Monday, April 1, 2013

A Couple of Forgotten Hits Favorites

Feeling Foolish Yet???

Here are a couple of my personal favorites ...

First, "I'm A Fool" by Dino, Desi and Billy, their first chart hit from 1965 ...

... And then a tune by Chicago's Ides Of March that absolutely should have been a smash!!!

Recorded in 1967, "My Foolish Pride" never made the pop charts ... and Ides Leader Jim Peterik tells us that he heard it played on Chicago radio exactly once!!!  

(Now that's just wrong!!!)

Quite honestly, I've never heard it played on the radio at all.  In fact, in several different price guides and discographies I've seen over the years, I've seen this title listed as the B-Side of the single ... and couldn't help but wonder if THAT was why the record never made it ... they were pushing the wrong song when the obvious hit was hidden away on the flip side ... 'cause to MY ears, this record has "hit" written all over it!

This was The Ides Of March's first foray into the horn sound ... YEARS before "Vehicle" came out.  To my ears, this track was WAY ahead of its time.

Jim tells us:

Actually it was the A side. I heard it only once on Chicago radio. I believe the flip was Give Your Mind Wings. But you'd know better. Ha! 

Thanks for featuring this lost gem. I was channeling John Lennon here. And it's our first use of brass on a track. 


I totally LOVE this song ... give it a listen and see what you think!  (I think radio missed the boat on this one!)  kk

(And, for the record, yes, "Give Your Mind Wings" WAS the flip side!!!)