Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday This And That

Cornerstones Of Rock:  
Got this update from the folks at WTTW / PBS after we ran our "Cornerstones Of Rock" revised release schedule last week ...   

Hi Kent - 
The Cornerstones of Rock CD / DVD and Cornerstones of Rock Original Recordings CD will be finished and ready to ship next week.  There was a production delay that we could not avoid and we greatly appreciate your understanding and patience. We’ll send your complete thank you gift package as soon as the product arrives to our warehouse. The product is scheduled to arrive to our warehouse on March 21st and should be to your home around March 28th. Again thank you for your patience.
If you or any of your readers have any questions please feel free to contact our Members Services department at ask@wttw.com or (773) 509-1111 ext. 6 during regular business hours.  
WTTW Member Services   

In other Cornerstones Of Rock news, we got this news release from FH Reader Tom Cuddy regarding Survivor ...

SURVIVOR: Vocalist Dave Bicker Has Quit 
This was his third stint with the "Eye of the Tiger" band. 
Dave Bickler has again left Survivor
The voice of their Rocky Three anthem "Eye of the Tiger" writes on Facebook, "Bittersweet news that I am no longer a member of Survivor.  There is no longer a place for me in the band. So I'll be moving on and direct all my energies to my solo project. And thank you for all your support." 
Bickler left the band on two previous occasions -- in 1983, when he was replaced by Jimi Jamison, and 2000, when he was fired. 
He'd signed on with co-founder Frankie Sullivan and Jamison to work in a new version of the '80s hit-makers, but tragedy intervened in 2014 when Jamison died suddenly. Since last fall, Bickler felt he'd been pushed aside in favor of newly recruited vocalist Cameron Barton.

Shame On Me!:
>>>Posted in two other places was the anniversary of Hall and Oates recording their #1 Hit "Rich Girl" ... ALSO on March 4, 1967!!!  (I don't think the two had even met yet by that point!!!)  Yep, RCA sat on that record for 20 years until the musical climate was right I guess.  (kk) 
Hi Kent,  
Actually, RCA sat on it for 10 years, not 20!  “Rich Girl” hit #1 in 1977.
Sorry, couldn’t resist J
Paul Haney
Record Research   
As a person whose jobs have included professional fact checking, I get the same chuckles and frustrations from bad facts as much as anyone. In reality -- if RCA  held the song -- it was only for 10 years -- otherwise this song was released in 1987. 
Rich Klein
I guess I should have done a little fact-checking of my own, eh?
For the record, Hall and Oates first met IN 1967, when each were performing in different bands, The Temptones (Daryl) and The Masters (John)  Gunfire broke out at a competition between the bands one day and Hall and Oates both ran for and met in the same elevator trying to escape the violence.  (We have run some early Temptones tracks before in Forgotten Hits ... good stuff!)
FH Buddy John Madara produced some of their earliest tracks while the duo worked in Philadelphia honing their skills.  Although all traces of John seem to have disappeared from their resume ever since, you can find these tracks here:

Beach Boys Evolution, circa 1965:
Bravo! Chet and Kent!
Your accurate history and keen insights tell the story of the amazing Beach Boys (and their music) well.
Often missing is an unheralded stepping stone from Summer Days (and Summer Nights) to Pet Sounds: The Little Girl I Once Knew. A glorious sound but an ignored single because Top Twenty was not good enough for the Beach Boys. Yet, it received a rave review from none other than John Lennon (read it here: http://prayforsurfblog.blogspot.com/2009/05/john-lennon-on-my-favorite-beach-boys.html). One of Brian and the boys' best; unique instrumental juxtaposition, soaring harmony, and daring creativity (those three seconds of silence doomed the record with radio-play-worried program executives).
I remember waiting to talk with DJ Ron Britain in the offices of WCFL in Marina City (almost included in the next ChickenMan episode) listening to the live radio feed when the just released LGIOK came blasting out of the speakers. Chills.
Queue-up California Girls, then Little Girl I Once Knew, followed by Wouldn't It Be Nice. From one mountain top to another.

I am nearly certain that Chet was long-since gone as an NC6 roadie, Kent, but he’d have loved being with us when this shot (see attached) was taken and when Carl and Dennis rode with us, singing bits of tunes as the roadies drove us between gigs!  I use it in nearly all my Arbortech “real world” presentations so the attachment came from one given at the Powder Coating Show in 2014 --- St. Louis as I recall … and Mike Love actually posted it (sans names and PC Show promo of course) to his Facebook page.
Different topic …
Remember that “can show you but then may have to kill you” video of New Colony Six LIVE on the Lloyd Thaxton Show - Showcase ’68?  Well, guess what ... it has popped onto YouTube, released with a couple of added graphics (my copy is clean) but now you can see / hear it at your convenience --- at least as long as it remains available on the website: 

I was and still am totally psyched though surely do wish the original camera crew would have shown Gerry and Chuck more often than the few seconds they did.  This was nationally broadcast on the ABC network, Channel 7 here in Chicago “in the day” and you should note that both Pat’s and Ronnie’s mics were seemingly silenced so Pat could doodle with the maracas while I had to hold and not play the tambourine due to interference potential with the vocals.  Not sure why they limited us to two live microphones but Les did a killer job on the “Can’t You See Me Cry” harmonies – don’t ya think?     
This is a GREAT video clip, Ray ... obviously performed live on the show ... glad to see it finally see the light of day.  And I have ALWAYS loved that shot of The New Colony Six "in the showers" with The Beach Boys ... a magical time indeed!  (kk)

And, speaking of The New Colony Six, we also received THIS email last week ...

I saw Bob Wilson perform People and Me as a member of the New Colony Six (and I own the Trilogy album). 
Gerald Beimler 

Helping Out Our Readers:
Hello - 
There have been many reissues or repros 45's issued. My question is about the King label and, in particular, Charlie Feathers. Is there a sure fire way you can tell if a King 45 is a reissue / boot from the original? 
I appreciate your help. 
I've sent your inquiry on to Jerry Osborne and he has agreed to look into this for us.  Meanwhile, if any other Forgotten Hits Readers can shed some light on this, we appreciate the input!  (kk)  
This And That:
We can attest first hand as to how great Lou Christie's voice still sounds today.  We caught him at The Italian Fest last summer and he put on a GREAT show.
Here's a clip that was run in conjunction with an upcoming show ...

Graham Nash, who is coming back to Chicago in May for an appearance at The City Winery, is saying that Crosby, Stills and Nash are OVER, due to an on-going two year feud with David Crosby ...

I had forgotten somewhat of that song you posted by Fred Parris and the 5 Satins, MEMORIES OF DAYS GONE BY.
I happen to have a copy of that record which was on Elektra. The record itself reminded me of similar records like the Penguins 1963 SONGS OF EL MONTE and a group called the Trojans from 1966 with a medley of like songs. There was a record in 1961 on Imperial records by a group known as the 3 Friends. They had a medley somewhat with a song called DEDICATED (TO THE SONGS I LOVE)
Unresearched and based solely on my memory, Cole Porter, who wrote the chestnut "In The Still Of The Night", was not pleased with the 5 Satins song title no matter HOW they spelled it. LOL. Those old guys just didn't get it. Richard Rodgers was very unhappy with the Marcels' rendering (pun intended) of Blue Moon. Lorenz Hart didn't live to hear it.
Have fun -
Wow, Kent ...
Not familiar with Daleks: The Blackstones?
Let's rectify that:
Both infectious songs were written by Jeff Boyan, later of Saturday's Children. In my opinion, these are two of the most overlooked Chicago "garage band" songs of the classic '60s era.
Mike Dugo


In the 1962 Episode Season 3 Episode 36 “Cavender is Coming”, “A Walk Through the Black Forest” is the back ground music at a swinging party.  
Yes, it's amazing how many places we've found sightings (hearings?) of this song since our piece first ran.  Obviously a VERY popular piece of incidental music ... which tells me it really should have been a much bigger hit ... if only based on familiarity alone!

Speaking of It Really Shoulda ... been a bigger hit ... the links we ran the other day for Rich Appel's annual IRS Countdown weren't always working properly ... so we're trying them again.  Be sure to cast YOUR votes for those songs you feel never really got their due when they were first released.  (kk)  

Just for the record:
IT'S A CRYIN' SHAME by Gayle McCormick did get airplay in Detroit (on CKLW, to be exact.  I think in early 1972, if I'm not mistaken).  
Tal Hartsfeld

I was sorry to read of the passing of Gayle McCormick.  I interviewed her many years ago when the Smith album was released on cd.  She seemed very nice.  It may have been me that sent you "Its A Crying Shame".  That was a huge hit in Madison and Milwaukee when it was released.   
Keep up the good work.  I am still reading regularly but have been very busy with daily station chores.  My schedule is full this next weekend.  It would be a blast to see Chris Montez and Tommy Roe. 
Phil - WRCO

Thanks, Phil ... would have been great to finally meet you in person after being on your show so many times!  I think it's going to be one heck of a concert!  (kk) 
Looking for 2016 - 2017 dates on The Box Tops.
One of the most influential Rock Bands of the 60s & 70s return after a five year absence.
This is an excellent hi energy band.
Blue Eyed Soul from Memphis  / Original members Gary Talley (guitar / vocals) and Bill Cunningham (bass / vocals) are back!
Major hit records, include "The Letter" (#1 in US, UK, Canada & Australia), "Cry Like  A Baby", "Soul Deep", "Neon Rainbow", "Choo Choo Train", "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" and so many more!
The Box Tops are available as "An Evening With" or as part of "60's Spectacular" packages with Jay And The Americans, Paul Revere's Raiders, Tommy Roe, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Classics IV, Yardbirds, Badfinger Featuring Joey Molland, Alive N Kickin. Package can be catered to budget.  
Call me today to book The Box Tops.

 Sixties Music Legends The Box Tops Return!

Memphis, TN - From the mid 60's into the 70's, there was no finer blue-eyed soul group than THE BOX TOPS, from Memphis, Tennessee!

THE BOX TOPS recorded a string of hits including the worldwide #1 hit song, THE LETTER, and others including CRY LIKE A BABY, SOUL DEEP, NEON RAINBOW, CHOO CHOO TRAIN … and more.

After a five year hiatus, original bassist, BILL CUNNINGHAM, and original guitarist GARY TALLEY have teamed up with veteran music industry bandleader/manager RICK LEVY to bring THE BOX TOPS music back to waiting audiences.

THE BOX TOPS show will highlight their hit records, and equally important, Memphis music of the 60s, especially some of the songs that influenced the members as young teens growing up in such a musical hotbed. The show will be complete with horns, and promises great memories and music for all.

For more information:  http://www.boxtops.com/
 Current Box Tops Videos 

The Box Tops (Live)--The Letter--Shelbyville, Indiana 1-9-16


The Box Tops Live Indiana Grand Casino Shelbyville Indiana January 9, 2016

Cry Like A Baby / Choo Choo Train / A Whiter Shade Of Pale / Neon Rainbow / The Letter


The Box Tops on Tour 
Saturday January 9, 2016 
Indiana Grand Casino 
Shelbyville, Indiana  

Saturday January 23, 2016 
Grand Falls Casino Resort 
Larchwood, Iowa  

Friday January 29, 2016 
Potawtomi Casino Hotel 
Northern Lights Theater 
(with Felix Cavaliere's Rascals) 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

 Saturday February 6, 2016  
Peabody Auditorium 
(w/ Lovin Spoonful, Gary Puckett, Dennis Tufano) 
Daytona Beach, Florida  

Saturday May 28, 2016 
The Cannery Casino Resort  
North Las Vegas, Nevada
Saturday September 24, 2016
Holly Springs Cultural Center
Holly Springs, North Carolina


Mitchell Karduna
Vice President,
Director Of Talent Representatives
Talent Consultants International, LTD. 
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15 North Mill Street
Nyack, NY 10960
Phone (212) 730-2701 x 6
Fax (845) 359-4609


Saturday, April 16th, marks Record Store Day, 2016, celebrating the culture of the record store. Experience Hendrix L.L.C., in conjunction with Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings, is participating once more with a special vinyl LP reissue of the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s 1969 album Smash Hits. Carefully restored from the original analog master tapes, and featuring original poster and alternate cover art, Smash Hits includes timeless classics like “Purple Haze,” “Hey Joe,” “Red House,” “Fire,” plus eight more essential tracks that showcase the eclectic genius of Jimi Hendrix, forever cementing his status as a groundbreaking guitarist, songwriter and arranger.
Released in July, 1969, Smash Hits served a few purposes. It was the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s very first compilation album, originally conceived in 1968 by the group’s UK label as a vehicle to compile the group’s hit singles that had not yet appeared on the LP format.  Jimi’s original U.S. record label Reprise sought to create its own version (just as it did with the group’s 1967 debut Are You Experienced combining essential songs such as “Remember” and “Can You See Me” with popular favorites such as “Purple Haze” and “All Along The Watchtower.” It also introduced North American fans to his signature blues song “Red House.”  Recorded at De Lane Lea and Olympic Studios, the version of “Red House” that appears on Smash Hits derives from different sessions than the original take found on the UK version of Are You Experienced (recorded at CBS Studios). It was, thus, exclusive to this collection for the world at the time of release. 
Smash Hits proved immensely popular upon its release. The Experience was the highest grossing touring act in the world and the album came on the heels of the group’s largest ever U.S. tour.  The album has since served as a critical introduction to the Hendrix canon for successive generations of fans. 
This exclusive RSD version of Smash Hits will include a recreation of the poster that came with the original U.S. LP release, depicting band members Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding dressed in western attire on horseback. The photograph, taken by Grammy-winning photographer Ed Thrasher at Warner Bros. film studios in Burbank, CA in early 1969, was initially intended as cover art for the package. Ultimately, the iconic multiple photo image montage by Dezo Hoffmann was decided as the U.S. cover. For the first time ever, Thrasher’s photo will finally grace the cover of Smash Hits, a mere 47 years after the plan was conceived. 
Having already provided art direction for all three U.S. Jimi Hendrix Experience studio albums, Ed Thrasher was no stranger to the band. During his 1964-1978 tenure as art director for Warner Bros./Reprise Records, Thrasher also created iconic sleeve art for Grateful Dead, Neil Young and the Beach Boys, and even helped design the label’s office headquarters. Having a penchant for wearing cowboy garb himself, it was Thrasher’s idea to pay homage to western cinema by staging an old west scene at the neighboring Warner movie studio lot. The image of Jimi, Mitch and Noel, decked out in boots and bandoliers and holding pistols has proven to be a lasting and influential cross cultural image for almost a half century. 
The first 5,000 units of this 150 gram vinyl package will be exclusively numbered for Record Store Day.
1)    Purple Haze
2)    Fire
3)    The Wind Cries Mary
4)    Can You See Me
5)    Hey Joe
6)    All Along The Watch Tower
1)    Stone Free
2)    Crosstown Traffic
3)    Manic Depression
4)    Remember
5)    Red House
6)    Foxey Lady
All tracks recorded October 1966 – August 1968