Monday, September 23, 2013

Six Degrees Of Separation - Gotham Style

So a couple of weekends ago, I was flipping thru the channels and I found that MeTV was running an entire one-hour, complete episode of "Batman", the television series ... and not only that, but it was the one that features Lesley Gore as one of Catwoman's hench-ladies ... the episode where Lesley sings her latest hit "California Nights" ... which just happens to be one of Frannie's all-time favorite songs.   Naturally, I had to watch the whole thing.  

Catwoman (at this stage of the series anyway ... they ultimately went thru THREE!!!) was still being portrayed by the lovely Julie Newmar ... which got me to thinking about this whole Six Degrees of Separation thing.  Heck, this one was so easy, it literally wrote itself!!!  In fact, I got TWICE that far with The Caped Crusader.  I finally stopped at a Baker's Dozen!!!  (lol)  

Which means that today, we've got THIRTEEN GREAT TRACKS ... for your listening enjoyment and befuddlement!!!  (kk)


How's this for starters ...CALIFORNIA NIGHTS by Lesley Gore, who portrayed Pussycat, one of Catwoman's hench-women in the "That Darn Catwoman" episode.



And then, how about WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT and "JULIE DO YA LOVE ME" ... along with a vintage shot of me, my daughter Kris and Julie Newmar herself!!!

Many will argue that the best part about Batman was the villains ... so let's salute a few of them right now ...

You just heard "EARTH ANGEL" by THE PENGUINS. "THE JOKER" by THE STEVE MILLER BAND, "TWO FACES HAVE I" by LOU CHRISTIE, "SWEETS FOR MY SWEET" by THE RIDDLES and "POISON IVY" by THE COASTERS.  (OK, OK, I'll admit that a couple of these are a bit of a stretch ... but we made it work!!!)

And let's not forget about Batman's sidekick, The Boy Wonder!

Was I a Batman fan?  You betcha!

Don't believe me???

Check out my Grade School Graduation Picture!!!

I never quite got this next one ... but it works for me ... and, incredibly, this was a Top 20 Hit in 1967!

That was Whistling Jack Smith ... who was, of course, Kaiser Bill's Batman.

And let's not forget THESE two!!!

There's your Six Degrees ... or would that be THIRTEEN Degrees ... of Separation ... Gotham Style!!!