll probably suffer from
withdrawal next Monday.
I'm thinking maybe one of my out-of-town (from Chicago) friends might find a way to help me.
Hope that my hint isn't too subtle.
Frank B.
Still hoping to catch this entire series ... sounds like they played a little bit of EVERYTHING!!!  Don't think I'll be able to help you next Monday, 'tho ... after close to a 70 hour work week this past week, I'm beat!!!  (Could barely find the time to post any of my OWN stuff!!!  lol)  kk

>>>Anyone who's lucky enough to have the British pressing of "Evolution" has a real gem on their hands.  (Bobster)Bobster, you are likely speaking of "Butterfly" and not "Evolution"??  Anyway, I was lucky to work on the Evolution CD reissue for Sundazed.  Bob Irwin did not know of the British release at the time and I sent him my copy to review.  It was a great time when people could discover stuff without the internet, similar to FH still getting obscure stuff out to us that can only be found on FH. 
Since 1965, anyone who asked what my fave song was of all, I would respond without hesitation: "Look Through Any Window" by the Hollies.  It is the song that zoomed up the WLS chart and got me totally hooked on Chicago radio and leading to total Brit invasion and Chicago music being my music loves!  I still get thrills every time I play the tape I made of WLS' Dex Card playing the song reaching #3 on WLS in late 65.  It stayed at #1 on my personal charts for 5 weeks back then. 
As far as Parsons' "Breakdown", it is indeed a GREAT Allan Clarke vocal.  Loved it back then as now.  I liked both sides of his Atlantic hit "Shadow in the Street" and B side "The Passenger" as well.  His "I've Got Time" is a really good LP from mid-70's as well.  He covers some great song writers including pre-Manfred Mann Springsteen's "Blinded By The Light"!!
As far as the new DVD, I think it will be great.  I am almost surprised they made it while on Imperial.  It seems like Imperial knew about as much about the group as A&M when they signed The Move.  In other words, not much.  I still have the Billboard ad for "I Can't Let YOU Go" as the new Hollies 45.  OOPS!! 
I would still like to see the mid 70's Hollies LPs reissued on CD, but maybe they have been?  "Jesus Was a Crossmaker' is great from 73 and the 45 is totally different than the LO version.  The "Russian Roulette" and "53I7704" (Hollies spelled out on a calculator upside down)  import LPs have some really good songs as well.
Clark Besch
FM rock radio used to beat that Alan Parsons track, "Breakdown" to death when the album was hot ("I, Robot", right?)  The jocks would never mention that Clarke was the singer, and you're darn right about the Buckingham similarity.
"I Robot" is correct.  Alan Parsons used a number of "guest" lead singers over the years on his tracks.  Eric Woolfson is probably the most familiar voice as he sang the majority of the hits ... but Parsons would change lead vocalists all the time, just to vary the sound of the group.  
(Woolfson passed away a couple of years ago.)  In addition to Hollie Allan Clarke, his British Invasion Mate Colin Blunstone (of The Zombies) sang a few leads, too.  (Boy, The Hollies and The Zombies are BOTH hot again ... thanks in large part to this brand new Hollies DVD release ... and The Zombies' ongoing reunion tour.  What a double bill THAT would be, eh???)  kk
It's interesting to hear how much Allan Clarke sounds like Lindsay Buckingham on this track ... but does everybody remember when "Long Cool Woman" by The Hollies first came out and EVERYBODY thought it was Creedence?!?!  Millions of plays later, it sounds just like The Hollies now ... but at the time, EVERYBODY was talking about how much this track sounded like the hot new CCR record!  (Another one that comes to mind is "Let Me Roll It" by Paul McCartney ... obviously a tribute to John Lennon's primal scream tracks at the time, fans and critics alike thought Macca had done a dead-on John Lennon impression on this track when they first heard it ... yet today, it just sounds like Paul!!!)  It's funny how things change over time. 
In a totally unrelated note (and I've told this story many times before), I remember when The Beatles first hit here in America (in early 1964) and reading the back of the "Meet The Beatles" album and thinking, "Oh My God ... Paul McCartney is TWICE as old as me!!!"  Yet TODAY he's only eleven years older than I am.  (It just doesn't seem fair, does it?!?!?)  kk

Kent ...
If it's not to late, Happy Birthday wishes go out to our friend Alan O' Day = October 3.
Frank B.
I wished Alan O'Day a Happy Birthday, too ... and this is what I got back:
So nice, thanks Kent!
Love & gratitude,
Hope you had a real special day, Alan.  (Hey, didn't you just HAVE a birthday last year around this time?!?!?)  kk
Alan's birthday was last Monday, October 3rd ... but TODAY's big birthday, of course, belongs to John Lennon.  Radio stations all over the country have been saluting the anniversary of John's birth all weekend long.  Here's a cool clip that WE received for this honor, too!  (kk) 

We've talked about Shannon before, the John Lennon / Beatles artist whose work has been on display at many art galleries around the country. 
Well, check out this really cool video of her creating a brand new painting of what she thinks John Lennon would like like at age 70.
Not only is the painting spot on ... but her technique is just amazing to watch!  (kk)
Good Morning all,
I never knew this video existed until now.  It’s from Shannon’s gallery show last October 9th when she did a live painting in less than 3 hours of what John Lennon would look like at 70 years old. (This is for all the naysayers who say she airbrushes over posters and pictures ... watch what she does with a blank canvas in 3 hours!)
Feel free to pass this video on!
Jennifer Vanderslice
MoonGlow PR
But my FAVORITE "Paint Video" of all time has still got to be THIS one:
And on this, which would have been John Lennon's 71st Birthday, here's some sad new from Beatledom ... renown photographer Robert Whitaker (who took the infamous Butcher Cover photo) has recently passed ... courtesy of FH Reader David Lewis:
Just got this from Jersey John ... a VERY early Doors track (from three years before the "official" version was released.)
Before the group membership was finalized. Rick and Jim Manzarek, but no
Robby Kreiger (others unknown). Recorded at World Pacific Studios,
09-02-1965; from acetate. Seems to be the demo. Not sure this or other
demos actually gained them a recording contract. Any info appreciated!
Forgotten Hits congratulates The Drive ... who just came in #1 with the coveted 25 - 54 audience ... well ahead of their closest competition with a 6.5 share (vs. 5.2 for WTMX).  What a GREAT way to celebrate their 10th Anniversary!  I was surprised to see WLS-FM come in at #10 with only a 3.5 share ... we've been praising their much-more-exciting music mix of late ... but apparently listeners turned off in droves after losing The True Oldies Channel.  (In a perfect world, we'd have the best of both worlds ... I really believe listeners would enjoy the "new" WLS-FM if they gave it a chance ... but it'd sure be nice to have a 24/7 True Oldies Channel to switch to as a back-up plan once in a while.  Meanwhile, I find myself listening to The Drive more and more often ... and apparently I'm not alone, based on these latest ratings!  (kk)
>>>Regarding the Dick Biondi Aircheck from WCFL, circa 1969, it looks like I totally blew it on this one!  I thought this was an archived program that folks could listen to at any time ... I didn't realize it was a special one-time airing!  But it looks like Great Big Radio has LOTS of cool stuff going on on a regular basis ... so please check back often ... I heard some GREAT songs that just NEVER get played anymore!  (kk) Kent, 
I wrote to you about the Biondi show as soon as I became aware of it. It’s not my website, it’s run by Howard Hoffman (of KABC / Los Angeles) although I have contributed and restored a number of other airchecks for the Friday night feature.  Howard usually posts info about the upcoming Friday night feature on the Wednesday before it plays, so it would be worth your while to check the site on Wednesdays.  Overall, Great Big Radio is a good listen during the rest of the week with quite a few forgotten hits sprinkled into the mix.  If I hear of anything else that would be of particular interest to you and Forgotten Hits, I’ll be happy to pass it along.
Rob Frankel
Senior Producer
Cumulus Media Networks
I was able to tune in and catch most of Biondi's show ... very entertaining and, as I mentioned before, quite an interesting music mix.  (I heard several things I hadn't heard in years. Most surprising: "Zazueira" by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.  That song never even charted here in Chicago ... but it sure sounded good.)  Of course we could do a whole week of Herb Alpert Forgotten Hits ... you NEVER hear his stuff on the radio yet Alpert was one of the top selling artists of the decade!  I'd agree that Great Big Radio is worth a listen ... here's another link to the site:

Kent --
Just gave a listen to WLNG in Suffolk County, L.I., N.Y.  Got to hear "Baby Oh Baby" by the Shells, speaking of great doo-wop.  Their station ID's are terrific!!!   They've been on since '63 and haven't changed, so I "liked" them on Facebook, said "You guys are fantastic and Suffolk County should be very, very proud."  I'll be back on there before too much longer!!!! 
Best -
I wanted to say 'Thank You' for the recent mention in Forgotten Hits about JST KLSX - - I know from your previous comments that you believe in this 'Concept' for the future, and realize that we've been here for many years - trying to make some progress. We have constructed a very comprehensive business plan, and know that the Future target markets are the 'Baby Boomers' who are being pushed aside for a younger generation, who are as you know; taking their guidance from people like you.  
You already know that I have been playing 'New' music from extremely talented artists like Henry Gross, Rick Derringer, Little Anthony & the Imperials, Vance Brescia, Rich Spina, Bob Abrams, Billy Sullivan, Ron Romero and others that are extremely talented artists who as you know are not getting any airplay with their works.
With all that we've been working for, I have found solace in the fact that a listener like Julie Gebauer who is a paying subscriber to SIRUS XM / Satellite is tuning into JST KLSX because we're taking the time to play the music she's looking for, while 'connecting' with her, and because of Julie's efforts who has written repeatedly to SIRIUS XM who have taken the time to actually ask Julie for samples of JST KLSX and mentioning me by name.
I have a passion for wanting to 'Be on the radio' and to 'Connect' with the listeners all across this country, much less the 'Planet' because the LISTENER wants to be INVOLVED.  
All too much evidence in the past have tied the hands of radio personalities who are there for the paycheck and to 'Push the Button' and could care less about the business of 'Being on the Radio' - I know I've seen it … they're afraid to 'Step outside of the Box' for fear of losing their spot, and would rather 'read a novel, put the phones on hold and play the same 'eight great oldies' and that is a shame.  
As a former personality on the weekends on 130 affiliates across the country, I was constantly answering the phones, editing and playing music that I carried into the studio - because I just didn't have access to the LIBRARY … well now I do --- and I just have to have a few people who are as like-minded and will help us financially get to where we need to be … and that's on a network that's LOOKING for people who can provide what I want to give them … and it's really nothing new …it's just a dedication and passion to 'Connect,' 'Have Fun,' 'Make Friends' and to give the people what they want - RADIO and ENTERTAINMENT that means something like it use to in the GOOD OL' DAYS of the past.  
I have the philosophy and the business plan and it's not as complicated as the Corporate world wants to have us believe it is --- they NEED people like you, Kent, who understand people like me and a few of those others who are ready for the FUTURE!
I now have a web master, who can help increase our presence on the technical side of things and will be adding your pages to our sites --- because I want this to happen … in a BIG WAY. 
Just like one of the drops I'm using from my little 4 year old niece Layla who was in the studio, and said; "Uncle Mason … they call this the old stuff, but it's NEW to ME and I LIKE IT!"
Thank you again Kent - with our format "MUSIC FOR THE AGES" it only makes sense and hopefully that's what's going to happen with SIRIUS XM --- who, with our plan, and if we can implement that plan --- also includes the likes of a professional like yourself. I remain hopeful, but need the understanding from others --- it takes more than MASON to raise this CONCEPT.
Looking very much to the future and walking into a studio 'Feeling on top of the World' --- WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
Mason Ramsey
P.S.  And let's not forget the MUSICAL applications tied in with the MOVIE Aspects for the projects that we have going on with BODIES IN THE BAY in which those musicians named above will play an IMPORTANT ROLE and already have with JST KLSX --- Global Universal Films is already actively involved, and are now debuting Corey Haim's last Movie AMERICAN SUNSET at the Louisville Film Festival Starting October 5, 2011 and will be stopping back through Denver - we've spoken with them on previous occasions - so it's COMING!
That's all good news, Mason.  You're right ... we've been campaigning for "Music For The Ages" Radio for a while now ... and thankfully, we're starting to see some of this programming showing up on terrestrial radio again, too, with expanded playlists and more surprises.  As always, we're wishing you the best with your endeavors ... and hope that we can in some small way continue to be part of it all!  (kk) 
And here's some GREAT news from Y103.9's Jeff James ...
kk -
Diggin the articles and your site!!!
Tthings at "y" are truckin along and my daily special from the vault at the web site is super fun!
If you get a chance at, check out my daily dips into the vault - I play one song per day from the collection by MY CHOICE -- cool stuff I think you will like -- past versions on youtube -- just use "y103.9" as the keyword on youtube for the other videos and songs I have featured.
By the way - I'm back on the air on Sundays from 9 am - 2 pm -- just super glad to be back on!!!
Take care, buddy
Jeff James 

What a great selection for Wednesday's FH. Nowadays when one hears the name
Ann-Margret, probably the first thing that comes to their mind is actress. I'm with you in that
I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND why some programmers have forgotten about this song and don't play it. I want you to know that IT DO ME SO GOOD to hear it once again.
I wasn't listening to the radio yet when this song first came out ... and actually discovered it through The Beatles, who performed it on one of their BBC broadcasts.  (I think George sang it, if I remember correctly ... which, in itself is kinda unusual!)  I learned of Ann-Margret thanks to early films like "Bye Bye Birdie" and "Viva Las Vegas", both of which still hold up pretty well thanks to her immediate connection with her audience.  Of course she went on to do SERIOUS films, too ... and then the "Grumpy Old Men" series.  Her fall from the stage in Las Vegas made headlines around the world ... and she recently turned up on episodes of "CSI" and "Law And Order" (for which she finally won an Emmy Award ... after six other nominations) a year or two ago.  According to Wikipedia, Ann-Margret has also been nominated for two Academy Awards, two Grammys and has won FIVE Golden Globes!  (We always fancied her golden globes as well, which she showed off in "Carnal Knowledge"!)  Then again, we ALSO loved her as Ann-Margrock on "The Flintstones" way back when, too, so we're relatively easy to please!!! 

Although "I Just Don't Understand" reached The National Top 20, Ann-Margret's album with Al Hirt ("Beauty and the Beard") may be her best-known recorded work (but I've always been partial to "The Lady Loves Me", her duet with Elvis, from "Viva Las Vegas".)  In fact, Ann-Margret was often referred to as "the female Elvis Presley" thanks to the electricity of her performances.  She costarred with '50's music idols Pat Boone and Bobby Darin in "State Fair" (my favorite version of that film) and played a sex kitten in the screen adaptation of The Who's "Tommy", too.  Quite a career for the young lady who grew up right here in Wilmette, Illinois, after moving to The States from Sweden!  (kk)
I have a suggestion for the Forgotten Hit of the Day.  If you do the 50s, 60s, 70s thing again, for the 70s, how about "Sugar Pie Guy" by The Joneses! When's the last time you heard that on the radio?
Thank You,
Eddie Burke,
Orange, CT
Uhhhhh ... exactly NEVER!!!  This song didn't chart or get played in Chicago ... and even nationally it stopped at #47 ... I couldn't hum a line if there was a $500 reward for doing so.  Just checked it out on YouTube to see what it was ... and I can honestly say that I've never heard this song before in my life!  (kk)
Here's a song that I never hear played on the radio. "Bowling Green" by the Everly Brothers. Maybe you could use this in your forgotten oldie's segment.
Waupaca, WI.
Good choice ... but I've got a DIFFERENT Everly Brothers song planned for next week ... stay tuned!!!  (kk)
Thanks for what you do, Kent!
Thanks, Lou ... and hoping to "do" more next week if time permits.  Meanwhile, hope you all have a great weekend!  (Or what's left of it anyway!!!) kk