Sunday, August 20, 2017

August 20th

Detroit Tiger Al Kaline hits his 300th career home run in the first game of a double header against The Cleveland Indians.  He hits #301 in Game Two.   (Toldja this was a big year for Major League Baseball Milestones!)

"Born Losers" takes over the top spot at the box office this week.  This was the first in a series of "Billy Jack" movies, starring Tom Laughlin.  (Talk about your cult followings!!!)  In all, five Billy Jack movies were made:  "Born Losers" (1967), "Billy Jack" (1971), "The Trial of Billy Jack" (1974), "Billy Jack Goes To Washington (1977) and "The Return of Billy Jack" (1986). 

The New York Times publishes a report about a new noise reduction technology for tape recording, developed by technicians R. and D.W. Dolby.  It will go on to become the industry standard for decades to come.  (The first record label to use this new Dolby process on its recordings is Checkmate Records.)