Monday, June 4, 2012

From Sirs ... With Love

Tomorrow night on a very special edition of 20 / 20 , "The Sirs" perform for Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace in celebration of her 60th year on the throneThe program kicks off at 8 PM Central Time on ABC and will feature Sirs Paul McCartney, Elton John, Tom Jones and Cliff Richard, all knighted by The Queen for outstanding service in their field ... which just happens to be Rock And Roll Music! (Rock and Roll certainly has come a long way, hasn't it???  As discussed here the other day, it's the longest lasting musical art form ... and tomorrow night these four well-known, recognized musicians will be performing material fit for a Queen.  Elizabeth took the throne in 1952 ... at 86, she's now been The Queen of England longer than I've been alive!!!  Amazing!
(OMG ... you don't think The Queen Mother will be throwing her panties up on stage when Sir Tom Jones performs, do you?!?!?)
Look for appearances by several "surprise guests" throughout the performance, too.  (Several names are being mentioned ... let's see who really shows up to kick it for The Queen!)
Sounds like a great night of musical entertainment ... don't miss it!  (kk)