Monday, April 1, 2013

We Continue With Our Foolish Ways!!!

Happy April Fool's Day!!!

For the past several years, Forgotten Hits has worked in conjunction with Scott Shannon and The True Oldies Channel, to bring you many of these "foolish" songs every April 1st ... and today is no exception.  

Scott will be featuring "fool" songs throughout the day ... and you can Listen Live here:
Click here: WPLJHD2   

Meanwhile, we'll be digging a little bit deeper here on the website ... and featuring a TON of great fool songs ourselves.  

So check back often ... because we'll be updating the site all day long!!!   

Don't be a fool ... there's no reason to miss ANY of it! Hit your "Refresh" button throughout the day ... or simply come back and visit. Either way, TONS of Fool Tunes for you all day long on The Forgotten Hits Website! (kk)

Here are two GREAT tracks that get virtually NO airplay these days ... 

First, the Chris Rea hit "Fool If You Think It's Over" (#10, 1978) ... 

And then "Once A Fool" by Kiki Dee (#82, 1976 ... but deserving of a far better fate!)