Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wrapping Up "Blame Week" In Forgotten Hits (Hey! Don't Blame Me!!! It HAD To End Eventually!!!) Part 6

We're wrapping this week up with one of my very FAVORITE late discoveries in life ...

It's a musical gem by The Everly Brothers ... and a COMPLETELY overlooked hit from their Warner Brothers years.

I think I have heard this song on the radio exactly ONCE in my entire life ... 
but it was a Top 20 Hit back in 1961 ... and it still holds up as a great-sounding recording today.  

The song dates back to the '30's and comes from another musical, "Clowns In Clover" ... but The Everlys sound EXCELLENT on their beautiful pop version.  

(Who knows ... maybe we can get somebody out there to actually play this on the radio again!!!)

It's "Don't Blame Me" by The Everly Brothers