Friday, July 29, 2011

Who and What Are We Blaming It On Today?!?!? (Part 5)

Milli Vanilli went all the way to #1 with their first four singles ... and apparently without ever actually singing a single note!

Of course everything crashed and burned once the public found out ... especially after they had already won a Grammy for Best New Artist in 1989.  (These guys took the old Monkees adage of not playing on their own records to a whole new level when it was revealed that Rob Pilatris and Fabrice Morvan were simply phony frontmen for video appearances while all the REAL singing was going on behind the scenes thanks to Charles Shaw, John Davis and Brad Howe.)

I don't know that ANY other artist has been stripped of a Grammy ... maybe they should blame it on their marketing guy!!!

Meanwhile, they're blaming it on the rain!!!


Sammy Davis, Jr. tried to get all hip and cool with the kids back in 1967 with this one ... and somehow it managed to sneak into Billboard's Top 40 ... I'm not quite sure how THAT happened ... Davis was hardly a chart fixture at this point in his long and illustrious career!

But a year later he'd score a #11 Hit with his excellent version of "I've Gotta Be Me" from the Broadway Musical "Golden Rainbow" ... which just happened to star Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme ... who blamed some issues of her own on The Bossa Nova earlier in this series!

Sammy's asking us not to blame the children ... maybe some good advice, in hindsight, for this rather turbulent time in our country's history.