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re:  WAZZUP?:
Today is Friday, but I'm STILL reading Wednesday's FH!!!! :)
Jersey John
There are several speed-reading courses available on the market that can probably help you with this problem, John ... here's the one we normally recommend:

Folks at home who WERE paying attention know that we're coming off a marathon work week that left little time for much more than anything but sleep!  I don't know yet if this week we'll be any better ... (I hope so ... but I kinda doubt it) ... so we're posting WHAT we can, WHEN we can.  Thus this morning's "Catch Up" edition.  (Glad you missed us 'tho!!!)  kk

Blogger is sick, sick, sick with the CONSTANTLY changing font size!

Tell me about it!!!  It's the most annoying thing!  And no matter how many time I go back and fix it, it continues to do what it wants.  VERY frustrating ... especially having limited time to work on this lately (and absolutely NO time to do it over!!!)  kk

Hi Kent.
Some thoughts on the latest nominees:
War - Good to see them on the list and I think they would be in if their legacy wasn't dismantled by infighting. The story here is that five original members are still alive, but one one - Lonnie Jordan - can use the name and he tours as War while the other four guys perform elsewhere as The Lowrider Band. I'm in contact with their drummer Harold Brown, and he would love to see this story end with the group reconciling with a Hall of Fame performance. As always, money and personality disputes are at the root, but this doesn't seem nearly as nasty as some other band dysfunctions. Harold has a great attitude about about it and still thinks highly of Jordan. He told us the full story a few years ago in an extensive interview: www.songfacts.com/blog/interviews/harold_brown_of_war/ 

Joan Jett - She was the best of the Runaways and succeeded even though the other girls got more attention at first. Most of her success comes from "I Love Rock and Roll," which was a cover. She's an important part of rock history, but not accomplished enough for the Hall. An unheralded part of her story is producer Kenny Laguna, who helped craft her songs and image.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Should be in without a doubt. One of the great rock bands of the last 25 years.
Guns 'N Roses - Might suffer for their unsavory personalities and brief period of productivity, but I'd put them in. I remember when they became classic rock, and it was clear that we'd be listening to their music for a long time.
Beastie Boys - The best at what they did. First rappers with a #1 album, and they stayed relevant for two more decades.
Erik B. & Rakim - They're here because in the rap world, Rakim has a mystique and is often mentioned as being one of the greatest MCs of all time. The Hall is trying to prove they are hip to the scene with this nom, but they won't get in.
Be Well,
Carl Wiser


>>>I'm surprised you give Joan Jett the thumbs down, but praise the nomination of Rufus! At least she IS Rock! That's part of their ongoing problems, they nominate all this rubbish that isn't even Rock!  (Ken)

Well, heck, they titled themselves the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Silly name for whom they nominate! By the way, what is Rock & Roll? Just like "oldies", it has no real definition! That's why it drives me nuts when "people" try to classify music! Sure, Joan Jett is rough sounding "rock" ... but Donna Summer will probably win! Why? Because CBS plays the crap out of her!  Well, okay, WOGL (CBS), at least!!!
Jersey John

According to that link you sent, Donna Summer is WELL in the lead with WCBS-FM's listeners ... by better than a 2 to 1 margin right now!  (kk)

If you want somebody from Chicago in the hall of fame, how about Dick Butkus? He’s about as much Rock as Rufus! In the context of hit records the Small Faces don’t even qualify as a nominee, but as the creators of many, many excellent records they do! Although they have a lot more hits in the UK than in US. Most of their best stuff was behind them when “Itchycoo Park” hit in the States. Too Bad the public didn’t get to hear their best tracks over here.  Find “All Or Nothing” or “Sha La La La Lee” and play them for the folks.


I know you write a lot about the Deserving but Denied into the hall.  But Jan Wenner really doesn't give a crap about what you (or me, or anyone)  cares about.  He is a true American who cares about himself only (and of course, money).
However, don't stop trying.  Personally, I think I should be in the hall, even though I can't sing. 

I did help those others get into the hall. I bought their records and I enjoyed their music !!!!!
Keep up the good fight.
The Great and Wonderful Malcolm

Getting NOTHING but great mail about The Hollies since we announced the brand new Reeling In The Years DVD "Look Through Any Window" ... a MUST HAVE for ANY serious music collector of '60's / British Invasion music.  (kk)

Please pass this along to Clark Besch -- loved all the info about the Hollies. 

I did have a copy of Butterfly at one time, also an excellent album that included the "B" side of Jennifer Eccles (on Epic in the States), "Try It," -- very trippy indeed!!!  Also, there was a mention of "Zazuiera" by Herb Alpert -- I remember Super CFL giving it quite a bit of airplay around April or May of '69 and I fell in love with it and ran to buy the 45.  It must have JUST MISSED the Top 30 on WCFL, but I could have sworn I remembered seeing it appear, however briefly, on the WLS Top 40.  Selective memory, perhaps!


It's funny 'cause I couldn't hum a note of "Zazuiera" if you asked me to ... but the minute I heard it, I recognized it immediately.  Let's see if this rings a bell for anybody else out there.  (It doesn't show charting at all here in Chicago ... and nationally it stopped at #74 ... so who KNOWS why we remember it!!! (lol)  kk

>>>Does everybody remember when "Long Cool Woman" by The Hollies first came out and EVERYBODY thought it was Creedence?!?!  ....Another one that comes to mind is "Let Me Roll It" by Paul McCartney ... obviously a tribute to John Lennon's primal scream tracks at the time.  (kk)

I still remember 1970 and hearing WLS play "Lonely Days" and thinking this was a new Beatles tune after all this about their breakup!!  The BeeGees had not done much at the time and were a bit forgotten at that point, so I just assumed this was the Beatles!! 
Absolutely ... especially the ending.  (Actually, when their first US Chart Single, "New York Mining Disaster, 1941" first came out, everyone thought THAT was The Beatles, too!!!)  Another one you just reminded me of was "Tuesday Afternoon" by The Moody Blues.  Sure, the whole beginning was pure Moody Blues ... but the end break sounded EXACTLY like Ringo!!!  (Why anyone would ask Ringo to sing on a record was beyond me ... but after hearing the best vocal of his career on "With A Little Help From My Friends", I SWEAR I believed this was Ringo "guest-singing" on the brand new Moody Blues single.  Seriously ... listen to the part beginning:  "I'm looking at myself, reflections of my mind. It's just the kind of day to leave myself behind."  Then listen to Ringo's "Sgt. Pepper" track.  It's uncanny!!!  
Of course, this wasn't the first time we were fooled.  To this day, I still think "Black Is Black" is the best song Gene Pitney (n)ever recorded!!!   (kk)

I hope you are doing well.
I'm still visiting the site quite a few times each week.
Is there any chance of posting this follow up to a comment left there recently, regarding The Hollies?
I have to totally agree with Clark Besch regarding his praise of The Hollies "Butterfly" album.
I always refer to this album as "The Hollies' Sgt. Pepper"! It is a real gem but was totally overlooked, probably due to it having no hit singles on it."Dear Eloise" was a hit single in Germany and a few other countries around the world but wasn't even released as a single in the UK.Anyway, in 1967 you kept the singles and the albums apart, didn't you.
"Butterfly" is my favourite "hidden gem" of an album from the '60s. It was also the album that probably led to Graham Nash leaving the band.  After his disappointment at the lack of real success of "King Midas In Reverse", the fact that "Butterfly" did not sell was probably the final straw and when this was coupled with the next planned album rejecting the songs he was working on like "Marrakesh Express" in favour of a planned album of Dylan covers done in a white-suited cabaret style he chose to "jump ship".
The US version of the "Butterfly" album was re-titled "Dear Eloise / King Midas In Reverse" and had a different running order omitting some excellent tracks like the stand-out track "Try It"
(probably the most psychedelic thing the band ever did.) Also, side two of the UK version of the album has the flow of a mini concept piece and without that on the US release it just isn't the same album.
I understand that all of this was rectified on the later CD re-issue.
So, go check out one of the great "Hidden Gems" of 60's albums.
Mark Stafford
Oldies Paradise - Internet Radio
The Hollies address their "experimental phase" in the new documentary ... it was a tough time as virtually ALL of the successful artists were pushing the envelope just a little bit farther to see what new directions they could take their sound.  Not all of it caught on.  Although "King Midas In Reverse", "Dear Eloise" and "Jennifer Eccles" saw minor chart action, The Hollies wouldn't return to The Top Ten until early 1970 when their version of "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" reached #7.  It might be interesting to listen to something like "Butterfly" (in its intended state) today just to see where the band was trying to go!  (Some of their more avant-garde / psychedelic films are included on the new DVD, too.  Seriously, you guys have GOT to pick up a copy of this thing!!!)  kk

Hey Kent, 
We fell in love with Paul Stookey"s Wedding Song and had to record it because it has some great chord changes. Another one  to choose from.. 
Lettermen / Reunion Gary Pike

Here's the official Christmas announcement for "Everybody's Happy Cause It's Christmas Time"

Yes it's that time again.
I have included a link to download the 320k mp3 of Ian Lloyd's Christmas release, "Everybody's Happy Cause It's Christmas Time", a unique look at a snowy, serine winter world through the mind and voice that is Ian Lloyd:

We hope that you will include this new classic in your Holiday play list this season.
Please contact us for any additional information / interviews/ radio spots.
We look forward to hearing from you!
David Lloyd
We were one of the first to sneak peek Ian Lloy'ds hot new Christmas track last season ... hopefully some of our radio station partners will jump onboard this holiday season.  And fans can download their own copy at the link above!  (kk)

And, speaking of Christmas music ...

We've certainly been giving Chicago a lot of press lately, talking up their brand new Christmas CD release (available now, by the way, everywhere!!!)  But check this out ... FH Reader Tom Cuddy just sent me a clip of Former President Bill Clinton introducing Chicago live in concert!!!

Oh my goodness!
A bandmate of mine just sent me this and I thought I had to pass it on to you and the forgotten hits readers.
It's a version of Vehicle done by Shirley Bassey.
Jim Peterik and the Ides will never have to worry that someone topped them with this version anyway. IMO

So are you thinkin' flat tire???  Or completely out of gas?!?!?  Bo Bice has got nothing to worry about here either!!!  (kk)

>>>I've been reading "Where Have All The Pop Stars Gone? Volume 1"  (Frank B)
 >>>I found the whole Kingston Trio story FASCINATING!!! (kk) 
The Kingston Trio indeed were a group that could really be in the RNR Hall of Fame just for THEIR groundbreaking sound for the folk era.  The Limelighters pay tribute to them in their GREAT novelty cut "Generic Uptempo Folk Song"!!  Also, hear the Limelighters' 1965 classic Coke jingle. 
Certainly, the Kingston Trio's influence continued into the mid-60's when the We Five hit with their A&M singles, thanks in part to Kingston Trio's John Stewart having his brother as a member of the We Five (Mike Stewart). 

Clark Besch

And your "Generic Uptempo Folk Song" immediately reminded me of The Four Preps' hit "More Money For You And Me" Medley from 1961, paying homage to not only The Kingston Trio but also some of the OTHER big names of the day ... Dion and the Belmonts, The Platters, The Fleetwoods, The Hollywood Argyles and a few others ... so we're sharing THAT one today, too!  (kk)

About today's FH by the Kingston Trio. (Scotch And Soda)
Personally, I really didn't like that recording by them but it brought to my mind other songs which a drink or beverage in the title.
Through the years one always hears TEQUILA by the Champs, but how about TOO MUCH TEQUILA and REDEYE BY by the same group. Here in OKC one of the biggest records they had, which didn't chart nationally, was in 1964 with an instrumental called ONLY THE YOUNG (written by Jimmy Seals I believe).  Don't know if that record made your local surveys in Chicago since at the time with the British invasion of music, it was quite a CHALLENGE for
the group to have radio stations play the record  or any records by them.
I don't show "Only The Young" charting here ... or anywhere else for that matter ... or "Redeye By" either.  (Is it "Redeye By" or simply "Redeye"???)  The Champs had their distinctive sound ... and they had three other Top 40 National Hits besides "Tequila" ... "El Rancho Rock" went to #21 in 1958, "Too Much Tequila" went to #21 in 1960 and "Limbo Rock" reached #33 in 1962 ... yet "Tequila" is the one tune you're likely to hear on the radio.  (You MIGHT hear "Limbo Rock" once in a while ... but does anybody even remember how "El Rancho Rock" or "Too Much Tequila" go???)  kk


You mentioned that sometimes Ann-Margret was referred to as the female Elvis.
Do you remember or have you ever heard of the rockabilly singer Janis Martin? I think I remember reading years ago that when she was under contract to RCA, Elvis and RCA gave her permission to use the term the "female Elvis Presley" but I am not sure of that.
Good Sunday Comments!
Until Janis Martin passed away a couple of years ago, I had NO knowledge of her at all!!!  (That's what ZERO Hits will do for an artist!!!)  I'm not quite sure HOW she came by the title ... obviously a publicity ploy ... but it must not have worked.  Today she's probably best remembered as the answer to a trivia question ... and that's about it!  (kk)

>>>I learned of Ann-Margret thanks to early films like "Bye Bye Birdie"  (kk)
One of my favorite films as far as soundtracks go! Stuck in my mind many years, even though I was a tot at the time and I was dragged to the drive-in by my parents. Ann, of course, had nice legs! :-)
Ann-Margret had nice EVERYTHING!!!  (kk)