Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6th

Johnny Rivers performs on "Where The Action Is" along with his new protégés The Fifth Dimension.  

Muhammad Ali TKO's Ernie Terell in fifteen rounds to retain the Boxing Heavyweight Title.  

Micky Dolenz arrives in England where he will hang out with Paul McCartney for several days.  He will also meet his future wife, Samantha Juste, on this trip.  Mike Nesmith and his wife Phyllis will fly there this evening and arrive the following day.

Meanwhile back in New York City, Neil Diamond overdubs backing vocal and handclaps to his song "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You", selected as The Monkees' next single.  (Now THAT'S kinda cool ... I never knew Neil Diamond was actually ON this record!!!)

As discussed earlier, Diamond was promised the follow-up release after he allowed The Monkees to record his song "I'm A Believer" (over releasing his own version of the tune) as their previous single.  (In hindsight it was a VERY good move on Diamond's part … he probably earned more in royalties from that one Monkees record than he ever did for any of his own recordings!)