Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Sunday Comments (03 - 29 - 20)

Tonight on Fox (9 pm Eastern / 8 pm Central / 7 pm Pacific)
Elton John, Mariah Carey, The Backstreet Boys, Tim McGraw, Billie Eilish and Billie Joe Armstrong (and maybe even an additional surprise or two) will all be giving live performances from their respective living rooms to help raise money for the Feeding America and First Responders Children’s Foundation to help combat the incredibly high medical costs (and loss of pay) of MILLIONS of people around the globe.
They’re calling it the “iHeart Living Room Concert for America” and it will also be broadcast on iHeart radio stations across the country.
Here’s hoping you can all pitch in and help make this a successful campaign.  (kk)

UPDATE:  Alicia Keys, Camila Cabello, Dave Grohl, H.E.R. and Sam Smith have joined the festivities

Me-TV-FM threw me for a loop this weekend with their A-Sides / B-Sides picks … some REALLY rare and unexpected stuff this time around … including the pairing of Neil Young’s “Heart Of Gold” / “Sugar Mountain” (live version), a track that never even charted.  (In the past, they have stuck with the more “tried and true” variety of two-sided hits … so this was a completely unexpected … and quite adventurous surprise!  WTG, Rick!)  kk

Also, today is the last day of this year’s first-ever Let It Beatlefest, streaming live on both and Instagram @Beatles_Fest … with all the unexpected cancellations due to the CoronaVirus, Beatlefest Founder Mark Lapidos has come up with a BRILLIANT way to allow Beatle Fans from all over the world to still be “all together now” in these socially distant times. 
Just log in to either of the above links and enjoy the party!
(Many of the original guests scheduled to perform at the New York Fest For Beatles Fans will be stopping by and performing, talking about their books or sharing their wares.
A splendid time is guaranteed for all!)  kk

Last week The Beatles Channel asked the question:
If you were introducing somebody to the music of The Beatles for the very first time, what song would be the first one that you would play them?
We only got a couple of responses to this question … nowhere near as many as I had hoped for … and both heavily favored The Early Beatles … the infectious music that first hooked all of us back in 1964 when we first heard it here Stateside.
My personal choice was “She Loves You.”
To me, nothing better captured the spirit and the excitement of this brand new music hitting our shores for the very first time.

A few other choices:

For me, the song would be Tell Me Why from A Hard Day's Night, one of my top five Beatles songs ever! It has so many redeeming qualities: signature opening chords, then immediately to the three-part harmony, the call and response lines of the lyrics, and Paul's walking bass line ... John singing "Is there anything I can do?" in the chorus. It rocks hard from start to the end. If that person has two minutes and eight seconds to listen to that song, then the question will be answered!
Bob Burns

Good question on what song by the Beatles would you play first to someone who was not familiar with their music. No question for me and that would be PLEASE PLEASE ME out of 1964.
Larry Neal

Hi Kent:
I'd like to request a copy of the Classic Rock Top 3333 list.
I wrote a thing at my website earlier this year premised on the following:
If "Stairway to Heaven," "Free Bird," and "Layla" are the top 3 classic-rock warhorses, then what's #4? 
I'd like to see how your list compares to mine, and to my readers' opinions.
Keep up the good work. I've enjoyed your site for a long time.
Jim Bartlett
The Hits Just Keep on Comin' 
Those weren't OUR Top Three ... well, "Layla" came in at #3 ... but "Stairway To Heaven" didn't fare anywhere near as well as it does on all these other lists we've seen where it consistently comes in at #1.  (Listener burn-out perhaps?) 
Still, with one million votes, I’ve got to trust the opinions of those who flooded our mailbox … and found "Hotel California" to be the #2 pick ... with "Bohemian Rhapsody" coming in at #1.  (Not your favorite, I see!  Lol)
"Sweet Home Alabama" finished 4th ... and "Stairway To Heaven" wound up at #6 ... so we’re really not TOO far off from your results!  (The Rolling Stones had FIVE of the Top 13 songs!)
Until the list shows up in your email, you can view the results here:
When you get to the bottom of each page, just hit the "Older Posts" button and it will take you all the way thru to #3333 (if you're patient enough to hang around that long!)
Thanks you!  (kk)

Please send me the Top 3333 List.
I also seem to remember early on in the project that you mentioned that we could also request a list of the songs that got votes but did not make the Top 3333.  If that is available, please send me that as well.  I am just curious about some obscure favorites of mine, which I voted for, and how close they came to making the Top 3333.
I did compile a list of songs that either fell short of the tally needed to make the final count or were determined to be too far off the accepted formula for a classic rock radio station.
Maybe now that we’ve FINALLY released the final countdown of The Top 3333, we can get around to running the other list as well.  (Actually, it was only going to be The Top 100 … so odds are a lot of the single digit vote-getters still won’t make this list.)  When all was said and done, you needed at least 33 votes to make The Top 3333.  I couldn’t believe how ironic that was!
The Top 100 List is also essential, I believe, for radio programmers looking to gain a little more insight as to what their listeners would really like to hear on their stations.  Let’s give the dust a chance to settle first on this list … and then we can hopefully post that OTHER Top 100 (which should be small enough for all interested parties to print their own copies of the list.)  kk

Gary Lewis sings it for me.**
If you need someone to send to
Count me in.
Someone who missed a lot
Like number 110.
When I start to count
the ones that I might ever doubt.
If you show Herbie Alpert again
Count me out.
If you count Chitown songs I wanted,
Count me, too.
And if they're not first on your list,
Ain't it the Shames?
Just be sure to send it to me
Since the counting’s thru,
Count New Colony close
behind at number two.
(Wrecking crew nice piano solo)
If you need a song to count on:
"Don't You Care"!!
And all your Journey votes you've lost,
Count VEHICLE now!
Just be sure to count my Hollies vote
When you're all but done.
Count me madly
in love with Twenty Twenty-Two! (#2022)
(transitioning into the end of Chicago's "Call On Me")
You can count on me baby
you can count on me....
**--From the book "Song writing for dumber and dumber"--special changes from Clark Besch on Jim Peterik's "Song Writing for Dummies" book.  "Get yours' today!"
You’re going to just absolutely bury me now that you’re retired, aren’t you?!?! (lol)
Thanks, Clark!  (kk)

Good morning,
I would like to request a copy of the master list of All-Time R and R songs from you.
What will I do with it?
Most likely debate the order / inclusion / exclusion of songs with my music friends in this time of crisis.
I'll also learn to play some of these songs from the list on guitar or bass which I don't already know.
Lastly, I'll probably create new play lists on Spotify to while away the hours while practicing social distancing. 
Thanks a ton … and blessings on you and yours for all you do for the music world.
Jim Hill
OK, that works for me.  (Kinda what I figured you’d do with it anyway!  Lol)  Thanks, Jim!  (kk)

Below is a link to my new lyric video for Empty Arena, which you were kind enough to premier a few days ago. The video was created by Paul Braun. We’d love to share it with all of your great legion of FH fanatics!  Lol!  Thanks a million for posting it …
Since this was created, I performed a one man streamed show called Empty Arena, hosted by Colin Peterik, at his Jam Lab studio. That night (Monday, March 23rd) I sang, took requests and answered questions from over 400 people who tuned into officialjimpeterik on Facebook. 
As the show proceeded, we took in nearly $4000 in donations to the Musicares musician relief fund.  I also sang to the track Empty Arena.
This stream was recorded and can be watched in its entirety on my officialjimpeterik page …
Donations are still being accepted. 
Thanks to everyone in my virtual audience who tuned in and made it a party.
Hope you enjoy this video!
Keep the music flowing. It is our only sanity.
Thx Kent, for all that you do!!!  
Rock on!!  Jimbo 
Jim's new song and video are just perfect.  I look forward to the youtube posting of Jim's show, as I’m not on Facebook.
Clark Besch
I don’t do Facebook either … but this is a “public page,” which means that anyone can view it.  There are a few glitches here and there … so I’m anxious to see the cleaned-up YouTube version, too.  Heard from several FH Readers who were able to tune in and catch the show live … many of whom also made a donation to MusicCares.  We’ll keep you posted once we have more information.  (kk)

>>>We've Put Together Another King-Sized Edition of This Week's Thursday This And That  (kk)
kk …
Going to read it this afternoon.
Don't want to use up my best reading material this early in the morning.
Frank B.
We’ve done a lot of all-day suckers lately … so why not spend some of this “extra time” so many of us have these days with us!  (kk)
I really like Tommy James’ new single, especially the Cinnamon Girl / Sunshine Of Your Love Medley.  What a great idea.  And he still sounds great!
He does, doesn’t he?  Tommy hasn’t lost a step musically … still sounds as good today as he did back then … and still putting out great music.  (Plus the guy sells out every show he plays!)
I know it’s gotta be driving him crazy to be “grounded” like this with no live shows happening at all right now … but you can see that he’s been making good use of his “time off” in the studio … and it’s great to be able to share these results with all of you out in Forgotten Hits Land!  (kk)
Hey, both of Tommy's new songs are good, but I absolutely LOVE the medley side of this two-sider.  I have thought of a few medley things like that that could work as well.  I think he does a great job with it.
Kent –
I love Hey Sah Lo Ney!  Go Tommy … you still got it!!!
Carol mentioned today that the new Tommy James song HEY-SAH-LO-NEY came out originally in 1965 by singer and song writer Mickey Lee Lane.
Kent, that reminds me of a record that Mickey Lee Lane came out with a year earlier called SHAGGY DOG, also on Swan records.
Kent, this record was on our local top 40 radio station survey for many, many weeks breaking into the top 5. Don't know how well it did in Chicago, but it was a big record here. Got it out while ago and played it since I hadn't heard it in a long long time.
Larry Neal
“Hey-Sah-Lo-Ney” didn’t chart at all nationally … and I had never heard it before until Carol Ross sent me Tommy James’ new remake.  “Shaggy Dog” only managed to chart here in Chicago as an “Extra” .. but it DID make The National Top 40 in both Cash Box and Billboard, peaking at #38 in the Fall of 1964.  I do vaguely remember this one … here it is again to see if it rings anyone else’s memory bell.  (kk)

Interestingly enough, THIS label also has the “Don’t Drop Out” message on it that adorned many copies of The Beatles’ hit “She Loves You” earlier this year!  (kk)

Also …

Since I know one of your favorite pastimes is keeping track of vintage songs being used in brand new television commercials, I know you’re going to LOVE the new Samsung Phone commercial that features “Little Bitty Pretty One” if you haven’t already seen it.
Now THIS is a track that will IMMEDIATELY catch the attention of the younger generation out looking for the latest in cell phone technology. (I don’t know if it’ll put this track back on the charts again, ala Ace’s “How Long,” but this is a GREAT track that hasn’t aged a bit ... and I do believe today’s generation will respond favorably to it.)
What WILL be back on the charts next week will be a number of Kenny Rogers tunes and albums.  After his death was announced last week, sales, downloads and streaming of Kenny’s biggest hits went through the roof (in some cases up 1600%!!!) as fans remembered all the great music he gave us over the years.
And a surprise visitor to the Rock Charts again this week was John Lennon’s 1971 Hit “Imagine.”  Seems that after Gal Gadot led a celebrity chorus that included Jimmy Fallon, Natalie Portman, Norah Jones, Amy Adams, Zoe Kravitz, Kristen Wiig, John Mayer, Sarah Silverman, Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph, Mark Rufalo, James Marsden, Chris O’Dowd, Lynda Carter and Sia, sales of Lennon’s original (an all-time classic) sparked enough action to place it back on Billboard’s Rock Digital Song Sales chart where it sits at #15 this week.  (The intention was to boost morale during the insanity of this Covid-19 crisis.) 
Maybe OUR music has a future after all …
You know if enough of us survive this thing.  (kk)

In today's FH it dawned on me that the Yellow Balloon's flip of YELLOW BALLOON was the same song backwards, I believe. Not only the wording, of course, on the label but the actual lyrics, too, if I’m not mistaken.  (I honestly don't remember.)
Also, I can't help but wonder if Dickie Goodman were still alive today, would he do a break-in record on the virus going around? Questionable.
Stay safe and be cautious.
The flip side of “Yellow Balloon” by Yellow Balloon was, indeed, “Noollab Wolley” … and the ENTIRE song was a backwards recording, from start to finish … well, actually, I guess from end to beginning (!)  And, believe it or not, it even got a few votes when we polled or readers many years ago as to their Favorite Forgotten B-Sides!  (Reminder:  Me-TV-FM has been playing A-Sides and B-Sides back-to-back all weekend long … if you tune in now, you can still catch a few favorites before they wrap things up.) 
As to your Dickie Goodman question, I would like to think not … this one just hits TOO close to home … and WAY too many people are dying from this as a result of the widespread pandemic.  Not at all in good taste … and I’m sure Dickie would have been the first one to agree.  We really can’t find ANY humor in what’s going on out there right now.  (kk)

Here's "Yellow Balloon" backwards ... "Noollab Wolley" ... it's REALLY pretty awful!!!

We also found a pretty embarrasing clip of Casey Kasem and Don Grady from 1965 ...

I hope you are weathering the storm with this Coronavirus. It’s put a damper on my radio show as our studio has been shut down so, I’m off the air locally until, TBD …
In the meantime, I’m piecing together past shows for my two internet stations and working on creating a home studio. 
I’m running an old video of Freddy Cannon in this week’s newsletter and was wondering if he has (had) any 2020 shows planned? I thought I read in your blog that he had a concert scheduled. I know he did a show at the Villages recently so his health must have improved. Have you heard anything on that front? It’s difficult finding any information on him.
Appreciate you help. Keep up the great work on Forgotten Hits. 
Glen Fisher
Doo Wop Revival
WJCT 89.9 FM 
Doo Wop Ramblings Newsletter
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Obviously, right now ALL shows are grounded … but I know that Freddy was scheduled to come back here to perform at The Arcada Theatre on September 13th.  As far as I can see, this is his only show scheduled at this time.
He blew the doors off the Arcada the last time he was here … so I’m really looking forward to seeing this show and visiting with Freddy again.
This whole CoronaVirus thing has turned the world upside down … many of us can only view it as to how it affects us personally … but this is a worldwide pandemic that is affecting everybody.
Freddy has had some serious health issues of late and problems with his lungs is what sidelined him the last time he had shows lined up.  As this is where the CoronaVirus does its greatest damage, NOTHING could be more important than Freddy staying inside and quarantined until SOME resolution can be found for how to deal with this craziness.  I expect most if not all shows to continue to be pushed back until the government feels its safe for us to interact with each other again in a concert environment.  Sad … being a music guy, you know how much we live for this stuff.  Thankfully, several artists are doing live shows on their Facebook pages to stay in contact with and entertain their fans.
Naturally, we’ll keep everybody posted as new developments are announced.
Thanks, Glen.  (At least you can still reach all of your followers thru your awesome newsletter!)  kk

'Sea of Love’ singer Phil Phillips dies at 94
Add another one --- to the already long list --- of deaths

Hi Kent,
Some time ago I found a story online that talked about the possibility that Bits and Pieces was possibly inspired by another song. I found a copy of the track in question and thought there was some merit to the idea ...  but now I can't find where I put the track, and I also can't find any mention of the story behind Bits and Pieces online. 
I didn't see anything when I hunted through the FH archives either.
Am I dreaming? <grin>
Bill Scherer from MN
Sorry, Bill, but this one doesn’t ring a bell with me at all.  Anybody else out there heard similar stories that can help to point Bill in the right direction???  (kk)

Thank you so much for your recent tribute to Tammi Terrell.  I am a huge Motown fan and it was great to see her get that recognition.
Peace and good health to you.
Fran Kriston
Thanks, Fran … these days, Peace and Good Health are about the best two things you can wish somebody … so I appreciate it! 
I was really pleased with the Tammi Terrell piece, too … another artist who never really got her due.  And I still say that if ANYBODY deserves a biopic, it’s Tammi!  (They never even made the Marvin Gaye one that they’ve been talking about for the past 20-something years!!!)  kk

Hey Kent,
Just being now retired, someone told me yesterday that Sundazed's Bob Irwin had an internet radio show.  How cool is THAT? 
Just now listening to the latest show.  Not only awesome tracks, but each show (tons of podcasts of the show) has its playlists!!  Bob and Gina, some great stuff. 
I hope to listen to these shows as much as possible while trying to control my collection for the first time in 60 years!!!!
Clark Besch

A while back we had a brief discussion about the relevance of Progressive Rock.
Well, here’s a new reference book you may be interested in if you’re a fan of this genre …

The 3rd Edition of “The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock”
by Charles Snider To be Released March 27, 2020

The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock, 3rd Edition
• Reviews of 510+ albums from 1967 - 1982
• 572 pages
• Fully edited, proofread and fact-checked
Back in print for 2020! The definitive record guide to the progressive era of rock music, Strawberry Bricks presents a comprehensive discography with reviews of 500+ albums, with band histories, musical synopses, key tracks and critical commentary, all presented in the historical context of a timeline. Beginning in 1967 and continuing through 1982, a generation of musicians took rock music in directions unforeseen as they charted what would become known as progressive rock. From art rock to krautrock, from England to Germany to Italy and all across Europe, Strawberry Bricks offers a candid reappraisal of rock’s most cerebral genre. Also for this edition, Matt Howarth has revisited his original artwork from the first edition of the book.

Says Charles, “The newly written Prologue offers a historical perspective of the pretext to the progressive era, beginning post-WWII, while the Epilogue offers a current perspective on progressive rock since the early 80's. I've also spent a good deal of time fact-checking every detail in the book, including song titles and artist names. Further, this edition has been professionally edited and peer reviewed, all to make this as exacting and rewarding a book as the music it covers. Strawberry Bricks is another narrative on the classic era of progressive rock, one with hopefully a novel and candid outlook on the genre, its albums and the men that made it one of the most interesting chapters in rock's history.”

With 212 more reviews, 210 more pages, completely fact-checked and professionally edited, and with a full index, the third edition is a substantial upgrade to owners of the first edition of the book. For owners of the second edition, Matt Howarth once again revisits his original artwork for Strawberry Bricks. Enjoy the music!

Praise for Strawberry Bricks:

“In Strawberry Bricks Charles Snider gives us a history of progressive rock from 1967 to 1982 through his astute, colourful and insightful entries on a personal selection of over 500 albums – and not always the obvious choices. He acts as an informed and trustworthy guide leading the reader on a fascinating journey through the genre.” - Mike Barnes, A New Day Yesterday: UK Progressive Rock & The 1970s

“Snider’s research is impeccable, his writing style enjoyable and it’s hard to fault the inclusion of any of the hundreds of albums he covers.” - Kev Rowland, The Progressive Underground

“Most impressive! I can see it’s phenomenally well researched. Well done.” - Hugh Banton, Van der Graaf Generator

Comments on previous editions of Strawberry Bricks:

“Only one major book on progressive rock that matters has been published this year, and it's this one: The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock (Revised and Expanded Edition) by Charles Snider. This is a work of great passion and expertise by a true aficionado and historian of the form. It's an exhaustive, comprehensive and engaging overview of the genre. It also offers 500+ reviews of important albums from the "golden era" of this music from 1967 to 1982. This is a valuable addition to the library of every enthusiast of progressive music.” - Anil Prasad, Innerviews

“Charles Snider has an encyclopedic knowledge of progressive rock, and has accrued one of the world’s most formidable record collections. No one is better equipped to write the definitive discography of this rich genre of music.” - Jonathan Schang, District 97

About the Author:
Charles Snider has been collecting records since the early 1970s, amassing one of the most complete archives of progressive rock. “One of my earliest memories of vinyl was The Beatles' 'Paperback Writer' b/w 'Rain.' Musically, my love for British music and everything thereafter starts with The Beatles. My daughters are even named after Beatles’ songs!” Snider's self-professed passion for the music “archaeology” continued over the decades, branching out to many other genres of music. “In the early 90s, Kevin Eden and I curated the WMO label, with the cooperation and support of Wire. The CD was a new format, and we released a lot of hard to find records, as well as unreleased archival material and two very good tribute discs.” Upon moving to Chicago in 2000, he began writing the first edition of The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock. “I've always loved record guides. Certainly, Ira Robbin’s Trouser Press was the prototype, but growing up in the 70s with magazines like Circus, Creem and of course Rolling Stone, I've always enjoyed the passion writers convey about music.” While not listening to prog rock in his man-cave, Snider can be found blogging about personal technology or cheering on the Chicago Blackhawks.

The 3rd Edition of “The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock” will be released on March 27th, 2020. Available directly from, and from (including UK, JP and the EU). Published by via Kindle Direct Publishing, an Amazon company.

To purchase from Amazon:
For more information:

Check this out ...
Remember the "Piranha Man"?
From the CR&M site, a now shut-down gem.
Third entry from the top.

OMG, yes, I DO remember Piranha Man!!!  Haven’t thought about him in AGES!!! 
(Jimmy would be SO proud!  Lol)  kk

Thank you, Kent ...
I am grateful that you are able to provide us all with a "happy" place.  Now I have another place to go besides my "peaceful" place. (It happens to be a large meadow located in a nearby national wildlife area about ten minutes from where I live.)
Like your happy place, my peaceful place is an oasis in an area of congestion; northern NJ, which is outside of NYC, is densely populated.
I am listening to the song "Heat Wave" on the radio as write this. It makes me happy and wanna dance.
Thanks for your rockin’ music, happy place blog and all the fun stuff you put out there.  Keep it comin’.
Stay well.
Best always,
We’re sure gonna try!  (I find myself escaping to the music lately!)
Plus I’m not going anywhere … I still have EVERY intention of seeing the new Beatles movie when it opens in theaters on September 4th!!!  (kk)

Forgotten Hits Reader Rich Klein came up with a great idea as a way to help pass the time while we’re all stuck inside …
Why not come up with a list of the very best oldies music stations around the country … Internet stations … terrestrial stations that stream … special weekend programming … etc, etc, etc.
We actually did this several years ago and came up with a GREAT list of options to check out … so send us your suggestions and favorites and we’ll post them in future issues.
Right off the top of my head, I can quickly rattle off:
Rewound Radio (hands down, the best):
WCFL Chicago:
LAFOS (Lost And Found Oldies) - You'll find a ton of archived shows here:
Scott Shannon’s True Oldies Channel:
Bob Stroud’s Rock and Roll Roots (airs live Sundays from 9 am – Noon Chicago time on The Drive):
Citizen Bill’s Remember Then:
That Thing With Rich Appel:
Dave The Rave’s Relics and Rarities (broadcast live from the No Static Attic!):
And, of course, on Sirius XM, Tommy James and Peter Noone each do their own weekend oldies shows as well!

And we’ve been telling you about the brand new “Ready, Steady, Go” documentary that began airing in Great Britain this weekend.
Well, Harvey Kubernik sends us a couple of “distractions” to help get us thru our lockdown weekend, courtesy of Nona Hendryx …

Hi All,
In this crazy, scary time here’s two programs to enjoy or simply be distracted by.  And as Monty Python said,  “Always look on the bright side of life.” 
The Story of Ready Steady Go!:
The Best of Ready Steady Go!:
Nona Hendryx