Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Sunday Comments ( 03 - 06 - 16 )

Busy Week!!! 

But we were able to pull together a few things for a Sunday Comments Page. 

From FH Reader Tom Cuddy ...   

SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME: Class of 2016 Announced
Tom Petty, Elvis Costello and the late Marvin Gaye headline the newest members of the Songwriters Hall of Fame. 
They'll be joined in the Class of 2016 by Chip Taylor -- of "Wild Thing" and "Angel of the Morning" fame -- and the team of Nile Rodgers and (the late) Bernard Edwards
The organization's co-chairs Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff call the new inductees "a beautiful mosaic of the best of late-20th-century popular music" spanning rock, soul, R&B, funk and dance.   
Other names on this year's ballot who fell short include George Harrison, Berry Gordy, Gloria Estefan, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, The Isley Brothers, Madonna, Jeff Lynne, John Mellencamp and Steve Miller.    
Founded in 1969, the Songwriters Hall will hold its annual ceremonies and gala June 9th in New York.  
Congratulations to the inductees!  (Wow, that's quite an impressive list of incredible songwriters that DIDN'T make the cut!!!)  kk   

Tom also tells us about a new PBS Music special that started running this weekend ...   

Favorite Love Songs (My Music)-New PBS-TV Special  
Join Emmy-winning actress Susan Lucci for this all-new special devoted to sentimental favorites of the 1960s, 70s and early 80s, including classic hits from Kenny Rogers, Olivia Newton-John, Chicago, Dionne Warwick, Bread and Elton John.  
Actually, this sounds like something I've seen before ... will have to check it out and see.  (Still can't beat this line-up!)  kk  

Kent ... 
According to Ron Smith's great book "Eight Days A Week," 2/29/1940 is Gretchen Christopher's (of The Fleetwoods) Birthday.  
At the bottom of this clip it says Arcadia Performing Arts Center.  Is that the place you're  always talking about in Chicago?   
Frank B.  
Nope, different place ... and I think the credit shown for the video clip is wrong, too ... Gary Troxel still performs as "The Fleetwoods" but not with Gretchen Christopher and/or Barbara Ellis.  We talked with Gretchen several times before in Forgotten Hits and this is a real sore spot with her.  (We've talked to Gary, too).  About 12 years ago Gretchen released a new CD called "Sweet Sixteen" (hey, what a GREAT idea!!!) to celebrate what would have been her 16th Birthday and you only counted the anniversaries of February 29th or leap year.  This year (depending on how you do the math) she's either 19 or 76!  (kk) 

More from Tom Cuddy ...   

CHICAGO: Honor for Their Documentary "Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago" made its debut at the Sedona
> International Film Festival.  

The documentary on the rock band Chicago was named Best of Fest at the Sedona International Film Festival.   
Lost behind the wave of Oscars news this weekend was the honor given to the Peter Pardini-directed film. Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago made its world debut at Sedona.  
It's another chapter in a year of excitement for the Windy City rockers:   
In February, they performed at music mogul Clive Davis's pre-Grammy party in L.A. Davis was a top executive at Columbia Records when Chicago signed their first recording deal.   
They'll kick off their 21-date tour with Earth, Wind and Fire March 23rd in Jacksonville, Florida.   
They'll be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 8th at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.   And we've just learned that they will join forces with The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra for the historic venue's Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular July 2nd, 3rd and 4th.   

From Gary Pike ... 
We've lost another DeeJay legend ... 
Charlie Tuna Dies

Has the official grim reaper reported Gayle's March 1 passing yet?   
David Lewis   
Actually I found this on Ron Smith's website ...   
Gayle McCormick, the lead singer of the group Smith who had her own hit with “It’s A Cryin’ Shame”, died Tuesday (March 1) in St. Louis of cancer. She was 67. Gayle started out in the mid-‘60s singing in St. Louis with Steve Cummings & The Klassmen, where they had some local hits before travelling to California in 1969 and taking over for a defunct band called Smith. Signed to ABC-Dunhill Records, the group exploded out of the box with their version of the Shirelles classic, “Baby It’s You” (#5 - 1969). Subsequent efforts— “Take A Look Around (#43 - 1970) and “What Am I Gonna Do” (#73 - 1970)-- were less-successful and the group disbanded in 1971. Still impressed with Gayle though, Dunhill signed Gayle as a solo singer. “Gonna Be Alright Now” (#84 - 1971) was no more successful than her group efforts but “It’s A Cryin’ Shame” (#44 - 1971) was much bigger in many markets. It was followed by a cover of “You Really Got A Hold On Me” (#98 - 1972) that disappointed Dunhill enough to drop her. Subsequent efforts on Decca and Fantasy failed to chart, but she did manage to reach the Easy Listening charts again in 1975 with “Coming In Out Of The Rain” on the tiny Shady Brook label. By then she had married and moved to Hawaii, though eventually she re-located to St Louis.    
"It's A Cryin' Shame" didn't get airplay here in Chicago ... too bad 'cause it's a great song.  (I discovered this one when a reader sent it in ... and it was probably YOU!!!  lol)  The Grass Roots also recorded a version ... but I like the Gayle McCormick version the best.  (kk)

Can you believe it's that time of year again?   

Help build the 9th Annual "I.R.S.” countdown.
That's I.R.S. as in "It Really Shoulda" been a bigger hit!
From now until March 15, tell us what songs "Really Shoulda" been bigger hits by filing your I.R.S. "E-Z” form at!blank/ltwpw.  
Then be listening March 27th through April 17th, as "That Thing with Rich Appel" counts down this year's "I.R.S. 10-99” and awards "refunds" to lucky filers, along with the chance to win all 109 songs on a 5-disc set.   
And listen to "That aThing …" each week leading up to the countdown for "I.R.S. hours" and lots of songs that "Really Shoulda" been bigger hits!  
Your weekend guide to where and when to catch "That Thing" is here:!listening-guide/c1hd9.   
Get your votes in now.  Forgotten Hits Readers have helped to make this a far more interesting countdown these past few years ... so don't miss your chance to "voice your choice" ... and listening to the results is always a blast!  (kk)      

Here's a cool add to The City Winery line-up here in Chicago ...   
Grammy Award-winning singer, bandleader, pianist and songwriter Bruce Hornsby and his longtime band the Noisemakers will be appearing on Monday, July 4, 2016, at 8 pm at City Winery Chicago.  The concert will feature selections from Hornsby’s soon-to-be-released album Rehab Road. Tickets to this show go on sale to the public on Friday, March 11, 2016, at noon at  
Bruce Hornsby is an American singer, pianist, accordion player, and songwriter.  Known for the spontaneity and creativity of his live performances, Hornsby draws frequently from classical, jazz, bluegrass, folk, Motown, rock, blues and jam band musical traditions with his songwriting and seamless improvisations contained within.  Hornsby has achieved recognition for his solo albums, performances and his current live act, Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers.  
Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers released a couple of live collections released eleven years apart; 2011's Bride of the Noisemakers, a set of concert recordings from 2007 to 2009, and 2000's Here Come the Noisemakers, which initially unveiled Hornsby and his band's free-wheeling live approaches to the Virginia-born pianist and composer's memorable songs.

And here's a piece that was run regarding the Burton Cummings concert that took place last Friday at Caesars Windsor's Collosseum ...   Burton's been doing a lot of shows lately and he says the band is tighter than ever.  This includes some appearances in Las Vegas where he confided he sometimes feels a bit restricted.  It's a very tight schedule, timed to the minute, because the idea is to get the concert goers back out into the Casino and the gaming tables.  Burton tends to cater his show to how well things are gelling between the act on stage and the audience ... when things are going really well, he'll play a little longer to prolong the vibe.  Can't do that in a casino ... it's a strictly timed performance. Still a great show (he isn't capable of doing a bad one!) and I'd LOVE to see him perform in Vegas sometime ... but I also like the up close and personal shows.  Waiting for the word as to when he'll return to The Arcada Theatre this year ... now an annual event that really packs them in.  (kk)   

Hi Kent -  
Thank you so much for the info on 'The Rivieras'. For some reason, I didn't recall your original write up on them!   
Like you said, for a local group, they had an interesting career! Their tune "Somebody New" was always a favorite of mine!!   

Folks seemed to like our vintage chart from one year ago today ... so we'll continue to run these from time to time (and, hopefully, blow you away next year with what we have planned!)   

Bob Merlis   

A few things about today's FH with the survey of station KRGI. I don't believe I have ever seen a weekly radio survey in which the song in position #40 was listed at the top with the #1 song being listed at the bottom. Maybe other stations did this across the country, I don't know.  
When I first saw the survey, the first thing I said to myself that Norma Tanega's song of WALKIN' MY CAT NAMED DOG was the #1 record on the station. The station probably should have listed the climbers and the Pick Hit of the Week at the top instead of at the bottom like they showed. I noticed that one of the climbers was Lesley Gore's remake of Sonny James' YOUNG LOVE with James recently passing away.  Likewise, the Exciters' remake of Jarmels' LITTLE BIT OF SOAP. 
One final thing about today's FH. Since this is Super Tuesday with some 12 states taking part in elections nationwide, I noticed that one of the climbers was Johnny Cash's THE ONE ON THE RIGHT IS THE ONE ON THE LEFT. I haven't heard that record in years, but if I remember right, it does have some sort of political overtones to it.  

Wow, now THERE'S a song where they lyrics just flow off the lips!!!  (Man, what a horrible record!!!)  Nationally this one peaked at #46 on the Billboard Pop Chart ... but incredibly went all the way to #2 on their Country Chart. 
During the course of posting these surveys we've seen a couple of charts that counted backwards ... which is the way you'd hear it on the station's weekly Top 40 countdown if they did one ... so kinda cool in a way ... but yes, the far more traditional way is to list them in the most popular order ... this way at just a glance you know what the #1 Record is for that given week.  (kk)   

I enjoyed the pic of your daughter with you and Julie Newmar.  
The Grammys were pretty much a disappointment to me as well. I was very appreciative of the Eagles comeback performance.  Even though Jackson Browne was a little mixed up on the lyrics, he pulled it off.  
Anyhow it's good to know we music fans are all on the same page.    
Regarding your comment about the new Rihanna video and how now it seems that ANYTHING goes ... whether it's music-related or not!), Yes, Kent ... anything goes ... it's not about the "music" anymore.  I remember when we used to worship God.  Now it's about sex, drugs, money and power, and shock value, too.  
Thanks, Kent 
Best always - 
Well, in all fairness the music business has ALWAYS been about sex, drugs, money, power and shock value ... it's just that I found nothing of redeeming value in the new Rihanna song or video ... there's no melody to speak of, nothing that indicates ANY kind of lasting power where 40-50 years or now people are going to say, "Oh, I remember THAT one" or "Boy, it was sure good to hear THAT again."  And the video (basically a peep show) adds nothing to the equation ... yet THIS is the #1 song in America right now.  Why???  (kk)  

Regarding the leap year number ones and, specifically the current number one hit by Rihanna - 
Great video! I didn't notice any nudity, racial epithets or misogyny. I believe there was some music included, too!  Dube  
Hey, I like looking at pictures of Rihanna in a see-through top as much as the next guy ... and the truth is I actually enjoy a good percentage of her music ... but I don't think this latest release adds ANYTHING to the equation musically or otherwise ... certainly not deserving of #1 status in my book.  Did you check out her "Bitch Betta Have My Money" video?  Censorship has come a long, long way if they're allowing them to show THIS one on TV!  (kk) 

If you're among those of us who are still having a hard time coming to terms with the passing of Glenn Frey, you may enjoy this article, written for American Songwriter Magazine and spotlighting one of Glenn's frequent collaborators, Jack Tempchin ...    

Made your Beatles spring and summer plans yet? 
Here are a couple of cool things to do ...   

It's March, so what better time to March down to the post office and mail in your reservation for this year's Magical History Tour to Liverpool and London (and Henley)!  
If you've gone with us before, come again; if you've never been to Liverpool, allow us to make your dreams come true:   
MARCH in the footsteps of The Beatles!
Join the fab fun on our travel adventure to BeatleLand, August 22-31, 2016 . The fully-guided, professionally-escorted tour includes all the BeatleWeek events, visits to Penny Lane, Strawberry Field, the Cavern Club, Abbey Road and all  the places that fans have dreamed of someday visiting.  Ideal for families, couples, solo travelers and fans of all ages!   
BeatleWeek Special Guests include Pattie Boyd & Jenny Boyd (first time at a convention together!), Monkee Micky Dolenz, Billy J. Kramer and so many others. Visit  & book your space on the tour with us now.  
Call (203) 795-4737 or email  for more info or a reservation form.  
Please invite your friends on FACEBOOK:
The New York Metro Fest For Beatles Fans is April 15-17, and there are just THREE weeks left to secure your Tickets To Ride at the lowest prices!  Single-day tickets, multi-day tickets, and full weekend passes are available.  Fans from all over the Northeast and as far away as Florida, Texas and the West Coast have already registered!    ::: Head to the FEST site HERE to grab your tix :::
Roll up to the New York Metro Fest, which will feature appearances and performances by British Invasion Legends Peter Asher, Chad & Jeremy, Billy J. Kramer, & Mike Pender of The Searchers. Plus Mark Rivera, Mark Hudson, LIVERPOOL, and many, many more!!! Plus, a rare visit by George's big sister, Louise Harrison.
The Fest For Beatles fans hits Chicago in August ... 

I just got a letter from WTTW about upcoming stuff but no news on the  Cornerstones of Rock DVD.  I was ready to send a message to them, but read yours, so I will wait ... but honestly I'm getting tired of waiting for the set, too.  Please update us if you receive yours, as I will to you. 
Once you've subscribed to WTTW / Public Television they inundate you with emails and snail mails about other offers and solicitations for on-going donations ... but they don't seem to be real good about delivering the product they advertise and entice you with in order to get those donations.  I had a VERY bad experience last year when I ordered an autographed copy of the "Brian Wilson and Friends" DVD, featuring a live show Brian, his band and numerous guest stars did in Las Vegas to help launch his new "No Pier Pressure" album.  After about six weeks and no DVD I contacted them again and they said that they had no record of my order ... so I ordered it again ... waited another two months and then was told that they had run out of autographed copies.  Very disappointing.  (Of course by then autographed copies were already selling on eBay and Amazon for about $100-$150!)  I finally had to settle for the regular commercial edition simply because I couldn't pass this up ... this is a GREAT concert and behind-the-scenes look at Brian's latest LP ... HIGHLY recommended if you haven't already seen it.  
To make matters worse the "Cornerstones Of Rock" CD and DVD were supposed to be my Christmas present last year.  At this rate, I may be opening it on the 4th of July! (kk)  

Kent, you rock, man!   
Are you going to the Arcada for the really big shewww????  The Chicago All-Stars revisited ... Jimy, Jim, Ronnie, the Bucks, et al? 
No, I'm hoping to catch the Skokie show on May 1st.  I heard the Arcada show sold out quickly.  Who knows ... maybe I'll have my DVD by then to watch that night!  (kk)     

I stumbled on your website around the time of the Cornerstones of Rock taping and have found it very interesting.  
A couple of questions … 
1) Have your ever done anything on The Blackstones, aka Dalek: The Blackstones? An early, short lived band with Jerry McGeorge that had a couple of excellent singles, Never Feel the Pain, Could Be In Love, and The Bag I’m In on Invictus Records. The played Barry Fey’s second, and first major event at Rockford College in 1965.   
2) How about the Majestic Bandstand in Lake Geneva, WI. An incredible venue with very little information available today.  
My guess is that you have covered these topics, but like I said, I’m new to the site. 
Robert Campbell  
Actually, no we have not ... nor am I familiar with either topic you've mentioned!  I forwarded your email to Gary Myers, who literally wrote the book on Wisconsin Rock to see if he could offer up any information.  Stay tuned!  (kk) 

After we ran our piece on the "I Hate Onions" answer record, we got this in response to a comment made by  Rhett Lake ...  

Dear Rhett Lake / Vinyl Vic, 
I want my $15 back that I wasted buying one of your CD's (or should I say, cheaply made CD-R's) on Frank Cherval and Gary Criss. Are you aware that your turntable plays your discs (at least) 10% too fast? I thought I was listening to long lost Chipmunks recordings at first. That CD went right in the garbage.   
A pissed off fan of both artists  
Sounds like a not-so-happy customer!  (kk)  

In the last month I had the pleasure of having a rental car and listening to some real oldies stations on Sirius radio. One of the DJs was Scott Shannon, whose name was mentioned by you in this week's blog.  Also I heard MTV former VJs Nina Blackwood and Alan Hunter.  It's interesting how there is such a variety of radio stations: 50's, 60's 70's, 80's, 90's as well as "Classic Rock," "Blend," Tom Petty had his own station, as well as some rapper named Pit Bull, Bruce Springsteen, comedy, sports, and I even found a station from the 40's.  I was looking for 20's and the 30's for those of us who like to go "way back."  One station had an interview with Phil Collins and Peter Noone. Anyhow it was easy for me to get spoiled. Now I would like Sirius radio with no commercials.   
It was great hearing all of the vintage music that I hadn't heard in years!  It brought back some good memories. I was grateful to have the option to flip to more than 2 stations on Sirius radio. Very exciting!  
Also, I happened to be watching a movie over the weekend called "Diner"  I only saw part of it but the one scene I saw was great. It was a dialogue between a man Daniel Stern (sidekick from Home Alone) and his girlfriend / wife.  He discusses how important his records are to him and what they mean to him. He discusses with passion the song itself, the record, the B side, the label, the year it came out, etc. It was inspirational and talked about everything that you and your readers would be able to appreciate and myself as well. I am happy I saw that scene! 
Yes, that's a key scene in "Diner" ... several people mentioned it when we did our "Favorite, Fogotten B-Sides" poll a few years ago ... the people who grew up with this music and went out and bought the 45's every week listened to the b-sides.  Today's generation has NO idea what it's like (or how exciting it could be) to flip the record over and find an undiscovered gem on the flipside!   
There's some great stuff to be found on the Sirius/XM dial ... Peter Noone has a radio show, too ... but we don't have their service so I never get to hear any of it.  If they're now running commercials it kind of defeats the whole purpose of PAYING for radio, doesn't it?  The whole drawing card was the fact that you DIDN'T have to suffer through the commercial interruptions!  (kk)   

And speaking of Scott Shannon ...   

Kent ... 
Friday's show (3/4/16) marks Scott Shannon's two-year anniversary on WCBS-FM.  Big party planned ... cake and all.   

Trying to sound like Chet ... 

--- Somebody should've made a movie called "Girl Crush" last year.  Then the song "Girl Crush" would've won Oscar for best song of the year.   

---  Today is a good day to play that Bobby Darin "Rainin'" song" both of us like.  That's what I'm going to do after I finish this e - mail.  

---  Everything you always wanted to know about "In The Still Of The Nite": 

I always spelled it "Night" ... but who am I to argue with Billboard("Nite")    

The song was recorded in the basement of St. Bernadette's Church in East Haven, Connecticut, on 2/19/1956, meaning that 2/19/2016 was the 60th anniversary of the recording.    This is one of the Greatest Oldies of All-Time, #90 on Rolling
Stones' Top 500. 

Fred Parris & The Five Satins hold the record for making the
Billboard Charts three times with the same version of the same song by the same group ... 1956, 1960, 1961.    

On 2/22/2016 a ceremony was held at St. Bernadette's Church.  Wild Wayne presented Fred Parris with a citation from Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal.  After the ceremony a luncheon was held at "Anthony's."   

Here's what Fred Parris said in an interview ...  

Fred wrote "The Jones Girl" as the A-side for their next single. He needed a song to put on the other side.   
Fred was in the Army, walking guard duty in Philadelphia.   It was about 3 AM. He was lonely, thinking about how much he missed his girlfriend.     
He decided to write the B-side he needed. Thus, "In The Still Of The Nite " was born.    
Any questions, Kent?  
Frank B.   
Wow! Two years already for Scott Shannon?!?!  That's incredible.  Time flies when you're having fun ... or is that time flies when you're number one???  
A couple of things on "In The Still Of The Nite" and The Five Satins ...   
It was spelled "Nite" on the original record label so that's why Billboard charted it that way ... my guess is that it's exactly the way Fred Parris wrote it.  
As for holding the record for the most times charted with the same release, I'd have to give that one to The Chipmunks ... "The Chipmunk Song" made Billboard's weekly Hot 100 Chart a total of FIVE times between 1958 and 1962, peaking at numbers 1, 41, 45, 39 and 40 ... a five-time Top 50 record.  (A remake released in 2008 also charted.)  
Did you know that on the two subsequent releases of "In The Still Of The Nite" the record was released as "I'll Remember (In The Still Of The Nite)"?  It peaked at #81 and #99 in 1960 and 1961 respectively.  
Another great release by Fred Parris and the Five Satins came out in 1982 called "Memories Of Days Gone By", which featured a beautifully sung medley on the great doo-wop hits "Sixteen Candles", "Earth Angel", "Only You", A Thousand Miles Away", "Tears On My Pillow", "Since I Don't Have You" and, of course, "In The Still Of The Nite", all woven together around a brand new melody ... a very nice record 
And finally, if you dig Chet's musings, be sure to stop back here tomorrow when he takes a look back at The Evolution of The Beach Boys, circa 1965.  (kk)

Speaking of The Beach Boys, one of the big shows here in Chicago this summer should be the pairing of The Beach Boys and The Temptations in what they're referring to as the Sand and Surf Tour.  They'll perform on August 5th in Aurora ... and it sounds like a great match.  (kk)

And, speaking of anniversaries, one of the things that REALLY annoys me is when they get it wrong on the radio or on those "This Date In Rock History" reports ... because then other sources continue to repeat the bad information.
Last Friday (March 4th) was the perfect case in point.  
I heard more music by Yes that day than on any other in my entire life. That's because March 4th would have been Yes's founding member Chris Squire's 68th birthday had he lived.  (He passed away last year).  But I found at least THREE online sources that showed that Chris was born on March 4th, 1967 ... which means he would have been all of about four years old when he founded Yes in 1971.  (Doesn't anybody who posts these things bother to proofread them ... or do a little fact checking ... or use a little common sense?!?!)  
Posted in two other places was the anniversary of Hall and Oates recording their #1 Hit "Rich Girl" ... ALSO on March 4, 1967!!!  (I don't think the two had even met yet by that point!!!)  Yep, RCA sat on that record for 20 years until the musical climate was right I guess.  
It's VERY frustrating ... we do our very best to provide "the most accurate truth" possible by checking any number of sources to verify dates and information before going to press with it.  (A new project I'm working on right now demands this more than ever ... and you would not believe how many mistakes and erroneous information is floating around out there!!!)  kk   

FH Reader Alex Valdez sent us these fashion tips for older folks ...

Fashion Tips For Aging Baby Boomers

Many baby boomers, caught between wanting to stay young, and the reality of slipping into old age are confused about what is considered appropriate dress. So we at Bit of Fun would like to provide you with a few fashion tips. Despite what you may have seen, the following combinations DO NOT go together!
  1. A nose ring and bifocals
  2. Spiked hair and bald spots
  3. A pierced tongue and dentures
  4. Mini skirts and support hose
  5. Speedos and cellulite
  6. Short shorts and varicose veins
  7. A belly button ring and a big belly
  8. Banana shorts and Depends
  9. Halter-tops and a hanging bulge
  10. Bikinis and liver spots, or bikinis and gray hair

And Frank B sent us these very cool shots from a German Retirement Calendar ... pretty clever idea!      

A Creative Calendar from a Retirement Home.  What a fantastic idea!  I'll just bet they had a ball.   
A German Retirement Community did a calendar where seniors amazingly recreated famous movie scenes.  
The Comitia Retirement Group in Essen, Germany, made what is probably the best calendar ever with a few of their seniors.    
According to German press, 5000 calendars were printed.  And they were given out to residents of the Senior Centre, along with relatives and staff.   
The calendar models were interviewed about the project and said it was a ton of fun to dress up as their favourite actors.   
The shoot was done with professional stylists and photographers to make sure everything looked as cool as possible.   
The oldest senior involved with the calendar was 98 years!


James  Bond 
Wilhelm Buiting, 89 


Breakfast  at Tiffany's
Marianne Brunsbach, 86


Erna Rütt, 86, and Alfred Kelbch, 81

Erwin J von der Heiden, 80

Mary  Poppins
Erna Schenk, 78

The  Seven Year Itch
Ingeborg Giolbass, 84, and Erich Endlein, 88

Blues  Brothers
Lothar Wischnewski, 76 and Margareta Schmidt, 77

Martha Bajohr, 77

Joanna Trachenberg, 81 and Horst Krischat, 78

Saturday Night Fever
Irmgard Alt, 79 and Siegfried Gallasch, 87

Dirty  Dancing
Johann Liedtke, 92 and Marianne Pape, 79

Easy  Rider
Walter Loeser, 98 and Kurt Neuhaus, 90

'Growing old' is Mandatory,

'Growing up' is Optional!!


If you haven't grown up by the time you are FIFTY ...Well, then you don't have to!!!!