Friday, September 27, 2013

On With The Countdown!

Picking up the countdown at #60 ...

#60 - Mother-In-Law - Ernie K-Doe  (1961)
We TOLDJA it was coming!!!

#59 - It's My Party - Lesley Gore  (1963)
We featured Lesley at the beginning of the week with her 1967 Hit "California Nights" ... but THIS is the one that started it all.

#58 - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Neil Sedaka  (1962)
Covered by any number of artists over the years, Neil even remade this one himself ... and scored a hit all over again as a slowed-down ballad.

#57 - Travelin' Man - Rick Nelson  (1961)
Thought by many to be the first rock-and-roll video, Rick's "travelogue" went right to the top of the charts in 1961.

#56 - Go Away Little Girl - Steve Lawrence  (1963)
Steve and Eydie probably appealed more to our parents than to us teenagers ... but he sure scored a big, teen-aged-size hit with THIS one in 1963!

#55 - Mashed Potato Time - Dee Dee Sharp  (1962)
An inspiring tune (especially if you're Bobby "Boris" Pickett)!!!

#54 - Walk Like A Man - The Four Seasons  (1963)
These Jersey Boys went right to #1 with their first three single releases ... and ALL of those were big enough to make this special countdown. 

#53 - Blue Moon - The Marcels  (1961) 
Doo-Wop at its finest ... these guys dug out an old chestnut and gave it a whole new spin ... and ended up with the #1 Record in the Country!

#52 - Take Good Care Of My Baby - Bobby Vee  (1961)
Another hit for this teen idol.

#51 - My Boyfriend's Back - The Angels  (1963)
This one sounds just as good today as it did 50 years ago coming out of your radio!

#50 - Michael - The Highwaymen  (1961)
More from the folk era.

#49 - The Stripper - The David Rose Orchestra  (1962)
Take it off ... take it ALL off.  This has gotta be one of the greatest instrumentals of all time!

#48 - Limbo Rock - Chubby Checker  (1962)
Chubby has a few dance hits on the countdown ... and this one comes in at #48.  How low can you go???

#47 - Sukiyaki - Kyu Sakamoto  (1963)
Clearly a Forgotten Hits Favorite, we've featured the song (and the story behind it) numerous times over the years in Forgotten Hits.

#46 - Greenfields - The Brothers Four  (1960)
Sounding a bit dated, it's hard to imagine having the patience to sit through this slow-paced gem even then ... but it was a HUGE hit for these guys.

#45 - Exodus - Ferrante and Teicher  (1961)
A big movie theme hit (for the masters of music theme hits!)

#44 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Tokens  (1961)
One of those songs that'll never die ... remade by Robert John in the '70's, "The Lion King" in the '90's and N*Sync in the '00's ... is there ANYBODY on the planet who doesn't know (and sing along with) this one???

#43 - I Will Follow Him - Little Peggy March  (1963)
Peggy was only fifteen years old when this one topped the charts back in 1963! 

(Killing two birds with one stone on this one ... since we've featured "Sukiyaki" SO many times before in Forgotten Hits, we're giving you this very special version of "I Will Follow Him" by Little Peggy March ... sung half in English and half in Japanese!!!  Now where else are you gonna hear THIS kind of stuff?!?!?)

#42 - Return To Sender - Elvis Presley  (1962)
Still one of my all-time favorites by The King.

#41 - Teen Angel - Mark Dinning  (1960)
One of the earliest ... and biggest ... teen tragedy songs.

More tomorrow ... as our very special countdown hits The Top 40!