Thursday, December 1, 2011

Helping Out Our Readers ( Part Two)

Happy December!!!

Here's another round of "Helping Out Our Readers"!!! 
Kent ...
11/10/11 = Happy Birthday to Tommy Facenda!
He mentions my school, Franklin K. Lane, in this NYC version of his hit.
Was there a Chicago version?
Frank B.
There sure was ... in fact, Tommy recorded 29 versions of this hit, each perfectly adapted for the local schools in the area in which it was released ... an incredibly clever marketing idea ... yet the record only made it to #28 nationally.  The record was first released as "High School USA Virginia" (Legrand 1001) ... Atlantic Records then picked up the master and released 28 more versions (under Atlantic catalog numbers 51 - 78!!!)  In order of release, these covered Virginia (a re-release, now numbered Atlantic 51), New York City, North and South Carolina, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Florida, Newark, Boston, Cleveland, Buffalo, Hartford, Nashville, Indianapolis, Chicago, New Orleans, St. Louis and Kansas City, Georgia and Alabama, Cincinnati, Memphis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Texas, Seattle and Portland, Denver, and Oklahoma (Atlantic 78).  I have a CD that features ALL of these versions ... and this was a hot topic in Forgotten Hits several years ago.  (kk)

Do you know what was the flip side song on the Dave Clark Five's 45 rpm of "I Believe"? 
I think I remember liking it very much but my old mind can not remember what the name of it was ... do you know?
I don't recall a song called "I Believe" by The Dave Clark Five.  It certainly wasn't a chart single (or the B-Side of any chart single).  I checked their complete singles discography (which lists all of their British AND U.S. releases) and there is no listing for this title either.
I wonder if you're confusing this with another group.  The Bachelors had a minor hit with "I Believe" in 1964, right around the time of The British Invasion.  Could this be it?  (kk)
Oh, I am so sorry ... I meant "Because" by the Dave Clark Five.
I understand from your website link ... wikipedia ... that Because was the B side in the UK ... but was released in US as a single.  Would you know the B side to the US single of Because?
I hope so!
Thanks much!
Against the record company's best wishes, Dave Clark pushed for "Because" to be released as an A-Side here in America ... and it paid off big-time ... the record peaked at #3, their biggest hit to date here in The States.  (Clark wanted to show off the versatility of the band ... that they could do more than crank out foot-stompin' rockers!)  The B-Side of their US release was a song called "Theme Without A Name", a pretty instrumental.  (The DC5 recorded quite a few instrumentals over the years and always seemed to include a couple of them on their US LPs.)
TWO of The Dave Clark Five's B-Sides are amongst my personal favorites ... I believe either one of these songs could have been major hits on their own ... and both were ballads much in the same vein as "Because." 
"Hurting Inside" was the flip side of 1965's "I Like It Like That" ... and "I  Miss You" (kind of a "This Boy" clone) backed up "At The Scene" in early 1966.
Known primarily for their rowdy, raucous rockers, The Dave Clark Five could certainly turn a ballad, too ... ALL of these are beautiful tracks!  (kk)

I remember a song from perhaps the 60’s or early 70’s that was a flip side of a 45.  Unfortunately I don’t remember the A side at all but the B side was something like:
Thank you, pretty baby, 'cause you made my every dream come true
Never would have happened if I hadn’t said hello to you
Think of all the happiness we found together since the day you smiled at me
Oh, thank you, pretty baby, for the happiness you brought to me.
You light up my life whenever I see you.
Not sure of the name of the song or even the singer, would appreciate any assistance.
Thank you -
Ros Erends
Anybody out there recognize this one?  A bit tougher if it really is a B-Side!  (kk)

I'd like to know who has The Phil Everly (late night) TV Show series?! Only one season, but it looks like many interesting (music) guests!!!
Actually, I'd like someone to find the black-oriented, Bandstand type TV show series featuring soul artists / and soul music. I think I remember seeing a PBS Special about it, but it (the TV show series) appears to have been destroyed or lost!! Everyone was well dressed - guys - suit and tie! Classy!
After doing a fair amount of digging, I finally found a syndicated show that Phil Everly hosted in 1974 called "In Sessions".  Not much about it to be found online ... in fact, I have three different "Complete History Of Television" guides that I use as a reference and NONE of them so much as mention this show!  Neither does, another very reliable source when it comes to episode guides and guest stars.  Now I wonder who he had on his program?  Interesting, too, after listening to your clip that Billy Joel may have made a "pre-fame" appearance.  It sounds like Warren Zevon was a member of The Everly Brothers' backing band at the time, too ... and, according to at least one source, it was The Everlys who asked Warren to write a song called "Werewolves Of London"!!!  (kk)

I am hoping you guys can help me remember a title to a song. It was sung by a female and I remember some of the lyrics:
I blow smoke rings from my cigarettes
I play the fool for you
Does this ring any bells?
One of my all-time favorites ... and a recent "Today's Forgotten Hit" feature ...
This is "Oh Me, Oh My" by Lulu ... a #18 Hit in early 1970 ... and one that certainly belongs on the radio today.
Great tune!  Thanks, George.  (kk)
That's it.
Thank you