Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Of The Monkees

Looks like some of our readers agreed with our analysis of the shoddy publicity piece written for The Monkees' appearance at the Westbury Music Fair ...    

Kint Cotell,
Eye don't sea what you're beef iz about the pre-show monkeys revue pres report ewe listed on the Eastberry Music Fare.  After reading itt, itt looked all rite too me. Sew what if Clarkesville waz miss-spelled? A lot of peeple put inn the extra L.
Eye will addmit that he miss-spelled Mikeal's last name. Your rite inn that itt should have been Nazzsmith. Everyone knew that he later wood form his own group Nazz.
Eye wood rite moore but eye have too go too the malebox. Eye am xpecting and mportint invelope inn the male. Itt iz my degree I urned online from a collage back east that speciaizes in formall witting.
Larry, er, Lary

This is a parody, right? Somebody didn't actually get paid for writing this ... there are so many spelling, grammatical and factual errors I lost count. On the bright side, this will now become infamous as I have shared this dreck all over Facebook.  
Jennifer Newton  

I'm so happy that the three Monkees minus Peter Tork, who left in 2001, will be there. Can't wait to see Davy! YES! Jennifer Winkle

This is the funniest thing I've read all day, but it's quite an embarrassment for this venue. None of The Monkees songs were called, ‘Hey hey, we are the Monkees’, ‘A manufactured image’, ‘You know we love to Please’ and ‘No Philosiphies’ ... and in case you need it spelled out, Davy Jones passed away in February of last year. 
Nicole Fisher

Westbury's current name incorporates that of a bank with offices all over NYC and Long Island ... maybe someone from said bank wrote the review?  :-P

If I were the Monkees, I wouldn't "Hey, Hey" after that paragraph.  Now I just feel AWFUL!  Based on that writing, my 4th and 5th graders deserved better grades.
if I were the Monkeys i woun't Hay Hay after that pairofgraphs.   
Shelley J. Sweet-Tufano   

And, last but not least ...   

Friends don't let friends drink and write.
Jennifer Hill Corley   

There's no Chicagoland stop for this year's Monkees tour ... so we have to live vicariously through those who were there.  FH Reader Tom Cuddy just sent us this AMAZING behind-the-scenes photo diary from their recent appearance at The Westbury Music Fair (lampooned above) and I even copped a couple of these photos to use on the website!!!  GREAT stuff ... check it out here:

Along with a favorite, forgotten Nez tune ... his biggest solo hit.  (#13, 1970)