Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Helping Out Our Readers (Part One)

We're back with more musical mysteries this week ...

Enough to fill three pages! 

Let's pick up where we last left off, shall we?


Good response to this one ... several of our readers recognized this tune right away and sent in their answers:  

>>>I searched for a song I believe is called, "That's For Me to Know and For You to Find Out," from the Mid Sixties.  I read that it is by The Angels.  I could not find it on Youtube,as I was hoping to post it to my FB group.  Any idea where I can find it so it is postable, even if I need to webhost it on soundcloud?  Thank you for your help. (Joanie Baker) >>>I can't find a song by that title that charted by ANYBODY (including The Angels) so I'm not going to be of much help here.  However, our incredible list of astute readers are probably batting around 90% this tracking tracking down obscure tracks ... so let's put this one out to them and see what they come back with!  (kk) 

One of your readers inquired about this song today and I wanted to tell you what I know about it. It did chart here in OKC on our local top 40 radio station survey. I, of course, have a copy of the record. The record in question:  Tommy Manno with the D. D. Rhodes Orchestra - THAT'S FOR ME TO KNOW, written by Rhodes - Safer. The AND FOR YOU TO FIND OUT is not on the label but is part of the song. It was done on Atlantic Records and came out in 1962.  The flip was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, also written by the same people.  I enjoy helping out one of your readers with a song or record if I am able to.
Larry Neal  

Sounds like a few folks on the list recognized this one.  I also got this from Ron Smith: 
That's For Me To Know - Tommy Manno - #26 WLS June, 1962 - Atlantic 2149 
The reason is sounds like a girl group is the backup singers.  
Click here: TOMMY MANNO That's for me to know + B side - YouTube
-- Ron Smith


I just went to youtube and the Tommy Manno record is available. The one I clicked on said it was top 40 on Billboard and Cashbox with the flip being a hit as well. I don't know about that.
Yes, we checked out the clip at the link above. The record never made The Top 40 in either publication ... in fact it never charted at all ... but it seems like several folks on the list do remember it!  (kk) 

"That's For Me To Know" is by Tommy Manno ... I have a copy ... not a great copy ... but here it is!  I've got a friend who has this record on a different label (Atlantic bought the master from Flippin' Records ...  when he gets back from vacation, I'll check to see if he can make me a nicer mp3 of it.
Tom Diehl
That's cool ... for now we'll just live with the YouTube clip.  (Honestly, it's not a very good song ... but, like I said, quite a few of you out there seem to remember it!)  kk

Hello Friend,
That's For Me To Know is by Tommy Manno on Atlantic Records 2149.  I have it in my record collection

>>>Have you ever posted Walk Away Renee in mono?  I've searched everywhere for this version, but to no avail.  If any of your readers can help, I'd be eternally grateful.  (Marie)  
Not sure why anyone would want this in mono ... as such, my 45 is not in very good condition.

Hi Guys,
My name is Larry. Just came across you today.  

Hoping you can help me. Been trying to find a song for more than five years and everyone thinks I'm hearing things! LOL.  
1970 or 1971. Maybe 1972.  One hit wonder. I believe the name of the song is "Sea Trip". Sung by a male vocalist. It's about a guy stranded on an island and he imagines the girl of his dreams is also somewhere on this island or will arrive at the island. Some of the lyrics are: 

"I was hit by the sound of a heavy heart beat" "stars were bright as diamonds".

Can you help? 
The lyric sounds vaguely familiar ... but not within the story context you describe.  As such, I'm drawing a blank here.  Anybody out there able to help?  (kk) 

This song I am trying to find was probably not a hit for Paul Anka ... it was probably the B side of a hit song. It was a really weird song, music only I believe, and it went something like this ... let me remind you, it's going to be weird:


I think it was just the music he was playing that made those sounds, but maybe it was goofy lyrics. My parents had it in their 45’s.  


Robin Varner

Houston, TX 
LOL ... you're right ... that isn't much to go on!!!  I'm a pretty big Paul Anka fan and have a lot of his stuff ... but I'm coming up empty on this one.  Anybody got any ideas?  Sounds like it very well could be an instrumental ... which means this "clue" probably isn't going to help you much!  (kk) 

My Dad, LOUIS LUGO, who was the bass voice member of The Youngtones, passed away on October 30, 2011.  Any music or pictures would be gladly appreciated.
The Youngtones have come up a time or two before in Forgotten Hits.  If anybody has anything that they might like to share with Louis' family, please drop us a line and we'll be happy to pass it along.  Thank you!  (kk) 

Hey Kent,
Anyone know where you can get a copy of the old Lloyd Thaxton "Showcase '68" show?  I'm trying to find the one where the Cryan' Shames appeared ... any help would be appreciated  Thanks.
Good luck with that ... I've been looking for a copy for years now, too ... actually ALL of those "Showcase" specials would be neat to have.  (Several other Chicago groups also made appearances as I recall ... it seems to me that The Cryan' Shames, The American Breed and The New Colony Six were all featured at one time or another ... I think there were only something like six shows in total!)  Hey, if anybody out there can help us put our fingers on these, we'd certainly appreciate it!  (kk)