Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Saturday Survey: June 2nd

5-31-68 WERK Muncie, Indiana

Muncie is just an hour east of Indianapolis and gave plenty of airplay to Chicago and Indy bands in '68.  Muncie had some popular combos in '68 and one such, the Chosen Few, sat at #4  this week with their very poppy "Pink Clouds & Lemonade."  Their next release would be bought by RCA and be a minor chart item, "Maybe The Rain Will Fall."  Muncie also laid claim to December's Children, who had the #11 hit with their decent version of Spencer Davis Group's 1967 hit "Keep on Runnin'."  Canada's Original Cast sit at #25 a year before they added an "e" to their name and had a hit with the FIRST version of "One Tin Soldier."  #37 will be showcased NEXT week!
-- Clark Besch

It's always interesting to see how some of our Midwest Groups charted outside Chicago, but still in the general area and vicinity of home.  (Many of their gigs were in these outlying cities as well, unless they got picked up on a major tour backing up the headline artist ... which they often did.)

Cool to see Andy Kim at #1 with "How'd We Ever Get This Way."  Our FH Buddy Carl Wiser just interviewed Andy about his big hit from 50 years ago.
Here's the link:
In addition to the acts Clark has mentioned above, we've also got The American Breed with the Pic Album Of The Week ("Pumpkin, Powder, Scarlet And Green") and, on the singles chart, The New Colony Six at #16 and Spanky and Our Gang's new one at #35.


5/29/68 – The movie “Wild In The Streets” hits theaters, featuring the Max Frost single “Shape of Things To Come.”  (By the way, “Shape Of Things To Come” was the very first song ever featured in Forgotten Hits back on November 26th, 1999.)

5/30/68 – The Beatles hold their first sessions for what will become “The White Album.”  The first track recorded?  “Revolution.”