Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Saturday Survey (October 6th - 1968)

10-2-68 - KILT - Houston, Texas

If you don't know where Houston is, you might think it was "lonesome in this old town" like Dean Martin told us in 1965.  It is true in a relative way, as it is currently the 4th biggest city in the US.  In 1965, it was #7. 

Just as iconic as the city it was born in was KILT.  This legendary station was masterminded by Gordon McClendon, arguably, the father of top 40 radio.  1968 was one of the glory years for this station and its format was still hanging on despite the trend toward tight playlists.  

Our Cryan Shames are doing well with "Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith and Jones" at #25 this week.  Does anyone besides me think that this great recording is quite in vogue for the times, considering its chart-mate, "White Room"???  How about a mashup of the two?

Dallas' Southwest F.O.B. hit, "Smell of Incense" (the band featured England Dan Seals and John Ford Coley!) was doing quite well in their big neighbor's town at #9.  Besides the Shames, Chicago is "representin'" via the Impressions (#34) and Mauds (#37).  Hit songwriters get their chance as well with Jimmy Webb (#35) and Bobby Russell (#38), this time as artists!

*Survey courtesy of Bud Buschardt and ARSA website

For some reason, "Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles David Smith And Jones" did VERY well in Texas.  I remember talking with Hooke about this several years ago and he was somewhat amazed by it, too.  (However, he ALSO told me that he was SO confident that this was finally going to be The Cryan' Shames' break-through record that he bought a house and got married, banking on its success!)
Nationally, it peaked at #73 in Cash Box ... it only managed to "bubble-under" in Billboard, where it stopped at #115!  Here in Chicago, however, it was a Top Ten Hit, peaking at #9.

So cool to see The Beatles' brand new record company with the Top Two Records in Houston this week ... not bad for a little upstart company, eh? (Of course it WAS run by The Beatles!!!) 

And look at In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida in The Top Ten again ... how did this record not chart higher overall in the national trades?  (Of course the 2 1/2 minute version really couldn't compete with the 18 minute version that the FM stations were playing ... or that kids were listening to in their basements at the time.)  Still, it must have had SOME pop appeal to rank this high.

But this week it's a video by The O'Kaysions that I have to share with you.

These guys were another One Hit Wonder group out of Wilson, North Carolina.  Frannie found this video a few years ago and we were both shocked to see that they were white!

Ultimately this record made The Top Five on the national charts ... and it's still a feel good, summer song.  Enjoy!  (kk)


10/1/68 - Traffic releases their second album and have a hit single with Feelin’ All Right

10/6/68 - Now HERE’s a line-up for you … as musical guests this evening, Ed Sullivan welcomed Dionne Warwick, Tony Bennett … and Tiny Tim!