Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Here's yet another one that kind of surprised me ... but the truth is, Paul Revere and the Raiders scored votes consistently throughout our polling process. (Maybe it's because they recorded THEIR version of "Louie Louie" at the very same studio that The Kingsmen recorded their chart-topping version ... and only a week apart!!!)

(Whew! Talk about your vintage clips ... and there's Mark Lindsay at his "saxy" best!)

Their music grew more and more sophisticated over time, especially once lead singer Mark Lindsay started writing songs with Producer Terry Melcher ... but some of their earliest hits ... like "Steppin' Out", "Just Like Me" and "Good Thing" probably all qualify as Garage Band Classics. (Maybe that's why the earned 292 of your votes, enough to land in Sixth Place on your All-Time Favorites list. (kk)

‘Hungy’. ‘Good Things’. ‘Steppin’ Out’. ‘Ups And Downs’. ‘Kicks’. ‘Him Or Me’ — great song after great song. Fate has played a cruel trick on Idaho’s Paul Revere & The Raiders, however. They’re perhaps considered too corny-mainstream (with their Revolutionary War outfits and teen magazine appeal) for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, and for too many years were considered too square / bubblegummy for garage rock fans (due to image — not sound). Those in the know today, however, realize what a fantastic band — pop, rock, garage or bubblegum — they truly were. Their string of hits (and non-hits) lands them squarely at the very top of any list of great ‘60s rock and roll groups. In 2012, there’s no denying Paul Revere & The Raiders all the accolades they’re due.
Mike Dugo / 60sGarageBands.com

I second THAT emotion! Having seen the guys a couple of times recently, I can personally vouch for just how much fun they are to watch, performing live in concert. (In my book, the best two live bands today performing on the "oldies circuit" are Paul Revere and the Raiders and Herman's Hermits featuring Peter Noone ... I've never seen anything less than a stellar show from either one of these artists!) 

I asked Paul Revere if HE considered the band to be of the "Garage Band Persuasion" ... and he immediately said "Yes ... absolutely ... although they didn't call them garage bands back then".    

 Paul Revere and The Raiders were a total garage band in the beginning, although I don't remember using that term ourselves back then. We were influenced by the great R&B bands of the time and we ended up sounding a lot like a funky Rolling Stones, although we had never even heard of them back then. It's funny that they were influenced by American R&B bands, and straight ahead blues, too, and they wound up sounding pretty similar to us. The Raiders were basically just a bunch of crazy, fun loving wild men who loved R&B and loved to play party rock!
Once we hooked up with Columbia, Terry Melcher and Dick Clark, we kind of got molded and squeezed into a certain direction with a much slicker sound. We still had a hard edge but it was more polished. All of the TV we did really changed everything too, we had to be much more commercial. We went kicking and screaming at first but eventually we developed a sound that was our own out of all of those influences, and had great success.
I can't tell you how many big rock stars I’ve met from the 70s, 80s and 90s who tell me how much Paul Revere and The Raiders influenced their own sound and helped give them their edge while they were cutting their teeth in music, That’s something I'm really proud of.
Paul Revere  

Listen to the records and watch the old clips ... sometimes and it's hard to tell Mark Lindsay and Mick Jagger apart!  

These guys ABSOLUTELY belong in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ... it's criminal that they've never even been nominated. And I don't care if you catch the current version of Paul Revere and the Raiders, featuring the craziest guy in rock and roll, Paul Revere, newcomers lead vocalist Darren Dowler and our buddy Tommy Scheckel on drums and long-timers Ron Foos, Danny Krause and Doug Heath ... or former lead vocalist Mark Lindsay, now performing as a solo artist (and stealing the show on The Happy Together Again Tour a couple of years ago, which he joins again in 2013), you really can't go wrong. (kk)

Yesterday we told Forgotten Hits email subscribers about the brand new "Where The Action Is" Tour featuring Paul Revere and the Raiders, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels and The Association.

Here are some of the dates already booked ... with more shows being added all of the time:   
Click here: Paul Revere & The Raiders | Tour Dates   

Mark Lindsay does not have any of his tour dates posted at this time ... and The Happy Together Again schedule for 2013 hasn't officially been released yet ... but you can rest assured that we will share this information with you as soon as it becomes available.

Tomorrow in Forgotten Hits ... those OTHER guys in their revolutionary outfits!!!