Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Sunday Comments ( 06 - 09 - 13 )

Wow! Chet was much nicer than others have been to the Stones on this tour.   
The clips I've heard were awful. Their selection of special guests hasn't been so great either, Taylor Swift?  
I won't say she's not talented, but musically she just doesn't complement what The Stones do.  
I don't know if Lisa Fischer is in on Gimme Shelter, but if so I would have thought she'd be a highlight.   
I saw the Steel Wheels tour and they really were great on that one.  

Hi Kent -  
I didn't get to see the Rolling Stones but my best friend did and she said they were GREAT!!!!!  
I love all their songs but especially two that are almost forgotten:  
Its All Over Now  (Which they do on the TAMI Show DVD ... and ... 
The Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man  (B side of Satisfaction!)  
The Best Rock and Roll Band in the History of Rock and Roll!!!   
(Would even be better if Brian Jones was still alive to play with them.) 
"The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man" is one of my favorites, too ... a pretty insightful piece for this early in their musical career.  Were The Stones really already this jaded by 1965???  (Now I gotta hear it again!)  kk

And of course everyone remembers Jagger's famous quote from 1969: "I'd rather be dead than doing 'Satisfaction' when I'm 40."  Oh how our perspectives change!!  
David Lewis  

Kent -  
You're making me feel old! Chet Coppock was one year behind me at our High School! Chester The Jester!
Best regards, 
Rich Silverman  

I'll bet Chet had a great time at the show ... this is a guy who knows how to have a good time!  And clearly he's quite the music fan.  I remember YEARS ago he was always going out to the clubs to check out all of the music acts playing the Chicago scene.  Seeing the Stones 17 times?  I wonder how often he bought his own ticket!
Say what you will, this guy is a MAJOR music fan ... and over the years he's seen it all!  I think he put an interesting spin of his concert review ... heard from several people who really enjoyed it.  (kk)  

re:  ON THE RADIO:  
If it's the second Wednesday of the month (June 12), it's time for Randy on the Radio, 8 - 9 p.m. ET on Top Shelf Oldies ( It's a veritable plethora of uncommon oldies, including several rare stereo tracks, a Mystery Oldie, and a '70s Double Play, with two songs you might not have heard in over 35 years! 
Previous shows are archived at  
– Randy Price  

I passed on your kind comments about Rewound Radio to Allan Sniffen, who responded right way. 
See below:
Thanks, Ian.
I think one reason we have many lesser known hits is that I take requests seriously. When a listener asks for something we don't already have, I try to track it down and then add it to the playlist. As time goes by, the list of songs I've added has grown considerably. So, really, it's due to the listeners themselves!
-- Allan
Love your website!! 
Ian Berger
Thanks, Ian ... one could turn deserves another.  And imagine that ... LISTENERS suggesting the music that they'd really most like to hear ... and a radio station RESPONDING to that by giving the listeners what they ask for.  Man, what a concept.  (Wish I would have thought of that ... FOURTEEN YEARS AGO!!!)
I can't stress it enough ... radio is missing the boat on being viable again by not taking the blinders off.  Why are music fans turning to the Internet for music instead listening to their radios?  Variety.  Why are people shelling out close to $20 per month for satellite radio like Sirius / XM?  Because they can zero in on EXACTLY the kind of music they want to hear without having to put up with all of the monotonous repeats.  (Somebody at work told me the other day how much they've grown to hate the song "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison, a former favorite, just because of complete radio saturation.  As most of you know, this song has always been one of my pet peeves, too ... I used to LOVE this song ... now it's become one of my fastest button-pushers.  He ventured to guess that somewhere in the world every minute of every day, 24/7, 365 days a year, "Brown Eyed Girl" is playing SOMEWHERE ... if you had the time and resources, you could literally listen to it 24 hours a day for the rest of a lifetime.  Now I don't know if it's quite THAT bad ... and I'm sure that  this is certainly good news for Van Morrision in the way of royalty checks! ... but for God's sake, give it a rest!!!  Give us a chance to breath and we might actually start to ENJOY the song again!!!)  kk    

I've been reading Paul Anka's biography "My Way" and came across this passage near the end of the book.  I couldn't have said it better myself (and have said virtually the exact same thing hundreds of times over the years):
Rap is the first pop music to come along without a melody.  What bothers me is this:  if you don't have melody, you don't have memory.  For instance, if you took over a big banquet hall and put a whole bunch of people in it, and you played the songs of the '50's, '60's and '70's, and said "EV-rybody sing!", most people could sing along with a pop song of the day.  But if you did the same thing with the rap records of today and said "EV-rybody sing!", I don't know how many would be able to do that.  There would be dead silence.  (Or am I just being an old fogey?) 
It's a good biography but I often felt like Paul was rewriting history here and there.  To hear him tell it, he's been the Forest Gump of pop music for the past five decades ... any place ANYTHING was going on or happening, he seems to have been involved in some fashion.  From Elvis and Buddy Holly to JFK and The Beatles ... from billionaire Kings, Princes and land developers like Steve Wynn and Donald Trump to Michael Jackson, Michael Buble and Princess Diana.  (In all fairness, the man DID write Holly's hit "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" and the Sinatra signature tune "My Way" ... so clearly there was SOME type of connection here ... I just felt while reading this that they were all played up just a little bit more than what otherwise might pose for reality.)  
It's his run with The Rat Pack (and some of his  Vegas mobster stories) that have been getting most of the press ... and there's some real "inside" stuff here ... but why are we just first hearing about his ties to these guys now?  Seems to me that if all these guys were as tight as he says they were, we would have seen Anka photographed with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. countless times over the years ... and this simply wasn't the case.  (In fact, so much time is spent talking about Sinatra that at times it seems like Paul is writing HIS biography instead of his own!)  It's hard to believe that Anka (nearly half the age of Ol' Blue Eyes, Dino and Sammy) would have been accepted as part of that inner circle.  And history has determined that the pop star MOST associated with the Vegas scene in the early '60's was Bobby Darin ... HE'S the guy who went "all Sinatra" on us ... I don't recall ever hearing anything about Paul Anka's Vegas stretch that early in his career.  (And apples to apples, Sinatra most definitely did not allow Darin into that inner circle ... in fact he pretty much despised him, once calling himself a "saloon singer" and referring to Bobby as the guy who "sings my prom dates".)
But all this being said, I have to admit that I did enjoy it and found it to be an interesting read.  (Paul's a bit of a name-dropper ... ya think?!?!? ... and virtually EVERY person he's connected with in his lifetime seems to have been his oldest, closest and dearest friend) ... but he's still a good storyteller and you'll find yourself repeating many of his tales to friends, family and fellow music fans again and again.  
I've always liked Anka's music and feel that he's one of those "unsung heroes" from the early days of rock and roll.  (Like virtually every other Canadian artist, Paul is conspicuously absent from The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, despite 33 Top 40 Hits spread over the '50's, '60's, '70's and '80's.)
Here's one of MY favorites ... "Do I Love You" only got to #38 nationally ... (it didn't even climb that high in Billboard, stalling at #53) ... but was a #8 here in Chicago on the WCFL Chart.  (kk)

re:  FIRST 45's:
In today's FH as well in past FH, one discussed his first 45. Well, this got me to thinking.
Does anyone remember their last 45 they bought?  For example, I can't really remember the last 45 I bought, but it was the year 1989 that I ceased to buy 45 rpm records as we knew them.  I won't go into the reason or reasons why I quit, but to be honest with you, I really haven't missed all that much, in my opinion.
Probably not ... discovering this music was far more exciting and interesting than abandoning!  (lol)  I don't think radio realizes how much those early moments meant to us ... if they did, they would do a FAR better job of rekindling those memories.  Doesn't matter if it was The Beatles or Elvis who first made you run out to the record shop ... or an uncharted hit like the Johnny Madara track we featured the other day ... this music MEANT something to us ... and left us with a last impression (not to mention a lifetime of memories.)  It's that narrow-minded, tunnel-vision programming that has made radio the stagnant mess it is today.  Program to your audience ... there are already enough radio clones on the dial!  (kk)  

By the way, watch for more "First 45's" News coming soon!   

You've probably seen the news that Jim Sundquist of the Fendermen died on 6/4 at age 75.
Gary E. Myers / MusicGem  
Jim Sundquist, Minnesota musician behind "Muleskinner Blues," dies
Jim Sundquist, one-half of the Madison, Wisconsin duo, the Fendermen (with Phil Humphrey), died Tuesday (June 4) of cancer at his home in Fairfax, Minnesota. He was 75. The University of Wisconsin students reached reached #5 in 1960 with their version of "Muleskinner Blues", but the follow-up, "Don't You Just Know It," only topped at #110 that year. Jim went on to spend 20 years as the Music And Art Therapist at Redeemer Residence in Minneapolis.
Ron Smith
In hindsight it's hard to believe that a song like this could get to #5 on the charts ... but back then it was "anything goes" ... and this one sure stood out from the crowd.  Give a listen.  (kk)
Some Beach Boys news from our FH Buddy David Beard, Editor and Publisher of "Endless Summer Quarterly" ...    

Wilson has invited Al Jardine and David Marks to play on the new LP ... and they will also join him for some upcoming live appearances:   
July 20 – Atlantic City, NY  
The Grand @ The Golden Nugget  
July 21 – Pittsburgh, PA  
Stage AE—Outdoor Stage  
July 23 – Interlochen, MI   
Kresge Auditorium  
July 25 – Kettering, OH  
Fraze Pavilion 
July 26 – Highland Park, IL  
Ravinia Festival 
July 27 – Apple Valley, MINN  
Weesner Family Amphitheatre 
Oct 20 – Los Angeles  
Greek Theatre  

re:  THIS AND THAT:     
Coming soon:  We're down to just a matter of weeks now before Joel Whitburn's latest revision to his all-time best seller "Top Pop Singles" hits the streets.  (This will be the 14th Edition of this Music Bible and will now cover the primary rock years, 1955 - 2012.)  In addition, it also boasts several new features ... like the songwriters for every Billboard Chart Hit ... and a complete list of Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees and Inductees ... and much, much more.Order your copy now through The Record Research Website : Click here: Top Pop Singles 1955-2012 | Joel Whitburn's Record Research  

More details below:   

Songwriter(s) and B-sides of every song!  
• A return to true chronological order for artist discographies
• A streamlined approach to the listing of “Featured artists • More classic non-Hot 100 songs 
• Chronological and alphabetical listings of all Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees (not just the inductees) 
• Over 500 new artist photos from picture sleeves, cassette and CD covers 
• New clover symbol indicates if artist had at least 24 hits and is in our "24 Club."

Chronicles the more than 8,600 artists and nearly 42,000 songs over six decades that ever appeared on Billboard magazine's early pop singles charts (Best Seller, Disc Jockey, Juke Box, Top 100), "Hot 100," Bubbling Under the Hot 100, Breakout, Territorial, and Hot 100 Airplay charts PLUS thousands of non-charted classics.

ESSENTIAL CHART DATA ... Peak chart position, chart debut date, total weeks charted, total weeks at #1, #2 or #3, original label and number - and much more! All hits are listed under their artist in chronological order. 

INVALUABLE INFO ... Main section of this edition includes pre-1955 artists and songs that contributed to the very roots of rock and roll, such as Roy Brown's "Good Rockin' Tonight" from 1948 and Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats' "Rocket "88" from 1951! Rock & roll EP's and their chart data is shown from Billboard's 1957-1960 "Best Selling Pop EP's” chart; among these are collectable EP's by Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Elvis Presley and The Everly Brothers.

ACCURATE ARTIST FACTS ... Updated artists' bios, photos, Decade and All-Time rankings, Grammy, Billboard, Rolling Stone and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awards!

NEW “FEAT.” LISTING … “Featured” artists are accorded the same billing as “guest” artists of the past, so a song on which an artist is simply “featured” is now shown only under its lead artist. For example, Lil Wayne’s chart listing now shows his 53 hits as the lead artist and below his bio is a new “FEAT.” listing that references the lead artists of the 84 hits on which he was featured.

FIND-IT-FAST FEATURES ... Top hit by an artist with 10 or more hits is underlined. / All Top 10 titles are shaded. / #1 hits have a special peak position symbol. / Gold and Platinum recordings are indicated with symbols. / Hot 100 Airplay hits show a special bracketed symbol. / Label configurations, such as cassettes, CDs, 45s, 12” records and picture sleeves all have a column with bold symbols. / Letter symbols indicate Instrumental, Christmas, Live, Reissued recordings, etc.

#1 symbols are shown for any title that hit #1 on these other charts: R&B, Country, Rock and Adult Contemporary!

All #1 Hits listed chronologically
PLUS Major Awards, Top 200 Honor Roll Of Hits, A-Z Song Title Section, Top Artist Achievements, Top 500 Artists Ranking -- And Much, Much More!   

Don't miss out ... order YOUR copy today!  (kk)

Looks like a few of our local heroes are available in short supply again at Sundazed.  I spent many exciting hours working on many many of these on a five days or less time limit often!  Once contracts are signed, things move quickly, I'm afraid.  Anyway, many of these are VERY dear to my heart and the prices are VERY nice!!
Check them out here:  
Clark Besch 

The brand new "RETROPHONIC 4" CD by Davie Allan & The Arrows is such a tonic of refreshing serum for the Forgotten Hits audience.  You will feel young again with it playing as it wipes away time barriers and catapults the listener into many eras.
Twenty-five tunes and you will not find a better record of diversity and talent out there unless it's his other three in this Retrophonic series.
The first sixteen tunes are guitar driven instrumentals.
The next nine feature vocals.
I urge your readers to buy this directly from Davie and get it signed.
I can assure you if you don't get this CD then you are missing out!
Track nineteen is an infectious groove not far of kin from The Archies and sure to take you back to when you stacked your 45's on a spindle and let the bubblegum pop!
Request for Davie Allan to sign your CD!
"RETROPHONIC 4 - Davie Allan & The Arrows" -   $10.00   (Includes U.S. Shipping & Handling)
P.O. Box 5378
Oceanside, CA 92052
Thanks ...
Boobie Van Houten
OK, now I've just GOT to hear Track 19!  (lol)
And, thanks to Davie Allan, we can ALL enjoy it!  Not at all what you'd expect from "The King Of Fuzz" ... a VERY catchy pop tune with another Davie vocal.  Give a listen ...  it's a fun tune. Full ordering information can be found above.

Thanks Kent!
My friend / fan Boobie has a been reviewing the album one tune at a time and he figured the one attached could have been a "forgotten hit". Just so you know, this isn't really an oldie. It's a re-write of an old song (that I co-wrote) but with some new lyrics and a brand new vocal and mix.
Here's "Those Little Things" from "Retrophonic 4".  

Thanks again, 


Rock Star Guitars From Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Jack White and Many More Featured in Exquisite New Art Book 108 Rock Star Guitars By Photographer / Author Lisa S. Johnson with Foreword by Les Paul  (A Portion of Proceeds To Benefit The Les Paul Foundation)    
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“I remember the first black-and-white pictures Lisa took of my guitars … they were wonderfully evocative,” writes the late legendary musician and inventor Les Paul in the book’s foreword. “I never could have guessed that she would one day produce the extensive, impressive collection of photographs presented here — images unlike any I have ever seen. Lisa’s passion for her subject is evident on every page of this magnificent book.”
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Two other totally "Forgotten (Summer) Hits" ...
Well, OK, Kent, maybe "hits" is too strong, but both of these -- one by Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon himself and one by the Four Preps -- deserve their brief moment in the (summer) sun.
I'm talking about "What's Gonna Happen When the Summer's Done," a 1962 Cannon song that reached No. 45.

And great harmonies from the Preps on "Lazy Summer Night," a 1958 song from -- believe it or not -- the last Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) movie. It hit No. 21.
Both have some fun lyrics and -- hmmm, how strange -- both mention "parking" as one of their favorite summer activities!  

Mr. Cannon: 
What's gonna happen
When the summer's done
When there's no more
Parties and no more fun  

Will I still be number one
When the summer's done
Drive-in movies, then we park
Kissing and a hugging in the dark
Down to the soda shop, meet the crowd
Dancing to the jukebox playing loud ...

And the Preps:
It's such a lazy summer night
There's not a moving thing in sight
It's all so quiet
No riot
Why even in the thicket
Mr. Cricket's slowing down ...

Hey take a look at all those other cars
They're parked here just like ours
To count the stars above
It seems we're not alone
I guess I should have known
Romance runs high
The last two weeks in July
-- Don Effenberger 

The mention of Bob Lind reminded me of something that was really stumping me a few years ago.
When the Plain White T's came out with the song "Hey There Delilah", it just bugged me every time I heard that song. I KNEW that song from somewhere, at least the opening of it, yet I couldn't remember what other song it reminded me of. I'm sure we've all had that happen at some point.  
Finally it clicked in my mind. The opening of "Hey There Delilah" reminded me of a song by Bob Lind that got some airplay in Chicago on WCFL, but I don't think charted here, called "Remember The Rain". A song that I feel should have gone higher than it did. 
Play the beginnings of both songs and you'll see. They aren't exact, but awful close, close enough that it triggered a memory in my head from long ago. Or maybe it's just me. They sure sound a lot closer to me than "My Sweet Lord" sounds to "He's So Fine".     
Hey There Delilah
Remember The Rain
We haven't heard much from former Journey lead singer Steve Perry of late ... with Journey songs more popular than ever, this is really a shame ... not to mention the fact that one of the greatest voices in rock history has been sitting silent for decades now ... so it was a bit of surprise to see this news item the other day.  Click here: Ex-Journey Singer Steve Perry Reveals Relationship, Cancer Scare in Touching Blog Post | Stop The Presses! (NEW) -
Kent --
I've been reading FH since 2004, and a lot of the things you've done have gotten fuzzy (kind of like the 70s, heh) and I don't recall when you last did a feature on novelty records. I bring it up because I found one I'd never heard of, "Close the Door" by Jim Lowe (1955), who had another and way more famous "door" song with "Green Door" in 1956. It's very silly, and reminiscent of "The Thing" as done by Phil Harris in 1950. It's also the only record I've ever heard where a squeaky dog toy is one of the instruments.
It makes me wonder what other silly stuff is buried down at the bottom of the Billboard charts. I have a special affection for novelty records, as it was "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" that led me to rock radio when I was 11. Wally Phillips played it on WGN, which the kitchen radio was always tuned to. My friends said I could hear it more often on WLS. The rest is history.
-- 73 --
-- Jeff Duntemann
   Colorado Springs, Colorado

I've always been a big novelty fan, too ... had a pretty extensive collection (and listened to the Dr. Demento show quite faithfully for years!)  Novelty hits always did very well here in Chicago, with lots of chart-toppers along the way.  (Typically these don't last on the charts for very long ... once the "novelty" wears off, they pretty much fade away ... but some have truly stood the test of time.)  Who knows ... maybe that'll be our next poll ... All-Time Favorite Novelty Songs!!!  (kk)

Talking about bizarre, rare novelty songs, here's one I haven't featured in ages ... a #23 Hit here in Chicago in 1967 by Bent Bolt that never even charted nationally ... "The Mechanical Man"!  (By the way, although the WLS Silver Dollar Survey showed the artist for this song as "Ben Bolt" for a least a week or two ... and Ron Smith's book lists him as the same ... the ACTUAL 45 was released by BENT Bolt (and the Nuts) ... another clever "mechanical" tie-in.  Here's a copy of that rare picture sleeve, part of my collection for YEARS!!!)   

More information to digest ... I've read in a couple of places that the artist who recorded this song was actually Teddy Randazzo, who had already placed a few records on the WLS Chart under his own name ... perhaps helping his cause in getting this oddity aired at the station.  (The fact that this single was released on the MGM Record Label helps lend some credence to this supposition ... although it's still kinda hard to believe that the guy who wrote classics like "Goin' Out Of My Head" and "Hurt So Bad" for Little Anthony and the Imperials would also come up with this bit of dreck!  lol)  kk

#1 WCBS-FM Groupie (and FH Reader) Frank B sent us this link for their latest piece ... spotlighting "The Five Most Memorable Performances From The Ed Sullivan Show" ...  
Click here: 5 Most Memorable Performances From The Ed Sullivan Show « WCBS-FM 101.1
Gee ... why didn't I think of that ... TWENTY MONTHS AGO!!!?!?!?  (In fact, we had Andrew Solt himself pick his Top Ten Favorite and Most Important Music Moments!)  You can review that entire series ... or simply read our interview with Andrew ... and read the memories of several of the performers who appeared on Ed's show ... via the links below.
(Actually June 6th was the anniversary of the final Ed Sullivan Show broadcast back in 1971 ... so it DOES kinda make sense!)
To catch the ENTIRE Ed Sullivan Series, scroll or click back to October 30, 2011 and carry forward through November 21st ... TONS of Ed Sullivan highlights, memories, interviews, video clips and more!  (kk)
Our Exclusive Interview with Andrew Solt:  Click here: Forgotten Hits - Forgotten Hits Interviews Andrew Solt   

Forgotten Hits is closing in on its two millionth view!!!!!  We're now less than 10,000 views away from passing this MAJOR milestone ... so thank you, thank you, thank you again for your continued support and the great word of mouth.  New folks are discovering us every single day ... and many of you have singled us out as the #1 source for oldies music today.  (We couldn't have done it without you!)  kk

I have absolutely NO idea how THIS one got stuck in my head the other day ... I'll bet I haven't heard it on the radio in thirty years ... but I'm posting it today to drive you guys crazy, too!  (kk) 

Another legitimate Top 20 Hit (#11 in Record World ... and #4 here in Chicago ... and a #2 Smash back home in Jolly Old England!) that radio has COMPLETELY ignored for decades.  Even stranger in light of the fact that the group Hotlegs ultimately evolved into 10cc, who had a few MAJOR hits in the '70's ... you'd think radio would play it if only for THAT reason and interesting tidbit.  That being said, when's the last time YOU heard "Neanderthal Man"???  (In hindsight it's almost "Tusk"-like, isn't it???)  kk