Friday, June 1, 2018

The Friday Flash

As promised yesterday, here’s an email that proves once again that “It Takes All Kinds”!!!

We received this response after running Shelley Sweet-Tufano’s review of the Art Garfunkel concert she saw a couple of weeks ago in Tarrytown, New York … Yikes!!!  (It’s actually a little bit scary!)  kk

Dear Sir / Madam,  

Just came up to "this so called review" that is not a review at all but something you have written down - and maybe paid for by Mr. Art Garfunkel. 

Yes, I also bought a ticket for the Amsterdam show in Koninklijk Theater Carreé Weesperzijde Amsterdam.  How can you already write a review about THIS CONCERT while this show is still going on?  

Last week I received an information email from Mojo Concerts, the company I bought the ticket from. This show would start at 20.00 in the eve and will be ended on the time of 21.40 hour.  Also, a break of 20 minutes was announced in this email.  What the hell is this for a kind of show? And apparently you have a very thick thumb for putting up and writing such a nonsense regarding all this stuff. 

Because I had to travel for THREE HOURS, I made up my mind  regarding the predicted weather forecast in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  The weather is very severe here in Holland now … thunderstorms and a lot of rain is still pouring down. So I decided not to go to this concert … but also for the folllowing reasons: 

I know Art Garfunkel has been an actor and this was one of the causes for Paul Simon to get rid of him. Paul Simon had nothing to lose; the only one still being the loser was and still is Art Garfunkel. I do not believe your words regarding what he might speak about Paul Simon during all upcoming concerts in Europe.  

As Paul Simon said, "Let Artie fight out his demons" … and I wish him the same. Fortunately, Paul Simon is - indeed - in more than excellent shape and having lots of fun and interactions with his visitors who did and will do visit his Paul Simon Farewell Tour. 

I’ll be there in Amsterdam, too, for a marvellous show - without having any break - for two and a half hours. 

Please keep going on deceiving people who do not know what kind of a man Art Garfunkel is … a devil in disguise. 

When I am listening to Art Garfunkel, it is all about "me, me, me."  Paul Simon never speaks about himself or what a great voice he still has. He is not interested at all in what people think about him and whether people like him or not. 

Shut up with your Art Garfunkel … Tab Laven and Dave McKay … screwing people by asking extraordinary prices for ONE  ticket.  

Kind regards and I will have a look in the Dutch papers for any review that might have been written tomorrow Guess not.  
Corry Hoekman / The Netherlands

Whew!!!  That’s a WHOLE lotta hate for one email!!!

For starters, the review I ran was a “guest review,” written by Shelley Sweet-Tufano, a regular contributor to Forgotten Hits.  The concert that Shelley reviewed took place on May 17th at Tarrytown Music Hall in Tarrytown, New York … so no, it wasn’t a “review from the future” … nor was it a paid endorsement of Garfunkel’s show.  (Anybody who tried to get tickets for this thing already knows how expensive these tickets were!!!)  That being said, with so much hate in your heart for Art’s talent, why on earth would you spend this kind of money to see somebody you clearly can’t stand?!?!  Honestly, after reading your comments, I fear for his safety!!! 

How you can interpret this review to be about a concert that hasn’t taken place yet tells me you didn’t pay very close attention to what you were reading.  It sounds to me like you’ve already made up your mind well in advance as to Artie’s talent and ticket prices … so again, why go at all???

As for Garfunkel speaking kindly of former partner Paul Simon, I can only say that I’m glad he seems to have buried the hatchet on his end.  (On stage anyway … we all know how THAT goes!!!)  Again, I wasn’t there to experience it … but the impression he made on the person who reviewed the show clearly seemed sincere.  (There is still a widely-circulated rumor that Simon’s tour will wrap up at Madison Square Garden and feature “surprise guest” Art Garfunkel … but again, this remains to be seen … as I don’t write concert reviews from the future!!!)

All that being said, I welcome YOUR review of the 2 ½ hour Paul Simon concert … preferably written AFTER you actually see the show rather than before.  Thanks, Corry!  (kk)