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The Sunday Comments ( 03 - 04 - 12 )


This is my first time being a part of the FH leap year festivities ... I am totally enjoying the fun ... thanks!


Sounds like it was a hit ... just over 1900 unique visitors came by to check out the countdowns on Wednesday ... and it was cool to unveil some of the Super Charts, too!  (kk) 

>>>Hey, it only happens every four years (kk)
Except for century years ... 2000 was NOT a leap year ...
And then a quick correction:
A year that is divisible by 100, but not by 400, is not a leap year.
So 2000 was a leap year, as was 1600. But 1700, 1800 and 1900 are not leap years.


I really enjoyed hearing "You Got Me Anyway" after so many years. Thanks for tickling some hibernating neurons with this one!

David Lewis


On the TOC I guarantee you one can hear MACK THE KNIFE at least every other day, maybe even stretching it to once every three days. However, kudos to you for picking UP A LAZY RIVER as one by Bobby Darin you never hear on the radio anymore. What song came immediately to my mind when you mentioned UP A LAZY RIVER? I always enjoyed Si Zentner's instrumental version from the same year courtesy of Liberty Records.

Larry Neal

The whole premise behind "One You Know ... One You Didn't Even Know You Forgot!" is that it allows the deejay to play something they were going to play anyway ... but then follow it up with something they probably haven't even THOUGHT of playing in AGES!!!  It's a concept that absolutely works ... in fact, Scott Shannon has done our "One You Know ... One You Didn't Even Know You Forgot" Twin-Spin Weekend in the past.  (C'mon Scott ... don't you think it's about time to run it again?!?!?)  kk

Kent -
The Doobie Brothers and Chicago will tour together this summer.
Sounds like a good pair to me.  What do you think?
Frank B.
I think it sounds like a GREAT pairing.  (But I don't see Chicago on the list!!!)  Probably because they were both just here last summer (a week apart, in fact, at Ravinia!)  Would LOVE to see this show.  (Maybe you can ... check out the concert schedule here, courtesy of Frank B. and WCBS-FM ... naturally!!!)  kk

Sixties Music Legend Tommy Roe To Tour In Support of New CD Release

3/5/2012 – Hollywood, CA - International '60s music legend and pop pioneer Tommy Roe is back and better than ever with his first new CD release in many years! In support of his new album, Tommy will also be performing several select dates in the US and Canada. A bona fide international star, Tommy Roe wrote and recorded six "Top 10" hits between 1962 - 1969, more than any other solo American artist. To his credits he has 11 US Top 40 hits, 6 Top 10s, 4 Certified Gold singles, and 2 #1 Hits. He is a member of the Hit Parade Hall of Fame, The Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. On September 2, 2012, Tommy Roe will be inducted into the Iowa Rock 'n' Roll Music Association (IRRMA) Hall of Fame. 
Born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Tommy began writing songs at the age of fourteen, and his first recording effort yielded the international #1 hit..SHEILA. In 1963, Tommy Roe headlined the now famous UK tour, in which a rising band called The Beatles were a featured act on his tour.
“I will most likely call the new CD 'Devils Soul Pile', after a song I have written and included in the line up,” explains Tommy. “The song is a departure from my normal and expected style, and one that tells the story of dysfunctional families, and the effect it has on our youth and our neighborhoods. Lyrically, this song is a bit serious, and was inspired by the everyday news of violence in our neighborhoods and cities. But a song that ends in hope.” Other new songs include “LA I Belong To You”, “It's For You I'm Me” and “Water Underneath My Burning Bridge” as well as a re-recorded version of “Kick Me Charlie” from Tommy's 1965's 'Sweet Pea' album. 
The reviews for Tommy's shows have been great!
“Get Ready to party ... Tommy Roe sounds better than ever!”
LARRY KLEIN - Executive Producer: Dick Clark Productions
AN EVENING WITH TOMMY ROE is a new show featuring all his hits, plus less familiar tunes, and new material as well. The show features full band, unplugged and solo segments.  "I am really excited about my new show," says Tommy.  "I will be featuring some of the new songs I have written, along with some obscure material I have recorded through the years, and get many requests to do. Of course I will highlight the hits, like 'Sheila', 'Everybody', 'Hooray For Hazel', 'Sweet Pea', 'Jam Up and Jelly Tight' and 'Dizzy', along with some of my favorite covers. I will also do a Q&A session in the middle of the show while the stage is being set for my acoustic set with band leader and lead guitarist Rick Levy. This is a new addition to our show, and something I really enjoy. It gives me a chance to get up close and intimate with our audience, kind of like I do at home with family and friends.”
Tommy Roe will be performing on these dates:
April 7-8 – Riverside Casino – Riverside, IA
April 14 – Seneca Niagara Casino – Niagara Falls
May 8-10  (tentative) Miss. River Cruise
May 25 – Century Casino – Edmonton, AB, Canada
June 16 – Fountain of Life Fair – Gray, TN
June 17 (tentative) Ponte Vedra, Fl.
June 18 – The Villages – FL
August 31 – DiamondJo Casino – Dubuque, IA
September 1 – Winnavegas Casino – Sloan, IA
September 2 – Hall of Fame Induction – Arnolds Park, IA
For more information:

Ron Onesti (of Onesti Entertainment / ) has announced another block of concerts coming up at The Arcada Theatre.  (In an interview with Scott MacKay on The River the day after Davy Jones' passing, he also revealed that he had booked Davy ... along with David Cassidy ... for a show in October!)
Here's what he's got coming up ...

Friday, March 9 - Frankie Avalon

Friday, March 30 - The Righteous Brothers with Bill Medley

Saturday, March 31 - Joan Rivers ... and a live TV taping ... 
Two Shows: 7 and 9 pm
Saturday, May 5 - 25 or 6 to 4 - a Chicago Tribute Band featuring 
a VERY special guest appearance by Chicago's original drummer, 
Danny Seraphine
Saturday, May 12 - Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Saturday, May 19 - Rik Emmett of Triumph
Last night, Eddie Money performed at The Arcada ... and Ron's got OTHER great shows lined up, too, including appearances by Three Dog Night, The BoDeans and Kansas.  (We also happen to know that he's working on signing a couple of other MAJOR surprises for appearances, too ... so stay tuned to Forgotten Hits for more details!)  kk

Ron also recalls a special concert memory from the past ... the night that Frampton Comes Alive ... Again!

As I wait for my daughter to awaken each Sunday morning and I prepare her special chocolate chip pancakes, I truly enjoy watching CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood.  It really serves up a heaping spoonful of Americana, past and present.  Today they did a feature on English rocker Peter Frampton.  He is 62 now, but in 1976, his album,  Frampton Comes Alive, became the best-selling live album of all time.  He came to Chicago that year, Cicero actually, as part of an outdoor rock extravaganza at the Hawthorne Race Course featuring him, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Yes and Gary Wright (Dream Weaver).  An incredible lineup!  I was 14, just about to enter High School and somehow, my friends and I were there!  It was my first concert, an event that truly changed my life.  I remember the feeling I got as Peter jammed Show Me The Way and drove the crowd crazy with his use of the talkbox effect with his guitar.  Fast-forward twenty years later, and I return to Hawthorne to produce their live concerts!  From Toby Keith to Alice Cooper to James Brown, I worked with some of the biggest names in music ... in very challenging conditions.  It was an ironic return engagement for me!  It was really great to see Peter this morning.  It brought me back.  It also made me think of the hundreds of shows we have put on since that first ten hour day of music.  Yes, I won't rest until Frampton comes to The Arcada.  He, along with all the rest of those glorious classic rock superstars.  As many as we have had, there are plenty who have yet to grace our stage.  This is REALLY going to be fun!
-- Ron Onesti


I've got a new
coming soon (front and back cover attached).
Davie Allan

Hi Kent,
I'm one of the Rumer fans. You are right ... there's nothing on the CD that knocks you off your feet as songs go. The songs are good, but not incredible.
The thing that gets me is her voice. We just don't hear voices like Dusty Springfield or Karen Carpenter anymore and that's the draw for me.
I like the album ... but love her voice.
Fair enough ... and that seems to be a consistent comment with what we've been hearing.  Maybe I need to listen to her again ... in a different state of mind!  (kk)  

The Spectacular Rise and Tragic Fall of the Woman Whose Voice Inspired a Generation  (By Mark Bego)
“Whitney Houston was the greatest singer I’ve ever heard and she will be truly missed.”
— Tony Bennett
“To me, Whitney was THE VOICE.  We got to hear a part of God every time she sang.”
— Oprah Winfrey
“Whitney, I will always love you. You will be missed.”
— Dolly Parton  
Few in the world of show business reach the career heights that Whitney Houston attained with what seemed like such ease. She won six Grammy Awards, thirty Billboard Music Awards, and twenty-two American Music Awards, and amassed a vast fortune before the age of 50. Her death has shocked the entertainment world and her fans.  
Whitney Houston! The Spectacular Rise and Tragic Fall of the Woman Whose Voice Inspired a Generation (February 2012) traces the life of this American icon. Author and biographer of superstars, Mark Bego offers a unique look into the superstar’s life. Bego first met and heard Whitney when she was the teenage background singer for her mother at nightclub Les Mouches in 1979. He watched closely while she was groomed for superstardom, and was at many of her key performances—including the diva’s Carnegie Hall debut concert. Bego also discusses how Whitney’s career suffered from her association with the horrifying reality show, Being Bobby Brown.
Whitney Houston! is the first book to chronicle Whitney’s Number One 2009 “comeback” album "I Look to You" and the subsequent 2009-2010 concert tour that completely ruined her career as a concert draw. Bego also details her dynamic final film role in Sparkle (which will be released posthumously), and discusses how Whitney claimed health issues were ruining her performances, while she continued to do massive quantities of drugs.
Share in the joy as Whitney signs with Arista Records and the legendary Clive Davis and becomes an international star. Whitney Houston!  will stand as a singular tribute to, and a revealing look at, one of the great superstars of our time. 
About the Author:  Mark Bego has been called the “Number One Bestselling Pop Biographer” by Publishers Weekly, and has been referred to in the press as the “Prince of Pop Music Bios.” He is the author of fifty-eight published books on rock and roll and show business, including two New York Times bestselling books. He lives in Tucson, Arizona.

And, speaking of Whitney Houston ... THIS from Billboard Magazine:
Whitney Houston's signature ballad "I Will Always Love You" is only the second song to reach the Hot 100's top three in separate chart runs beginning with Dolly Parton, the song's author, in 1974. While other songs may rival its ubiquity - like Chubby Checker's "The Twist," the Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody" and Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" - none has matched its 38-years chart endurance.

The "Wages of Spin" is in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives:
Available thru
-- Shawn Swords

New book coming out this fall ... Detroit Rocks, 1965 - 1975
Ken Voss

And, speaking of Detroit Rock, I got this from a FH Reader last week, too!
Check out Billboard Magazine's remembrance of Michael Davis of the MC5!


As word of his Feb. 17 death spread, musical colleagues remembered MC5 bassist Michael Davis of the MC5 as a key ingredient in the group's "Kick Out the Jams" chemistry that combined ferocity with creative ambition, creating a template for punk rock during the late 60s.

Hi Kent ...  
It has been a long time in the making ... and I am proud to announce a great new website for a legendary band.
Is your seat belt fastened?   
Ladies And Gentlemen ...
Check out the site, look around ...
Thanks in Advance
Booking and Press Inquiries: 312-675-8151
- Michele Sweeney-Abrams
We've featured The Mob's biggest hit "I Dig Everything About You" several times in Forgotten Hits before ... (#20 here in Chi-Town despite a disappointing #83 showing nationally).  And let's not forget that Mob-member Jim Hovay wrote four of The Buckinghams' biggest hits, too!  ("Kind Of A Drag", "Don't You Care", "Hey Baby, They're Playing Our Song" and "Susan"), all National Top Ten Hits in 1967 before his own band ever cracked the charts!
So count me in as happy to help spread the word.
(And how cool is it to see that they're lining up live dates again!!!)
Thanks, Michele!  (kk)

>>>Even Kent knows I spotted his hit before I knew it was a #1 hit and gave it a two thumbs up salute!!!  (John)
Probably the best new hit record I've heard in the last 20 years.
David Lewis

It's one of those that crossed ALL borders to appeal to every generation ... had that "60's feel to it yet totally contemporary-sounding, too.  (Now let's see if they're able to follow it up with any similar success!)  Kind reminds me of that Fastball hit from a few years back, "The Way" ... a know a number of oldies bands who added this one to their set lists just because it sounded SO much like it belonged there ... yet still allowed them to keep a contemporary edge to their show.  (kk)

And, speaking of oldies set lists, we just got this from Bob Rush, who is ready to launch HIS new oldies band, The Way Back Machine!  (kk)

The Way Back Machine is getting ready to rev up.  We're doing a showcase to get our feet wet (most likely joined by Frank Jeckell of the 1910 Fruitgum Company).
Here's the songs for the sets:
Thanks to your readers for such great suggestions!
That's a great list, Bob ... we're hearing more and more "obscurities" at some of these oldies shows that we go to during the summer months ... and the fans LOVE it!  (Makes me want to round up half a dozen of my 60-year old friends and put an oldies band together ... we could call ourselves "The Mid-Life Crisis" ... and go out and have a ball on the weekends!!!  lol  (kk)

This is your last chance to enter to win a copy of the brand new Johnny Maestro book ("Sixteen Candles Shine Forever", written by Irene Brodsky).  We'll be picking your "Favorite Johnny Maestro Memory" next weekend ... so, if you'd like a chance to win a copy, get YOUR memory into us right now!!!  (kk)

Thanks for all the great BB stuff  (:>)
Thank you for featuring Nancy Sinatra's version of Bob Lind's "Long Time Woman" ...
Very, very nice!!!!
And what a GREAT story Bob shared with us, too!  (kk)
You'll find more on Nancy below ... including a GREAT video featuring a brand new version of her 1967 Hit "Summer Wine" ... a song that just HAPPENED to be voted your THIRD Favorite, Forgotten B-Side of All-Time a few years back in our Forgotten Hits poll ...
And you won't have to ask ME twice to watch this video again ... HOT STUFF, baby!!!  (Ooo-La-La!)  kk

Davy Jones has passed away. The heart throb of many was 66.
The Monkees Television show is still repeated today in reruns and those fabulous memories will be with us forever!!!!!
DJ Stu

Kent ...
Peter Tork Discusses the Great Davy Jones with “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi ...Check out the "Salad" story ... B.

Does this mean that David Bowie can go back to using his real name now?

I happened to be listening to Scott MacKay Thursday Morning when he and Ron Onesti (of The Arcada Theatre and Onesti Entertainment) were talking about the passing of Davy Jones.  Ron shared a couple of his favorite Davy Jones stories with MacKay's listeners.
One involved Deena Martin (daughter of Dean Martin), who costarred on an episode of The Monkees television series as Davy's love interest.  (It was one of those typical Davy-meets-girl scenes with the stars in their eyes!)  When she heard that Davy was appearing at Ron's theater in St. Charles, IL, they cooked up a surprise visit.  After Davy's performance, Onesti brought Jones back on stage to take another bow ... and then dropped a giant movie screen where he played back the scene with Davy and Deena Martin from some 40 years earlier.  After it was over, Onesti asked him, "Do you remember this episode?" to which Davy replied, "Sure, it's one of my favorites!"
"Who was that girl", Ron asked.
"Deena Martin ... Dean Martin's daughter!" Davy replied.
"Have you seen her since this episode aired?" Ron asked.
"No, I haven't," came Davy's answer ... at which time the giant movie screen lifted and out walked Deena Martin from behind the screen, to give Davy a big hug and a kiss.  A magical moment to be sure.
Another favorite episode again featured Ron Onesti bringing Davy back out on stage to the delight of a sold out house to take another bow.
Davy remarked (in a pretty off-the-cuff manner), "Thank You!  I Love You!  And if I could, I'd give each and every one of you a great big hug and a kiss!"
Backstage several minutes later, Ron reminded Davy that he had agreed to do a meet-and-greet after the show.  Davy was like "Oh, that's right ... well, just give me a few minutes then to towel off, and I'll come back out there.  What have you got?  100-120 people?"
To which Ron Onesti replied, "Well no, Davy ... you promised to give each and every one of those folks in the audience a great big hug and a kiss ... and now they want to take you up on it.  I've got NINE HUNDRED PEOPLE out there waiting to meet you, get their kiss, an autograph and take a picture!!!"
Davy, true showman (and good sportsman that he was) came out ... and met and greeted EVERY SINGLE ONE of those fans who hung around ... 900 people ... posing for pictures, signing autographs, and fulfilling the obligatory hug and kiss!  It took 3 1/2 hours to attend to them all!!!  But Davy was NOT one to disappoint his fans.
GREAT stories, Ron!!!  And what GREAT memories to share about this very personable entertainer.  (kk)

Look what I just found on
Not only is Antenna TV running a Monkees Marathon in remembrance of Davy Jones ... but Me-TV and Me, Too have also jumped on the television bandwagon with their own salutes to this '60's icon.  
Read on:
With the sad news of the passing of 1960s musical and cultural phenomenon Davy Jones, Weigel Broadcasting's local classic television station Me-Too and the Chicago-based national classic television network Me-TV have altered some of its upcoming weekend programming to salute Jones. Me-TV will air some special 70s TV shows that featured Davy Jones as a guest star, while Me-Too will run a marathon of Jones' TV show from the 60s, "The Monkees."   All this comes on the heels of rival classic television network Antenna TV's plans to air a "Monkees" marathon this weekend, which was announced yesterday.
Me-Too will salute the late Davy Jones by airing a marathon of eight "Monkees" episodes which all focus on Davy. The "Monkees" marathon will begin tomorrow night, Friday, March 2nd, at 7:00pm, ending at 11:00pm. The eight episodes are "Royal Flush," "Your Friendly Kidnappers," "Success Story," "Too Many Girls," "Prince & the Pauper," "Monkees on the Line," "Monkees Get Out More Dirt," and "Mijacageo (The Frodis Caper)."
Additionally, Me-Too will have another salute to Jones on Saturday night. At 10:30 pm, the station will air the classic episode of "The Brady Bunch" entitled "Getting Davy Jones." That will be followed by two more episodes of "The Monkees" starting at 11:00 pm. Those episodes are "Monkees Watch Their Feet" and "Monstrous Monkee Mash," the second of which focuses on Davy.
Me-Too can be seen over-the-air on WCIU-TV's digital subchannel 26.4, as well as on cable on Comcast Xfinity 247 / 358, RCN 22, WOW 171 and AT&T U-verse 48.
Me-Too's "big brother" station, the nationally seen Me-TV will also be saluting Davy Jones. This Sunday, beginning at 11:30 am, Me-TV will air three shows that all feature Davy Jones in a prominent guest-starring role. At 11:30 am will be the aforementioned "Brady Bunch" episode "Getting Davy Jones." At Noon, Me-TV will air a pair of episodes from "Love, American Style" not seen in a very long time, both with Davy Jones: "Love and The Elopement" and "Love and The Model Apartment"
Me-TV can be seen over-the-air on WCIU-TV's digital subchannel 26.3, as well as on cable on Comcast Xfinity 223/357, RCN 14, WOW 17/19, AT&T U-verse 23, and via satellite Dish Network 23 & DirecTV 23.
Entertainer Davy Jones skyrocketed to international fame beginning in 1965 when he was selected as one of the four members of TV-created rock / pop band, The Monkees. The Monkees' television show was a major success, as were the singles and albums for the band. In fact, at one point in the later 1960s, The Monkees were outselling The Beatles. Jones, with his long hair, youthful appearance, and British accent, became one of the biggest teenage heartthrobs of the 60s and into the early 70s. He went solo in 1970, continuing to make music and did numerous appearances on television shows and movies. On and off since the early 1980s, Jones would reunite with other members of the Monkees for tours and recordings.
Davy Jones died February 29th at the age of 66 in Indiantown, FL, where he lived, reportedly of a massive heart attack. He is survived by his wife, Jessica, and four daughters from his two previous marriages.
-- Chicagoland Radio and Media

Some folks have been writing in complaining that Davy's death isn't getting enough media coverage.  This is certainly NOT the case here in Chicagoland ... and we couldn't be happier!  (kk)

I just read a GREAT Interview that Larry LeBlanc did with David Fishof ... covers the full gamut ... from Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp ... to the early Happy Together Again Tours ... to the inside track on the first big Monkees Reunion Tour ... some really fun and interesting stuff.  If you'd like a copy, drop me a line and I'll forward it along to you!  (kk)

KENT ...
EXCLUSIVE …YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT DAVY JONES TELLS DON KIRSHNER’S BIOGRAPHER, RICH PODOLSKY after Kirshner’s death (and after “THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN EAR” was finished,) he was very remorseful and said ...
Davy was ALWAYS the biggest Don Kirshner supporter in the bunch (pun intended).  And Kirshner believed in Davy, too ... which is why he was secretly trying to launch a solo career for Jones ... and gave him his own Davy Jones record label.  Jones has said on numerous occasions that he believed it was a HUGE mistake to tamper with the formula that was working ... Kirshner was bringing The Monkees their biggest hits by way of some of the greatest songwriters on the planet ... and Davy believed that you just don't mess with success.  Unfortunately, Mike Nesmith (in particular), Peter Tork and, to some extent, Micky Dolenz, outvoted him in this instance ... and Kirshner was fired (on a technicality), allowing The Monkees to record and produce their own music beginning with the "Headquarters" LP.  It worked for a little while longer ... (the article is wrong in the sense that "Daydream Believer" was NOT the only hit The Monkees had after Kirshner's departure ... in fact, the revamped single "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" (#1), backed with Nesmith's "The Girl I Knew Somewhere" (#39) ... after Kirshner released it in Canada with an earlier version of "She Hangs Out" on the flipside ... which was ultimately pulled from the market because it didn't have the band's endorsement ... (this was the instance that allowed Kirshner to be fired) ... "Pleasant Valley Sunday" (#3), "Words"(#5), "Daydream Believer" (#1), "Valleri" (#1), "Tapioca Tundra" (#34), "D.W. Washburn"(#10) and "It's Nice To Be With You" (#26) ALL made The National Top 40 in the fifteen months after Don Kirshner's departure.  (kk)

Kent ...
I like "Daydream Believer" and "I'm A Believer".  How about you?
Frank B.
The Monkees' two "believer" songs were certainly their biggest. (Guess Journey's been right all along!!!) kk
And then they gave the WCBS-FM Fans a chance to vote for THEIR favorites ...
I can't believe "I'm A Believer" didn't make the top 5.

Frank B.

This is a very Davy-centric list ... four of the top five feature Davy's vocals, probably influenced in some fashion by his recent passing.  As a lifetime Monkees Fan from Day One, I am SO familiar with all of their stuff that I love most of it ... it's part of my being at this point ... especially those first four albums.  Sad day, losing Davy.  (kk)

DAVY JONES?  --  I'm kinda pissed and annoyed at the lack of 'noise' at his passing.
Tributes are still coming ... BUT ... the guy was the 'face' of the Monkees ... a group that went toe-to-toe with the Beatles (at least on the charts) ... the tv show endeared (him) them to the 'boomers' ...
MTV in the 80's re-ran the series endearing (him) them to another generation!
The show still runs on Antenna TV ... the (his) music is timeless ... still in regular rotation on oldies channels and 'muzak' in stores and elevators ... and then there's the BRADY BUNCH connection ! (both tv series and movie) ... and to top it all ... HE WAS STILL PERFORMING!
AND THE IMMEDIATE MEDIA REPORTING?  MINIMAL AT BEST!   A mention and go on ... <friggin-fraggin-*********> ----   like he was one of the roadies for an oldies group!
BIG press has been gotten for OTHER less (or equally) deserving performers, why not DAVY?  -- and that's all I have to say about that --
I got a similar note (below) from Clark Besch bemoaning the lack of coverage ... but that is NOT what I experienced here in Chicago.  (You mentioned Antenna TV ... they are in the midst of running a 36 hour Monkees Marathon right now ... EVERY single episode of the tv series back-to-back-to-back ... 58 episodes in all ... bookmarked on both ends by the showing of The Monkees' film "Head". TONS of Monkees music on the radio ... and lots of press here, too.  Maybe it's just here in Chicago (where The Monkees absolutely WERE bigger than The Beatles for a good chunk of 1967) ... but I couldn't be more pleased than to see Davy ... and the rest of the band ... singled out for their amazing contribution to pop culture.  (Now if some of those eggheads at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame will just open their eyes and ears and pay attention to some of this, too, then MAYBE ... FINALLY ... The Monkees can get some fair consideration for induction into their hallowed halls!!!)  kk

Some great food for thought about the current state of radio (as it relates to the breaking news of Davy Jones' death last week) from Rob Feder ... again, in these days of automation, pre-recorded and/or voice-tracked shows, sometimes a breaking story of the loss of an icon takes a little bit longer to get to the public than it used to.  Some good points raised here.  (kk)

Frannie was wondering who the most animosity existed between in so many of the ill-fated Monkees reunion tours.  "Was it Davy and Micky mostly?" she asked me. 
Ironically, during that same Scott MacKay / Ron Onesti interview mentioned above, this same topic came up. 
Davy and Micky had worked SO many times together over the years ... but it was a very hot and cold relationship.  They both realized they could accomplish more together than apart ... but also both wanted to maintain their own careers and identities.  I think Ron Onesti described the BIGGEST point of friction pretty well when he said:     (kk)
I think it was Mike Nesmith.  The Monkees had any number of reunions over the years ... but the one hold out was always Mike. Sure, he made a few appearances here and there ... but THREE Monkees just isn't the same as all four Monkees appearing together ... because THAT is the Holy Grail.  I think Davy always resented the fact that Mike never let them achieve all that they could have in these reunions.  Now maybe he didn't need the money ... Mike inherited a large amount of money from his mother, who invented Liquid Paper ... but by not participating in these events, he denied the other three Monkees their due in earnings ... and I don't think Davy ever forgave him for that.
-- Ron Onesti
Too bad.  I've seen Davy, Micky and Peter perform as solo artists MANY times over the years ... and all three performing together as The Monkees nearly a dozen times, too.  (Davy and Micky together in a show called "Just Monkee-ing Around" was a GREAT concert experience ... despite the fact that there probably weren't more than thirty people in the audience!!!  And I absolutely LOVED the Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart shows, too!)
But I have NEVER seen Mike Nesmith.  (Had the chance once when he did a solo show in the Wrigleyville area many, many years ago ... but at the last minute I couldn't go ... and that was probably my one and only chance to see him live.)
A brief reunion yielded the "Just Us" album ... and a God-awful television special ... but that's been about it.  Mike has just never really embraced the vehicle that first brought him his fame and fortune ... and that's too bad.  (We've read stories about how he's attended a couple of Monkees shows as an audience member in disguise ... which ultimately is what prompted him to join the boys on stage for a show in California several years ago ... but he's just never been willing to step back into the roll of ol' Wool Hat ... and it HAS cheated the lifelong fans to some degree.  I get what Ron is saying ... and I do believe that Davy really (and legitimately) felt that way.  It seems like Mike could have gone out just once ... seen it through as part of a full-blown reunion ... made their killing and then just retired ... but sadly now NO full-blown Monkees reunion will ever happen.  (kk)

Here's Davy Jones' original audition for the Monkees.
Charles Kennedy

Click here: Davy Jones - Monkees Audition - YouTube
They included Davy's and Mike Nesmith's auditions as the "tags" at the end of The Monkees' episodes early on in the series ... a little behind-the-scenes insight into the whole process.  (Mike's is really funny, too ... his was conducted on the set of "The Farmer's Daughter" TV show.)  kk

With the recent passing of ex-Monkee Davy Jones some of the songs on which he sang lead were mentioned, including A LITTLE BIT ME A LITTLE BIT YOU, VALLERI, LOOK OUT, HERE COMES TOMORROW, DAYDREAM BELIEVER ...
but -- let's not forget a few others:
SOMEDAY MAN (written by Paul Williams)
Tal Hartsfeld
lol ... further proof that great minds think alike ... read on!  (kk)

I think it's really a shame in this day of oversaturation of pop stars, that the news coverage on Davy's death is just "another small story."  Davy was huge as far as stardom was concerned in the 60's.  He should be given much more airtime in his passing -- at least in these days of news coverage.  CNN first showed the story yesterday playing "I'm a Believer" in the background.  They could at least FIND a Jones vocal to play. 
"Someday Man" is one of my fave Davy Jones songs.  It charted first in 69 and then stations got on the B side "Listen to the Band" which radio quickly replaced the Jones A side with the Nesmith B side.  I thought BOTH sides were superb and agree that Someday Man would have been a huge hit if released even a YEAR earlier.  The song is an excellent Paul Williams composition before much was known of Paul.  Paul released his version as a single in 1969, too.  An album of the same name was released in 1970 and I helped some with the expanded CD reissue on Now Sounds 40 years later in 2010.  His version sounds a bit more like a demo as you could imagine, but the Monkees made it a masterpiece, just as they did with many of their polished bright productions, making them great fodder for fans like me. 
Clark Besch
Honestly, I found quite the opposite to be true.  Here in Chicago ... and on TV, online ... really ANYWHERE you turned ... Davy Jones was EVERYWHERE.  I think people who may not of thought about Davy in years ... the most casual teenage fans who haven't kept up with the music the way we have ... remembered having all the teeny-bopper magazines and posters of Davy on their walls.  (Sadly, it ALSO acted as a firm, reality-check reminder that WE'VE all grown older since then, too.)  As I mentioned in my "day after" article, The Monkees have been kept eternally young thanks to the TV show ... and, as such, have crossed over to every generation since.  The music was good, clean, silly fun ... and the music was incredibly infectious ... it still holds up extremely well today.  Once the TV show was off the air, however, the singles stopped selling almost immediately ... which was really a shame because a couple of these deserved a better audience response than they got.  I always liked "Someday Man", too (#80, 1969) ... and, even more, "It's Nice To Be With You", (one of those great chart anomalies that reached #26 in Cash Box ... but only #51 in Billboard!), the flip-side of their unlikely hit "D.W. Washburn" in 1968, the first single released after their cancellation.  (kk)
It's not hard to harken back to the days when Monkees exclusives on radio were almost as big of a deal as Beatles exclusives.  WLS and WCFL often battled with finding ways to get a guaranteed hit on the air before the other station could.  Whether it be from UK releases or someone getting a pre-mastered cut or from another station, it was always a battle to be first with a song.  In the case of the Monkees' third single (and Davy Jones' first A side vocal), it was even getting a Canadian copy to play the US unreleased "She Hangs Out" (another Jones vocal) in a form that would not surface in the US legally for decades.  Here's the way it sounded in my Dodge City, Kansas basement on my dad's 1940 Hallicrafter receiver when I recorded WLS' premier of "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" in March, 1967, 45 years ago this month (week?)!!  The excitement of the moment (even with my distorted recording) still makes me yearn for those days.  Note Riley accidentally leaves his mic on early in the song (or more likely, the engineer) and sounds like he yells out a door and then the door slams?  Then, the WLS exclusive blurb to make sure WCFL or others don't steal their thunder and then another  talk over just to make sure.  Davy Jones will always be remembered by many.  Rest in peace.

The Monkees hit at the exact same time as the prime WLS / WCFL Radio Wars ... and it was a VERY exciting time here in Chicago, listening to the battles!  Nearly every LP track was played regularly on the air, especially when they didn't release a single from their "Headquarters" album.  WCFL used to count down the Top Five listener requests every night and it wasn't at all uncommon to hear "She" (from "More of the Monkees") in the #1 Spot ... even their "bootlegged" copy of "Valleri" regularly made the list!  An exciting time indeed.

Clark Weber says The Monkees nearly tore up the WLS studios when they stopped by in 1967.  He was ready to throw them out.  (They eventually apologized ... but they were relentlessly wild in those days!!!)  Here's his accounting from his EXCELLENT book, "Rock And Roll Radio: The Fun Years, 1955 - 1975":
One of my favorite stories happened during the '60's when there was a group created and packaged by a major record company with a cute look, a hit record, a so-so movie, and a television show.  In other words, they were making money.  They decided to pay a visit to WLS and say hello as a goodwill gesture to help support their career.  Someone had told them to act a little crazy and create some attention, and when they arrived in our lobby, they seemed to go nuts.
One of them actually began climbing up our expensive drapes and, halfway up, the drapes tore, the rods ripped out of the wall, and all of it tumbled down.  I saw the mess, and my reaction was to throw the four goofy rock and rollers out of WLS.  RCA Records heard about what happened and they were appalled.  The record company assured me that they would pay for the damages and that the group would apologize to us.  Sure enough, the next day, one member of the group, with cap in hand, visited me at the station, said that all four of them were sorry for what had happened, and I decided to accept the apology.  The singing group climbing our drapes and, in essence, trying to catch The Last Train To Clarksville, were none other than The Monkees.
-- Clark Weber

And, speaking of that 1967 visit to Chicago and WLS, here's some GREAT Monkees behind-the-scenes information that I didn't even know!!!  (How cool that all these clips were filmed right here in Chicago ... they're amongst the most memorable, early music videos ever made!) As noted last week, Chicago's Antenna TV has been airing all 58 episodes of The Monkees' television series non-stop this weekend, along with their feature film "Head", shown twice, to kick off and wrap up this marathon event.  Check out this Chicagoland Radio and Media article for some great vintage photos ... and little-known Monkees facts!
Click here: The Chicago Connection For 'The Monkees' TV Show | Chicagoland Radio and Media

After running several pieces on Billy Strange, we received this email from a Micha King, claiming to be the "between marriages" daughter of Billy, by way of a relationship with Tricia "LeAnn" King in the '70's.  Micha says that DNA testing in the '90's confirmed Billy's parentage ... but NONE of the links she provided me allowed me to research this any further.  (I've since written to her looking for some sort of information to better verify her claim but, as of press time, have yet to receive it.)
Therefore, it is with mixed emotions that I share her letter ... but in the chance that it IS correct (and, honestly, I believe that it most likely IS), we thought we'd share this information with our readers per her request.
To Whom It May Concern:
Please Correct your printed and / or onlin
e publication to include the following:
== Personal life of William "Billy" E. Strange == 
Strange was married to singer and actress [[Joan O'Brien]] from 1954 to 1955. They had a son, Russell Glen Strange, born October 4, 1955. 
He was also married to Betty Jo Conrad from 1960 to 1978. They had a daughter together, Kelly Kimberly Strange, born on November 11, 1964, and a stepson from Betty's previous marriage, Jerry Joseph Mitchell, born October 23, 1954.  
While separated from Betty Jo, Strange moved from CA to TN to open and run a publishing firm for the Sinatras and lived with / dated  Tricia "LeAnn" King. They had a daughter, Mary "Micah" King (Strange) ... she was born on December 23, 1976, in Lawrenceburg, TN.
He was married to singer [[Jeanne Black]] in his last years.
Billy Strange died on February 22, 2012, age 81. 
FYI- Proof of the father / daughter relationship between Billy & Micah was finalized through DNA testing in the late 90's.
Thank you in advance for your time and prompt attention to correcting the above referenced publication errors. Please feel free to contact me at the contact info listed below with any questions, comments or concerns in this matter.
M. Micah King (Strange),
Daughter of Billy Strange and LeAnn King


I have many special memories regarding Glen Campbell.  I was the morning drive DJ and Music Director at KMOR, Salt Lake City, UT, in 1967.  We had played the John Hartford original "Gentle On My Mind" so when Glen's single came in, it went right on our playlist.  In September of that year, Glen came to Salt Lake touring with Red Foley and Lynn Anderson.  Lynn led off the show (she'd had three Country and Western chart hits by then, but long before "Rose Garden").  After her set, I met her as she was leaving the stage and we sat down to visit.
Glen was up next, so we quit talking and listened to him.  What happened next was really special.  Lynn couldn't help herself ... she began singing harmony with Glen and I was the only one who could hear her.  Song after song, my own private stereo concert.
After the show, the Capitol Records local guy invited me and another DJ to join Glen and his band at a local nightclub.  We hadn't been there five minutes when Glen walked up to where the local band was playing and asked to sit in.  He did about four numbers with them and then rejoined us.
After that, we all adjourned to a local all-night coffee shop where I sat there listening to stories, jokes and other fun bits until 5:30 AM, when I had to leave to do my radio show.  One of the guys in Glen's band had been with the Hondells (as had Glen in the studio) but I can't remember his name.
Later on, Glen sent me his current catalogue of LP's, all signed, and even sent a letter congratulating me on my first marriage.  I still have the letter, but not the wife.
My good friend, John Gilmore, (his dad was Voyle Gilmore, a major name in the story of Capitol Records) has told me numerous stories about Glen and his musical abilities.  That night with Glen is one of my most cherished memories.
Jim Pritchard (DJ name - Jim Southern)
Gladstone, OR

GREAT story!!!  Thanks, Jim!  (kk) 

Hey Kent,
Thank you for the features on Nancy Sinatra. It's funny how all that info arrived at the same time! I always was impressed with the sound of her voice, and loved the duets with Lee Hazlewood, especially, "Summer Wine". Did you know that song was re-done, a few years ago, by two European singers? Ville Valo is a metal-rock singer from Finland, with the band, HIM. Natalia Avelon is a Polish-German actress-singer. I think they do a credible job on their rendition, and the video ... wow! Take a look!
Click here: Summer Wine by Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon Music Video on Yahoo! Music

- John LaPuzza