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Brian Wilson Tickets - Part 4

Our final winner in this week's concert tickets give-away for the Brian Wilson Show November 11th at The Genesee Theatre belongs to Bob Burns of Bartlett, IL.

You can still purchase tickets here:

Take it away, Bob ...

For me it started when I bought the Beach Boys Concert Album. I was enamored with the bass guitar more than the six string or the drums. I thought that Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson were more melodic players than the typical bass players in the 60's ... and when I got my first bass at age 16 and joined a garage band, I emulated these players.   
When I realized that Brian was the creative genius of the Beach Boys, I thought. that's why ... all the harmonies and instruments work so well because of his vision of the songs and how they were constructed. I was bummed to find out that he had quit touring before I was able to see Brian on stage, playing his white Fender Precision Bass.  
I followed the ups and downs Brian's career, like many of us did (and still do).  
Pet Sounds was pivotal in my life as a bass player. I know that Carol Kaye was the bassist in the studio for the recording, but Brian was the instructor. Listen to Sloop John B's innovative bass parts hear to what I mean. I finally saw Brian on stage on the Pet Sounds tour - and he played the Fender bass for one song. I think he was looking at me ... for one song. 
-- Bob Burns 
Bartlett, IL  

Brian Wilson has been quite prolific with his album releases of late.  In addition to live, performance releases like "Pet Sounds" and "Smile", performed in their entirety live in concert, Brian has also reached back to his past with his most recent release "No Pier Pressure" (featuring several of today's contemporary artists joining him in song) as well as tribute albums to the music that HE loved growing up ... everything from George Gershwin to Walt Disney!

FH Reader Tom Cuddy tells us Brian's next LP is already in the planning stages ...

According to Premiere Radio Networks, Brian Wilson is changing direction for his next album. After releasing No Pier Pressure, a well-received collection of original material that hit the Top 30 earlier this year, he's planning to go retro. 

Wilson tells Allentown, Pennsylvania's Morning Call, "We’re going to try a tribute album. Brian Wilson Sings the Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Artists. Like Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Little Richard, Chuck Berry. And, you know, Bill Haley." He's planning to work on that next year. 

He also dismissed speculation that he had enough unused material left over from No Pier Pressure to use in a follow-up album. Wilson adds that he hasn't written a new song "for about year, now."

In addition, watch for a COMPLETELY revamped "Beach Boys PARTY!" album to be released in November ... now as a 2-CD Set featuring 70 tracks recorded during these sessions.

More here from Vintage Vinyl News ...

Beach Boys Party! will hit its 50th anniversary on November 8 and, in celebration, Capitol/UMe will release an expanded edition of the album that removes all of the party sounds from the original along with almost 70 tracks from the recording session.  

Beach Boys Party! was a covers album that was actually recorded in a studio and had the party sounds overdubbed later. The set was quickly recorded to satisfy a request from Capitol Records for a holiday 1965 release and to give Brian Wilson additional time to develop the now classic album Pet Sounds. Their tenth studio album in just three years, it reached number 6 on the U.S. Albums chart and included the single Barbara Ann (1966 / #2).

Mike Love said "... we didn't really have time to develop the type of album we wanted to develop, which Brian was working on, called Pet Sounds … So we said, 'Well, what can we do quickly and easily?' And we decided to do this party album."

Over the course of several long sessions at Western Recorders in Hollywood, California in August and September of 1965, The Beach Boys recorded what was, essentially, the first "unplugged" rock & roll album, with instrumentation limited to acoustic guitars, bass, bongos, harmonica and a tambourine. Joined in the studio by a few friends and collaborators, the band ran through many of their favorite songs of the time, including hits by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and others, even spoofing two of their own biggest hits, I Get Around and Little Deuce Coupe, with self-parodying renditions. 

Beach Boys Party! will be released November 20 in a 2-CD set and digital album which includes photos from the sessions, package essays by Beach Boys historians Alan Boyd and Craig Slowinski, and notes by the new edition's producer, Mark Linett. A vinyl LP edition of the Party! album's original 12 tracks, remixed and remastered in the 'Uncovered and Unplugged' style, will follow on December 11.

The track list:

Disc 1

    • Hully Gully [Session #2 – 9/8/65]
    • I Should Have Known Better [Session #3 – 9/14/65]
    • Tell Me Why [Session #2 – 9/8/65]
    • Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow [Session #3 – 9/14/65]
    • Mountain of Love [Session #3 – 9/14/65]
    • You've Got to Hide Your Love Away [Session #5 – 9/23/65]
    • Devoted to You [Session #3 – 9/14/65]
    • Alley Oop [Session #3 – 9/14/65]
    • There's No Other Baby (Like My Baby) [Session #3 – 9/14/65]
    • I Get Around / Little Deuce Coupe [Session #4 – 9/15/65]
    • The Times The Are A-Changin' [Session #5 – 9/23/65]
    • Barbara Ann [Session #5 – 9/23/65]
    • Let's Get This Party Rolling [Session #2 – 9/8/65]
  • SESSION #1 [8/23/65]
    • I Should Have Known Better #1
    • Ruby Baby #1
    • (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction #1
    • Hully Gully #1
    • Blowin' in the Wind
    • DIALOG: "The Sunrays"
  • SESSION #2 [9/8/65]
    • Ruby Baby #2
    • DIALOG: "The Masked Phantom"
    • Hully Gully #2
    • DIALOG: "Carl, Go Get Your Bass"
    • Hully Gully #3
    • (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction #2
    • DIALOG: "That's a Bad Guitar"
    • Ruby Baby #3
    • DIALOG: "What's the Matter, Carl"
    • Ruby Baby #4
    • DIALOG: "Carl's Tire"
    • I Should've Known Better #2
    • I Should've Known Better #3
    • DIALOG: "Wasn't That Great, Folks?"
    • Tell Me Why #1
    • Don't Worry Baby
    • You've Got to Hide Your Love Away #1
    • Little Deuce Coupe #1
    • California Girls
Disc 2

  • SESSION #2 [9/8/65], continued
    • She Belongs to Me / The Artist (Laugh at Me) #1
    • Fooling Around: Hang On Sloopy / You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling / Twist and Shout
    • Riot In Cell Block No.9 #1
    • Fooling Around: The Diary
    • DIALOG: "I Think We Better Do The Next Week"
  • SESSION #3 [9/14/65]
    • DIALOG: "Let's Cook Now and Eat Later"
    • Tell Me Why #2
    • I Should Have Known Better #4
    • DIALOG: "What I Want to Do"
    • DIALOG: "Are We Still In the Party?"
    • Mountain of Love #1
    • DIALOG: "Where's Denny?"
    • Devoted to You #1
    • DIALOG: "What Are You Doing Now?"
    • You've Got to Hide Your Love Away #2
    • DIALOG: "This Phony Party" / Ticket to Ride
    • Alley Oop #1
    • Alley Oop #2
    • DIALOG: "Tune It Like This"
    • There's No Other (Like My Baby) #1
    • There's No Other (Like My Baby) #2
    • DIALOG: "Do the Splits"
    • Devoted to You #2
    • Devoted to You #3
  • SESSION #4 [9/15/65]
    • You've Got to Hide Your Love Away #3
    • I Get Around
    • Little Deuce Coupe #2
    • Mountain of Love #2
    • Ticket to Ride #2
    • Riot in Cell Block No. 9 #2
    • The Artist (Laugh at Me) #2
    • One Kiss Led to Another
  • SESSION #5 [9/23/65]
    • You've Got to Hide Your Love Away #4
    • You've Got to Hide Your Love Away #5
    • DIALOG: "What Did You Stop Us For, Chuck?"
    • The Times The Are A-Changin'
    • Fooling Around: Heart and Soul / Long Tall Sally
    • Fooling Around: The Boy From NYC
    • Smokey Joe's Cafe
    • DIALOG: "I Got One More"
    • Barbara Ann #1
    • Barbara Ann #2
    • Barbara Ann #3 
Perhaps most amazing about this release is the fact that it went  right in to The Top Ten --- for all intents and purposes, a "throw-away" / jam session LP ... but because The Beach Boys' NINTH Top Ten Album in four years, ultimately peaking at #6 ... which is four points higher than their landmark "Pet Sounds" release would chart some six months later. "Party!" in addition to being perhaps the first "live" unplugged album by a rock band also set the stage in many cases as to what 'bootleg" recordings would sound like in the years to come.  Relaxed, behind-closed-doors warm-ups of some of the biggest name artists out there just loosening up before their big show.  Can't wait to hear this one all the way through!  (kk)

And finally Gary Pig Gold has just reposted his review of the 2-hour Brian Wilson Documentary "Brian Wilson: Songwriter".  

Here's the scoop ...

Dear Friends and Harmony Buffs!
Just a quick virtual word to let all know that my good ol' review of the BRIAN WILSON: SONGWRITER DVD has recently appeared anew.
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