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re:  DISCO: 
From Charles Rosenay ...
See, The Bee Gees weren't ALWAYS "disco" ... way back when they most definitely could have earned a regular weekly spot performing on Lawrence Welk's program ... or even The Andy Williams Show, as they do their pre-Osmonds best, performing this Beatles classic.
OK, this ought to put an end to the Bee Gees / Beatles comparisons once and for all!  (lol)  I'm probably most amazed at watching Robin and Maurice dancing around during all of this ... it's The Bee Gees with choreography!!!  And from this sprang all the dance moves of the disco craze, right?  (kk)
The funeral service for the late Robin Gibb has been scheduled for June 8th in the United Kingdom.  The service is private, for family and close friends only. The Gibb family has encouraged those looking to honor Robin to donate to the Rebecca House and Wish Upon A Dream, children’s charities that were near and dear to the late Bee Gees co-founder. 
A public memorial service will follow the funeral at St. Paul’s Cathedral in September.  Gibb passed away on May 20th at the age of 62. However, contrary to many reports, his death wasn¹t caused by cancer, according to his son. 
“It wasn’t the cancer that killed my father; those reports are wrong,” said Robin-John Gibb. “Dad had actually gone into remission and the cancer was completely unrecognizable, it was too small to detect. No scan could see it. He actually died of kidney failure.”
(from WCBS-FM, courtesy of Frank B)
Stars lining up for special tribute to legends Robin Gibb and Donna Summer.
Trump Taj Mahal Hotel and Resort in Atlantic City, NJ, will host the 10th Annual DISCO BALL concert produced by Vito Bruno Saturday, June 23 7 PM.  
DISCO BALL, in its 10th year, is billed as “The Greatest 70s - 80s Show Ever” and this year it will definitely live up to the billing. The show will be hosted by daytime TV star Wendy Williams, “Saturday Night Fever” stars Donna Pescow, Karen Lynn Gorney, and CBS-FM legend Joe Causi. 
This year DISCO BALL will also be honoring Disco Legends Donna Summer and Robin Gibb in a special star studded line up of the greatest acts of the era. 
Twelve legendary acts will be performing over 30 hit songs … one night, one stage!
Performing live on stage from the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack that sold 40 million units: The Tramps featuring Earl Young, “Disco Inferno”, and Yvonne Elliman with her hit “If I Can’t Have You”. 
Also for the first time performing at DISCO BALL is Heatwave, Melba Moore, Barbra Roy of Ecstasy Passion and Pain, Teri Desario, and Steve Nervo of La Flavour. 
And, back by popular demand, the fabulous Ritchie Family, Linda Clifford, Rochelle Fleming of First Choice, and Musique. All acts will be backed by MGM Guarnerra Brothers.
Get ready to break out you boogie shoes.
There will also be a very special appearance by the original dance floor from the movie, “Saturday Night Fever”. Come and dance on the most famous dance floor in the world ... and yes, you are expected to do the famous John Travolta pose. Little known fact:  the SNF dance floor was recently featured on Fox TV show GLEE episode titled “Saturday Night GLEEver”.  Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.
I really disliked disco music. There were only a few songs in the disco genre I cared for(Knock on Wood by Amy Stewart for one). But the Bee Gees disco didn't offend me nearly as much as most of the others. I consider one of their best "The Edge of the Universe"  (live version). It came out at about the end of the disco era and I rank that up there with Paul McCartney's Mull of Kintyre. Two great songs that don't get heard nearly enough!  

And here's our Clip Of The Week, courtesy of FH Regular Frank B.  This is "Must See Viewing", proving once and for all that The Bee Gees were NOT a Disco Band!!!  (You've got to watch this one ... some INCREDIBLY brilliant editing here!  AMAZING!!!)  kk
VH-1 Classics has been running the 2000 Beach Boys "Made-For-TV" Movie "An American Family" this weekend.  (You can catch it again Sunday Morning at 10 AM Chicago time).  A semi-accurate accounting of the band's career through the Capitol years ... with some heavy emphasis on Dennis' Manson Family encounters ... and really playing up Dad Murry as the heavy (well, he kinda was!) ... but some GREAT music along the way.  Meanwhile, I had to go to THREE different WalMart Stores this weekend before I could find an in stock copy of the brand new WalMart exclusive Beach Boys release, featuring the only officially released version of their "Do It Again" remake.  (This is the song they're opening their 50th Anniversary Reunion Shows with.)  The Boys Are Back In Town ... indeed ... doing a gig in Milwaukee this weekend.  (kk)
David Beard (Editor and Publisher of "Endless Summer Quarterly" ... as well as author of the excellent "Beach Boys Examiner" column) has all kinds of great Beach Boys news to share ...
And, speaking of Endless Summer Quarterly, here's what you can expect to find in the new issue: 
Endless Summer Quarterly just mailed the Summer 2012 edition featuring exclusive coverage of the Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks on tour; the new studio album, That's Why God Made The Radio; Domenic Priore sheds rare light on the Beach Boys very first recording; a vintage q&a with the Beach Boys from 1972; more … Subscribe today for all of this exclusive content: ESQ

Endless Summer Quarterly kicked off 2012 with exclusive interviews with Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine and David Marks about the new studio album — That's Why God Made The Radio — the recording process, working together again and touring; Peter Reum writes about the importance of the Beach Boys music; Andrew G. Doe examines the group's first single; lots of news & reviews!!!  Subscribe today for all of this exciting and exclusive content: ESQ

And check out this awesome cover shot, too!  (kk)

For more on the mechanics of putting this whole anniversary tour together, check out this article from Billboard Magazine ...
And check this out ... many of the second-generation Beach Boys kids have gotten together and formed a new musical outfit called California Saga.  The band includes Carnie and Wendy Wilson (Brian's daughters ... guess the Wilson Phillips reunion with Chynna Phillips didn't work out, eh?  Man, she really came across as a bitch on their recent reality series), Matt Jardine (long-time member of The Beach Boys' back-up band) as well as his brother Adam, Carl B. Wilson (Dennis Wilson's son), Christian and Ambha Love (Mike's son and daughter), Justyn Wilson (Carl's son) ... and Billy Hinsche, another long-standing member of The Beach Boys' back-up band (and formerly Carl Wilson's brother-in-law ... as well as noted Forgotten Hits contributor and original member of the pop group Dino, Desi and Billy!)  Carnie's husband Rob Bonfiglio (who produced the latest Wilson Phillips album "Dedicated") is also on hand ... and the next generation is doing their part to help keep this great legacy of music alive.  (California Saga was scheduled to make their "in concert" debut Saturday, June 2nd, at The Hollywood Bowl ... jeez, how many artists have played THAT venue as their first gig?!?!?  Can't wait to hear the reviews on this show.)  You'll find more on their official Facebook Page here:  

By the way, The Beach Boys' new album "That's Why God Made The Radio" hits stores on Tuesday, June 5th.  Already garnering rave reviews, this is the collection of all new works recorded by the reunited band ... Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks.  Don't miss it!  (kk)
re:  GO FIGURE!:
I must say that all of your continued "bad" reviews of my book have caused a monumental amount of sales of my book, and I have inherited an agent as well.  This is not what I had in mind when I wrote this book.  I was writing what I considered to be a tribute to my favorite singer ... and it was my hope to get the book into the library system as well.  So far, three libraries have accepted my book.  As an educator, I consider that the greatest honor. 
And I have no intentions of marrying Frank B.  I wrote to him to show I was a good sport.  My book is now in the process of being updated / revised due to new tributes now coming my way from people who did not talk to me before.  That included three politicians and one member of the Brooklyn Bridge plus more of Johnny's family.
Mr. KK, I am shocked at how your website continues to be insulting to me ... and I am not happy that bad reviews are making the sales of my books fly high.  I have a television appearance , too, coming up next week in Florida by people who want to hear what I have to say!  I think this is getting out of hand.
I must have reread this twenty times!  Made my day!  Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame, Irene ... glad I could help!  And I think it's GREAT that you'll be updating the book.  Perhaps more word of mouth will encourage others to speak to you as well, allowing you to tell a more complete story in the near future.  And, as I said before, by all means go ahead and gather more loving tributes and memories of Johnny ... and turn this into what I've said it should be ... a fitting tribute to "What Johnny Maestro Meant To Me".  My guess is, his official fan club could easily supply another 49 pages for you in a heartbeat!  Publicity is a funny thing ... glad we could help, I guess!
(Sorry, Frank ... she's not interested!!!  Hey, I hope she remembers where to send the commission check for all these additional sales!!!  Just remember to thank me live on tv!  lol)  Had I only known that Forgotten Hits had THIS kind of clout, I would have most certainly abused this power for personal gain!!!  Oh well, c'est la vie!  (kk)
Just got this from FH Reader Frank B ... a very nice tribute to Mike Stoller, Jerry Leiber, Ben E. King and their timeless hit "Stand By Me".
Beatles Music Festival "Danbury Fields Forever" planned for July in Connecticut
In 1962, Ringo Starr joined The Beatles and the world of music was changed forever. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this historic occasion, thousands of fans will "Come Together" for a day-long festival of Beatles music on Saturday, July 28, at Ives Concert Park, 43 Lake Avenue Ext. in Danbury, Connecticut.
This musical extravaganza is titled "Danbury Fields Forever," a clever twist on the classic Beatles track "Strawberry Fields Forever." The 10-hour festival will feature 10 bands, each representing different eras or presentations of Beatles music.  
Featured acts will include several Connecticut and New York tribute bands. The Beatles Forever Band is a hugely popular international band that hails from the Hartford area while Fools On The Hill is based in Milford. New York's MerseyBeatMania is the definitive clone band with wigs, outfits, Beatle boots and the exact instrumentation. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Genetic Control, a young psychedelic group that covers Beatle songs in the style of Led Zeppelin. From upstate NY hails Pat Horgan & Thunder Road with their rockin' "Garage Band Beatles" show. Massachusetts will be well represented by The Oh-Nos, showcasing a set of rarer and more obscure Beatles and solo tracks. 
Paul McCartney will be honored by One Sweet Dream, fronted by soundalike / lookalike Mike Miller. There will be a classical sitar show in opening the event by Roger Lipson, and a very special tribute to John Lennon by world-famous impersonator Carlo Cantamessa entitled "In My Life."
The host for the 10-band, 10-hour festivities is Charles F. Rosenay!!!, whose Liverpool Productions has presented the Beatles Expos in Connecticut since 1978. 
The July 28 music festival celebrating the Beatles' 50th anniversary is open to all ages, and is expected to attract music lovers spanning the generations. 
Doors open at 10 a.m. and an entire-day "ticket to ride" admission starts at only $15. There will be food and beverages available for purchase.  
For further info call (203) 795-4737, email, visit or check out the Facebook events page at
As The Beatles sang, " ... it's guaranteed to raise a smile!"
From FH Reader Frank B, an excerpt from this weekend's Parade article / interview with Neil Diamond ...
Kent ...
Now that he's married again, I guess he can't sing "Solitary Man" at his concerts anymore.
Frank B.
Tuesday, June 5, will see the release of Texicali, a four track digital collection from ZZ Top that offers the first new studio recordings from “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas” in nine years.  The four new songs, available from iTunes and all digital retail outlets, offer a preview of the group’s full-length album, as yet untitled, that will be released on American Recordings late this summer or early fall.  Those purchasing the four songs will benefit from a pro-rated discount on the purchase of the full album when it is released. All four tracks will be previewed through an audio stream at for one day only, Monday, June 4. 
These four tracks that comprise Texicali, like the forthcoming album, were produced by Rick Rubin and the band’s Billy F Gibbons and include “I Gotsta Get Paid,” “Chartreuse,” “Over You” and “Consumption.”  The first of these is heard in a just-launched campaign for the Jeremiah Weed line of malt beverages that has generated tremendous on-line buzz for the video ( that depicts Billy, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard performing -- to the delight and amazement of the patrons of a convenience store -- in a walk-in cooler. “I Gotsta Get Paid,” based on the underground 1990s rap song “25 Lighters,” is also heard on the soundtrack to the international box office hit Battleship.  The title of the collection is a reference to the locations where the album was recorded. founding of ZZ Top more than 42 years ago and an acknowledgement that the band’s line-up has remained constant ever since.
“Based on the visibility of the ‘Gotsta Get Paid’ song, we decided to make available more of a taste of the album than just the one song,” said American’s Rubin.  “That’s the beauty of the new digital landscape; we can put out what we want when we want, in the best service of the artist.” 
Notes Gibbons, “We were itching to get some new music out before the full album release; making available these four tracks seems like a good way to accomplish that most expeditiously.  Dusty, Frank and I are happy with what’s been accomplished in the studio so we figured we’d provide some hot and tasty ‘hors d’oeuvres’ before the main course is served this fall.”
“I Gotsta Get Paid,” is a song that has history dating back to the late 1990s when Billy encountered it as “25 Lighters,” an gritty track from Houston’s rap underground, as released by DJ DMD with Lit’ Keke and Fat Pat.  Billy and the band, working with engineers G.L.‘G-Mane’ Moon and Joe Hardy endeavored to deconstruct that song transforming it from hip-hop into blues-based rock-guitar driven song that is certain to rank among the most sizzling ZZ recordings of all time.  
Says Billy of the tune that, appropriately debuts on Outlaw Country, “Since the very beginning, we have been inspired and influenced by the musical and cultural eccentricities that have emanated from Houston’s ghetto.  If you look back, you’ll find [fellow ZZ Top members] Dusty [Hill] and Frank [Beard] had served as Lightnin’ Hopkins’ rhythm section before we all joined forces in ZZ.  We often ask ourselves, ‘WWLD?’ – meaning “what would Lightnin’ do?” That circumstance came from exactly the same place – both geographically and spiritually – that this new one does.  We fully acknowledge this as we continue to pay tribute to those known as ‘the heroes of the Houston ghetto.’”  
“I Gotsta Get Paid," along with the other 4 songs that comprise Texicali, will be available from  iTunes and all digital retail outlets on Tuesday, June 5.
The band embarks this week as the headliner for a six-week “Gang of Outlaws” tour that includes bills shared with 3 Doors Down and Gretchen Wilson.  Thereafter, ZZ Top departs for Europe where they will be playing concert and festival dates in Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Norway in July. Additional North American dates are planned for August and September. All of this activity underscores the fact that ZZ Top continues as a vital force in music today, more than 42 years after its founding and with its ever-enduring line up totally intact.
Gang of Outlaws Tour dates: 
May 25 - Manchester, NH - Verizon Arena*
      26 - Atlantic City, NJ – Trump Taj Mahal/Etess Arena*
      27- Mashantucket, CT – MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods*
June 1 - Winston Salem, NC - Joel Coliseum*
       2 - Fayetteville, NC - Fort Bragg*
       3 - Fredericksburg, VA - Celebrate Virginia Live!*
       5 - Richmond, VA – Innsbrook Pavilion*
       6 - Simpsonville, SC - Charter Amphitheatre at Heritage Park*
       8 - St. Augustine, FL – St. Augustine Amphitheatre*
       9 - Atmore, AL – Wind Creek Hotel & Casino Amphitheater**
      10 - Alpharetta, GA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre*
      12 - Hollywood, FL - Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel**
      15 - Estero, FL - Germain Arena*
      16 - Orlando, FL - Universal Orlando Resort Music Plaza Stage**
      17 - Clearwater, FL - Tropicana Field*
      19 - Southaven, MS - Snowden Grove Park & Amphitheater*
      20 - Nashville, TN- Bridgestone Arena*
      22 - Baton Rouge, LA – Baton Rouge River Center*
      24 - Dallas, TX - Gexa Energy Pavilion*
      26 - Des Moines, IA - Wells Fargo Arena*
      27 - Clarkston, MI - DTE Energy Music Theatre*
      29 - Hinckley, MN - Grand Casino Amphitheatre*
*ZZ Top, 3 Doors Down, Gretchen Wilson 
**ZZ Top, 3 Doors Down
MICKY DOLENZ, with his band, has just been confirmed to play at BB King's in NYC on Friday, October 19.  Micky just wrapped up a week-long stint at Disney's Epcot Center ... where we treated you to a picture of Micky ... and Mickey!  (kk)

The U.S. leg of Burton Cummings tour this summer will be very brief:
July 4 - Frontier Days Festival, Arlington Heights
July 5 - Summerfest, Milwaukee
July 7 - Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua, Washburn, Wisconsin
July 8 - Calumet Theatre, Calumet, Michigan
Will return for a west coast swing Labor Day.
Ken Voss
I am SO looking forward to seeing Burton Cummings on the 4th of July ... CAN'T WAIT!  Should be one heck of a crowd for one heck of a show!  (kk)
Hi Kent,
Last year I saw the Happy Together Again Tour at our local Fair ... It was just announced that Glen Campbell will be performing opening night July 27th at our Fair this year.  I hope I get a chance to see him.
Get your tickets early ... he's selling out everywhere he goes.  I really wish we'd had the chance to see him when he played here in Chicago earlier this year ... and now he's coming back to Ravinia but the show is sold out.  Would have loved to see Glen live once before he retires.  (kk)
Sunday, June 17th @ 7PM
Monterey Pop (45th Anniversary screening, Lou Adler and Michelle Phillips in person!)
The Cinefamily
611 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA, 90036
http://www.cinefamily.orgEvent listing - electric, magnetic, vital portrait of one of the most incredible musical lineups ever assembled -- and the gold standard for all rock festival films! Produced by impresario Lou Adler and The Mamas And The Papas’ John Phillips, 1967’s Monterey International Pop Music Festival was the first of its kind, and featured career-making crossover moments for
Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding -- alongside equally shattering performances from The Who, Canned Heat, The Animals and a blissful Ravi Shankar. In Monterey Pop, director D.A. Pennebaker (fresh off the legendary Dylan doc Don’t Look Back) captures these landmark live sets intersecting with the very best of vintage peaceful California culture.  Alongside the on-stage splendor of guitars and harmonies, Pennebaker’s roving cameras capture a host of vivid and stimulating eye candy amongst the throngs of festival-goers, also making the film an essential sociological document. With beautiful people, beautiful sounds and kaleidoscopic sights, Monterey Pop is an indispensable historical treasure -- and a smashing good time. Join Lou Adler and Michelle Phillips (The
Mamas And The Papas) in person for a live panel on the story of Monterey Pop after the film!
Of course one of the highlights of The Monterey Pop Music Festival was the performance by Jimi Hendrix ... so Hendrix fans should be thrilled with this next announcement!
Also Coming Tuesday, July 10
Experience Hendrix LLC  and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment,  will release a restored and newly expanded edition of Jimi Plays Berkeley, on Blu-ray and DVD, on Tuesday, July 10.
An historic documentary film chronicling the two concerts Jimi Hendrix performed at the Berkeley Community Theatre on Saturday, May 30, 1970, Jimi Plays Berkeley captures the cultural milieu surrounding one of the finest Hendrix performances ever lensed.
Made from a new, digitally-restored transfer from the original 16mm negative, Jimi Plays Berkeley premieres more than 15 minutes of previously unseen documentary and performance footage of Hendrix classics including "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)," "Machine Gun" and "Hear My Train A Comin'" not featured in the original film release.
"We take great pride in doing our part to preserve the music of my brother, Jimi, especially during his 70th birthday year," said Janie Hendrix, President and CEO of Experience Hendrix and co-producer (with John McDermott) of the Jimi Plays Berkeley DVD.   (Jimi Hendrix, born November 27, 1942, would be 70 this year.)
Jimi Plays Berkeley features a 5.1 surround stereo soundtrack mixed by original Jimi Hendrix engineer Eddie Kramer and commentary from Abe Jacob, the audio engineer who recorded the Hendrix Berkeley concerts in 1970.
As an added bonus, the newly expanded Jimi Plays Berkeley includes an audio-only presentation of Jimi's complete Berkeley 05/30/1970 second show mixed in 5.1 surround sound.  Showcasing 67 minutes of music, the second set concert recordings include "Pass It On (Straight Ahead)," "Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)," "Lover Man," "Stone Free," "Hey Joe," "I Don't Live Today," "Machine Gun," "Foxey Lady," "Star Spangled Banner," "Purple Haze," and "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)."
The second set from May 30, 1970, will be released on CD and on 12" vinyl as Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At Berkeley (The Second Set). The audiophile 12" double album release is an all analog recording cut by Bernie Grundman from the master tapes and struck by Quality Record Pressings (QRP) on 200 gram vinyl.
The most complete record ever-released of that magical Saturday in late May 1970, Jimi Plays Berkeley includes an essay on the film by noted Jimi Hendrix historian John McDermott.
Also on July 10, Legacy Recordings will release the Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child film for the first time on Blu-ray.  A 90 minute documentary directed by the multiple Grammy award-winning Bob Smeaton (Beatles Anthology, Festival Express, Beatles: The Studio Recordings, Band of Gypsys) Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child was originally included as a DVD in the West Coast Seattle Boy Jimi Hendrix boxed set.  An autobiographical journey told in the legendary musician's own words as read by Parliament-Funkadelic's Bootsy Collins, the film incorporates interviews with Hendrix, coupled with the artist's letters, writings and recordings to provide new insight into one of the most enduring icons of popular culture.  The documentary features some of Jimi's greatest performances as well as rare and never before seen footage and photos including--for the first time ever--examples from the Hendrix family archive of the late guitarist’s personal drawings, postcards home to his father, song drafts, sketches, and lyrics.
More dates have been announced for Tommy Roe's latest tour ... and wait till you hear "Memphis Me" from his brand new album ... it's outstanding!  And it's not even the single!!!  (By the way, I just heard the new single ... and it's every bit as good ... can't wait to hear the whole LP!)  Just hop on over to Tommy Roe's website ... "Memphis Me" is the opening track when you get there!  Trust me ... you won't be disappointed ... this is every bit as good as some of Tommy's biggest hits!  CD out soon.  (kk)
06/16/2012--Fountain of Life Church Fair, Appalachian Fair Grounds, Gray, TN
06/18/2012--Savannah Center, 1545 Buena Vista Blvd., Lady Lake, Florida
06/19/2012--LaGrange College, Calloway Hall, Lagrange, Georgia 
Our best "get well soon" wishes go out to Fred Winston, one of our all-time favorite Chicagoland deejays.  According to Chicagoland Radio and Media ...
Chicago radio legend Fred Winston is recovering nicely at his home in southwest Michigan.  At the start of May, Winston underwent a quadruple bypass surgery on his heart. Well wishes have been pouring in. With his usual dry sense of humor, Fred Winston tweeted: "Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I will celebrate this victory with some apple sauce & seven pills."
Long-time Elvis friend and associate (and legendary Memphis deejay George Klein) is now doing a weekly Elvis Show on Sirius/XM Radio.  More details (and a brief interview with this legend) at Jeremy Roberts' Examiner website: