Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Helping Out Our Readers

>>>I have been trying to trace an instrumental which I can remember from back in the 1960s. I think the title in the UK was "Imago", or something close to that, and was recorded by an orchestra leader with (again - I think) a french sounding name.Very sketchy details I'm afraid, but can anyone remember any such recording? It was never what one could call a hit, but it got a few playings on the airwaves for a while then "disappeared". (Robin Cavaghan)
We got a couple of "nibbles" on this one ... but, as you said, not much to go on ... short of listening to a couple of these yourself, I'm not sure we'll ever really know if this is the song you had in mind. It's much tougher with instrumentals 'cause you can't even zero in on a sample lyric ... but you might want to check out these two. (kk)
I am wondering if the instrumental in question might be from Raymond Lefevre (famous for Soul Coaxing). I will look in my vinyl and see if I have anything that resembles that title.
Hard to tell ... even "Soul Coaxing" was known by another name ... It charted as "Ame Caline" back in 1968!!! (kk)

Just a wild guess: could it be "Image" by Hank Levine? Charting at #37 on WLS and #98 nationally, this just barely missed my "WLS Only" collection.
Ed Erxleben

Well, it's a good starting point ... if anybody else out there has samples or suggestions as to which track Robin might be looking for, send 'em along ... and we'll be happy to pass them along to Robin ... or post 'em right here on the website! And Robin, if one of these hits the mark, please let us know!!! (kk)

My brother (Colorado) and I (South Dakota) are trying to remember who produced an advertising song in the 1960's called (something like) "There's a Man Who Hears a Different Drummer Drumming." Some men's cologne or aftershave, I think. It was popular enough that they made and either gave away or sold a 45 record with this song on it. We had one. We're trying to remember what product it advertised. Maybe your readers would remember.It's driving us CRAZY -- and can't find it on the interent.

Marsha Ahrenkiel
Another one that sounds VERY familiar ... but I can't quite place it. Betcha SOMEBODY on the list will!!! Hang tight! (kk)

Hello Forgotten Hits,
In the late 60s, I frequently heard two specific commercials for Tab Cola. As I recall, both had the same Ad-lyrics, (though I'm not 100% sure of this) . The difference between the two commercials was that the first one was slower and had kind of a hippie-dippy mellow sound that was very typical of this era ... the second spot was faster and more rocked up.
Are these specific commercials available? If so, if any of you have them, it would be great to have an MP3 file of one or both of them. In addition, if there is a CD available that may have these spots, then please let me know its title. I assume it is out of print at this point.
It would be wonderful to hear these again. Both commercials along with other ads from the 60s were sometimes featured on Tv Land (mid 1990s).
Justin McDevitt
Clearly our readers are still finding this topic "commercially acceptable" ... there doesn't seem to be a week that goes by without SOMEBODY writing in about some of their "ad" favorites from yesteryear. Anybody able to help out with this one? (kk)

Hope all is well, Kent.
I just read Gary Renfield's comments on The Nickel Bag, but the group summary that he provided attributed band history to the incorrect "Nickel Bag." It looks like he took the bio info from my interview with Bill Brackin ( but that was an ebtirely different combo (who never recorded). I haven't located any info yet on the Kama Sutra group. I'm excited that you heard from Mike Melfi of The Princetons. I'm looking forward to any recollections that he shares about his band with Forgotten Hits readers.
Mike Dugo
I really don't know anything about The Nickel Bag other than what Gary sent me ... obviously, the album cover is the correct band on Kama Sutra ... not sure where he got the "bio" information ... maybe he'll let us know. As for The Princetons, I've sent Mike a couple of follow-up emails, offering to give the group a nice profile but haven't heard anything back from him as of yet ... if and when we do, we'll be sure to let you know! (kk)