Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Sunday Comments ( 04 - 25 - 10 )

The Drive (WDRV-FM, 97.1FM), Chicago's premier Classic Rock Station, is playing 2000 tracks from their massive library in yet another one of their very popular A - Z Programs ... it all kicked off on Friday afternoon and, as always, the selection of music is nothing short of INCREDIBLE!!! (Typically, these run about 7-8 days ... and this time around, they're promising more "Deep Tracks" from some of your favorite albums, along with all the usual FM Classic Rock Favorites ... and quite a few surprises ... when Dr. Hook's "Cover Of The Rolling Stone" came on the other night, I actually had to double-check the station to see if I was still listening to The Drive! lol) It's ALL great stuff ... you'll find yourself listening non-stop ... and, to help you do so, we've not only provided a Listen Live Link but also a list of all the songs being featured during this special event:
Click here: The Drive 97.1 - The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
Click here: WDRV#bottom

Last Friday when Jim Shea interviewed Tommy Smothers on his morning Y103.9 program, Tommy announced that the duo is "taking a break" after this current round of appearances wraps up at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on May 16th. Understandably, he was saddened to hear this news ... The Smothers Brothers have been performing non-stop for fifty years now, entertaining several generations with their rare brand of music and humor. And they're hotter than ever right now ... their controversial CBS Television Series is in the process of being released on DVD (Volumes 2 and 3 are currently available ... for some crazy reason, they decided to release the seasons BACKWARDS!!!) and a great new book, "Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story Of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" by David Bianculli is a very popular, MUST READ for anybody who grew up enjoying their long-lasting career.
Anyway, Jim has been making his appeal for a more fitting send-off to this legendary duo ... he recently copied me in on an email he sent to Chicagoland Media Columnist Rob Feder that I also wanted to share with our Forgotten Hits Readers:
I stumbled on to what may be (in retrospect) a pretty big story in the history of American entertainment, and I thought you might like to know about it.
I've been trying to get Tom Smothers on the air for about a year, and finally had him on today. He was warm and funny and serious as hell and it was great listening.
When I asked if there would be something new on tv he said no, and as a matter of fact, after 100 years of touring (50 for Dick, 50 for Tom) they were about to "take down the tent and clean up the cage" and take what he called a "sabbatical" from touring as of May 16th. Their performance at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas would be their final show.
Now I know the boys are not prone to Brett Farve theatrics or "Farewell Tours", so if they were to go away, this is exactly how they would do it. And I respect them for that along with everything else.
But I just think this is a bigger story than the kind you give to a dufus suburban radio guy in Crystal Lake. I feel this story needs to reach a broader audience.
I confirmed the story with their manager, Donna Seltzer. I don't know if you can do anything with this story or even want to ... I just thought I'd let you know.
Jim Shea

Mornings y103.9
I agree, Jim ... The Smothers Brothers deserve a fitting "send off" if this is, in fact, the end of the road for them. They brought SO much joy into our lives ... and set SO many landmarks along the way ... perhaps there are some people in our extensive audience who can help to make this happen. If so, please feel free to contact me and I will in turn hook you up with whomever we need to in order to pull something together.
As author David Bianculli points out in his book, if you have enjoyed the likes of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In or Saturday Night Live, you have the inspiration of The Smothers Brothers to thank. Bianculli goes on to write:
"When Michael Moore takes his time in the spotlight during a live Oscar telecast to scold President George W. Bush for sending America to war without due cause, The Smothers Brothers, in spirit, are there. When The Dixie Chicks make an anti-Bush comment onstage and suffer a backlash from conservatives before reemerging triumphantly with a new ht and a slew of Grammy Awards, the Smothers Brothers are there. When Bill Maher resurfaces on HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher" or Jon Stewart skewers politicians and the media on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart", The Smothers Brothers are there. When Stephen Colbert attempts a comedic run for the presidency, The Smothers Brothers are there."
Between all of the artists on our list (many of whom appeared on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour way back when), the deejays, artist reps, media folk, etc, my hope is a few of you out there will respond with some ideas. Clearly there's not much time ... May 16th is only a few weeks away ... but perhaps after they say "Good Night" THAT night, we can have a more fitting, universal setting to bid them farewell. Please let me hear from you!!! (kk)
P.S. By special request, we featured a Smothers Brothers "Fan Favorite" a few years ago when we ran their "Chocolate" routine as part of our Forgotten Hits Newsletter. Today, I'm running one of MY personal favorites, "You Can Call Me Stupid" from their classic "Mom Always Liked You Best" LP.

re: TOP 100 OLDIES:
KENT ...
Just checked my 'collection' versus the top 100 requested oldies ... I scored a 99 out-of-a 100! How I missed Sky Pilot - Animals I can't figure ...
I'll get right on it ...
It's a GREAT record ... one of my favorites by them! (Here's the "short single edit" to get you started!) kk

We just can't stop watching this one ... it's the Broadway Cast of "American Idiot" performing last year's Green Day Hit "21 Guns" ... an absolutely INCREDIBLE version of this great tune. (Amazing to think where the Broadway Musical Stage has gone these past few years with more and more pop music crossing over to The Great White Way ... who knows ... long term THIS may be the way the music of our generation is best represented and remembered most!) If you haven't seen this clip yet (or aren't familiar with the song), you've got to check out this clip ... a VERY moving performance ... and the vocals are nothing short of perfection.
Click here: YouTube - Green Day & The Cast Of American Idiot - 21 Guns - album out 4/20

>>>Gotta be the weakest schedule EVER!!! (Then again they thought they might not do it at all this year ... so it coulda been worse, I suppose!) kk
Hey, don't you want to see "Fenton High School Graduate's" Bands?????
Very weak although I have never seen the Ides Of March. Always missed them when they played. And to all of those who thought Vehicle was their first hit see below. #30. I walked a mile to 95th and Western with a friend to buy this record. It's not such a nice neighborhood now. The Chicago Catz were pretty good, too.

(click to enlarge)

I'm sure we'll still get to a couple of these. The Ides Of March put on one of the BEST live shows you're ever going to see ... highly recommended for anyone in the area. (They open the concert series this year on June 9th) Because of Jim Peterik's success with The Ides of March, Survivor, .38 Special, etc, you'll be treated to a wide mix of music ... and a very high-energy performance.
Yes "You Wouldn't Listen" was a HUGE hit here in Chicago, ultimately peaking at #7 despite a #42 showing in Billboard ... now HERE'S a track that absolutely should have been a huge national hit ... it is SO "of the time" ... so yeah, we'll feature it again! Thanks, Bill! (kk)

... and, speaking of Chicagoland Hit Makers ... I just got THIS email from Ron Smith!

This is from Chicago magazine. Mostly good choices, though I disagree for the most part with the rankings:


The attached photo was shot at British Consulate in New York at launch party for British Invasion DVD series from Reelin' In The Year Productions / Voyage Digital Media / Naxos of America. The first releases in the ongoing series cover the late Dusty Springfield, Small Faces, Herman's Hermits and Gerry & The Pacemakers. Gerry Marsden was unable to attend to due performance dates but Ian McLagan (left) of the Small Faces and Keith Hopwood of Herman's Hermits were on hand. Gerry, as it happens was on screen at the moment McLagan and Hopwood met -- for the very first time in their lives, it should be noted. At the event, producers revealed the artists confirmed for the second series of British Invasion DVDs: Manfred Mann, The Pretty Things and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's newest inductees, The Hollies -- with more to be announced.


Hey Kent,
Saturday AM I woke up as 3 am and was channel surfing. I came across this movie on TCM called " Get Yourself a College Girl" from 1964. I only saw the last 1/2 hr, but it's one of those classic B movies. It has The Dave Clark 5, The Animals, The Standells as musical acts and the movie stars are Mary Ann Mobley (Looking quite fine btw!!), Nancy Sinatra (not looking too bad herself) and Chad Everett.
I hope TCM shows it again as I don't recall ever seeing it.
Below is the original trailer I found on youtube.
Earlier on Friday night TCM showed "The Silencers" with Dean Martin ... it was one of Martin's Matt Helm movies. Dino is so classic in those movies; he plays the Bond character perfectly and they gave him all the neat little gadgets, too.
Hope all is well.

I just checked to see if "Get Yourself A College Girl" was available on DVD but apparently not ... nor is the soundtrack CD available. Too bad ... from what I remember it's a pretty horrible flick but some GREAT musical guests are on the bill. (Check out Video Beat ... I'm pretty sure THEY have a copy available!!! They do ... see link below!) TCM typically does "theme weeks" with some of their movie selections ... hopefully, BOTH of these will run again 'cause I'd love to see 'em, too!!! (kk)



OK, the planets must TRULY be aligned!!! Last night all four of the original Rascals reunited for a benefit concert in New York City ... man, we would have LOVED to have been there for this. Here's the official piece that ran in Live Daily the other day:


By Phil Gallo / LiveDaily Contributor

The original lineup of The Rascals will reunite Saturday (4/24) for a fund-raising concert in New York. Eddie Brigati, Felix Cavaliere, Gene Cornish and Dino Danelli will perform at Robert DeNiro's restaurant Tribeca Grill to benefit the Kristen Ann Carr Fund that supports programs designed to help teenagers and young adults with cancer and other serious illnesses. It will be the first time the blue-eyed soul legends have performed together since their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.
Steven Van Zandt, who along with his wife Maureen is being honored at the annual fundraiser, gave The Rascals’ induction speech at the Hall. He has been trying since 1980 to get the group to reunite.
"I speak on behalf of the band when I say all the money offers in the world could not entice The Rascals to reunite," guitarist Gene Cornish said in a statement. "But four phone calls from Stevie and without hesitation we enthusiastically and immediately agreed to both support this wonderful cause and honor Stevie and Maureen."
The Kristen Ann Carr Fund was founded in 1993 by Bruce Springsteen's co-manager Barbara Carr and her husband, writer Dave Marsh, after Sarcoma claimed the life of their 21-year-old daughter Kristen. The fund has established a comprehensive sarcoma laboratory at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and provides sarcoma fellowships in both surgery and oncology at MSKCC.

Hoping that these guys continue to talk and leave some doors open ... what an incredible reunion tour this would be!!! (We can dream, can't we?!?!?) kk


Thanks for featuring a great song by Bread in today's edition. I always like to hear their non-hits and album tracks better than the ones that were over played. The second side of the group's first greatest hits album is pretty good with 'Mother Freedom', Truckin', and 'Let Your Love Go'.
Keep up the good work.
Phil - WRCO

BIG Bread fan here ... and actually "Mother Freedom" and "Let Your Love Go" were modest hits in their own right, especially here in Chicago where "Mother Freedom" went all the way to #12 and "Let Your Love Go" peaked at #11. (Nationally, these two reached #37 and #20 respectively ... yet you never hear EITHER of them on the radio anymore!) kk

I am a baby boomer disc jockey on a small internet radio station:

I love your web site ... thanks for keeping the best music alive and well ...

DJ Scarlett Hayze

Thanks, Scarlett ... glad you're enjoying Forgotten Hits! (kk)

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with Forgotten Hits. I look forward to it every week. And I an always pleased when I see something about Top Shelf Oldies, an internet radio show that I listen to every evening.

The Great and Wonderful Malcolm Colllins

Well, thank you for the great and wonderful compliment!!! (kk)

And a quick thank you to everyone who has been supporting the website ... we're closing in on 200,000 visitors and we REALLY do appreciate it!