Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Helping Out Our Readers

Hi!  Cool blog.   
You guys have any info on JIM CAMPBELL = LIGHTS OF TUCSON?  GREAT SONG!  
Kind Regards
Terry Kerr

According to Joel Whitburn's book Jim Campbell's "The Lights Of Tucson" was a minor hit in 1970 ... spent two weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart but only made it up to #93.  I'm not familiar with the tune at all ... but maybe some of our other readers can share some more information.  (kk)

Hey Kent,
I have a list of "hero" singers, from Gene Pitney to Mel Torme'. Right there in the middle is Bobbie Smith, The Spinners' baritone lead singer. To me, his voice was as smooth as glass. When I hear "I'll Be Around", "Could it Be I'm Falling in Love", and "Games People Play", I study how he had such a "clean" sound. I saw The Spinners in concert a few years ago, and was hoping they'd come out after the show to sign autographs, but it didn't happen. I wanted to tell him how he possessed such a great vocal instrument. I just found out that he passed away, a few months ago. Nothing was said about him in the media. Did I miss something in "Forgotten Hits"?
- John LaPuzza
Smith died in March of this year.  He was the one original Spinners who was there from the beginning.  Here is a nice tribute article I found in The New York Times ... 
Click here: Bobbie Smith, Voice of the Spinners, Dies at 76 - NYTimes.com  
For the record, we mentioned it on March 21st (the very next day) and included a Detroit News article submitted by Tom Cuddy.   

>>>Back in HS ('64 - '68) I could go to the on-campus Youth Center and have lunch.  Eventually, I noticed on the juke box "Ain't Nobody Who Can Do It Like Leslie Can" by Paul Revere and the Raiders.  It wasn't a real winner, but I played it a lot (apparently I was the only one who did), and finally the manager got tired of it and rejected it.  I never did notice what the flip side was.  Can you tell me?   (Skipper)
>>>The track comes from The Raiders' "Revolution" album ... but I don't show it ever appearing on a single. (Maybe it was on a jukebox EP???)  kk
 >>>For the Raiders Juke box player. I did see that the flip side of “Ups And Downs” is called “Leslie” ... maybe that’s what he played.  (Ken Freck)
>>>Hmmm ... I didn't see that one ... but you may be right. Anybody have a copy of the single who can say for sure?  (Although no one officially got back to us about playing the B-Side of the Paul Revere and the Raiders hit "Ups And Downs", titled simply as "Leslie" on the label, a quick glance at their "Revolution" album cover indicates that this is, in fact, the same song questioned by one of our readers a week or two back.  Check it out  (kk):
I agree. Leslie was the B side of Ups And Downs, and was just a shortened title of the same song that appeared on the album. The song is on the Complete Columbia Singles collection under the name Leslie. Tom Diehl

>>>The other day I heard "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" and it reminded me of something that Bob Slade mentioned years ago on his WRKS 98.7 - New York Sunday night "Soul Beginnings" show. He said that the original recording of the James Brown was actually 'sped up', when it was released as a single. Was wondering if you are familiar with the story and does anyone have the 'slow' version that we might be able to hear? Thanks!    (John)  
>>>I did a little bit of digging around on this but didn't really come up with much.  However the B-Side of that single (Part II) definitely has a slower feel to it ... I wonder if this is how the whole song originally started out. Anybody know for sure?  (kk)
Somehow I missed this when it made it to the website (I was out of town that weekend). Yes, the hit recording was sped up. I'm sending you an mp3 of the entire recording (3 parts) at its originally recorded speed. 
Tom Diehl 
So in answer to the age-old James Brown question, "Ain't It Funky Now", the answer is apparently "No ... not enough" ... so the track was sped up (and then became a Top Ten Single in 1965).  One of James' best ... a rock / soul / funk classic.  Interesting to hear the original mix.  Thanks, Tom!  (kk)

Hey Kent,  
I've got a big favor to ask you if you have the time to do it!!! I was talking to my neighbor and Herb Alpert came up. He said he always like him. I told him I would make a CD for him.  Well, I have no idea what happened to my Alpert Cd's ... I must have lent them to someone and never got 'em back.  I was wondering if you had any of the following songs that you could e-mail me so I could save it to a file and make a CD.  
I know of one album / CD that you most likely own ... LOL
* Whipped Cream
* Spanish Flea
* Tijuana Taxi
* A Taste of Honey
* I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (this has always been my fave by him ... I love that Dixieland jazz ending)
* Girl From Ipanema
* Zorba The Greek
* Love Potion #9
If you could do any of those it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Mertes
I was able to fill all of Mike's requests from what I had on my computer with the exception of two tunes.  (I probably had about nine Herb Alpert CD's myself but recently sold all but one ... yeah, you guys know WHICH one ... a short while back to get some quick cash.)  I found "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" available through both iTunes and Amazon.com ... but couldn't locate "The Girl From Impanema" as a download on either service.  Maybe one of our readers can provide and MP3 so Mike can complete his disk project???  (kk) 
Here's an interview I found with Herb Alpert on the CBS Sunday Morning Show ... It's a good interview.  (I didn't know he was Jewish!!!)  
I remember my Ma liking Herb Alpert.  Thanks for the downloads they sound great!!!! That's some good stuff.  
Did you ever think about doing a "Great Horn Songs" piece on FH? And by horn songs I don't mean "Horn Dog" ... LOL!!! There are soooo many great horn songs and horn filler songs. The Alpert stuff is great. You've got Sinatra and Martin songs with great horns ... etc. etc.
I heard Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" the other day. Quincy Jones did a fine job of producing that song / album and the horn fillers fit in perfect!!!
If you could put it out on "Helping The Readers" segment for the others, that would be great.  I'm sure you'll get responses.   
Thanks for your help!!!