Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Some Of Your Mid-Week Comments

Please put me on the 67 List. 
Yeah, I agree ... 1967 might be the best year ever!

1967 used to be my favorite musical year. Now it’s ’65 or ’66 depending on the day.  
I think you'll still find enough here to keep you tuned in!  (kk)
Yes, please put me on the 1967 list. Great year for me ... graduated from high school that year! And went to S.I.U. in the fall! Lots of great music in 67!   
Thanks for all you do Kent!
Goldie Rox  

Morning Kent! 
Congratulations for seventeen years of information and news regarding our musical heroes, albeit the majority of mine are from the fifties. Well done and here’s to the next seventeen and then the next seventeen, etc., etc.  
Take care, 
Rockin’ Lord Geoff (in England)  

More information tomorrow on how the whole 1967 Salute is going to work ... be sure to check back.  And, if you haven't done so already, send us your "resubscription" to the brand new '67 Mailing List.  (kk)

The Shadows Of Knight  

Hi Kent, 
Loved the write up on Jimy Sohns show after having the stroke. 
It is GREAT knowing he is performing again! 
It was good to hear that Cindy is back in his band. Always enjoyed seeing her when they made the different Summer Fests in the past.  
Hope he appears in the future Corner Stones of Rock Shows. Do you know when Channel 11 will be having any more rock specials in the future?  
Keep up the FANTASTIC  work Kent!!!!  
I don't know about any future Cornerstones / WTTW tapings ... this was supposed to launch a new "Soundstage"-like series but so far this has been the only program to air.  (They're still filming "Soundstage" shows, too, I believe ... we're waiting for the Kenny Loggins and Friends episode to air!) 
As for the Cornerstones of Rock Show featuring all our local heroes (The Buckinghams, The Ides Of March, The Cryan' Shames, The New Colony Six and The Shadows Of Knight ... plus surprise guests), you can catch it next at The Arcada Theatre on Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2017!  (kk) 

I really enjoyed Jack Levin’s review of the Shadows Of Knight show.  It is obvious the man knows his stuff. That is why I so enjoy your site. I am always learning, and get to enjoy and express my passion for this musical time of 50s, 60s ... with a touch of its effects on succeeding years.

Bobby Rydell  
What makes us LOVE a singer?  So many things ... but I got a lift knowing Bobby Rydell still wants to 'bring it' when there isn't a person alive who wouldn't wish him a restful retirement at the age of 74, following so many daunting physical challenges.  It is that spirit as much as his many other gifts that made us fall in love with him so many years ago. 

I love Bobby Rydell's records. If I paid money to see him in concert, I would be extremely disappointed that he only performed four of his maybe twenty big hits. I would say a decent case could be made to ask for my hard earned money back. Unlike the Grateful Dead who are a jam band known for playing what they feel like, I'm sure most folks wanted to hear Rydell sing his hit records. 

Hi Kent,
Regarding the Bobby Rydell concert ...
I was amazed to think that he could put on a show, given all he’s been through medically in the last few years. I can see the disappointment in him only doing four of his hits but you might have cited a reason for this when you said, “my guess is the orchestration was a local hire, supplied with sheet music for Bobby's set”. The local musicians were simply not familiar with Bobby’s hits, which, although familiar to his fans, are not oldies’ staples.  
Nonetheless, with just having lost one of Bobby’s contemporaries, Bobby Vee, last month, it’s great to see Bobby Rydell out there. 
Mike Edwards  
The general consensus seems to be that Bobby should have done more of his own hit material ... there was plenty to choose from ... and let's face it, he's been playing these tunes for 50+ years ... certainly he already has charts and arrangements for all this stuff. 
If he's reading this (and he very well may be!), you're getting some valuable insight from your fans ... they're telling you what they want to see.  This is the one thing that Forgotten Hits has always been able to provide ... our list is made up of the people who absolutely love and cherish this music.  Maybe throwing in 8-10 hits is a better idea ... or the medley option that someone else mentioned.  Food for thought!  (Or is this the "always leave 'em wanting more" tactic???)  kk 

I just want to put my two cents in about your review of Bobby Rydell's show. I am with some of your readers.
When I go to  concert, show, etc. of an artist or group, I want to see them do their own songs or hits. As many of them as they can in the time they have permitted to do. I don't want to see them perform other songs that were recorded and made famous by other artists. If I had been able to go see Bobby Rydell, I would have been somewhat disappointed that he didn't do some other of his songs, like some of your readers were as well. 
Larry Neal  

Sweet 16  
You did an excellent job with Tuesday's Sweet 16 FH featuring "baby" songs. I believe you could feature these type of songs every other day until the end of the year and have a few left over. Enjoyed your posting of Elvis' rendition of Jimmy Reed's tune, the White Plains song, and the song by Jerry Lewis, which Aretha Franklin also recorded in 1961 when she was under contract with Columbia Records. Without scrolling down at first, I thought of Billy Williams' tune out of 1957 BABY BABY as well as Buzz Clifford's BABY SITTIN' BOOGIE. 
I came up with over 200 "baby" songs ... I told Phil Nee that we should do a six hour radio show of nothing but baby music!  (kk)

I thought for a moment that Kent was going to surprise us with the Equals' (featuring Eddie Grant) version of Baby Come Back, which of course is a whole different song. Not that there's anything wrong with that easy listening/soft rock tune by Player, other than being a little boring.
Like I said, HUNDREDS to choose from (but can only squeeze sixteen into a Sweet 16 feature!)  That doesn't mean we can't sneak it in today!  (kk)

This And That 
I found the article about Gene Vincent quite interesting as my father was the late Clyde Pennington. I have heard so many stories from my father and Johnny Meeks, who I grew up around about the times playing with Gene Vincent. Dad played music as a hobby up until the day he died and now he and Johnny are both gone. I knew Country Earl as well.  Thanks for the information ... it was very interesting.
Clyde Pennington, Jr.  
I had not heard this version of This Diamond Ring by Sammy Ambrose before. I just love it. It is right up there with Al Kooper's version.  Thanks so much for sharing!
Sammy's version is much more in keeping with the way Al Kooper (who co-wrote the song) heard it in his head when he first wrote the tune.  (I believe he had hoped The Drifters would cut it ... and he wrote it in that style.) Unfortunately (for fortunately I guess!) Sammy's version never took off ... and then Gary Lewis and the Playboys took their brand new pop arrangement (Thank you, Leon Russell and Snuffy Garrett!) all the way to #1 ... and the '60's Classic Songbook.  (kk)   

I saw the Bang documentary at a film festival. It’s a wonderful do-not-miss movie with some great interviews with some great people.  Fabulous!!!   
Radio Ted
Reminder ... we have TWO tickets to give away for a screening at The Grammy Museum THIS THURSDAY (December 1st) ... first come, first served ... so please email me NOW if you'd like to attend!!!  This showing is tomorrow night!  (kk)
Finally The T.N.T. show from 1966 will be released on dvd December 2nd.  I have been waiting for this  since The T.A.M.I. show came out.
The list of official dvd releases of old footage is getting shorter.  Other releases that I am still holding out hope for include: the first season of The Smothers Brothers with all of those great music performances from 1966 - 67,  full episodes of Don Kirshner's Rock Concert,  full episodes of The Midnight Special (not just clips with annoying credits and applause before and after each performance), and an official release of The Beatles Let It Be.
Phil - WRCO
"Let It Be" has been teased forever as coming out ... just recently I heard it again.  With all The Beatles releases that have come out lately, it sure would be nice to see this one hit the shelves before Christmas.
I have NEVER understood the logic of releasing The Smothers Brothers DVDs in reverse order ... and then NOT releasing Season One.  (Some big name entertainment on the show that year.)  I'd have preferred full episodes, too, rather than just their selected highlights as several of my own favorite clips are already missing  (Then again, I'm still waiting for Seasons 2 and 3 of "American Dreams", too!)
The Midnight Special clips are annoying ... I've got to agree with you there ... and it would have been nice to present complete "sets" of music by the artists who appeared.
As for The T.N.T. Show, I've had a bootleg copy for AGES ... so it'll be nice to have a cleaned up version at last.  (I actually just watched the T.A.M.I. Show recently when I interviewed Billy J. Kramer!)  Not quite the line-up is not quite as strong as T.A.M.I. but it'll still be cool to see it in pristine shape!  (kk)
Hi Kent, 
This is Mark Dawson from the Grass Roots. Just thought I'd send you a copy of my new CD "off the grid". This is what I do outside of  GR. There's at least one song on there that I'm sure you would enjoy. Keep up the great work… I read your column a lot and I really like what you do. 
Keep up the great work!  Keep the 60's aglow!!!
All the best to you. 
Mark Dawson  
Thanks, Mark ... glad you're enjoying Forgotten Hits.  (I see you guys have a show at Star Plaza in January with The Buckinghams and Peter Noone!) Anxious to hear the new CD.
Hope you'll join us next year when we salute 1967.  The Grass Roots had a couple of big Top 40 Hits that year ... and you'll hear both of them.  Feel free to chime in from time to time with your own personal reflections of this very special time in music.  (kk)

Hey Kent,
I found you on the web when I went looking for forgotten songs of the 60's, and in the section titled, The Greatest Garage Bands ... I see that at #48 ... Michael and the Messengers ... had a hit with Romeo And Juliet.
I had never heard that version of the song before. I had thought that the one hit wonder group, the Reflections, had the mega-hit, Romeo And Juliet.
Anyway, Your site is amazing; will keep me occupied for hours. Thanks!
The Reflections had the big national hit (#6 in 1964) with "Romeo And Juliet" ... so that's the one that everybody knows.  But here in Chicago, our neighbors to the north (Wisconsin) provided a Summer of '67 Hit for Michael and the Messengers with their remake of this track.  It rose to #12 on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey ... and will be featured in our upcoming salute to 1967 which kicks off on December 30th. 
Be sure to check the website daily for other forgotten gems like this ... or enter your subscription now so you don't miss any of the "extras" we've got planned for next year.  Thanks!  (kk)  

Hi Kent - 
My friends in the most excellent Kinks tribute band - Kinda Kinky! - are holding their annual Food Drive concert on December 10, and I was hoping you might find a bit of room on your most excellent blog site to help promote it. Kinda Kinky has more than 140 Kinks tunes in their repertoire, and they are amazing! What makes this show so fun is that they invite fellow area musicians / singers to join them throughout the evening, (my wife and I among them.)  
"Sixth Annual Kinda Kinky & Friends Holiday Concert and Food Drive
Kinda Kinky! Kinks tribute band with special guest vocalists at the Minneapolis Eagles Club #34, 2507 East 25th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406
Saturday, December 10th, 2016, 7:00 p.m. - Midnight
$10 ($5 with a non-perishable food donation for The Food Group)
A band dedicated to the music of The Kinks, Kinda Kinky will present their 6th annual holiday show at the Minneapolis Eagles Club, and continue their tradition of hosting a food drive. Last year’s concert yielded 661 pounds of non-perishable food items and a $1000 cash donation to The Food Group (up from 449 pounds the previous year). Formerly The Emergency Foodshelf Network, The Food Group is an innovative food bank dedicated to serving the hunger needs of our changing communities."
Thank you, Kent!
- Mike Lane
Happy to pass this along to all our Minnesota Readers.
And, this gives me the perfect opportunity to announce that Ron Onesti has just booked Dave Davies of The Kinks for a show at The Arcada Theatre on April 8th.
Tickets are available now thru the Arcada online box office 

Kent ...
I like #2. Trying to think positive.
I see one of your favorites checked in at  #4.
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