Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's All About The Blame This Week In Forgotten Hits (Part 3)

One of my personal favorites, EYDIE GORME reached #6 with this "shuffle-tune" back in 1963.
(Hmm ... I guess that dance floor CAN be pretty tempting after all!)



Oldies radio NEEDS to play this song ... every time I have EVER heard this come on the radio, I've watched heads turn, shoulders, feet and entire bodies start to move ... and, about half-way through, a complete sing-along typically breaks out with the chorus! 

And it's one of those tunes that'll stick in your head all day long, too ... in fact, I've had several people come up to me a few days later and ask "What was that song we heard about the bossa-nova the other day?"

Give this one a shot on your program today and see if you experience the same results!