Saturday, December 8, 2012

Who Came In At #2???

Two words: ‘Louie Louie’. ‘Nuff said!
Mike Dugo /

When this whole Garage Band Poll first kicked off, I absolutely expected The Kingsmen to come out on top once all the votes were counted ... and they actually led the pack for a good chunk of the run. Before it was over, they had earned 374 of your votes ... but that ended up only being good enough for the #2 Spot.

Nevertheless, you're not going to find a more famous Garage Band Song than "Louie, Louie", a record that probably inspired hundreds if not thousands of kids to pick up guitars and drum sets and bang their hearts out (much to the dismay of many a parent, I'm sure) in the basement or garage of their family home. (Could there be a more famous opening riff?)

Held out of the top spot on The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart by (can you believe this?!?!?) The Singing Nun, they DID manage to earn a #1 showing in both Cash Box and Record World ... (and rightfully so!) ... as well as in the hearts of EVERY teenager growing up during this era. (A few weeks later The Beatles would hit, wiping out virtually everything "domestic" from the charts ... but The Kingsmen DID have a few more hits: their version of the Motown classic (also covered by The Beatles) "Money" (#16, 1964); "Little Latin Lupe Lu" (#46, 1964); "Death Of An Angel" (#33, 1964), the novelty hit "The Jolly Green Giant" (#4, 1965); "The Climb" (#39, 1965) and "Annie Fanny", an "Alley Oop" clone (#29, 1965).

Was there ever any doubt how high THESE guys would finish in our Top 20 All-Time Favorite Garage Bands Countdown?!?!? (kk)


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