Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Couple More Mid-Week Comments

'You Know What I Mean' is a personal fave of mine too!
Hi Kent,  
You Know What I Mean is my Fav Turtles tune also. Elenore  is a great one as well, and I always thought it was done with a giant sense of humor. Sometimes the audience gets the joke.
Here's what I'm hoping happens here ... the mere mention (and featuring) of one of our favorite Turtles songs ... a #12 hit yet largely overlooked by both radio and the band itself ... sparked at least a dozen responses, all singing the praises of this forgotten gem.
MAYBE Howard and Mark will read some of these and think to themselves ... "Well, if the FANS love it, then maybe we should start doing it again" ... I mean it was, after all, a HUGE hit in 1967.
MAYBE (between the now 200+ disc jockeys we have on the list) some of the more ASTUTE ones will think "Wow, CLEARLY this is a fan favorite ... I need to dig that one out and play it again" ... and spark a whole NEW audience to respond in kind, after being treated to this long forgotten track.
Can we change the world?  No, probably not ... but we ARE doing our part to "Save The Oldies" ... even if it's only one song at a time!  (kk)

re:  FIRST 45's:
If you're scoring at home, the first 45 I ever bought - and still have - is Chuck Berry's phenomenal "Rock And Roll Music", purchased when Ike was in office. I still cringe whenever I hear The Beach Boys lame 1976 cover of that song.  But, I break out in hives when I hear the genius of Chuck Berry covering the God-awful "My Ding a Ling."  If someone can explain to me just how the hell that song was the St. Louis Tiger's only number one hit, please contact me on facebook or through Forgotten Hits.
Chet Coppock
>>>In today's FH as well in past FH, one discussed his first 45. Well, this got me to thinking.  Does anyone remember their last 45 they bought?  For example, I can't really remember the last 45 I bought, but it was the year 1989 that I ceased to buy 45 rpm records as we knew them.  I won't go into the reason or reasons why I quit, but to be honest with you, I really haven't missed all that much, in my opinion.  (Larry)
Considering the fact that I am STILL buying 45's at record shows and on ebay, as of right this very minute the last 45 I have bought was a copy of Light Bulb by the Five Kings on the Columbia label. The last "newly pressed" 45 I bought was the song 7 to 10 by a group called The Right Now. The last newly pressed LP I bought was the recently released album, Minute By Minute by the James Hunter Six.
Tom Diehl
I kinda thought the same thing ... I am STILL buying 45's as I need them (but naturally they're all older, original pressings.)  New 45's pretty much ceased to exist (in the mainstream market anyway) in the early '90's.  However, I have bought a couple of "limited edition" new vinyl pressings ... a couple that immediately come to mind were shipped by Rhino in conjunction with the purchase of one of those Monkees collectors CD box sets.  And brand new 45's are being pressed (by some pretty significant artists) each year for "Record Day", too. (kk)
First 45's is clearly one of our most popular features.  You could spend hours (if not DAYS) catching up on some of the postings on our website:
Scott Shannon brought our series to the airwaves a few years ago on The True Oldies Channel ... and we've recently been talking with Lou Simon of Sirius / XM about grabbing the baton and carrying it forward as a brand new feature on "'60's On 6" ... we'll let you know how things develop.  (We've also put together a Fourth of July Special for the station ... more details to come.)  Meanwhile, keep watching the website for news on how YOU can get a 30-Day Free Trial to Sirius / XM Satellite Radio.  More variety ... and no commercials ... and music dedicated to the decade WE love most (along with hundreds of OTHER channels to choose from, too!)  Stay tuned!  (kk)
I listened to Boss Radio a few different times throughout the day and really did enjoy it. It somewhat reminded me of when I lived in Milwaukee back in the sixties. Late at night if you turned the transistor radio just the right way you could pick up WLS.  We had WOKY in Milwaukee but we thought we were in the big time listening to WLS. Based on what you write about WLS now I guess it's greatness is a thing of the past ... good times.
Between Boss Radio and Rewound Radio, we've been in oldies heaven of late.  I had Rewound Radio on at work the other day and the whole office was jammin'!   And Boss Radio makes for an interesting substitute.  And of course I'm always switching over to Scott Shannon's True Oldies Channel, too.  (Now if I can get XM60's back on my computer, life will almost be tolerable again!)  kk
Another great internet radio station is They play a lot of songs I haven't heard in years. KYA is one of the Top 40 stations I grew up with in the Bay Area back in the day.
Thanks for all your hard work, Kent!
Hi Kent,
I am so enjoying Rewound Radio.  Thank you so much for introducing me to that fabulous station.
The day I ask you to stop sending me your list is the day they put the wreath on the door
Take care,
Rockin' Lord Geoff