Saturday, August 26, 2017

August 26th

After today's lecture by The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in North Wales, The Beatles held a news conference to announce that they had become disciples in his Spiritual Regeneration Movement.  As such, this obligated them to donate one week's earnings every month to the organization (which, for The Beatles in 1967, was a WHOLE lotta money!!!)  They also publicly renounced the use of all drugs (although they clearly didn't believe in this statement enough to abstain themselves!)

George Harrison:  LSD isn't a real answer. It doesn't give you anything. It enables you to see a lot of possibilities that you may have never noticed before, but it isn't the answer. You don't just take LSD and that's it forever, you're OK. To get really high, you have to do it straight. I want to get high, and you can't get high on LSD. You can take it and take it as many times as you like, but you get to a point that you can't get any further unless you stop taking it.  It helps you find fulfillment in life, helps you live life to the full. Young people are searching for a bit of peace inside themselves.

Paul McCartney: You cannot keep on taking drugs forever. You get to the stage where you are taking fifteen aspirins a day, without having a headache. We were looking for something more natural. This is it. It was an experience we went through. Now it's over and we don't need it any more. We think we're finding other ways of getting there.

John Lennon: Don't believe that jazz about there's nothing you can do, and 'turn on and just drop out, man' - because you've got to turn on and drop in, or they're going to drop all over you.

Jimi Hendrix makes The Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart for the first time when "Purple Haze" debuts at #94.  It will peak at #65 during its eight week chart run.

From Marti Smiley Childs and Jeff March:
"Never My Love" by the Association made its debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on August 26, 1967. The single peaked at No. 2, a position it held for two weeks, and remained on the chart for 14 weeks (it hit No. 1 on the competing Cashbox chart). Don and Dick Addrisi (who recorded as the Addrisi Brothers) wrote the sweet ballad "Never My Love." The single earned the band its third RIAA award -- a platinum record that November -- recognizing 1 million in sales.

Now consider that The Association and Jimi Hendrix BOTH performed at The Monterey Pop Festival earlier this summer ... and you get some idea as to just how diverse "the sound of music" was in 1967!