Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Sunday Comments ( 12 - 01 - 13 )

OMG ... is it REALLY December already?!?!?  Yikes!!!

Hoping everybody had a great Thanksgiving Weekend ... as we roll back into the world of oldies music!

Last week marked the 14th Anniversary of Forgotten Hits ... due to a number of things going on here behind the scenes, we elected to celebrate without much fanfare ... but I did want to thank ALL of you for your continued support ... it truly does mean a lot.

And now, on with the show ... kicking off with what can only be called a bit of surprising (and disturbing) news ...

I've been seeing news this morning that the Rascals Broadway, NYC reunion tour is cancelled. I couldn't help but think that horrible review in FH caused the cancellation. Just kidding, Kent. I really appreciate your total honesty in reporting your own experience.  
David Lewis 
OK, I have to admit that THIS one was a bit of a shocker ... the return engagement of The Rascals on Broadway has been BIG news for weeks now ... so this news comes completely unexpected.   
(As for the review ... come on ... I don't think it was THAT horrible, was it?!?!?)  
I think it's a real shame when you can't point out your true feelings without being criticized for doing so ... it certainly wasn't meant to be hurtful in any way ... I just felt that The Rascals had given up their "soul" ... the very thing that made them great ... to instead appear as Little Steven's vision of how HE felt they should be perceived.  It took NOTHING away from the music ... it's as great as ever ... my objection was simply to the way it was presented.  
While I'm pretty confident that nothing I said or did had ANYTHING at all to do with this decision (quick, paranoid spin to look over my shoulder!), I am curious to know what did ... who knows, maybe some of my observations were more "on the money" than some of you gave them credit for.  
Naturally, there's all kind of speculation sprinkled all over the web ... everything from "they must be fighting amongst themselves again" to "I believe one of them is battling an illness" to "it's all due to poor ticket sales, thanks to the high price of tickets" ... but I'd rather dig a little deeper and run the FACTS rather than unfounded speculation ... even if it's just in the form of some type of "prepared statement" explaining the delay and if shows will be rescheduled.  However, I could find no such statement issued by the band or the promoters ... so I shot Felix Cavaliere a quick email to see if he had anything to say that he might be willing to share with our readers ... plus I just HAD to know if he was still talking to me or not!!! And, based on the fact that I received a reply, I am happy to report that yes, he IS still talking to me ... and it sounds like this was a decision that was made at a much higher level than the band members themselves.

Kent -

It was a very expensive show to put on ...

Maybe it was too soon to return to Broadway?

Maybe the economy?

Who knows?

All I can say is that we had a blast and made lots of people happy.
-- Felix   

And this just in from Gene Cornish ...

Union demands were such that a full house every night would not have been enough to overcome expenses, so Steven cancelled. Obviously we are all very disappointed.
-- Gene

Here's hoping The Rascals are just taking a break to refine and retool the show to make it more palatable for themselves and their audience.  Maybe they just need to catch their second wind.  Maybe they need to evaluate how to make the show more accessible to a wider audience.
In ANY case, the show deserves to be seen ... and a hell of a lot of time and money went into pulling this whole thing together. As I've stated before, I personally would love to see it again ... coming into the theater in a different frame of mind, I believe that I can better enjoy the entire experience the second time around.  Here's hoping there'll be an opportunity to do so.  Time will tell.  (kk)   

Read your reviews of THE RASCALS ONCE UPON A DREAM show and the GINO VANELLI show at the Arcada Theater, as well as the feedback you received on your Rascals show review. Wow! There is definitely a club of "Forgotten Hitsters" who, like you and me, LOVE to write about the music we so love ... in laborious detail! Many of our narratives are definitely worthy of a beer ... or two ... or three ... before and after reading! But that's what the FORGOTTEN HITS blog is all about, and what makes it so unique. The content you post here rarely can be found ANYWHERE else!
So, all the other previous comments notwithstanding, great review by you of the Rascals show, my over-zealous friend! Whether one agrees or disagrees with your own observations and opinions, I thought your personal recap was stellar in its detail, honesty, balance ... and fairness! I almost felt like I was at the show and hearing the music pay when reading your heartfelt review!
This particular review of yours brought me smiles and tears. I relished reading about the joy of reliving the 60's through this show and then was saddened by the realization of the passage of time and how hard it is to fathom that the makers (and fans) of the best pop music in history are now inching towards the autumn of their lives. But I was uplifted again reading that so many music makers from decades past (Gino Vanelli for one) are aging so gracefully and continue to "keep on keepin' on."
The review of the Rascals show
you posted could only have been written by a GENUINE FAN (like yourself) and, IMHO, is exactly what a concert review SHOULD be! There are a lot of pompous, self-righteous "professional" music critics out there who could learn a lot from studying your writing on this one!
I'm sure that I am not surprising you with a few of my own "Rascals Asides" 'cause you now I'm never at a loss for words, or a story!
First, while I was writing this way-too-long blog comment in the Duets Coffee and Wine Bistro at the Aquarius Hotel in Laughlin, a couple sitting next to me asked me what I was writing. When I told them I was writing about the Rascals, the woman, whose name is Nina DiMaggio, told me her father, GEORGE TAYLOR, was involved in the making of the music video (then known as a "promotional film") for GROOVIN' back in 1967! The way she (and her husband) tell it, the video, shot in New York City, did not have enough "pizazz," to suit the record label, so they hired Taylor, a top Hollywood post-production supervisor, to "spice up" the film back in L.A. So a few additional shots of girls were filmed by Frank and superimposed over the footage. The girls, who appear in the video between the 1:16 and 1:32 mark were Nina's own sister KATHY TAYLOR and her brother's girlfriend, MARY STEIN. Her dad then did some additional editing to compete the video, which was used primarily to promote the song overseas. Now, how's THAT for a great little dose of Rascals trivia?

On a more personal note, I saw Felix Cavaliere perform here in Laughlin a few years back and he was quite good, but, I had my own high expectations being a huge fan of The Rascals back in the day. I was a bit disappointed and also thought that Felix's band (whose members names I am drawing a huge blank on now) failed to capture the true 60's essence of the music. But I really enjoyed his performance of PEOPLE GOT TO BE FREE and he did an AWESOME job on A GIRL LIKE YOU, one of my own favorites that, in some ways, was better than the original record in its emotion and vigor!
I was disappointed to read that, in your review of Once Upon A Dream, you were disappointed with the performance of my own personal favorite Rascals song, HOW CAN I BE SURE. God, I LOVE THIS SONG! The lyrics are so damn innovative. I always thought that this song would make an incredible duet love song in the tradition of Marvin and Tammi or Lindsay and Stevie. I was good friends with rocker DWIGHT TWILLEY and his girlfriend of many years in the 70's and 80's, SUSAN COWSILL (yes, little singin' Suzie from THE COWSILLS). I remember thinking how great it would be for these real life artists and lovers to record How Can I Be Sure and may have even mentioned it to them at one point in the early or mid 80's. Would have LOVED to produce such a record. But, alas, they broke up before that dream could ever be realized.
Regarding Once Upon A Dream producer STEVEN VAN ZANDT, wouldn't you know it, I have a little history with him as well! In the summer of 1985, "Little Steven" wrote the anti-apartheid rock / R&B ballad SUN CITY and, along with television journalist DANNY SCHECTER, recruited 54 major music artists to band together in the fight against apartheid and record the song, in the same spirit as WE ARE THE WORLD (which had become a global phenomenon just months earlier.)  Some of the most notable artists involved in the project were
7-inch and 10-inch versions of the SUN CITY single were released at the end of October, and the album, which included both the single versions of the title track, along with five additional anti-apartheid songs, was released around Thanksgiving.
"All Artist Royalties" from record sales were to be donated to "The Africa Fund" and the label, MANHATTAN RECORDS (a Capitol / EMI subsidiary with offices in NYC), hoped that the project would be a great PR coup for Van Zandt and the boutique New York label.
I was recruited by my friend, Capitol New York A&R man BRUCE GARFIELD to produce a radio commercial for the album (which only featured the title track) and I was asked to donate my production services and recording studio time for this important social cause. I hired the legendary black actor ROSCOE LEE BROWNE to voice the ad, and he donated his services as well! The label sent a photographer to my studio to shoot me and the famous actor at work and the picture ended up in Billboard, Cash Box, Record World ... and even Advertising Age magazines. How crazy was all that??
Roscoe had a great, sophisticated and very distinctive voice which I have to say was "spot on" for the spot, and the commercial turned out pretty damned good. Check it out ...
Oh, and I have a connection to GINO VANELLI as well (of course) but no big story here. I knew Gino's brother, ROSS VANELLI back in the 80's. I was introduced to him at GENGHIS COHEN (a cool Hollywood Chinese restaurant that I was a partner in) by my friend BRYAN TURNER, one of the founders of PRIORITY RECORDS, back in the 80's. Ross had a great professional recording studio in his home in the west SF Valley of L.A. and I hung out there with Bryan on a few occasions. One of them was a demo session for Gino, who really was a great guy! Damn if I can remember the song they were working on, though. Ross and Gino always wore cowboy boots at the time, so at the session with Gino, I called Ross "Boots." Gino and Bryan cracked up (could it have been the drugs?) and the name stuck! I think Ross himself even liked it, almost as much as he loved all those cowboy boots! We had a lot of laughs that day. You know, I can't recall producing any commercials for Gino back in the day. How was that possible?
Finally, I also wanted to mention that JAY AND THE AMERICANS and TOWER OF POWER appeared here in Laughlin at Harrah's Hotel a couple weeks back but, unfortunately, couldn't make either of these shows, so no new reviews of them. Sorry to disappoint! Maybe I can locate photos or videos of one or both of the shows and pass them along.

In closing (thank the lord), let me say, Kent, that your devotion to 60's pop music ... the greatest music ever recorded ... is without equal in this day and age and this labor of love that you call "The Blog At Forgotten Hits" is one very bright beacon in a dark sea of internet static. Maybe that's the reason I love to contribute all this endless trivia to it! Where else would it be of interest?
I'm sure all your other contributors ... and readers ... join me in passing along a mountain of THANKS ... to YOU ... on this holiday, for keeping the spirit of the 60's
-- Joe Klein

Lots of buzz last week about a new fund-raising release benefiting the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  The surprise for me was to see two Beatles tracks included on this release ... 
A) Because it is VERY rare that you see The Beatles license ANYTHING for ANY reason ... and 
B) Because it was The Fab Four's experience in the Philippines in 1966 that most likely drove the nail in the coffin to permanently end their touring.  
After what was perceived as a snub to the First Lady, Imelda Marcos, The Beatles were stoned (and I don't mean in a drug-related way ... although I suppose this also could have been the case!) at the airport when they tried to leave the country ... detained ... roughed-up and generally abused all due to a simple miscommunication about an invitation to "party at the palace" that manager Brian Epstein politely turned down.  It was quickly broadcast over Philippines Radio that The Beatles had snubbed the First Lady and the city went up for grabs.  All police protection and escorts were removed and The Beatles were left to fend for themselves ... not a pretty sight by ANY stretch of the imagination.  All four Beatles unanimously ranked it as the worst experience of their professional career and, after this incident, expressed little desire to ever go out on the road again.  Instead, they came home and recorded the "Revolver" album, followed the following year by "Sgt. Pepper" ... a pretty good trade off in my estimation.  Still, even all these years later, I'm a bit surprised to see the Fabs go along with such a release, regardless of the purpose of the cause.  (kk)  
From iTunes:  Featuring songs by Adele, Lady Gaga, The Beatles, Beyonc√©, Eminem, Kings of Leon, and many more, this benefit compilation album offers songs of compassion and hope from some of the biggest names in music. All proceeds go to the Philippine Red Cross to aid relief efforts for Typhoon Haiyan.  
The Beatles are represented by "Across The Universe" and "Let It Be", the songs that respectively open and close the album.  (kk)  

I have to admit that I was happy to read the headline that The Babys had reunited and were releasing a brand new album ... until I read the fine-print that is ...  
We've had numerous offers through the years for the Babys to reform," said Wally Stocker. "The whole premise of this band is to keep The Babys alive and have a good time doing it."    
The 2013 lineup of The Babys features original members, lead guitarist Wally Stocker and drummer Tony Brock along with new recruits: lead vocalist / bassist John Bisaha and Joey Sykes on rhythm guitar. Of the new members, Brock raves: "John Bisaha is an incredible singer. When I was holding auditions, we had singers lined up around the block to join the band and John was better than anybody." Adds Stocker about his new six-string comrade in arms: "Joey Sykes adds a whole new dimension to the band and has a style that works well in tandem with me."   
"Not Ready to Say Goodbye", the band's first new recording in over three decades, will be available exclusively on iTunes on November 26th. The track evokes the spirit of past Babys hits "Isn't It Time" and "Every Time I Think of You". "When releasing our first single we discussed that it had to have the flavor of what we were known for some thirty-odd years ago," observes Stocker.  Adds Brock: "It was just magical putting the new song together. By the time I finished putting brass and strings on it, I knew we had the goods." Concurrent with the single release, the band is presently shooting a new video for the track which will premiere the same day on the band's own YouTube channel.  
I really liked The Babys' hits "Isn't It Time" and "Every Time I Think Of You", great '80's power pop music with a bit of a '60's feel ... but a Babys reunion without John Waite just holds no appeal to me ... he was the sound and writer behind these hits.  It'll be interesting to see if anyone else gets behind this project.  (kk)

FH Reader David Lewis sent in this video clip of The Cowsills from a few years ago performing one of their biggest hits ... and sounding pretty damn good to me!  (kk)

Did you happen to see the Garth Brooks "Live from Las Vegas" television special that ran on CBS on Friday Night?  It was nothing short of amazing.
I don't claim to be a Garth Brooks fan by any stretch ... at best, I have tolerated most of his music that I've been exposed to ... and marveled at just how big he became, at one point out-selling The Beatles according to Capitol Records.  I know most of the biggest hits ... and even saw him live in concert once where my impression was that he wanted to be Billy Joel SO bad he lost sight of how well his own material was doing.  (In fact, he paid homage to Joel with three numbers at the end of his show.)
It was an incredible night of music ... a very special special ... a true "one man show" in every sense of the word.  For two solid hours, accompanied only by his own guitar, Garth explained his musical influences ... in colorful detail, singing examples every step of the way ... and I've got to tell you, it was entertaining as hell!  (I'd watch it again in a minute!)
It showed how he was able to fuse country and rock and make it his own.  If you get the chance to see this (whether it be in rerun form or in an "On Demand" situation), music fans will certainly want to check it out.  VERY informative and entertaining ... GREAT music and great stories by a great entertainer.  Highly recommended.  (kk)

Sad news in the Garage Band World this weekend ... found this on Ron Smith's website:
Dick Dodd, former Mouseketeer on ABC-TV's "The Mickey Mouse Club" and vocalist and drummer with the Standells, died of cancer Friday (November 29) at the age of 68. Born in Hermosa Beach, California, he grew up in Redondo Beach, California, where he was raised by his grandmother, who encouraged him to take tap dancing and accordion lessons -- though he was skilled in many other instruments, as well. A Disney talent scout encouraged him to audition, along with 300 other children, for the TV show. He joined the show early on (only nine years old, he was called "Dickie"). Fellow Mouseketeer Cubby gave him drum lessons and he bought his first snare drum and cymbals from Annette! Dick left the show after six months and was a dancer on the "Giselle MacKenzie Show" but kept drumming with local bands, including at least one single with the Belairs. And when the house band at PJ's night club -- the Standells -- needed a drummer in 1964, Dick was ready. Signing with Liberty, Vee-Jay, MGM and finally Tower records, the group charted four times, "bubbling under" twice more. But their only top 40 hit was "Dirty Water" (#11 - 1966) with Dick's memorable opening. Rolling Stone magazine named it one of the "500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll". The Standells appeared in the movies "Get Yourself A College Girl" and "Riot On Sunset Strip" and on TV in "The Munsters," "The Bing Crosby Show" and "Ben Casey". Dick himself had a role in the film, "Bye Bye Birdie." He went solo in 1968 to little success and moved on to non-musical jobs in the restaurant, limousine and construction industries, though he reunited in various incarnations of the Standells in the '80s. In 2004, the Standells re-assembled to sing "Dirty Water" before the second game of the World Series at Fenway Park in Boston, as the song had become an unofficial anthem for the Red Sox. The group also performed the national anthem before game one of the 2007 American League division series in Boston.

Love your site. Just so happens I'm working on my favorite 50s and 60s instrumentals.
Here's a few you missed:
Swingin' Sweethearts - Frank Pourcel
Patricia - Perez Prado
Manhatten Spiritual - Reg Owens
The Happy Whistler - Don Roberts
Topsy - Cozy Cole
Linus and Lucy - Vince Guaraldi
Not sure if or how well these songs charted, but I dig them all. I have a few others if interested.
Thanks so much,
Joey Bonin
Hi Joey - glad you're diggin' the site.  
Please understand that the songs listed here fall into two categories ...  
The first list is based on the actual chart data collected at the time these songs originally charted ... it is mathematical and factual based on this data.  It simply recaps the biggest hit instrumentals of the rock era.  
The SECOND list was voted on by our Forgotten Hits Readers, who picked their all-time instrumentals favorites (with the benefit of, in some cases, as much as 40+ years hindsight) ... so if you don't see some of your favorites listed here, it simply means they either didn't chart high enough at the time or receive enough votes when we did our poll.  
Without question, there are a few good ones on your list ... out of all of them, I've always been a bit partial to "Patricia" myself, a #1 Pop Hit for Perez Prado back in 1958.  (Based on this, I'm a little surprised to see it missing from the list, too!)  Check closer and you'll find "Topsy" there as well. Here are the complete lists for the benefit of anyone else who may wish to check them out:  
Click here: Forgotten Hits - Top 40 Instrumentals, 1955 - 1979

It bothered me that "Patricia" didn't make the list ... that just didn't seem right ... so I went back to Randy Price and had him recheck his figures ... and, sure enough, it absolutely belongs there ... and all the way at #11, too!

Wow, I can't believe I missed that one. "Patricia" should be #11 on the list, pushing all other titles below the top 10 down one position. Good catch by the reader.  
– Randy  
Thanks, Randy ... we have since redone the list.  (Eliminated?  "The Entertainer" by Marvin Hamlisch.)  kk

More on John Landecker's new companion CD that coincides with his recent radio book "Records Truly Is My Middle Name" ... a Chicagoland favorite.  (Discs will start shipping next week!)   
Click here: John Records Landecker To Release CD Soundtrack Companion To His Autobiography

And, speaking of great Chicagoland sounds, here's a link to this Bob Sirott television special again, spotlighting our local heroes from the '60's and '70's.  (Sirott was on the air at WLS WITH John "Records" Landecker back in the '70's ... and the two had an INCREDIBLE audience at the time!)  Enjoy "How Chicago Rocked The '60's" in its entirety.  (kk)

>>>Wow! I wonder how THIS one went over?!?!?  There are songs on there that I don't even know!!!  (lol)  kk  
Good.  I feel much better hearing this.  My thoughts were ... ?????? is that?  Funny that I could have missed ANY songs growing up, but the more you learn, the more you realize you don't know.  
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano
You said in today's FH that there were some of the top 40 songs listed that you were not familiar with. I was just curious (and we know what that did to the cat), of which ones you were not familiar with.  To be honest with you,
I was familiar with all of them, even have them on vinyl here at my home.
P.S. Belated Happy Thanksgiving
For me personally that would include "First Hymn From Grand Terrace", "The Burning Of Atlanta", "The Philly Freeze" and "National City" by The Joiner, Arkansas Junior High School Marching Band (who?!?!?) ... but I'll bet MOST Forgotten Hits Readers would be challenged to sing (or even hum) a verse from "The Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review and Timing Association", 
Saginaw, Michigan", "The Lady Came From Baltimore", "The Eggplant That Ate Chicago" and "Bowling Green" as well!  Just not what I'd consider to be a "mass appeal" countdown.  (Not that there's anything WRONG with that ... after all, we're the ones who are always telling radio to push the envelope just a little bit further ... but if you play TOO many songs that people don't know, odds are they'll tune out simply because they're no longer conditioned to listen!)  kk 

Speaking of which ... we were forced to listen to the all holiday station at work the other day ... man oh man, with literally THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Christmas songs to choose from I'll NEVER understand why we have to hear "Happy Xmas" by John and Yoko or "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey in an eight hour period.
The argument that radio will give you is because their "research" shows them that people don't listen for more than two hours at a time ... which begs the OBVIOUS reply:  Maybe that's because you don't give them a REASON to!!!  Stop playing the same crap over and over and give us a reason to stay tuned in ... we just might surprise you.  (Unfortunately, radio has given up on their audience ... which is why their audience has given up on radio.)  kk

Seems like everybody is trying to raise money these days to get their projects off the ground ... making it hard to decide which ones to get behind.  Here are three of the latest ones we've received:  

With now less than three weeks remaining to reach their goal, there's still a bit of a ways to go to raise the funds for licensing and reimbursing all of the fine musicians who made up The Wrecking Crew ... and recorded all of those GREAT '60's tracks that are such a big part of our lives.  
Click here: "The Wrecking Crew" The Untold Story of Rock & Roll Heroes by Denny Tedesco — Kickstarter
Dear Wrecking Crew friends and family,  
Looking at the headline and wondering, is this possible? Did Wrecking Crew finally pay off the licensing?  
Almost! That's why we started the Kickstarter Drive. We have paid off the music for the labels and the publishers. The last component to this puzzle is giving back to the musicians themselves who recorded these songs.
The last $200K that we raise goes to the American Federation of Musicians and at that point, we hope we will find a distributor. If a distributor does not join us, we will self distribute. We've done it on our own so far. It's not our first choice but we're willing to keep going.
Well, now we're here. This is what we've all worked for. But there is no reason to have a website, a Twitter account, or a Facebook Fan Page of 27,000 fans if the film does not get released. It wouldn't make sense.
But we were patient over the years and we are so thankful to so many people who have donated in the past and recently on KS. We are also thankful to the music labels and publishers who came together on a project that is not a money maker for them.
As write this update, we have less than three weeks to go.  And let's face it ... Thanksgiving weekend wasn't an easy time for projects like these.
Here are the facts:

• If we don't reach our Goal - we don't receive a penny
• If we don't reach our Goal - no one is charged a penny
• People pledge when they see others pledging - (show others that you pledged)
• Goal $250,000
• Money Pledged as of today: $119,000
• Website Fans: 22,540
• Internet fans between two: 50,152

If we took 10% of the 50,152 people (5015) and asked them to buy a DVD for $30.00, and they did it today, we would finish today.
If we took 20% of the 50,152 people (10,030) and asked them to pledge $20.00 and they did it today, we would finish today.
Please help us reach our goal and let people see and own this great film.    

Hi Kent -   
We're in the final stages of post production for our first "Wages of Spin"  sequel.  This has been a very expensive project, but it is an amazing story that will get a lot of national attention.  
I have included the Crowd Fund link for advance DVD sales and premiere tickets and to help finish the last of the post production and licensing costs. We would appreciate any help in promulgating the crowd fund link for advanced sales and premiere tickets to help finish the film.
Thanks for all your help
 Tom Spillane

Philly Pop Music seeking donations to finish film for commercial release.   
Philly Pop Music profiles the extraordinary and diversified Philadelphia musical community with rare and unseen interviews, archive footage & photographs. Philly Pop Music is the new documentary film in production by George Manney and Geo Sound productions.  
Including interviews & commentary from:   Charlie Gracie, The Orlons, The Soul Survivors, Dee Dee Sharp, Len Barry, The Dreamlovers, The Tymes, Joe Terry (Danny & the Jr.'s), Billy Paul, The Larks, Barbara Mason, Bunny Sigler, Jay & The Techniques, Nazz, Stewkey (of Nazz), American Dream, Frank Stallone, Earl Young (MFSB, Baker-Harris-Young), Bobby Eli (MFSB, songwriter), Joe Boyd (producer - Pink Floyd, Nick Drake), Joe Sgro (Cameo session guitarist), Sam Reed (Uptown band leader), Essra Mohawk, Lloyd Remick (entertainment attorney), Bunny Gibson (Bandstand  dancer), Mandrake Memorial, Edison Electric Band, Johnny's Dance Band, Bacon Brothers, George Thorogood & the Destroyers, Linda Cohen, Pat Martino, Al Kooper (producer, songwriter), Laurie Anderson, Rufus Harley, Tommy Conwell, Robert Hazard, Marah, Silvertide, The Brakes, Illvibe Collective, A's, Kenn Kweder, Beru Revue, Last Minute Jam Band, Birdie Busch, The Notekillers, Scot Sax... along with producers & promoters such as Larry Magid (Electric Factory concerts &  Live Aid - Live 8  promoter), Joe Tarsia (Sigma Sound Studios) Kenny Gamble (T.S.O.P. - Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Grammy producer), Joel Dorn (GRAMMY Award  producer), John Madara (producer, songwriter), David Ivory (Grammy nominated engineer, The Roots), Dave Appell (Cameo-Parkway producer/songwriter), David Carrol (Hot Club), John Travis (Dobbs), Bobby Startup (Stray Cats), plus radio personalities: Kal Rudman (FMQB) Michael Tearson (WMGK), Gene Shay (WXPN), Bruce Warren (WXPN), Debbi Calton (WMGK), Roger LaMay (WXPN), Gene Arnold and many, many more Philly all-star's.
Registration No. I59707 - WGA - E
Writers Guild of America (East) Intellectual Property Registry
Please join us on Facebook:  

New Forgotten Hits Reader (and awesome photographer) Tom Apathy and I may have gotten off on the wrong foot last week (it was an honest misunderstanding for which I have since apologized ... what can I say ... I was having a bad week!!!) but the REAL winners here are our readers, who now get to see some GREAT photos that Tom is sharing with us of the recent Sonny Geraci Benefit Concert held in Ohio a couple of weekends ago.  Thankfully, we both agree that the TRUE purpose of Forgotten Hits is to celebrate the music ... and, as such, we're hoping to run more of his photos in future issues ... from both past and future shows to which he's had a ringside seat.  
Kicking things off this week are more Benefit Concert photos of Roy Head, Barbara Harris (of The Toys), Frank Stallone, Jimy Sohns (of The Shadows Of Knight), Jim Gold (of Gallery), Dennis Tufano and Jimy Sohns sharing a mic, Dickey Lee and our FH buddies, The Rip Chords!  
I wish we could have been there ... and I'm still hoping we can find a way to bring this show to Chicago.  (Lots of ideas are being kicked around right now ... so stay tuned!)  Meanwhile, enjoy these exclusive shots, all courtesy of Tom Apathy.  Thanks, Tom ... great stuff!  (kk)