Thursday, December 1, 2016

Forgotten Hits Remembers 1967

It is ... without question ... the most ambitious project we've taken on yet ...

Beginning on Friday, December 30th ... and running all the way through January 1st, 2018, we will be recreating 1967 exactly as it happened ... with daily posts spotlighting my favorite year in music.

But it's not just the music ...

All the major events of 1967 will be recounted here ...

10,000 words spread out over 368 days ...

TONS of photos and music (we're talking well into the hundreds of each) ...

Plus a lifetime of memories, fifty years in the making!

And, for the first time ever ... anywhere ... an entire year's worth of Super Charts to reflect just exactly what was going on during this incredible period of music.  (We'll also run Chicago's Weekly Top 40 Charts ... for both WLS and WCFL ... each week to help keep a local slant to our feature.)

Here's how it will work ...

Every day, at exactly 6 am Chicago time, a new calendar posting will hit the website ... so if you don't already have us bookmarked, please do so RIGHT NOW ... and then make us part of your daily morning ritual.

Because this event has been pre-planned to run over 368 consecutive days, there won't be any special features posted to the website next year.

That means that ALL your comments ... as well as any new oldies music news and promotions ... will come via a supplemental email (probably once or twice a week) ... which means that the ONLY way to get the COMPLETE package is to subscribe (or resubscribe) to Forgotten Hits ... so, if you haven't already done so, please drop me an email right now and ask us to put you on The 67 List.

Trust me ... you won't want to miss a thing ... but you must ask to be put on this list ... we're not rolling anything over ... so the request has to come from you.

We're hoping for a big turn-out for this very special event.

We're hoping for great word of mouth on this feature ... so please tell all of your oldies friends to visit our site each day and relive the moments that made 1967 such a great year in the first place.

We're hoping that you'll continue to share YOUR memories of this special era with us throughout the series.

We're hoping that many of the jocks on the list will get on board, partner with us and feature our special salute as part of their regular programming next year ... a daily "Fifty Year Flashback" if you will, spotlighting a major headline or two and following it up with one of the hits from that week's chart.  (This is a series that can easily run on a daily basis with something new featured each and every day ... "appointment radio", if you will, to get your listeners to tune in each day to hear that day's salute to '67.  Please join us and help to spread the word.)

We're hoping that many of the artists who were on the charts that year will share their own personal memories, milestones, special dates, events and photos with our readers.

But the ONLY way to get ALL of this ... THE COMPLETE PACKAGE ... is to visit the site daily to view the calendar and subscribe to Forgotten Hits to get all of the weekly "extras".

Drop us a line now at either or and ask us to put you on The 67 List.

And please start letting people know NOW about this very special year we have planned.  (More details to come as we get closer to the date ... but get yourself registered NOW so you don't miss a thing!)

Thank You!
Kent Kotal
Forgotten Hits