Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday This And That

Kent --
I hope the following e-mail does not in any way offend you or anyone thereafter, but I write it out of frustration -- and hope that after all the years of what I've been wanting to accomplish -- it will be the new 'Field of Dreams'.
At least it's what I've been programming, writing and purposely trying to get to that 'one or two folks' who can 'grasp' that same passion.
It seems that we're preaching the same thing -- but no one listens -- and so, what's it going to take?
I know … but the problem still remains the same -- and it's that old catch 22 situation where people are saying the same thing; Wild Bill Cody recently wrote: 
"Dammit, if I had the cash, I'd start a 50's and 60's station that was manned 24 / 7 with LIVE radio personalities that loved music and their audience and would have the decency to answer the phones within a couple of rings, answer questions on social media and play music that hasn't been burned to death by consultants around the country that don't have a clue about Oldies music or any format!"
You know, Bill and Kent, isn't that what I've been saying? Isn't that what I've been working on trying to accomplish, without having any of the cash? … while looking for the personalities, radio or otherwise, who have that passion? I have experienced those radio persons sitting in a control room with the phones on hold, following the format, saying the same things over and over, while reading a novel … because it's just not FUN to them anymore … and mainly because they're there to collect their check … and that was all they cared about … because they're afraid to 'Step Outside of the Box' for fear of 'Breaking the Rules' and losing their job.  
I don't have the money, but we do have a radio station -- and it is 24 / 7 -- and, due to the lack of cash, I don't have personalities helping to bring it to the 'New Cultural Mainstream' ... and that is one of the main problems.
People are so afraid to 'start something' because they don't have the money -- but yet, here I am, trying to give the station not only an image, but a sound -- and it's daunting when there is no one to help (outside of a few loyal people) and the 'Money People' are not interested in helping because … 'It's just too risky' -- and the industry is dominated by the Major Chains who aren't willing to change their thinking -- and other people are not willing to help because they just don't have the time and cash to make a difference … unless … they 'win the lottery' or suddenly have a benefactor willing to 'be involved'.
I have such BIG DREAMS of being the 'New Cultural Mainstream' on radio stations across the country -- having FUN, talking to people listening to those radio stations willing to carry 'Music for the Ages!' because it DOES CONNECT with not only the listener, but other listeners across the country. It really is a 'RUSH' being able to PRODUCE a SHOW and connecting to those people -- because they ARE THE GOLD in the CURRENT -- and it's those LISTENERS combined with the MUSIC and the ON AIR Personality that 'Make it SPARKLE!' How hard is that for anyone to understand?
I don't believe there is ONE person in the industry who LOVES being on the radio as much as I do … playing the music and connecting with those people -- even going as far as laying everything 'On the LINE' to start a radio station in hopes of 'Making it' to those radio stations.
Nothing aggravates me more than the 'Liner Jocks' and the radio station personalities who have not only cut their 'own throats' by accepting a Voice Tracking' gig just to maintain a position on the radio -- it's those people who aren't willing to 'Go to Bat' for the industry as opposed to 'pushing buttons' and reading a novel while 'On the Air' so as not to rock the boat -- and to keep their paychecks.  In some ways, you can't blame them, but at the same time you want to 'slap them' for the disservice they're doing' to industry.  
I've tried to enlist the help of others who can become involved - but unfortunately it again falls back to … "If I had a radio station … this is what I would do … my own thing!" Doesn't sound much too different from the CORPORATE way of thinking -- because I, too, have my thoughts on delivering the FORMAT in 'My Way' -- but I do believe it to be what others are wanting as well.
Can't say that I blame the Corporate radio folks for wanting to run their business 'Their Way' as well, but here I am … playing the music -- fighting against the economic tide … and that's the main problem -- yet, I still maintain the hope that I can get this company 'off the ground' with the necessary talent, from not only the RADIO personalities but to the MARKETING, SALES, WEB MASTER, IT TECHS and Promotional TALENT.
I've been trying to GET the America's Coast to Coast Business Plan in front of people who can SEE the REAL POTENTIAL for turning it into that CASH so many are claiming they need.  There remains 'NO DOUBT' in my mind that, with ALL of the WORK that YOU BOTH have demonstrated, you also have the SAME PASSION that I, too, have as well -- and yet here we are still trotting along … independently hoping for the same thing.  
How in the world can a man bring people together, under the same umbrella and still maintain that same passion in sharing the 'DREAM' of being the 'NEW CULTURAL MAINSTREAM?' Because that's what we want to do … right?
I can see the tremendous amount of work being done -- and yet, here we are --
For the record, I've seen those 'Liner Jocks' and listen to the bridled 'MASSES' of radio -- I know what can be done … given that I can keep climbing that staircase.
JST KLSX - has been pushing to make that happen -- and with that SPIRIT, I know that I will eventually run into the 'Right Persons' who can come help me make this thing happen -- just like we ALL want to see it happen.
Keep up the spirit, the good work and all that you both have been doing for the sake of 'Bringing Back the Old Days of Radio' in the 'NEW CULTURAL MAINSTREAM!' I would like to think I'm going to have an impact as well with all of the great music from the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE of those who have been there.
See ya on the radio.  
Mason Ramsey
Well said Mason ... and please know that I would spend my own gas, take my own time and come down there to help YOU put some shows on the air ... all you need to do is ask!  Hey, I'll be there. You got the music, you got the format, let me be a personality ... and it will cost you NOTHING! This music needs to get out.
Quit yer bitchin and get ahold of me! 'Nuff said!
Wild Bill
Tell you what ... if I sent you copies of CD's of the three hour 50's and 60's Show I did last night, it would blow you away! Lemme know! 

A week or two ago we mentioned that K-Hits, while advertising themselves as playing the '60's, '70's, and '80's, seemed to be predominately focused on the '80's.  But now they've started "Beatles Wednesdays", where they feature something by The Beatles at the top and bottom of every hour.  (Hmm ... wouldn't "Fab Four Friday" have sounded a WHOLE lot cooler than "Beatles Wednesdays"?!?!?)  Anyway, it guarantees at least TWO songs from the '60's will be featured each hour, I guess ... now if they'd only get off the same play list that every other radio station in the country seems focused on and recognize some of the OTHER great music and artists that made up these three decades.  (We're here to help if you need it, guys!!! Just check out our SOUND ADVICE column every day!!!)  kk  

I'll have a very special live, in person guest on my show, Vito Picone (of the Elegants).  He'll be talking about his career and songs and people he knew, etc.
The Pop Shoppe is on from 7 PM till 3:01 AM.
Vito will be on at 9 till  ????????
He's a great guest.
DJ Stu Weiss   

Kent ...
I think your readers will have fun with this one.
He plays unfamiliar song by famous singer, followed by a big hit. You have to guess who it is during the first song.Click here: TalkShoe - Audio
Frank B.

Still LOTS of talk about the passing of Davy Jones and the music of The Monkees ... I heard from several people who spent a good chunk of their weekend watching The Monkees Marathon on Antenna TV ... we watched quite a few episodes ourselves ... and even ventured over to Me TV to catch the infamous Brady Bunch episode ... and two episodes of "Love American Style" I'd never seen before.  Meanwhile, not a day has gone by where we haven't received several emails about The Pre-Fab Four or come across yet another great article or tribute to Davy and the guys.  Honestly, it's GREAT to see every phase of the media showing and sharing the love ... but who DIDN'T love Davy Jones?!?!?  (kk)  

Hi Kent,
I have three Monkees interviews if you'd like them.  They were a part of a DVD of the Movie that VH1 or MTV did about the Monkees called Daydream Believer.  I'd be happy to give you the audio, or just send you a copy of the DVD if you'd like.  Interviews are with Mickey, Davy, and Peter individually.  I think the movie is fairly accurate, even if the acting isn't great.  The interviews are fun.

I'm sure I have these somewhere, too ... but sure, I'd love to hear them again ... maybe even run them in Forgotten Hits.  Thanks, Bill!  (kk)   

Loved the coverage on Davy Jones. The statements from FH readers and those who knew him best really brought his life into perspective.
Be Well,
Carl Wiser 

Here's a new posting / review from Gary Pig Gold:
Click here: THE DAYDREAM BELIEVER by Gary Pig Gold - MARCH 2012 

And a couple of GREAT pieces by Dawn Lee Wakefield:
Some of your readers were saying Davy Jones Death wasn't getting enough coverage. I'm with you Kent. Here in New York it's been all over the newspapers, radio and TV.
Frank B. 

Frank sent the following blurbs in from WCBS-FM ... where (obviously!) The Monkees are still MAJOR news.  (Micky Dolenz was a DJ for the station right before they shut down a few years ago to switch to the Jack-FM format.) 

Public memorials for the late Davy Jones are being planned for his native England, as well as in New York, reports Jones’s rep, Helen Kensick, in an email message to the media. 
Dates for those memorials have not been announced, but should come after private services for the former Monkee are held in Florida.  

Micky Dolenz revealed the surviving members of the Monkees may not attend Davy Jones‘ private funeral service in Florida to avoid a media frenzy. His statement comes after hearing the wishes of Jones’ family to keep the service private and low key.  
“My understanding is they want to avoid a media circus and… the family wants to keep it very, very low-key and very, very private,” Dolenz told Billboard
Missing Jones’ private funeral down South doesn’t mean Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Mike Nesmith don’t plan on paying their respects to their former bandmate. Jones’ spokeswoman Helen Kensick has stated public memorials, though not officially announced, are in the works for both New York and the UK, and there is certainly a chance the surviving members could perform there. Dolenz, of course, would not guarantee that will happen. 
“It’s pretty early days, you know, to be making too many plans. I’m still in shock.” 
As for the future of the Monkees, it appears there might not be one.
According to Dolenz, the foursome had an unspoken agreement to never use the Monkees name if only two members were participating. And even if they were all on board, the decision to tour under that moniker is not their own, but the choice of the rights holders.  And of course, the idea of performing without Jones is a tough one to swallow. 
“I can see us getting together to do a memorial concert, of course, but right now I can’t imagine anything else happening without the Manchester Cowboy.”  

Kent ...
Monkee trivia. I think most people know about this by now.  The story behind it is interesting.Click here: Monkee Mike Nesmith and Liquid Paper
Frank B. 

Yeah, this one's become a pretty easy "gimme" trivia answer now.  But one of the funniest things I ever saw was when Mike Nesmith hosted his own television series called "Television Parts."  (His video collection "Elephant Parts" was a HUGE success ... so they tried to turn it into a short-lived tv series.)  In the very first episode, Nez addresses the cameras and talks a little bit about what he'd like to do with the show, and then says he'd like to tell a little bit about his background, mentioning that his mother invented Liquid Paper.  He then explains that the network felt this was wrong because it might be construed as free advertising.  Mike then says "OK ... I get it ... let's just take it right out of the script" ... and then proceeds to delete the whole conversation with Liquid Paper.  Priceless!!!  (kk)   

Hi Kent,
After reading the scathing review of the Beach Boys Grammy performance I realized just how far we've slid into hell when the story becomes not the revered music makers but the critics, who maybe can't even sing a note or play a tune. 
In the words of the Rolling Stones: "it's the singer, not the song". In other words, are we really expecting pitch perfection, or are we just glad to see that truly gifted musicians have stopped fighting and are doing what they were born to do: making music ... that we love ... together ... for us. This was an awards show, like a military parade for veterans of past wars. Do we make WW2 vets stand up and use weapons on Memorial Day, and complain that they are embarrassing themselves? Please.
And to all the good people who read your blog who digest such sludge and feel depression over their mortality, please You Tube George Beverly Shea, the great Christian singer, singing his beautiful head off at age 102 last summer (this guy was in his 30s when Brian Wilson was born). Can you imagine Simon Cowell telling this guy to sit down and shut up? In the words of Bob Dylan: "he not busy being born is busy dying".
At age 54 I'm in college taking Calculus, Organic Chemisty and General Genetics. Growing old is not a sport for wimps. My advice: suck it up and keep going. It's the only way to go if you want to stay in the game. And it's the only game in town.
Jim Shea  

re:  CRUISIN':
A week or two ago we told you about some VERY cool oldies music cruises coming up.
Now comes word of the "Malt Shop Memories Cruise", departing October 27th (and returning November 3rd).  From their flyer:
Imagine all your favorite artists from rock 'n' roll's glory days performing live just for you aboard an amazing luxury cruise liner.
Nowhere else will you find such a stellar line-up of talent, with seven days of unbelievable music and memories.
Full details can be found on the website:  

It started on Facebook ... then FH Regulars Artie Wayne and Dawn Lee Wakefield picked up the baton and kept it going ... and now the money seems to be pouring in.
Here are a couple of pieces spotlighting Lester Chambers of The Chambers Brothers, going through a rough time right now despite selling countless records in the '60's and '70's.
Kent ...
Another Summer Tour:  Crosby, Stills & Nash are not Young (Neil).
Frank B.
Click here: Crosby, Stills, and Nash Plan Major US Summer Tour  

Hi Kent,
Thank you for posting the tour information for the Roger Hodgson shows a few weeks back.  I’d like to thank whoever sent you the info in regards to it also.  It just happened that I had to be in Arizona right near the date he played in Phoenix and I was able to fit it in to my plans.  Fortunately tickets were still available and I was able to get a pair in the eleventh row.  Most of his shows sold out quickly.  What a great show it was.  He and his band were excellent.  They played the songs almost identical to how they sound on the albums.  His voice is still sounding strong and the set list was excellent.  I had always wanted to see Supertramp back when he was still in the group but it never happened.  It turns out that this tour is the first time he has played any dates in the United States since he left Supertramp in 1983.  A rare treat it was thanks to you!  This was his third of only ten concerts in the States before he heads to South America and then Europe.  Then he is back in the States for four more shows in August, including one in Highland Park, IL on August 23.  Anyone that was ever a fan of Supertramp will love his show.
Les Peterson  

Our FH Buddy Ron Onesti of Onesti Entertainment and The Arcada Theatre has updated his concert list so we wanted to let all of the "locals" know about it!  (We told you last week that Ron had booked a Teen Idols Double-Whammy for October featuring Davy Jones and David Cassidy and, as a close friend of Jones, was devastated by his unexpected passing.)  Still plenty of GREAT shows coming up.  Here are a few of the highlights:
Tomorrow Night (Friday, March 9th) - FRANKIE AVALON (with special guests Rick Lindy and the Wild Ones)
Friday, March 30th - THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS FEATURING BILL MEDLEY (including a very special salute to our friend, Davy Jones)
Saturday, March 31st - JOAN RIVERS - A Live TV Taping ... Two Shoes (7 pm and 9 pm)
Friday, April 20th - THE BODEANS
Friday, May 4th - BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY's Tribute To Cab Calloway
Saturday, May 5th - 25 OR 6 TO 4 Chicago Tribute featuring original Chicago Drummer Danny Seraphine
Friday, May 11th - ABBAMANIA - songs performed from The National Touring Group "Mamma Mia!"
Friday, May 18th - BLUE OYSTER CULT
Saturday, May 19th - RIK EMMETT (of TRIUMPH)
September 14th - THREE DOG NIGHT
September 15th - THREE FACES OF THE KING (a Live Elvis Tribute)
September 22nd - An Evening with BRANFORD MARSALIS
September 29th - KANSAS
And more announcements to come!
Full ticket information can be found online at
Kent ...
Sad anniversary.
Frank B.   

I was glad to see your mention of “Joy” by Apollo 100 a couple of times recently.  It’s one of my all time favorite songs.  Have you ever heard the follow up single, which is also a Classical Rock song called “Mendelssohn’s Fourth”?  It got some airplay in my area in the spring of 1972 and then disappeared forever.  It took me nearly 20 years to finally track down a copy of the record.  It peaked on Billboard at #94 in April 1972.  It should have done better.  I think it is excellent and still play it often.  I’ve made an mp3 of it and am attaching it to this e-mail.  Thanks again!
Les Peterson
Apollo 100 never achieved the chart success again of their novel, "fluke" hit, "Joy".  (As I mentioned before, this record went all the way to #1 here in Chicago ... and peaked at #6 nationally.
One of my favorite entries in Ron Smith's book "Eight Days A Week: Births, Deaths And Events Each Day In Oldies History" is the listing of Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday on March 21st.  Bach, of course composed the big pop hits "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" by Procol Harum, "A Lover's Concerto" by The Toys and "Joy" by Apollo 100.  (He was born in 1685 by the way.)  Classical music has crossed over to the pop charts a few times.  (We ran a short list recently ... scroll back to Monday's posting!) ... and Bach's compositions have lent themselves well to the pop scene.  (Remember that popular album "Switched On Bach" by Wendy Carlos and Benjamin Folkman from the late '60's ... it featured many of Bach's classical compositions as interpreted by the moog synthesizer!!!  (kk)

re:  I'M SO CONFUSED!!!:
I really love the new look of Forgotten Hits. 
What exactly is the font in which the bottom-of-the-page stuff including Sound Advice is rendered? It reminds me of something tropics-related!
Bob in Jersey
I like your Forgotten Hits website. But the strange font you use for the Sound Advice is very, very difficult to read. A slightly more conventional font would be easier on the eyes and mind.
Don Betzold
Fridley, MN
And therein lies the dilemma of trying to maintain a cool looking (yet legible) website!!!  You certainly want SOME level of "pop" on display ... yet you want to keep it clean enough that it's easy to read.  (And, as we learned a long, long time ago ... "You can't please everyone so you've got to please yourself."!!!)
We've tried a few different looks over the past few months and we're still playing around with a few things ... but I really kinda like the way it looks now.  (In fact, one of the cooler things in my mind IS the font at the bottom ... I think with the type reversed out of that dark blue background, it actually makes it EASIER to read!!!)
Anyway, we'll probably experiment a bit more before we're done ... so be patient ... and stay tuned!!! (kk)