Thursday, December 5, 2013


Just a couple of quickies this morning ...  maybe your answers can help bring good holiday cheer to some of our readers!
I came across your website while searching for an old song that my father used to play many years ago. I believe the song was produced in the 1960 - 1970 era. I am desperate to find this song, I have searched for the lyrics and everything I can possibly think of to find the song and keep coming up empty.
Here are the lyrics ... if you know of the song or the artist I would appreciate it so much! This would mean the world to us, to be able to find the song again. A man sings the song and the backup singers or group sings a lot during the chorus. We think the song was on the B-side of a 45 and not a widely popular song. Here is the song ...
She was dreamed up in Detroit, on a Saturday afternoon ... and she sure looked good on paper at the time
Then they started to produce her, back in 1964.. and she's become a legend in her time!
- She was a Ford GT, headed for the Grand Prix ... She set a track record, with a low ET
- Now the Maserati couldn't shake her, NO, NO, The Ferrari couldn't take her, No, No ... The Lotus couldn't shake her, She was a Ford GT.
Chorus repeats twice, I believe ...
Last verse:
I wasn't there myself, but I saw the film..
At the end he says..
- I'm gonna see a man about a Ford GT, and as the song fades you hear " Turn It On, Turn It On, GT Ford" sang over and over by the backup group.
Thanks for any help if you can offer it!
Melinda  Adams
Sorry but this one doesn't ring a bell with me.  (Almost sounds like a promotional / commercial disk, doesn't it?  I think artists like Paul Revere and the Raiders and Ronny and the Daytonas recorded tracks like these that were given away by the car dealers as promotional items ... it may be one of these???)  Stay tuned ... I'm sure our readers will come up with something for you!  (kk)
Read your review of the 60s music show which recently repeated on PBS.  Who are the musicians backing up Davy Jones? Specifically I was curious about the woman dancing with him who also sings and plays tambourine.  She kind of favored him and wondered whether it was a daughter?
We noticed that this was running again last week, too ... apparently in newly-edited form.  (Did you notice how "The New Rascals" ... featuring Dino Danelli and Gene Cornish ... now kick off the show?  Pretty timely until the big news this weekend!  Or, in light of the fact that you can now get the real thing, maybe a bit dated after all.)
I don't know the members of Davy's band on this program ... usually there's a "constant" or "house band" that backs up all of the artists on these PBS specials ... but maybe one of our readers knows for sure ... so we'll put it out there.  Anyone???  (kk)